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12:13 AM
Q: Why did Nintendo DS servers shut down?

Adriano DennanniI don't know why, put in the last few days I regained lots of interest in Pokémon. Then I started to breed Pokémon to offer them in the GTS. However, I couldn't connect. Searching for the error on the web, I discovered that Nintendo shut down all Nintendo DS and Wii servers. This really makes me...

@DwarfSlice Done. Beat your time on Dusk Run.
@StrixVaria wtf
Some how I'm still over 10 seconds off the lead.
I did fuck it up a bit
With some tiny optimization I could probably shave off 2 seconds, but I have no idea where 10 comes from.
I'm going to watch the leader run I guess to see what they do differently.
12:17 AM
Rawr, work laptop doesn't even let me update my own virus definitions.
is discovering all sorts of interesting things
@AshleyNunn In an ideal world, that should be managed by your IT department.
@AshleyNunn Wait, is that a new laptop? As in part of initiation for a new workplace?
@Frank Well, yes, but I am SO used to doing all the things myself!
@Ktash Yes, brand new given to me today at my new jooooob
(last week still doesnt not feel real)
@AshleyNunn You started today?!?! :D
@Ktash I did! Two weeks of training then people call me for all their dental benefit inquiries!
12:21 AM
I am pretty happy
12:39 AM
This is far and away the best fake paws video so far
1:14 AM
That's such a beautiful black.
Paranautical Activity has been removed from Steam. (cc: @DwarfSlice)
@Fluttershy The newest TAH is the return of Jefferson Reid!
And it is amazing.
1:33 AM
Woo, I managed to make my default search on my work machine be not-Bing. :D (I don't know if that is useful, but it makes me feel better.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I still have a long way to go. x_x
I'm only on 145.
This is a good thing because you still have about 50 awesome episodes to listen to.
@Fluttershy wtf
I wonder why
Wasn't that good anyway, but still.
Attention Dark Souls fans!

We're pleased to announce that next month it will be possible for players to migrate their Dark Souls: Prepare to Die games, saves and achievements from the Games for Windows Live platform to Steam.
@AshleyNunn It's not Bing, so it is very useful
True that
1:44 AM
@DwarfSlice Ooo~
@DwarfSlice The dev tweeted a death threat to Gabe Newell.
@Fluttershy What a way to die
@DwarfSlice Check out my run of "Valley".
I think I just played that level for 90 minutes straight. I missed 1 patch of leaves but otherwise did it the best I could have hoped for.
@Fluttershy wat
1:50 AM
Q: Far cry 3 marksman scope on bow

Garthman GmanSo I have recently started running around with the bow equipped with the scope. When I am zoomed in the markers indicate which point is aiming what distance. I try to estimate the virtual distance and line up the corresponding marker in the scope but when I let go the bolt embarrassingly short...

2:02 AM
@Fluttershy lmao spooder
> As someone with celiacs...i hate you
You monster.
@Yuuki That first one, man.
(this is where you use this gif by the way)
I want a grilled cheese with bacon
Right now
In my face
/summon grilled cheese with bacon
/give Unionhawk grilled_cheese_with_bacon 10
Did you get any good loots?
I just played Trove for like 3 hours with my roomate.
Now I want grilled cheese
I have neither cheese nor bread
except for the tiny buns that are for cookie butter (because I decided that)
@AshleyNunn /give AshleyNunn grilled_cheese 1
looks for the grilled cheese
I had both., Then I ate it ;p
Didn't work. Dammit
2:47 AM
Also, it was wierd, awesome bread.
(Home made bread, with a third of the bread flour replaced by graham flour)
@JourneymanGeek I am intrigued
Q: Does Wasteland 2 physical DVD includes Steam copy?

Petr AbdulinI would like to have a box copy of Wasteland 2 for aesthetical reasons, but actually I prefer pure Steam in usage. So can I play Wasteland 2 with just a Steam with no disc, after initial installation?

