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12:01 AM
Q: World Item Toolips Turned off?

MeshManI'm playing Sky Factory and when I started playing it, I had a tooltip appear at the top of the screen showing the % of blocks (like the sieve or barrels for composting), but I think I've hit a key that's turned it off since it's disappeared. I've no idea what the mod is and tried randomly hitti...

@AshleyNunn oh, and it's probably the biggest tournament in terms of money wagered in North America.
@MBraedley Oh, lovely
But most of that is office bracket pools.
Yeah, a ton of people just throwing money and a bracket into a hat and hoping they're right
Usually the ones who know least about basketball win
@Unionhawk my strategy will be weighted random picks.
12:12 AM
@MBraedley So, like, 3 versus 14, #3 has a 14/17=82% chance of being picked etc depending on random numbers?
@Unionhawk exactly
12:29 AM
oh one question I have
have your local news reports also been stupidly drumming up panic about closet terrorists who are apparently normal but really are hijacking our youth for a Jihad against us?
@badp that's more of a Euro issue than a North America issue.
That's more of a non-issue really
Travel to the Middle East from here is easier to keep track of for various geographic reasons.
@badp as manufactured panics go, it's more of a Europanic.
if it was just two that'd be amazing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz okay; happy to know the stupid panic isn't spreading enough.
oh god it gets worse
that is clearly shrek
12:40 AM
Shrek is love
12:56 AM
I thought you used to bemoan Goat Simulator for its sheer stupidity :P
It's definitely stupid. I have mixed feelings about it.
I like to bemoan the popularity and subsequent money they were able to make off of it. I bet it made more than all of their other games, possibly even combined.
Sanctum et all are actually really good games
That said... it's fun to screw around in.
Q: How often do coins get dropped from enemies?

ScribblenauticalI have run short on coins, so I was waiting for an enemy to drop one. Suddenly, one did. They don't really drop coins that much, but I was wondering how often they drop, and if there is a requirement to make the enemies drop them.

Q: What does it mean when animals have hearts over there heads?

Scribblenautical What exactly does this mean? I had some seeds equipped and the chicken started following me. Why does it have hearts floating above it?

Now that I am just support tonight is boring and there are still 4 hours
1:24 AM
Q: Does it matter what order I do the missions in Saint's Row 2?`

CanageekI randomly decided to do all the Ronin missions first in SR2. However, a character dies in Bleeding Out, which means they won't be in the rest of the game (I assume). Would they have appeared in cutscenes or plots for other missions if I had done those missions before Bleeding Out?

Q: I cannot understand why this is not valid housing

DarcyThese two houses are exactly like the house on the left. I have taken the wall out and put it back in multiple times and I really don't know what is going on this is making my brain melt

1:43 AM
@Lazers How many dupes can one question cause?
@Unionhawk all of them
1:59 AM
@Unionhawk Have you seen our Skyrim section? :P
> What happened to [follower]?
@Fluttershy ...you make a good point.
No, I haven't, because I got to Skyrim a year late and on PC, and with knowledge of how console commands work, because when bugs happen it's nice to be able to fix them
Don't mind me! Just heading to bunny school!
@Fluttershy eeeeeeeeeeeee
Yeah I've reached Master Difficulty in One Finger Death Punch!
I'm watching Doctor Who. Not sure what I think yet.
2:15 AM
Oh right that is a thing today
I'll have to get to it tomorrow.
2:37 AM
Time to sleep, then Geocache meetup!
Q: Is 2h+shield still viable for crusaders in 2.1?

Laurbert515With the change to -20% damage with 2h+shield to crusaders, I know they upped the amount of damage 2h do so there should theoretically be slightly more damage than before, but it just feels wrong to me. Is the 2h+shield build still the way to go? Is 1h+shield viable now? Is dual wielding a goo...

@FAE Sleep well :)
Q: What does VTC mean?

FabiánI've been reading many times the term VTC from this question (Can there be a draw in League of Legends?) and each time I try to find the meaning, the results aren't what I'm looking for or doesn't make sense to me. What does this mean?

@AshleyNunn Thanks, you too when you go!
Wont be for 2 hours and a bit yet :P
2:40 AM
Q: Is there another way to find out if I trained?

NiteCyperOther than by visiting a trainer, is there a way to find out if I trained at my current level? This will help me by telling me if I still need to capitalize on the option with hopefully less tedium than finding a trainer just to see.

