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7:00 PM
So I am driving to LA tomorrow. Hooray for being able to make minor demands.
Double XP in my game of choice this weekend so I might be scarce-ish
I hope I'm not interrupting some awesome discussions, I have a question about the Gaming Grant meta thread I'm about to put up
heya @Brett
7:01 PM
Because that is BACK ON
@BrettWhiteΨ Shoot
@FallenAngelEyes Which one?
City of Heroes
@BrettWhite Hi
As of now we are going to try and make this a weekly thing, based around what games are coming out every Tuesday (or the release days in between Tuesdays).
7:02 PM
Awesome! Can't wait until I have enough rep for that.
@BrettWhiteΨ :O dassalottagames
What about games that take more than a week to complete? o_o
Since that list is limited, like, 5-10 games come out a week usually, I'm trying to decide whether or not to have people VOTE on the games they want to play, or just give the people with the rep that are eligible the games they want to play
Oh, well, you don't have to finish the game in a week. Just as long as people post questions and blogs when they are finished
Like, it's just as easy for me to order 10 different games for 10 different users as it is for me to order 2 different games for 10 different users
And if someone is REALLY excited about playing a game, and is eligible, I don't know why they should be disqualified because they don't want to play what the majority wants to play
@BrettWhiteΨ I like you, Brett.
UNLESS there's an advantage to having 10 users playing the same game and talking about it that I'm not seeing
7:05 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ The main argument is that we generate more site activity with a few people playing the same game, insofar as you have a built in pool of potential answerers to go with your questions.
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks! Can I get some rep points for that? :)
I don't know that that's a compelling enough argument to force a monoculture.
@BrettWhiteΨ You have my approval, what more could you need? :D
@BrettWhiteΨ I think you have a better budget than I did on this.
@GraceNote Sounds like it.
7:05 PM
@GraceNote Joel has given me the random number of "10" games a week
But it might be sufficiently compelling to say that, for instance, a game should need a minimum of 3 recipients to be part of the grant?
I have no idea if that was chosen for a reason, or was chosen as off the cuff as it sounded when he said it to me
@BrettWhiteΨ Yeah, that's better than my budget. Technically, mine was 10 games a week if we could as well, the main obstacle being that I had an upper limit to how much purse I had.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, that does make sense. And we can always change the rules later as the community dictates.
@BrettWhiteΨ Yup.
7:08 PM
Yeah! Great. That's what I was wanting to know. This chat room gets it done
@BrettWhiteΨ The Lazers tend to keep us on task.
Or off task as the case may be.
@BrettWhiteΨ Then can we change to rules from 1500 on Gaming to 1500 overall? :D
@John That sounds familiar
Speaking of which, I really need to be packing.
@GraceNote What? I haven't asked that before...
7:09 PM
Seriously though, this is awesome, @Brett, thanks so much for arranging this for us.
@John No, you didn't, but you gained 20 more familiarity points.
@GraceNote Yay!
@FallenAngelEyes Well it was all Grace Note and Joel, I am just the one with the time to get it done right now. Thanks to the community!
How much rep does that convert into?
Now, t-shirts with ridiculous questions on them, when they get made, I WILL TAKE ALL CRED
7:10 PM
@BrettWhite Now now, you know the rules, attribution is required!
@BrettWhiteΨ Mousepads or gtfo.
@John None. Just like Bonus Points.
Also, we should get some minecraft specific ridiculous question swag specifically for MineCon I'd imagine.
7:12 PM
@GraceNote Oh well. As long as they're still good, I'm ok with that.
They have their own convention now?
@John No, lets change it from 1500 on Gaming to 30000 overall (and no, 30000 isn't a typo)
@Powerlord :(
@GraceNote Yep
@GraceNote Minecraft is leaving Beta and Notch is hosting a 2 day party in vegas to celebrate
dubbed MineCon.
7:13 PM
@LessPopMoreFizz And when is that?
Coincidentally, I have over 30,000 global rep.
Is anyone close to Vegas and going?
@Powerlord I noticed.
@John November.
7:13 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I'm about as far as LessPop, so no.
@LessPopMoreFizz Ok, so still 11/11/11?
@John You're up here in the NE too? There's so few of us.
@John Isn't that Skyrim day too?
@LessPopMoreFizz Sorry actually SE.
(southeast, not stackexchange)
Q: Mouse Exterminator Game

