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@SaintWacko You have 15 seconds
you passed
9:00 PM
I was just gonna tell him to remove himself so he couldn't be mod abused
@KevinvanderVelden I can do that?
Someone re add me
@SaintWacko Yup
9:02 PM
I want that message
@SaintWacko it's been done before, I think it was @OrigamiRobot
I used to be very active in an IRC channel
And once convinced a mod to kickban himself
and now you have posted 24k messages in this one
He had to wait a few hours for another mod to get on before he could become unbanned :D
@SaintWacko that is some world class trolling
9:03 PM
@badp Wait, what?
For some reason the radio button for @Sterno was already on "owner".
@SaintWacko 24,125
@badp IS this a mod only thing?
Also, wow
9:04 PM
@StrixVaria Can just click on someone's gravatar in the room instead of having to go to room management, can't you?
@SaintWacko click on your name, hover on "The Bridge"
That seems like an enormous number of messages
@badp Ahh, very cool
all of the fasts
Providing estimates for freelance work sucks. Especially when you're doing it for someone you get along with.
9:06 PM
@Frank Business contracts with friends can get touchy.
@FAE I didn't know there was another way :P
@FAE Yeah. You don't want to overestimate, because they're your friends, but you also don't want to underestimate, or you're working for less than your worth.
@SaintWacko The more you know~ :D
@Frank Yeah. :/ Hopefully, he's someone who understands that though.
Q: Do customers increase according to how many items you have stocked?

Adam DavisIn Tiny Death Star, is the flow of customers into a business related at all to how many products are stocked, or is the flow consistent? If the flow is consistent, and assuming that stocking the three credit item is fast, is there any reason to stock the two and one credit products?

@StackExchange Thanks! IF elected moderator I promise to abuse my powers on you the least.
9:08 PM
@FAE Should. I just want to ensure that sticker shock isn't something that happens.
@Frank Yeah, that's understandable.
I've been trying to cushion them with, "Look, what I've been doing, I'm charging you a whole lot less than I really should be."
@SaintWacko now I'm watching the dresden TV files again. "Thanks"!
@KevinvanderVelden You are quite welcome!
So when I have that client meeting later today, I'm going to lay out the cost of what they're looking for.
9:09 PM
I love the one with the darkness
And hope they understand what's going on.
@Frank "What?! There is no way you're worth that much!"
@SaintWacko I've only seen episode one, now watching ep2
@SaintWacko At which point, I shrug, and tell them that I'm done working on it.
As is, I shouldn't have worked as much on it as I did. But I like helping people.
@Frank I hope it goes well.
9:11 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Ah, good!
Lucky you
It's always great watching a good show for the first time
I do like how he's using TL lights
@FAE As do I. I'm already trying to do this in modules, so that we can upgrade the website piecemeal, without it costing a crapton all in one go.
@KevinvanderVelden Been a while since I've seen it, what's that?
@SaintWacko electronic lights =p - Which he'd blow up in about 5 minutes in the book :)
@Frank Ah, gotcha.
@KevinvanderVelden Friend of mine has problems with his PCs just... breaking a lot, inexplicably, and we joke that it's because of his wizard aura.
9:13 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Ah, yeah :P
@FAE I have this same problem, actually.
@FAE same-ish. Though just software so I have to reinstall my PC a lot
Yer a wizard, @Frank
@SaintWacko I wish! Life would be so much easier if I was.
@Frank Recently, his SSD just decided to up and bite it. He's in the process of trying to get it an RMA done. It's broken so badly that if his boyfriend plugs it externally into his PC, it won't boot either.
9:15 PM
@FAE I've managed to (somehow) toast an amplifier just by walking by it.
@FAE o.0
@Frank Maybe you give off microwaves!
It was working fine, I walked in, it goes, click!, and smoke starts coming out of it.
@FAE that's not difficult, just fuck up the firmware so the mobo keeps waiting for a reply from it
@SaintWacko Yeah, they have no idea what's wrong. What's even more baffling is they upgraded at the same time, so they have the exact same systems.
@KevinvanderVelden I think I got that wrong actually, it boots, but only part of Windows 8 will work or something. I don't remember the details. Anything that involves accessing the drive will make it barf itself.
9:18 PM
@FAE sweet
Q: Where are the best fishing spots

QwertieWhile talking to the fisher guy in the fishing hut he told me the best place to fish was in small places surrounded be rocks or wall, but where are theses places in the game. Also is there anything else that helps to catch more fish I have noticed that fishing next to a fisherman seems to have a ...

9:37 PM
I think a deletion as offensive on a new user should result in an automatic IP ban
@3ventic I got last flag on that one!
Q: Windows Games how do i code in to play on linux

user243240I Really want to switch to linux but i own a crap ton of windows games. and i would want to play them on my machine. is there anyway possible to play the newest titles on said ubuntu machine? like what code would i need and how do i implement it.