@GnomeSlice I also have a copy I can give away if anyone wants it.
@Fluttershy I literally just finished buying a copy for my dad
oh well
@GnomeSlice x_x Sorry!
2:47 AM
Haha, no worries.
I can lose $4 on the way to the bus, don't worry about it
@AshleyNunn What do you think of Capaldi's Doctor?
@Fluttershy I am tentatively intrigued
@AshleyNunn Samesies!
New IndieGameStand tonight
Just to be clear, you're watching tonight's episode, right? Not the season premier?
2:52 AM
I didn't finish watching the premier
I got too bored
but I managed to get through tonight's ep
so that is saying something
@AshleyNunn Ah, gotcha.
The thing that sold me on Capaldi was when he said, "I might need it." <_<
I dunno if you made it that far.
K so Tiny Trek is disappointingly... raw.
Guess I'll wait a while before playing it again. I didn't realize it wasn't complete.
@Fluttershy I think I might have.
I don't remember for sure though.
Man, two more hours to go and then I can fucking sleep. I am so tired. (got up early to go help my sister with stuff with my parents, and am working til 1)
Also part of tonight's fun adventures in things I do to keep awake: Watch a local free/cheap stuff FB group get flooded with various people trying to get other people involved in the pyramid schemes they are stuck in.
3:10 AM
Also watching Bob's Burgers now that I am done DW for the week.
Bobs Burgers is a fun show.
I enjoy it
Q: ePSXe: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Freezes

Giovanna CóppolaI've just downloaded ePSXe and I'm having a hard time trying to play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. The intro animation shows correctly and so does the menu, but when I try to play anything, either a Career Mode, a Single Session or a Free Skate, it freezes, bringing me a black screen where nothing sh...

3:27 AM
cc @OrigamiRobot @Fluttershy
The sailing has my attention
Directly above the playground is a nice touch.
@Ktash yuuuuuuuuuuuuup :3
CC @GraceNote
3:36 AM
...Hm. It looks like it may be steam only.
@spugsley How's it feeling? Still burny?
@GraceNote That video seems like a game you would be interested in. Or it did until I determined it's steam only.
Proxy Blade
3:36 AM
bad phone picture
but no, not burny so much :)
@spugsley Good. And you might not get as much peely gross as I have because yours is delicate scripty stuff and mine is like OMG FAT BUMBLEBEE
@spugsley I like it!
@AshleyNunn I love it :)
Wait, why does it say I flagged that message?
3:38 AM
I will get many many many more because it seriously was not so bad at all
Because you did, you dirty flagger!
Don't try to deny it!
@GraceNote Anyway, sorry for the summons. False alarm I guess. I'm gonna be emailing the developer of proxy blade sometime in the next week for IGS though and find out if he's doing a non steam release. Would you be interested in the response?
No interest at the moment.
Thanks though.
Oh cool, there are photos of the one time ever that Marc Gagliardi actually put on makeup to play Croach.
@spugsley very nice :)
3:46 AM
@Ktash thank you :) I'm feeling pretty fucking awesome right now. This was a decade in the works. Feels like I took a big step towards being the me I want to be
That's great! :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz Speaking of which...
goes off to listen
@spugsley Amen to that, lady. :)
How far along are you?
Just after the spiders
3:48 AM
I want to talk about the best Sparks Nevada Theme Song Performance Ever, but you are a long ways away from it.
Man, I am going to be the HAPPIEST when mine stops peeling tho
it is so icky
@LessPop_MoreFizz The most recent one was cut short :(
@AshleyNunn hahaha I'm not looking forward to that
(There is an episode where, for reasons, Jackson just has a complete laughing breakdown mid theme song and cannot keep his shit together and it is amazing.)
@origamirob which one?
1 min ago, by Origami Robot
Just after the spiders
3:49 AM
@spugsley My sister was saying hers barely peeled that she noticed because she's got script like you in a similar arm place. So you might be okay :) Mine is icky because it is such a large concentrated space, comparatively.
A lot of it has peeled though, there are just some weird chunks left. The skin under feels soft as a baby's ass though
@AshleyNunn :( well it looks amazing so hopefully it stops being ick soon
@spugsley I think it shouldn't be much longer, considering how much has already peeled :) So I will be okay
@origamirob Danger 2.0?
3:51 AM
Was it a Watkins theme song?
Danger 2.0 has the watkinses singing the theme.
Maybe. It wasn't Sparks singing.
One more hour and then I can sleeeeeep
Not cut off on the version of that episode I just listened to...
I dunno.
There are a lot of sparks theme song variations.
There's the one where Sparks is too depressed to song and just kinda randomly sighs various nouns from the song as it plays
There's the one where he can't get through it without laughing.
There's like 8 different Sara Watkins versions.
She blinded me with Technology
4:05 AM
I suspect this will sell very well
Now it's time for bed
@OrigamiRob Now I am sad that Andy Daly is too busy these days to play Mercury. :(
But on the other hand, it is because Review is a hit teevee show, and Review is great, so it's hard to complain about it.
@Origamirob oh, I see what you're saying about the theme song; the guests replaced the final "Maaaaaaaaars" with a long "wooooooooooooooo"
What? There was only the first verse.
holy shit amazing
there is no way I am not owning this game
Wait, I'm thinking of the previous one.
And in the one prior, which is Danger 2.0
Are you sure you didn't hit the fast forward button by accident or something?
4:14 AM
Now I remember hearing all of it.
I have no idea what's going on now.
You have been hallucinating. Clearly m
5:09 AM
@spugsley ooh... But there's only one road in Canada (and watch out for Scott, he's a dick).
I swear, I would have linked a video to that for more sense making. But the only youtube vid I can find is some guy who recorded his iphone/pad's screen with a camera (badly) - or a Hulu clip I cannot verify because it's not available outside the US.
That was a south park reference
5:40 AM
Q: How to move steam game files