Dave McClellandI remember a PC game in the mid-late 90s in which you play as an exterminator trying to kill all the rats on the screen. Some of the key things I remember: The screen contained a pac-man like maze that the rats would move around There were blue male mice and pink female mice. When a male and...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh yes, mouse pads. Duh. Joel actually mentioned, would people like having cheat codes to the most popular game printed on the mouse pad, along with gaming logo
7:15 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Idk I don't play The Elder Scrolls.
@BrettWhiteΨ Do you mean the Konami code?
@John I think originally it was supposed to be 11/11/11, but that ended up not working out. But it's supposed to be rescheduled for within a week or two of that (not 100% sure I'm remembering this correctly)
@BrettWhiteΨ The only cheat code of note is the konami code and it is merchandised to hell and back already.
@John 11/18 now I think
We haven't had serious cheat codes in games for a while.
Regarding minecon: minecon.mojang.com
7:16 PM
ah have to go, be back in a sec
I still remember the password for level 99 of Bubble Bobble for some reason
I always liked the Blizzard cheat codes.
Quick! What's 98 days from now?
"There is no cow level"
Oh duh. Nov 18-19.
7:16 PM
@DaveMcClelland well there we go
Right there on the front page.
@sjohnston I've been known to be helpful from time to time
Hm, looking at how often stuff on meta is closed as , we should have a place where we can report bugs in the design.
@ArdaXi We do. It's called "griping in chat"
@ArdaXi You forget that we're talking about a site written (at least partly) by Jeff Atwood.
7:19 PM
@sjohnston I loled
@Powerlord That'd be my first post.
You know, the guy who responds to criticism by deleting posts from Meta.
@Brett How are you going to determine who gets a game if more than 10 people sign up (which is likely)?
@Powerlord In all fairness, complaint posts don't actually serve a purpose but discourage potential users after a while.
@FallenAngelEyes Likely using a PRNG. We need one modified to always return PFN, though.
7:21 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Unicorns first, obviously
@Powerlord PFN?
@FallenAngelEyes Powerlord's Favorite Number, obviously. ;)
@Powerlord Which is...?
@Powerlord You can't see me but I'm glaring at you through my monitor.
@Powerlord Every good PRNG returns 4.
7:22 PM
@ArdaXi As determined by roll of the die.
Obligatory Link
@Powerlord Dice, I believe.
Up to 4.
@Gracenote Do you need X 0 score accepted answers, or X answers which were accepted with a score of 0?
@Wipqozn I have a difficulty understanding how those are two different things.
yeah, sorry I shall rephrase
Do you need X 0-accepted answers to get the badge, or do you just need to have X accepted answers which had a score of 0 when they were accepted?
7:30 PM
@Wipqozn I also have noted this ambiguity
Thank you kindly :)
In other words, people can hose you quite easily.
yeah, seems like a really hard one ot get
@GraceNote Mental note - go upvote everyone's 0 answers :)
7:31 PM
Dear everyone, please feel free to hose me (by giving me upvotes)
if I was a terrible person (and I am), I would look for people one answer away from it then upvote one of their 0 score answers
@Wipqozn That were the point of it.
@Wipqozn I would give someone a dollar if they wrote a script to find people one answer away :)
runs off to SEDE
@GraceNote I'm surprised it's not a Gold badge, considering the difficulty.
7:35 PM
@Wipqozn It... is?
Tenacious is silver. Unsung Hero is gold.
@FallenAngelEyes Unicorns first, as of now I figure I will determine this first round based on who has the most rep. That could be colossally wrong, and I can change it going forward.
Sounds confusing! Badgers, that is.
I fully expect all of these rules and process to go through a lot of revisions as we go forward
I am trying to figure this out
@LessPop What's the difference, quickly?
Or rather, why are you trying to get that change pushed?
We should make such decisions on the community level.
@Manaಠдಠ WoWWiki's editors did a mass defection to WoWpedia, forking the content after WoWWiki pushed a great many more ads into their templates and broke the layout of nearly every article.
The vast majority of WoWWiki's editors no longer updated it, and do edit wowpedia. It is better maintained and more up to date.
And it has fewer and less obtrusive ads besides.
Ah. Maybe you should comment that?
Did WoWWiki used to be on Wikia?
7:49 PM
Or explain it in your edit reason.
wowwiki is on wikia
hence the defection
Don't blame them.
Same thing happened with Nethack.
Wikia's become more and more obnoxious with their ads.
@ArdaXi And several others.
7:55 PM
A: Dragon Age 2 Hawke dealing little to no damage

ANONYMOUSWell If you are a Warrior, then I may be able to help, because, when I played as Warrior and picked the Reaver as my specialization suddenly enemies resisted all of my attacks. I will see if i can resolve the issue for myself with the cheat code that makes my warrior level 2 again. It may be that...