@AshleyNunn Distraction:
2:48 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Props to that dude for just rockin' out
@AshleyNunn: we have a breadmaker, and we experiment a lot.
@Yuuki What is this? I feel like I want it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alternatively: Ohioans.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I raise you winnipegfreepress.com/local/…
@Unionhawk This too.
2:49 AM
@AshleyNunn Thai coconut curry with bell peppers and bamboo shoots.
@JourneymanGeek I like making bread. I should do it more, but I always get stuck at having a good place to let it rise
@AshleyNunn: breadmaker is cheating but handles that
and the weather here is warm so it rises.
@Brant I'd try to one-up you with Fireman Ed, but he stopped going to Jets games out of disgust a year or two ago because the team is that much of a train wreck.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I don't own one of those
Although now I want to make potato bread or something
I love potato bread
@AshleyNunn: we tend to pick up cheapie ones, 40-50 quid, and just drive them into the ground ;p
We also have a baby belling, which is ace
actually our last one ran for like 12 years
2:52 AM
About the renderer that Disney created for Big Hero 6:
> To put the enormity of this computational effort into perspective, Hendrickson says that Hyperion "could render Tangled from scratch every 10 days."
@spugsley hai
@AshleyNunn how was the job?!?!?!
@spugsley I have a work laptop and a keycard and the rotating doors are big enough for me and I learned about insurance
@AshleyNunn that sounds fancy and nice :D
2:54 AM
Wow, Maulbeck really fucked up
CC @Fluttershy
@spugsley I feel like such a fucking lady
Like seriously
@AshleyNunn that is fucking cool :3
Welp. PA no longer on steam. I'm done making videogames now. It sucked while it lasted.
So basically his career is over
@DwarfSlice Honestly, I'm not feeling too sorry for him.
It's just not possible to make a living in this industry without steam, so I'm just out.
that sucks ass
3:02 AM
People need to start realizing that whatever you say on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media you choose to use, is public. Posting something on the Internet is akin to telling everyone to their face.
Yeah, you done fucked up, this isn't steam's fault.
The internet is not private, and if you think no one will notice you you are an idiot, end of story
@DwarfSlice In a business negotiations with someone who is holding all the cards (as Valve clearly was in this situation), you tiptoe pretty f--king lightly.
Say you're interviewing for a job. You're not going up to the interviewer's face (or the CEO for that matter) and start spewing vitriol and death threats because of whatever reason.
> If there's a lesson to be learned from all of this, it's...OK, no, I don't really need to spell it out.
One, that's not polite or being professional. Two, that's not how you get a job.
3:05 AM
Amen to that
@DwarfSlice heh, just finished reading that on polygon.com
Tweets and Facebook posts are most definitely not private conversation. And people need to stop acting like they are.
Obviously he shouldn't have said it, but he was just pissed valve listed his game as early access during their halloween sale when the game is done.
Hell, the internet at large isn't
Also Mike Maulbeck has kind of a reputation for that sort of thing
Was bound to happen sooner or later...
Still sucks for him
3:06 AM
@DwarfSlice Yes, but as unhappy as he may have been, that is a terrible way to express ikt
@DwarfSlice for all we know, it could have been a mixup on his side
@DwarfSlice Did you read the reason why they kept it listed as Early Access?
@DwarfSlice So, because a person has a reputation for behaving like a petulant toddler, it should be acceptable for him to do so?
29 secs ago, by DwarfSlice
Was bound to happen sooner or later...
I have a reputation for being a jerk to @DwarfSlice. Doesn't make it a particularly great thing when i do it.
3:07 AM
either way, he acted childish and unprofessional
@LessPop_MoreFizz that's not what I meant
@LessPop_MoreFizz >_>
the 'also' meant 'this is a new thought'
@LessPop_MoreFizz That doesn't make it great. Other things do.
@OrigamiRobot =[
3:08 AM
@OrigamiRobot scintillating wit and impeccable timing do have a way of making many sins a little more forgivable.
funny, I don't know the PA guy, I haven't played his game, I don't follow any info on him, but deep in the back of my head I don't like him. I don't even know specifics, I just keep hearing bad shit about him all the time
@Yuuki Um. Want.
3:11 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz god dammit gawker
3 mins ago, by Unionhawk
@Yuuki I hate you :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz FFS
I think that is my cue to sleep
before the internet gets stupider
@AshleyNunn @Uni's law states that the stupidity of the internet is a constant.
(as in: it's no stupider at midnight than it is at noon)
Fair enough, but I do need the sleep :P
thanks to you @Yuuki, I now have a desire to make additional food AT MIDNIGHT
literally worse than @Wipqozn
you have been redeemed to slightly better than @Wipqozn
3:34 AM
I have come to the conclusion that I'm a terrible programmer.
mmm... velveeta White Cheese Sauce Product(tm) to go with my microwave variety food
> velveeta White "Cheese" Sauce Product(tm)
mmm... food
4:16 AM
Alright, I'm going to fancify my desktop. Rainmeter, go
(this has inspired me)
I wonder how nicely it plays with changing primary displays
of different resolutions
4:33 AM
Q: What AP based champion can do the most damage in two seconds? not counting nunu or shaco.

