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11:08 AM
Oh, @Fallen, did you get that follow up email?
I'm rather happy that chantelise seems to have drawn more attention to recettear, at least on our site.
Yours, yes. Emailed the address you specified but no response yet.
Okay, just checking
I hate when this happens
Lexmark shudder
11:14 AM
@Wipqozn ROFL
and then people complain about auto-aim
Oh heavens, it appears I will need to update my answer
> “This is evil genius,” said Dubious Quality analyst Bill Harris in an e-mail to Wired.com. “Valve is co-opting a secondary market purely for their own gain because they’ve cleverly turned games purchased from Steam into currency and their cut of each transaction is substantial.”
Tru dat.
Well, that does also mean you can get a nice hat drop and trade it for a game.
@badp Well, refined is worth about $.90
Which means only god-tier hats (veil, tc) have any chance of getting a decentish ($6-7) game
11:20 AM
@ThomasMcDonald For the sake of clarity, do you mean 90 cents, or 9 cents?
@Wipqozn 90 cents
Okay, you left out the zero so wasn't sure.
ah snap, I can't edit my chat message anymore. I wanted to replace that comma with a semi-colon.
I should nominate myself so that I can then change that with mod powers.
Dammit! I can do it in 11 moves!
@Wipqozn Good that you didn't.
You only use semi-colons to separate independent clauses.
yeah "For the sake of clarity." doesn't make sense.
11:30 AM
@ArdaXi They are.
10 mins ago, by Wipqozn
Okay, you left out the zero so wasn't sure.
@Wipqozn "For the sake of clarity." has no verb; it is not a full sentence.
wrong message
@Wipqozn "Okay" isn't a sentence either.
And just in case you meant in-between zero and so, that would also have been wrong.
I hate myself now.
11:33 AM
@Wipqozn I suppose you could see it as correct, in that sense, but it would still be bad form to use a semi-colon for that.
@ArdaXi Correct in the sense it's technically correct, yes.
You have me curious now though
With a pro-sentence is a comma, semi-colon, or period preferable?
humm, I wonder what the value of a dirty vintage fan o'war is
@Wipqozn I personally would use a comma, but I view a pro-sentence as not much more than an interjection.
@Wipqozn Sounds like a question for English ♪
11:37 AM
@GraceNote already typing it up :P
once I get to the english site anyways
@RonanForman Levels are modified so that they're all doable in less than 10 moves
Yeah, well they're partially completed at least.
@Wipqozn Ask English!
d'oh, didn't read all of backlog :P
@FallenAngelEyes Already am. Typing up a question now.
yeah, gawh
7 mins ago, by Grace Note
@Wipqozn Sounds like a question for English ♪
11:45 AM
you totally just lost my vote for mod
Now I'm going to vote for mana twice
there we go
Q: What is the proper punction to use when joining a pro-sentence with an independent clause?

WipqoznI recently said the following in chat: Okay, you left out the zero so wasn't sure. Afterwards it occurred to me I could have replaced the comma with a semi-colon. This lead to a discussion with @ArdaXi over what the correct punctuation mark to use in this situation is: a comma, semi-colon, ...

Q: Is the World 4 version of Hunt impossible without doing something else first?

Qiaochu YuanI'm stuck on the World 4 version of Hunt. I don't want a walkthrough; I don't even want a hint. (Please don't offer a hint.) I just want to know whether it's impossible without doing something else first to alter the puzzle, because it sure looks impossible to me: as far as I can tell, the rightm...

It occurs to me this question would be more useful if we changed it to asking if it is possible to collect all the puzzle pieces without completing another one first. I was going to suggest this in a comment, but before I do: Would doing so be proper?
12:01 PM
I still think that question might be going to annoy people looking for help about "braid world 4 Hunt"
let's fix that.
b/f walks over while I'm fishing in Chantelise
@FallenAngelEyes I assume you told him to get lost because you're too busy fishing?
Him: You're using your fairy friend as bait?! Me: Sister actually. Him: You're using your fairy sister as bait? Me: And that's lava. Him: You're tossing your fairy sister into lava to go fishing?! What the hell?
We need to make a good question title out of that.
Q: How to solve the World 4 hunt?

badpNow that we've determined that the World 4 hunt level of Braid is solvable without doing anything special outside the level, the question remains: How to solve this level?