I'm confused as to what to do here. It seems he posted as a comment initially and then threw his actual answer in as a comment.
I'm trying to figure out how to edit to resolve the two.
Q: Gaming Promotional Grant - Round 3 Game Selection Thread

Brett White ΨIn an attempt to keep this place's awesomeosity increasing exponentially (science words!) we're going to try to get the Gaming Promotional Grant going weekly. Yes, weekly. If you have no idea of what I'm yammering about, please follow the link. From what I heard from Grace Note, the previous rou...

> Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PS3, Xbox 360)
Black Ops twitch
@Manaಠдಠ Capcom is that desperate?
@Powerlord How do you mean?
8:03 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Street Fighter 4 just had its second version released, now they're going back and re-releasing Street Fighter 3?
SF3 is amazing, man. No dissin'.
Online Play for that is the best thing.
No, the other point is that Capcom turned around and killed off stuff like new Mega Man games, and now they're releasing new versions of 10-year-old titles.
@Powerlord Dude there were like a ton of versions of SFII
@FallenAngelEyes Yes. 15 years ago.
Or did they start releasing new ones again when I wasn't looking?
@Powerlord They did.
Xbox Live Arcade:}} |genre=Fighting |modes=Single-player, Multiplayer |ratings=ESRB: T PEGI: 12+ |platforms=PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade |media=Download |input=Gamepad }} Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a two dimensional fighting game released using the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade download services. It is a remake of Super Street Fighter II Turbo (the fifth arcade iteration of the Street Fighter II series) featuring the original game and a remixed version using high definition graphics drawn by UDON Entertainment, arranged music by OverClocked ReMix directed b...
8:06 PM
For that matter, when is Capcom going to kill off Resident Evil, since all they do is fighting games now?
@Manaಠдಠ I have that on XBLA, it's fun
Q: What are some tips to get over 750 zombies in Zombie Gunship?

CoreyHI am very nearly fully upgraded in Zombie Gunship, but I can't seem to improve any further. I get to about 750 zombies consistently. Any tips?

Q: Self-host a minecraft server with high security

Alexy13I heard that hosting a minecraft server (public) is super super secure. Like, you'd need a government hacker to hack into it (I'm not talking about client-hacking) to gain access to your system. In order for other players to play on your server, you have to give others your public IP. Many tim...