user2656801I'm trying to expand my champion pool but I want to find better champions, like Annie, that can kill someone in a single combo. Are there any other champions like this?

@Unionhawk when I tabbed over I thought this said "Fifty Shades of Velveeta Cheese" and I got kind of excited and also terrified
I don't even want to know.
presses the "ABANDON BRIDGE" button
(that's you @OrigamiRobot, since you didn't share your button script/post-it with the rest of us)
4:51 AM
Q: late game mages

user2656801Sometimes the ranked game hits 40 minutes, at this point most players on the enemy team have one or more sources of magic resist. This is extremely annoying to me as xerath or ori, or other mages. I feel that the game eventually turns into 5 v 5 off-tank battle and I don't have enough damage to a...

5:01 AM
mild trigger warning perhaps
Yeah, that unicorn song is going to be the theme song of a nightmare tonight.
I should start using Autocad so I can type in all caps whenever I want and if anyone asks, I'll just say I use autocad
Well, I would, but I usually don't answer why.
5:13 AM
@Unionhawk because you suffer from autocaditis
No I don't
Thank god
wait, a second
that comma was not meant to be in that sentence
your very yellow gravatar with a face made me think you're the paperbot
you tricked me!
@Unionhawk THAT IS A LIE!
5:16 AM
I feel like if I changed back, I'd confuse even more people
cc @fredley
I am very convinced that you change your gravatar every day
You're right
5:18 AM
(obv is my /sarcasm)
I just confused myself
That is what I am implying.
Whatever you just said.
Oh okay, I wasn't sure.
Neither was I
I seriously haven't changed since being asleep/dead
¯\(°_o)/¯ ¯\(°_o)/¯
5:21 AM
I think there was a day when you changed like, a million times
so, on average...
Well, yes, but I was testing things.
Like, seeing what avatars worked with chat
@Unionhawk and that counts towards the million times
And I concluded that it has to be a pretty clear, bright picture of Link's face.
(so no barrel link, no sleep link)
I wanted to do a daily gravatar to mess with the people who script gravatar changes away, then I remembered those people script them away.
So it would have been less than pointless
@StrixVaria Yeah that's a really nice run.
@StrixVaria also you can dash down walls.
CC @badp, your kind of game if you're interested.
5:58 AM
Also, apparently you get the buffs for a few seconds if nobody high fives you. Being ignored by friends bonus for the win! — Unionhawk 6 secs ago
@TimStone :(
Q: How long do Claptrap's "High Five!" buffs last?