Aaron TanHow do I move game steam files so if I play a game on my friend's steam account on my computer how do I move the game save from his account onto my account this is on the same computer and also how do I put game save files on a hard drive and move it onto a different computer?

6:30 AM
I'm drunk!
Q: Are win-lose numbers the total wins of solo/duo and team ranked games combined?

FabiánQuestion is straight forward. I have this: Now, is this the total amount of wins and loses of both queues: solo/duo and team games? Or these are only from solo/duo queue?

7:10 AM
Q: Earth Defense Force 2025 - allies stronger if not recruited?

VictorySaberDoes anybody know if the computer AI soldiers have more HP if they are not recruited, specifically for withstanding attacks by enemies? I am grinding DLC #3 Stage 2 for armor, and at the beginning I kill the Wing Divers to prevent them from destroying the anthills. If I shoot from afar with the A...

2 hours later…
8:48 AM
@Fluttershy You don't have an excuse!
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
@agent86 @Wipqozn playing Ticket to Ride?
@FAE I need to find a girl that suffers from that or Procraticleaning
10:43 AM
btw: if you ask a question on meta with just one tag, I SHALL CAST MY FROWN UPON THEE
@badp Help! Help! @badp is forcing tags on all our questions!
*dies of mod abuse*
*last dying breath* If you put that on my tombstone I swear I'll haunt you from my grave
10:50 AM
> *last dying breath* ... you... put that... on... cough my... tomb... stone... ... I... rattle
11:05 AM
Even better, I'll get@Wipqozn's dead gravatar to haunt you
RIP @PrivatePansy. He was a cool guy. Kind of.
@Wipqozn Only kind of!?
@PrivatePansy Sorry man, I don't make the rules
Q: Is there a trick to defeat red helmets?

Peter MI am kind of struggling with defeating red helmets in unepic. Although I managed to get 5 of them down one by one for the quest to get frost magic I am having a hard time solving the quest where I should rescue some frost/water monster which is located in a room with like 10 of these nasty little...

11:19 AM
a - an uncursed piece of art
b - an uncursed piece of art
c - an uncursed piece of art
d - an uncursed piece of art
e - an uncursed piece of art
f - an uncursed piece of art
g - a blessed piece of art
11:43 AM
So I did my first Greater Rift, I did the Realm of Trials and directly started with a level 19 Greater Rift. I finished it with 0 minutes and 0 seconds left, I wish I had a screenshot of that
Q: Can I use a USB Headset with a PS4?

PaulIs there an adapter which lets you use a USB headset with the controller? I would rather not have to buy a new headset.

12:36 PM
Q: Nek the brawler at Survivor's Enclave

jeraldoWhere is Nek the brawler at Act 5? Or how do I PvP on the survivor's sanctuary? If it is not possible to brawl on Act 5, is there anyway I can go to previous act without losing my progress?

12:56 PM
Q: I uninstalled a steam game and it is not in my games library

dethcalnI uninstalled a steam game and it said the game would be in my games library to reinstall, but the game is not there does anyone know how to get the game to reinstall with out me buying the game again?