Why would it be dangerous to give out your IP address?
Every website you ever visit gets it.
@Brett Awww, two weeks out? So I can't push for Bastion, eh?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I was curious about that game too
8:12 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Guess I'll need to spend my own money on it...
I'm really pissed that they included a Kinect game in XBLA summer of arcade
last year, I got them all so I could get points bonus refund
this year I probably won't get any
what in the world is Outdoors Unlimited
Also guh, I wanna play El Shaddai but it's not out in Europe til September or October or something :(
"Whether it's hunting Elk on the frozen fields, landing a record Bass, or cooking your well-earned dinner over an open fire, it's all part of Outdoors Unlimited - the first game to combine hunting, fishing, and camping with an RPG system." What
@FallenAngelEyes That game looks strange from the ads I've seen. Main character seems to be wearing roman legionnaire armor, but rides a tron light-bike. Switches between stylized 2D platforming and 3D fighting game?
@sjohnston He wears blue jeans actually too
Yeah, if you have a 360, there's a demo for it on XBLA
It's really weird looking but it's so stylish and the art is so funky that I feel myself drawn to it for some reason
It's the first demo in a while I've played where I was like "I need to play this now"
8:18 PM
@FallenAngelEyes It did draw my interest simply by not looking like another Serious Brown Shooter game
That's part of the reason it intrigues me, yeah
It's out in the US next week
Sept 9th for the EU apparently
I wish I could explain why I want to play this game so badly!
Aghk! Frank Darabont's leaving the Walking Dead tv series! Fffffff.
Apparently AMC wanted to cut costs and he didn't agree. Argh.
Wait, this grant thing means that so long as I pick the most popular game, I will always win. That sounds unfair.
Isn't that how the other two went?
@GraceNote I don't know, I haven't paid much attention.
Back then I had a bigger personal budget to spend.
@GraceNote Yeah it is. I missed out on Child of Eden and Alice.
8:29 PM
@GraceNote oops.
@FallenAngelEyes Which I do regret.
Curse you Dungeon Siege III! shakefist
Has anyone gotten Alice: Madness Returns, by the way?
@ArdaXi Not only that, but participating tends to generate lots of rep, so the high-rep users who participate a lot will get even more rep
8:31 PM
@sjohnston Sounds good.
I'm wondering if I should.
Would like it, as I enjoyed the first.
@ArdaXi You could regain your status from the Beta.
I also enjoy Alice in Wonderland related stuff in general.
@FallenAngelEyes I heard that it actually includes the first. Which actually makes me interested in possibly picking it up.
@GraceNote Gain 26k?
8:32 PM
@ArdaXi You're wondering if you should do the thing that gets you rep and free games? Really?
@ArdaXi If you work hard, it will come.
@GraceNote Yep! The graphics are quite... dated and some of the platforming can be frustrating with the controls, but I thought it was a very neat game.
@sjohnston Well, yes.
@FallenAngelEyes Ooh, so it does come with it.
You know guys, I'm not completely devoid of a conscience.
8:32 PM
@sjohnston I'm likely not going to participate in this round because I'm not super-interested in the games.
I know I sometimes seem that way, but seriously.
@GraceNote One sec, I'm not sure if the PC version comes with it.
@FallenAngelEyes I was interested, but I watched about 45 minutes of Yoggscast lets play, and I kind of thought it looked pretty dull.
@GraceNote As far as I can tell, only 360 and PS3 versions come with it.
That's.. interesting.
8:34 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I'd go for the latter, so that works for me.
@FallenAngelEyes That's fair. I happen to be pretty interested in Deus Ex, and I'm guessing that'll be the most popular pick
I'd be interested in Deus Ex, but as with the Witcher, I am just not going to have playtime during release week it looks like. :(
(It was looking like I would, and then I got asked to drive to LA this weekend.)
@ArdaXi Future @Arda pre-emptively plays retro games
'cuz you'll be on the road!
@sjohnston My main thing is is that I don't want to end up taking up a "slot" for someone who really wants to play it just for the sake of rep and a free game.
8:35 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's released the 23rd.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I totally get that, if the selection doesn't pique your interest. Especially if we're going to make this a weekly thing.
@sjohnston Exactly, I can just get in on the next round or something.
Ah, I'll make the time.
Won't need the money anyway.
This extension gives me a headache sometimes.
@ArdaXi Yes, at which time, under current plans that have me driving to LA, I'll probably be driving to Denver.
8:37 PM
I should have just pulled out the global handler, not the local handler as well.
@Lazers +10 Internets to you @BrettWhite
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's that long a ride?
@ArdaXi It's a 5 day drive, but once I'm out there I'm working from there for a few days
then probably driving to denver, which is another 2 day drive
and then working out of denver for a while...
living out of hotels is a bad way to try out new release games.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Steeeeam? :D
Is it just me, or is Recettear written in a way that you fail every next pay day?
8:44 PM
Just you, I guess.
(not to be mean, that is)
I really doubt how to get to that 80k in a week...
@Tom It's very unforgiving until you get a good grasp on how everything works.