UnionhawkOne of Claptrap's end-of-tree skills allow the giving of high fives, which, upon succcessful high five, gives both participants a buff (+15% gun damage, +50% firerate and regenerate 3% max health "for a little while"). How long is "a little while"?

Q: New games in old psp

user90454hi I am looking at buying a first gen psp I was wondering if anyone knows if you can play the newer generation games in the first generation psp ??? Thanks

Q: Is the Cerebrate player-character in Brood War still alive?

RobotnikAt the beginning of the Zerg portion of Starcraft: Brood War, Kerrigan tells you (a Cerebrate) that she "freed you from the control of the Overmind", and that she would let you live if you "served her willingly". However there's no mention of the Cerebrates in Starcraft 2 (both Wings of Liberty ...

@lazers wait, are my chat and site avatars different somehow?
@Unionhawk I don't see a difference.
6:16 AM
Refreshed, looks normal now
Q: I can't play my my sims 2 game on pc

Krystal MarrieI recently got 3 sims games for pc and when I put it in my laptop it says you have to install it and then I press ok but it doesn't bring me anywhere

6:32 AM
Q: How do I complete the Lava Leap badass challenge in the Crisis Scar map?

AlanDescription of the challenge says Jump the lava river from the top of the Comms Facility. I don't know where you could climb that would let you jump the lava river, so any tips would be great!

6:46 AM
5 minutes, an autoclicker and lots of souls later I finally did it:
Q: why Army camp is showing more troops then i have in clash of clans?

Rahat Islam KhanI am new to clash of clans.my problem is when i try to create new troops it stops producing coz it shows me that my camp is full.but my camp capacity is 65 and i have created only 33 troops.one thing to mention that,this amount is decreasing when i come back from an attack.can anyone tell my wher...

7:03 AM
@Chippies Mine are still all over the place, and I have way less.
@Arperum I've been trying to reduce the amount of gilded heroes I have and I finally decided to go with 3
and that was a great decision
every 25 levels in each of them makes a HUGE difference now
I've been thinking of doing so, but haven't taking the time/investment to do it.
I can go from stalling at a boss to rushing through 15+ levels by just buying 25 hero levels
Damn, that's nice.
and it's cheaper as well, because I'm only investing in 3 heroes now
7:06 AM
And Atman is stupid costly to level.
I have him at the point where he costs 40-50 souls to level.
11 or 13, forgot which one.
@Arperum yep, was gonna say it's probably not that high
iirc the last 5 levels cost over 500 souls total
@Chippies Gah.
at the time it was quite a lot for me
now though, I can get 7k+ in 10-20 minutes
It's lvl 13 and it costs 52 souls to go to 14
depending on how often I tab into the game to level heroes, lol
7:08 AM
(RDP is working today)
yeah, Atman is one of the expensive ancients
but it does have a max level, so it's not that bad in the long run
and the benefits are great
Yea, I think I got most of my investing in him back already, having 38% chance for a primal instead of 25% is a significant difference.
for sure
I kinda want to get Juggernaut, but it feels like a waste for most of the time...
I have kuma maxed for a bit now, I like it.
What does juggernaut do?
@Arperum the click combo dps thingy
increases click dps (and I think dps too) for each click in a combo
7:15 AM
@Chippies You can let it run all night long?
@Chippies Increases both.
@Arperum I believe so
Q: Which items are considered battering items?