@MadScientist If you had you would've failed it :P
Mathlab is using IPv6 to download itself apparently
which means it must be using some sort of Teredo tunnelling giving it a blazing fast 100 kB/s download speed
oh wow 220 kB/s
... What is it with you and imgur?
@FEichinger ShareX
1:09 PM
The link gets messed up every time.
Because for some reason, imgur redirects and cuts the hash.
I have no idea
Actually, no, chat already cuts the hash.
I'm using ShareX to upload those screenshots
The link in the HTML here is already one character short.
1:10 PM
Yeah. Why does it do that? I don't think I see it with anyone else's images
Yes, that works.
@PrivatePansy and yet, the message source is correct
@badp That's the weird part. I tried it in the Sandbox the other day.
@Lazers Should just ask this guy to contact Steam customer support
@PrivatePansy Judging from the comment tree, the user just logged into the wrong account.
1:11 PM
Oh who am I kidding? Steam doesn't have customer support
Let me guess: i.stack.imgur images have a hash that is 6 characters long
whereas i.imgur.com images are at 7 characters
Looks like it.
5 chars, even
They probably anticipated [currentlength+1], whereas imgur proper now hit [currentlength+2] ...
MSE anyone?
Let's have another try where my image hash doesn't accidentally end with an 's', 'm' or 'l'
1:16 PM
... Okay, weirder.
I suppose this image loaded correctly?
It always loads correctly. The link also works this time, though.
Try another one that ends on a letter rather than a number?
HINT: the previous image hash ended with an 's'
If you append 's' to an imgur hash you get a smaller version of that picture.
...okay, well; a thumbnail anyway
Right, there was that.
So it's imgur's fault for issuing hashes that end on modifier characters ... and SE's for expecting that not to happen.
SE expects imgur hashes to be at most this long
when they aren't
1:21 PM
No, I'm pretty sure SE actually doesn't care about the length.
It just sees the s at the end, interprets it as a modifer, and strips it for the link - because the link shouldn't need it.
Of course chat search now no longer gives me all the links when I search for "http"
thanks obama
But since the s is actually part of the hash in that case, that's an incorrect interpretation.
Yep this image hash ends with 'n' and works
So this raises the question: Why does imgur issue ambiguous URIs?
^-- This works, btw.
woo kludges
Meanwhile at the USPTO
Q: Prior art for US patent application 20140196008 'IMMUTABLE OBJECT TYPES '

guesthttp://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2014/0196008.html "At least some embodiments described herein relate to a language extension that advances safety in system programming. In accordance with the language extension, an entire type may be declared to be immutable in the case in which all instances ...

Filed by Microsoft in 2013
1:32 PM
@badp what the...
Q: My Minecraft Forge profile won't open

GustavoWe'll I have been having this problem lately with my minecraft for when ever I press play on my minecraft launcher (my forge version) the bar fills up and after that the minecraft doesn't launch but when I change the version to a differnt one like 1.7.10 it works any help?

1:54 PM
@badp Coding ideas are now patentable? That sounds extremely bad for innovation.
@badp should patent MODABUSE
It's obviously his original invention
people on the TDWTF forums complain about threads being renamed
(which is the equivalent of a 2k rep privilege)
Go forth @badp and show them the way of the MODABUSE
@PrivatePansy I don't believe they're redeemable.
2:15 PM
@Frank You mean like most patents?
@SaintWacko Well, yes, but that's outside of the scope I was going for.
2:30 PM
2:48 PM
I've got something up my sleeve http://t.co/ZinE62cZob
3:02 PM
Q: Do Pokemon have default move sets?

LukePI am trying to find out if Pokemon have a set of default moves. I am talking about Gen 1 Pokemon here (or fire red/leaf green). Besides a default set, can anyone find any charts with recommended move sets for each pokemon? I have been looking, but haven't had much luck.

@badp Seems like it should be the other way round
I suppose it's easier to browse them on Flickr.
Now, actually downloading them...
or looking at them in context...
3:17 PM
Q: What is benefit of a lit shelter over a non-lit shelter

TESLA____I have read tutorials asking you to construct "lit" shelters. What is the benefit of lighting your shelter ?

> The software also copied the caption for each image and the text from the paragraphs immediately preceding and following it in the book
So I kinda fucked up my wrist and can't type. Probably won't be able to chat for a little while. Don't send a search party.
@fredley Typing with your nose now?
@Arperum yes
3:29 PM
50 bucks is with the tongue
Swype with your nose!
@fredley Pretty good nose typing skills then.
nah, you can't caps with the nose
wait... Caps Lock
3:47 PM
@fredley What happened?
whoa holy shit
the hell, doublefine is publishing it?
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