12:16 PM
tf2tp is so slow
Team Fortress 2 Trading Police?
tf2 trading post
I wonder if I still have the code for that alternative I started...
awwww yeaaaahhh
12:20 PM
@badp Answered. Let me know if it's not detailed enough. I think I'll make a video of it a bit later.
> Could you tell accounting we need handwritten versions of all their spreadsheets?
Hrm, since Steam is stuck offline I had to download and install manually Atom Zombie Smasher. When I launched it, it prompted me to update itself.
Steam spoiled me so much
So it would appear
@badp That question deserves a spoiler tag.
@ArdaXi What's the point of a spoiler tag?
12:29 PM
@badp To show that the question spoils the game.
We have tags for plot, tags for endings, tags for boss-battles... this is asking for how to solve a small bit of the game.
Perhaps it's telling we have no tag for "questions that spoil a small section of the game"
That was the objective/puzzle type of tag
Though that's less to indicate spoiler, more to indicate what it is the question is about.
I really think the only use for a spoiler tag is ignoring it so people that are annoyed by googleable but spoilery titles don't have to look at those
In this scenario, "puzzles" seems appropriate.
Otherwise, we have better tags than just "spoiler", tags that say exactly what is it you're spoiling.
12:32 PM
If you were to tag any question asking how to do something in a game as a spoiler, you would need to tag nearly every question with spoiler. Doing so would result in the spoiler tag losing its meaning.
By the way, @badp, you've finished the game.
@ArdaXi I know I have. I'm only asking the question because we got a question about world 4 hunt that is not useful to people who need help with world 4 hunt.
I don't have Braid installed, so I couldn't self-answer.
I think however it is the level where you need to kill monsters in a strict LTR order, despite the almost full backtracking you have to do to get the topmost one.
Well, you hardly have to backtrack, just jump up and get the top one first.
Isn't this the level where time and space are linked? Going left effectively backtracks... technically.</nitpick>
@badp Well, yes, but if you completely backtrack you undo your progress, you that's exactly what you have to avoid.
12:49 PM
I know.
Yay Flame Emblem get
@FallenAngelEyes makes me think of Fire Emblem
1:07 PM
Ugh. I can't solve Del Drumubu.
Perhaps I shouldn't have loaded this level in a "Faster zombies" day
1:25 PM
@Lazers Aw, I could have answered that one had I actually been on this morning.
Finally made through the level.
Note to self: evac in gardens, not intersections.
That made all the difference in the world.
Q: Wine games resolution/sound problems

WolfFirst, the sound. It has never worked for me (in any game) I'm currently using wine version 1.3.25 (I'm pretty sure, is there a terminal command that checks that?). I've done some searching and tried some different things, but nothing has worked. Does anyone have any ideas (sorry for the lack of ...

1:40 PM
@Wipqozn Backtracking... do you mean in this level or any level? As far as I'm aware, Cloud Bridge (2-2) is the only level in the game that you can't get all the puzzle pieces in before visiting other levels.
@Powerlord I was referring to not being able to collect all the puzzle pieces the first time you enter the level.
@Powerlord Aren't the other pieces in 2-1 and 2-2 enough, though?
@badp No, you need pieces from 2-3 and 2-4.
I can't remember how many those are, and how large is the distance you need to bridge
You can jump though...
@badp You need the two girder pieces... which are in 2-3 and 2-4. :P
1:42 PM
Q: Transitioning from single to multiplayer, strategies for success

StephenI've found, in the past, when I've gone from single to multiplayer I end up getting schooled and reading FAQs more than playing. A classic examples of this are Age of Mythology or AOE3. I avoided the FPS online crowd for this reason as well, there seemed to be a lot of deathmatch style play but...

Q: DOSBox versus Virtualbox in a gaming context

StephenI've noticed that a number of people here use DOSBox for playing older titles on modern PC hardware. I am very familiar with VirtualBox, I use it to virtualize several operating systems. I have also read up on it's current 3d support. My question is what is the advantage of something like DOSB...