Jason_c_oThem item Item Hitter Helmet (equip-able to Mega Man) states 1.5x attack power to battering items. Which items are considered battering items? No speculation please. I'm looking for either a way to find indications of item type in-game, or an analytical answer.

hm, I imagine it might be good for overnight runs
Wouldn't that be kinda good, but you have a ridiculous amount invested in your idle ancients probably.
with an autoclicker
@Arperum yep
179/121 dps/gold idle ancients
I do have a click damage ancient as well, which I haven't leveled in a while
@Arperum I always buy in 25 or 100
except when I leave it overnight with an autoclicker on level up button, lol
Same, except for the first couple ones.
I buy the first ones as 25 as well
@Chippies If you are going to go for the combo overnight, then keep in mind that you have to buy heroes too, or you'll have to level at one specific spot.
@Chippies Do you have the starting gold ancient?
@Arperum no, but I have enough gold boosts to get enough gold through clicking fast enough
also, I have Iris, which, currently, allows me to start at level 80 after ascension, which, is impossible to beat right after ascension, lol
but I can one shot mobs at like level 30'ish with few clicks
and that's enough for 25 Brittany levels
and I can work from there easily
7:23 AM
@Chippies That'll help, lvl one doesn't earn you so much.
@Arperum I only got Iris recently, I went through levels 1-10'ish with just clicks until I could get treebeast at 25
it's only 370'ish gold with maxed dogcog
maxed dogcog and kuwakamaru help a lot, I guess
No dogcog yet.
since with kuwa I get to the higher gold per kill sooner
I have kuwa maxed though.
dogcog is one of those ancients that doesn't give you a huge, very noticeable immediate boost
but it's there and it helps
7:26 AM
I haven't seen him yet, and I don't like that doign a single ancientreroll costs 42 souls.
I just don't like that it's souls wasted with absolutely no gain
rerolling is literally throwing away souls
but it has to be done :/
I try to avoid rerolling as much as I can
which is another reason why I'm considering getting Juggernaut - he's the only useful ancient on my roll right now
Current roll is krysos (starting gold),pluto (more gold from golden clicks), fortuna (chance for 10x gold) and dora (more treasure chests)
I read that Krysos has a level cap, which totally makes him very low on the priority list
at level cap he's not enough to even get frostleaf
which would be kinda expected if you're willing to invest enough souls into it
dora is awesome when combined with mimzee (more gold from treasure chests)
but not very good separately
Krysos has max level 10
@Arperum that sounds like a waste of ancient slot
7:36 AM
at lvl 5 he gives 20k gold.
the moment I buy my first hero, my gold goes up into millions
He'll probably costs more to aquire than to max him out...
so, 20k is not worth the increase in summon costs
@Chippies 20k is lvl 5, lvl 10 will be quite a bit more (he starts with +50)
@Arperum from what I read, it's not enough to get Frostleaf, so not worth it, imho
leveling up Iris is better investment, for me at least
7:39 AM
> Starting gold sufficient to buy a level 1 hero; the Ancient's level determines which hero, from Treebeast (50 gold) to Natalia (100M). Not affected by Dogcog[verification needed]. Approximately equal to 10 * 4.5^(level) gold.
having gold at start would really help, but there are other ancients I want first
I'd love it if there was a way to hide ungilded heroes
yea, but having the next ancient cost 250 souls instead of 125 is not worth it.
@Chippies Go suggest on the subreddit, dev is active in it.
@Arperum I'm pretty sure I've seen someone else mention similar suggestions there already
@Chippies Haven't seen that specific one yet though.
@Arperum I am extremely inactive on reddit, if you want, you can make that suggestion and claim credit :P
7:45 AM
And about D3: I seem to have played close to 60 hours during the season.
@Chippies I don't even have an account...
I think I'm going to ask on the site if the greed portal can appear in rifts.
I have an account, but I don't really use reddit
@Arperum please do, I already found the answer with a reputable source ;D
Q: Planetside 2 Update Fail

Burhan aka SLIM SHADYI play PS2 for a long time and as we all know it keeps update everyday or once a week. So if you dont update daily after a month its like 1GB or 500 MB of download. Problem is that i tried to update it but it download 10MB+ and then it fail. I tried every soluton online like editing host file and...

@Arperum are you writing it up right now?
I'm camping the question page!
@Chippies I'll let you know, I kind of have to work too :p being in the office with a client behind my back :p
@Arperum blah, that work! Always gets in the way of fun!

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