@GamingTopicsFromOutside "send me the codez plz"
@KevinvanderVelden "It can't be that hard to convert game to work in Linux!"
9:46 PM
Welp thank you @SaintWacko, I know what I'm gonna be doing the next couple of evenings
Anyway, off to bed for now :)
@KevinvanderVelden Yay!
I'm particularly happy that I put out the flag numbers when I have
10:02 PM
Q: Minecraft villages

RogerHow do villages spawn in minecraft pocket edition? I am new to minecraft... I also would like to know what I need to do to spawn a village. Like if there is any specific biome it has to be in. Thanks!

wait, what? @SaintWacko was a room owner at some point and removed me?
@Wipqozn How can we trust someone running for moderator who doesn't even know what's actively happening to them? D:
If I get elected people are going to be so depressed that can't remove and add me as room owner so easily.
I want to remove @Wipqozn T_T
@OrigamiRobot Sucks to be you!
When are you going to be leaving work @OrigamiRobot?
10:07 PM
@Wipqozn In a minute.
Like now.
Oh my.
After you get home and take off your pants we'll need to hunt monsters.
@Wipqozn For you, I might leave my pants on.
@OrigamiRobot Oh my.
10:32 PM
@badp can you bring something up with Arqade's mod team please: If I flag something and they action it, don't then go and decline my flag. I don't appreciate the clearly 50% flag rejection rate I've received today after this morning's conversation, especially when more than 90% of the rejected flags have been actioned.
If a moderator can't be bothered to do something properly at that point in time, can they... not doing anything at all, at that point in time?
@kalina You probably don't want me to discuss this in public.
well I have you on Steam...
Well, I don't want to discuss it on Steam.
Have other stuff to do and I can't properly give you my attention at this point in time.
10:37 PM
@badp what....is this....
32 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
@Wipqozn For you, I might leave my pants on.
@spugsley Sanity
Either that, or it's just @badp.
@badp *in*sanity?
10:41 PM
Which is more likely.
@spugsley Origami can keep his pants on, tyvm
@badp Why can't everyone just keep their pants on?
it's better that way. It really is.
@spugsley I don't know
Origami brought it up
@spugsley you seriously are telling us that?
I forgot about this:
A: What is a day in the life of an Arqade moderator like?

jmfsgI just sit back and let the other moderators handle everything, then I take credit for the good stuff and blame them for the bad stuff. Sometimes I randomly select a post and I delete it... I change comments to reflect my personal views, and if somebody ever comes close to finding all that out, ...

10:43 PM
@spugsley I don't have pants on.
Oh @jmfsg, you're fantastic.
@Braiam I really am. We have a seriously pants problem here
Hmm, I have lost the use of one arm; the cat is sleeping on it.
@yuki ever find your gamepad?
@TrentHawkins Those crazy cats.
You should, however, disturb your cat to play some monster hunter!
@Wipqozn hmm... interesting theory.
10:45 PM
@spugsley ...pants... problem...?
@spugsley Pants are the worst.
^ this!
@kalina that was killed
10:46 PM
also... oneboxing?
I...'m slightly/moderately confused
@Unionhawk confused? you are talking too much with @badp
@Braiam Must be.
@badp confusion is contagious! Be alert kids!
@Unionhawk With all the talk of mods and elections, I read this as "slightly moderatorly confused"
10:48 PM
@Coronus Yes, but that wouldn't make any sense, now would it?
@TrentHawkins The room is made if you'd like to join.
Q: How to run Black & White (Pc Game) on Windows 7

akumasoul666I asked this because i see no one asked it before plus I WILL GIVE THE SOLUTION............................. 1: Make sure you have and .iso image for the game 2: Mount it using your -daemon tools- for example then install it 3: Don,t use the crack of the game just play with the .iso mounted ...

A: How do I play multiplayer?

akumasoul666dude doom 1 and doom 2 on pc are way more fun plus with have super multiplayers using zandornum (https://www.google.jo/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCgQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fzandronum.com%2F&ei=gh3wUukP06yFB8SpgMgN&usg=AFQjCNGY1OeZpIGZUqDRzG87J9Ynz4dCuA&sig2=tVS33eHvEFon...

^ more spam
11:03 PM
@spugsley You're tellin' me!
Q: Is there an easy way to be notified of a greenlit game showing up in the store?

AubergineWhen I find an interesting game on Steam Greenlight, I always make sure to follow it. For some reason, I was under the impression that I would surely be notified in some manner when and if the projects I followed make it to the Steam store. Turns out I was quite wrong. Seeing how its a shame for...

I thought I hit the reject button, I must be more tired than I thought - rolled it back
sigh. Pug dungeon group. Get to last boss. Wipe. Tank leaves.
Now we're waiting for another tank to show.
Q: Are there any cons to mega evolving?

CybersonSo a while back in my Pokemon Y game I discovered the mega evolution through the storyline and since then have been using it in every single battle that my Lucario fights in, and it only occurred to me recently that with great power usually comes a great cost. So I was wondering are there any bad...

@Frank so the new Final Fantasy MMO follows the tank/healer/dps model?
@kalina Does indeed.
11:34 PM
are you playing as a dps?
@kalina For the moment, yes.
I'm being voluntold into a healer role, though.
you're in a guild and all those fun things?
@kalina Guild, yes.
The job system is pretty neat; you can switch to any other role, with it's own level.
That's how crafting works, too. Each is it's own class.

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