I wonder if I should try to get the Cloud Bridge star today. Start the game, change to that level, go clean for 1.5 hours, then check the cloud position.
then I don't recall this particular piece
@Powerlord Sounds like a good idea.
I'm thinking of playing through Braid again myself, on the PC. I wish I bought the humble bundle, but I was having internet problems the last few days of the sale :/
@Wipqozn One moment.
@badp Cloud Bridge has two problem pieces. The first is in the upper right corner of the stage. The second is above the door. You need the girder-thingy in the puzzle to get to the upper-right one, and you need at least one of the two to get the monster on so you can remove it, dropping them to the lower level to get the one above the door.
1:45 PM
@Wipqozn What's your Steam?
@ArdaXi wipqozn113
did you mean corner pieces?
I'm not home right now though
I'm completely confused now
Actually I'm in the stack exchange gaming group on steam
1:46 PM
Okay. Hit me up when are and I'll get you a Steam key for HIB #2.
Sounds good, appreciate it. :)
@badp The World 2 Puzzle has a ledge on two of its pieces that you can jump on.
Yes, I remember that much. Jumping on pieces.
@badp Those pieces are in 2-3 and 2-4. The pieces in the upper-right and above the door are impossible to get without them.
I should give Desura a try.
"Start on login". Shouldn't I start it before I can login?
1:48 PM
The door thing only needs one of the two, but the other needs both.
@Powerlord can't you just arrange the pieces you have in the frame so that you can jump anyway, regardless of the specific pieces you have?
That's why you need those two specific pieces
Okay, I now see
It's weird how I end up owning every Humble Bundle except the last twice.
sorry for my being so thick
1:51 PM
If I asked "Is it possible to collect all the puzzles the first time you enter a level?" would you answer it @Powerlord? Seems like it would be a really good question.
Either that or "How do you beat the cloud bridge?"
@Wipqozn Chances are someone else would answer it well before I got home from work to do it.
I'll ask when you get home.
btw, have I ever mentioned how the PC version of Braid is a crappy port of the Xbox 360 version? Seriously, no Gamepad support? No widescreen support?
That's fairly lazy.
@Powerlord Have I ever mentioned how very wrong you are?
Having just completely finished Braid in full-screen using my gamepad on Windows.
1:53 PM
@ArdaXi Several times. Although you say that about everyone.
@Powerlord The problem there is that you're trying to use a gamepad, not a keyboard like god intended. ;)
@AnnaLear I lol'd
@ArdaXi I checked for these options in the game and didn't find them. Mind enlightening me on where they're located?
@Powerlord They aren't.
Well, the gamepad option is... well... on your gamepad.
Hold the Xbox button until the ring lights up.
Is it an xbox game pad only?
1:55 PM
@Wipqozn Probably not, but I haven't tried others.
@AnnaLear God intended the keyboard and mouse for FPS and RTS games, and mouse-only for point and click style games.
One of the tools in Atom Zombie Smasher to smash zombies to atoms is the Zed Bait: zombie attracting beacon. I'm sure you can guess what my initial reading of that was.
@ArdaXi Great. I have a PS2 controller connected to my PC, hence no Xbox button.
God definitely intended platformers to be played with some form of gamepad.
@badp: If you tell me where the savefile for warzone earth is I'll upload mine
1:55 PM
@Powerlord What I meant was, you have to have it connected.
At that point, it should recognise it automatically.
It did for mine, anyway.
@ArdaXi Well, it didn't.
@Powerlord And keyboard only for platformers. Amen.
and yes, the gamepad is properly configured. I even calibrated it in the control panel.
@AnnaLear Super Meat Boy. :(
(which shouldn't be necessary, but I was double-checking)
1:56 PM
Anyway, saying it has no gamepad support is false.
@AnnaLear I actually need to disagree with you on that one. Strongly disagree even.
@ArdaXi OK, let me rephrase that.
It has support for the gamepad it was made for.
Braid PC is one of those idiotic games that only supports Xbox 360 controllers rather than any DirectInput controller.
And it's far, really very far from the only game that does this.
1:58 PM
@Wipqozn I suggest user input peripherals at 20 paces.
And you've got Microsoft to blame.
Just use something like Joy2Key or Xpadder or something.
Q: Should I worry about territorial contiguity when choosing what territories to not save every month?

badpDuring every month, a number of territories get infected and I get to pick which one to rescue. At times however it seems there's very little to base this choice on. For example, right now I can choose between seven territories, all with a population of 125, all with a difficulty of 1, all rewar...