Didn't take that as mean, just wondering.
@TomWijsman I got through the first 3 using the 104% sell, 70% buy method
And by a good grasp on everything I mean what sjohnston said.
8:45 PM
@TomWijsman You can complete the game in one loop, so it's plausible.
@sjohnston: 104% feels so low, given that I do a lot through ~125% a like sells. Don't you get less items to sell?
@TomWijsman Read my answer on favor. You do 104% to cur favor, so that your future profits are greater.
Aren't there a limited amount of buyers/sellers per moment/day, or is that just me again?
@TomWijsman It DOES feel low. But it works because 1) it causes your customers to have lots more to spend, and 2) your merchant level goes up fast, giving you access to much more expensive stuff (which your moneybags customers will now buy)
Also, remember that stuff you get from dungeons is 100% profit.
You can do well by buying stuff when it's low priced (blue) and selling it later when it's normal or high (pink)
Oh, I only felt lucky when things where higher. Didn't note that I should buy items when they are blue, thanks for the tip...
8:48 PM
@TomWijsman Also don't forget - you get to carry items over to your next iteration. If you know you aren't going to be able to make a payment, just spend ALL your money on items before the payment's due
@TomWijsman Yes. But if you're selling a 10k item at 4% profit, it's better than selling a 1k item at 25% profit.
@DaveMcClelland Wait... When I lose the game I still have my items?!
@DaveMcClelland ha, nice!
@TomWijsman Yep :)
@FallenAngelEyes Steam is awesome. Hotel internet is not awesome.
8:49 PM
@TomWijsman Yes. You carry over merchant levels, favor levels, inventory
@LessPop_MoreFizz point
@DaveMcClelland: I feel bad, I started a new game every time! :(
I also don't travel with my preferred gaming equipments.
(Closed the game because I wanted to let it rest...)
@TomWijsman Oh no! Keep your loop! You're like, meant to fail.
@TomWijsman You DON'T carry over your money, though, so it's always worth it to spend all your money if you aren't going to make payment
@TomWijsman Some people may consider it gaming the system, I consider it being a shrewd business owner :D
8:51 PM
Not really meant but it's expected that you may fail, so they essentially give you a kind of New Game+ when you restart
@DaveMcClelland: I missed this essential thing about the game, I'll work my last save which is quite far to get as much items in stock as possible as I'm unlikely to get the 80k anyway...
Everyone else has moved onto Recettear while I'm stuck in my fishing addiction in Chantelise :(
@DaveMcClelland I believe that's known as strategic default.
@sjohnston Touche. It seems like a surefire way to win the game eventually, but it gets boring losing intentionally a bunch of times
@FallenAngelEyes I bought both. Tried Chantelise, but after an hour or two, I was bored. Tried Recettear for a couple hours and was totally addicted. (Also, I kind of sucked at Chantelise)
8:53 PM
@DaveMcClelland: I might as well keep using my 130% -> 125% (most), 125% --> 120% (annoying), 110% --> 105% (kid) way of playing the game; perhaps I well fail later and adjust it. I'm not going to take your low suggestion as I feel like cheating when I do...
@sjohnston Hehe Recettear's a very fun game. :) I love the whole turnaround aspect of running the armor/weapon shop that you usually buy from as a regular adventurer in other RPGs.
@TomWijsman You don't need to do loops to take advantage of gaining favor
@TomWijsman The 104%/70% method was suggested by sjohnston, for the record. I say use whatever strategy you want. It's your damn business, after all!
I would think that the community would benefit a question like this, any idea how I should ask it?
@DaveMcClelland As noted in my previous sentence, I think the fact that he games loops would be nice to capture in a gaming question somehow...
8:55 PM
@TomWijsman Figure out what aspects of this question don't help, then isolate those for your question.
I've not read the manual, I went straight to play the game.
@TomWijsman That's already on a question that Fallen just linked, actually.
Okay. Pretty funny...
@TomWijsman Game manuals are like car manuals, it's worthwhile to look at when you have a problem, but otherwise gets shoved in a forgotten drawer
@FallenAngelEyes: Remember how you pointed me to the second paragraph previous time? You're pointing me to the same answer again, and I had skipped that previous time, nice.
8:56 PM
@TomWijsman Oh geez XD
@DaveMcClelland I... I always read the manual before I play. :(
I even just smashed random keys to get the game to start... :P
Why won't you accept these trivial key presses? Why?! Oh, that worked...
@FallenAngelEyes I find a lot of the fun I get out of games is figuring out the control scheme and how to play. Sort of like reverse engineering the game to write my own mental manual :)
I can't believe how little information there is in manuals nowadays.
@FallenAngelEyes In the past, the book used to be the meatiest thing in the box.
8:59 PM
@DaveMcClelland Yeah, I know a lot of people who do that too. I dunno, I just like having a solid foundation to build my house on I guess.
@TomWijsman Me too - it's always some combination of mashing escape, enter, space, shift, mouse1, etc to figure out how to skip the intro videos. And once I've done that, mashing buttons to figure out how to make the game start
Link to the Past had cool pictures of all the items.
@GraceNote I have to admit, I'm kind of a manual nerd. I really like thorough and artsy ones.

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