@Lazers Well, you should always consider how many pigs they have. After all, wouldn't want to run out of .
I'm starting to get the impression that @Powerlord likes bacon
oh dear.
2:12 PM
Well if it isn't @mana
Clicking on facebook or twitter links on the Atom Zombie Smasher main menu screen makes a eery, prolonged cheering sound
'sup @Loktar
oh wow, have not seen @Loktar in awhile.
I thought he didn't like us anymore.
Well, that's still a possibility. His eerie silence implies that might still, in fact, be the case.
2:19 PM
hey all
nah just been busy at work lately :?
I still am but figured I could at least idle here :P
:O How's work going?
good just pushing out our new site so Ive been busy getting a bunch of stuff done.
(its an internal site so meh)
been addicted to iBomber Defense lately
lol its so annoying because its such a simple game.. but yet I find myself playing it for hours
Hmm, since I have nothing better to do lately, I should get working on that campfire thing that crashed recently.
2:29 PM
humm, someone offered me a pip-boy #12 for my unusual.
So is there a way to publicly display stuff you have available for trade?
I wish @FallenAngelEyes friend and I were talking about that
if you could set it up where you put what you want, and then the items youd give
and just leave it out like an auction house
that would be amazing imo
@FallenAngelEyes In what?
Aw, so just sort of "I see that person's wearing something I like, I'll make them an offer" dealy?
@ThomasMcDonald TF2 stuff
2:36 PM
but it's pretty slow, I've been working on an alternative for a bit previously
You're no longer working on the tf2 armory?
now it'd be much less of an hassle to run, too.
umm, I have the code still
I have lots of tf2-related side projects
@ThomasMcDonald At this point you might as well be giving weapons away
2:45 PM
@badp eh?
It appears you're dropping items faster than you can do away with them.
oh, haha
nah, I bought loads
You'll have a hard time selling weapons older than the last update
2:47 PM
I'm not trying to sell 'em, thank god
every man and his bloody donkey is
Then go craft yourself something pretty: tf2crafting.info/id/tf2armory
I'm trying to do something nice for people
you shouldn't have to spend 2 weapons to get a weapon
Ah, I think the tf2 reddit is doing something like that
2:51 PM
ya ya, I seen that after I started working on it :(
@badp ...
(I would've posted this earlier, but my mobile decided to stop mucking with my packets and kill the connection.)
By the way, it appears that playing cities at level 4 is basically suicide
I'm afraid I'm going to have to just give up on this level.
I don't want to ask yet another question today, though.
@badp Yet you must. FOR THE GOOD OF THE SITE.
2:58 PM
I'm trying to work out what I need to strip from this application :/
might start from a blank slate
hate it when that happens :(
@badp vas ist das?
3:01 PM
I have 3 tripmines, 4 dynamite, some asploding buildings and beacons. After 90 seconds of zombie spawning, the city must be empty of zombies.
I... I don't think this can be done at all.
Yet, if I don't I won't be getting points for this month, and that stinks.
@badp You can strike through tags? That's pretty awesome.
Check out Altair in the background.
@CruelCow Why did I not know of that site?
3:03 PM
@ArdaXi ...because you don't read the TF2 blog which talked about it a few weeks ago?
because I don't read the TF2 blog which talked about it a few weeks ago?
Speaking of TF2, very soon Steam itself will have the ability to view peoples inventories.
Got it.
or listen to TF2 podcasts
@Powerlord Technically, a few days ago.
I think you can see the inventory of people who don't have the beta as long as you have it yourself.
@CruelCow I was under the impression that you had to have the beta installed for those to show up.
Oh, no.
@Powerlord You don't. You need the beta installed for extra copies of games to show up.
I can't see steamcommunity.com from here anyway ('tis blocked).
@Powerlord Nope, neither you nor the other one has to, since it's just a html page
however the new trading only works if you both have the beta and linking items doesn't show pictures in chat
Oh, nice party phantom powerlord
3:08 PM
@CruelCow I used to have a Heart Party Phantom, but I downgraded because the heart and peace sign overlapped.
That and I got a ton of metal at the time for it.
The confetti is subtle, but it becomes really obvious when I taunt. :D
Although apparently you don't like my Peace Fedora enough to comment on it. :(
I don't like the peace unusual effect
But then I'm not a big fan of unusuals in general
The irony is that my 15-backstab chain on Degroot Keep had me with both unusuals equpped, so any time I didn't have a disguise, it should have been obvious (I was using Your Eternal Reward).
<3 YER in melee only.
Have I mentioned how much I hate it when people use Speakerphone for conversations?
3:29 PM
@Powerlord Have I mentioned you really over-use that phrase?
@ArdaXi is a word, not a phrase. ;)
@Powerlord Do you just take bits of messages I say to you and replace them with in your head?
@ArdaXi No, I just ignored the reply symbol and reinterpreted what you said based on what other people (e.g. RavenDreamer) complain about.
@badp Neat!
3:37 PM
@Powerlord So you don't put in your head as often as you can?
@badp Who browses to their hosts file?
@ArdaXi No, surprisingly I don't each that much . :P
Better question: who browses to their hosts file and isn't the type of person to have hidden files and folders visible?
@ArdaXi The second example is the more disturbing one
and it doesn't require you to browse to your hosts file.
Yeah, the second example was cool.
Meh. Still requires some level of stupidity to work properly. Besides, UAC fixes all this.
3:41 PM
@ArdaXi Yay for UAC!
@GraceNote I've never had it enabled.
Yeah, except "we" geeks have trained people to disable it.
(I have it always on.)
@Grace Congrats on 10K.
@badp I train people to enable it.
(has it disabled)
3:42 PM
also, even if it enabled, it can be worked around at default levels.
@bwarner Thanks!
I myself have it disabled because I see it like training wheels.
I keep it enabled. There's not enough gain for me to disable it.
@Grace Congrats!!
Sorry, unauthorized hotlinking of copyrighted "unauthorized hotlinking of copyrighted material not permitted" not permitted. --bp
@GraceNote I gain lots of time.
3:43 PM
@ArdaXi I don't do enough where it costs me time, hence why for me the gains aren't enough.
^--- what Mana tried to link.
But...I did link it. Or maybe it didn't work?
It shows up properly on my end but I guess that's because I suck.
@Manaಠдಠ Hotlink protection.
You had the image cached.
To us, it shows this image.
Sorry, unauthorized hotlinking of copyrighted "unauthorized hotlinking of copyrighted material not permitted" not permitted. --bp
3:44 PM
Hee. I've never actually seen one of those in the physical world.
Wow, jerks!
All sorts of party toys and tools, but that one, only seen in shows and such.
I redirect hotlinkers to Coral CDN.
@GraceNote When we had an exchange with Italy, it was some guys birthday, so we gave everyone on the bus one of those things. For a bus ride. Of 3 hours.
Luckily, I always pack earplugs.
@Arda cringe
@ArdaXi At least it wasn't vuvuzelas.
3:46 PM
Though, y'know what? I think I have a kazoo somewhere around here.
@GraceNote That's fairly awesome of you.
Is your best friend a bear named Banjo by any chance?
Kazoo. Not Kazooie.
@Wipqozn Watching the ATMOS episode now. They're talking about "not carbon-dioxide but a toxic gas" in the cars. But... carbon dioxide is a toxic gas.
It's funny they do permit unauthorized hotlinking of the "unauthorized hotlinking of copyrighted material not permitted" copyrighted material.
3:51 PM
@GraceNote He uses a kazoo though, if I recall correctly.
@Wipqozn I wouldn't know, actually. Never played it.
also, I think we were supposed to shout OMG OMG OMG OMG NEW GRAVATAR at @GraceNote's general direction.
Except it's not a new one.
Who has a new gravatar?
Well, it's a different one.
3:52 PM
@GraceNote Oh my heavens. -10 awesome points.
Doesn't show up for any of us yet.
At any rate, aye, it's human, but from IT Security.
@Manaಠдಠ It's human.
3:53 PM
@ArdaXi HUman? ew.
Also I'm pretty sure those are wings. I think she's a fairy.
@Wipqozn They're probably ridiculously oversized blades of some material.
Her eyes are like half the size of her head.
@badp You could be correct.
They're wings. Not a fairy.
3:53 PM
That's unsettling. Even my character's eyes aren't that huge.
@GraceNote Or not. Awesome, I was right.
@Manaಠдಠ Anime eyes are always huge. Always
Either that or they have no eyes at all.
@Manaಠдಠ Somewhat standard for CAVE
It's kinda funny, but not completely unexpected, that the hugest eyes stereotypically come from the region of Earth featuring the narrowest eyes.
@GraceNote for a second I thought you were talking about me. My lasts name Cave you see.
Then, you have to wonder what our eyes will look like! :P
3:56 PM
I was thinking how the hell does she know my last name?
@Wipqozn Unless you make curtain fire STGs, you'll never get that association out of me.
pieces together Wipqozn's identity
Althernatively Cave Jonson makes curtains, but for the US army.
I might've missed a h there though.
slaps badp
@badp You did.
3:57 PM
@Manaಠдಠ inb4 you start stalking me
Cave Jonshon
the unlikeliest of places!
@Manaಠдಠ Chave Jonson.
There, added your H
× 10³ I'm a dummy :\
3:57 PM
who's the loser who starred that only to take it away huh :(
adds Mana to ignore list
@badp whoa, we can do that? Wow! Thanks @badp!
@badp I'm genuinely surprised. Normally I'm the one who says "I suck" or "I'm dumb" and gets starred for it.
@Wipqozn Can we do this for the entire room?
greetings fellow netizens! First time in a SE chat for me.
3:59 PM
Sorta. ♪
@Kotsu Welcome!

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