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6:00 PM
Q: What are the conditions for the base invasion to happen?

PhilippWhat are the conditions which must be met before the aliens invade your base? Can it happen again? When I got raided by the aliens, this was my current progress:

@Sterno Bing is even worse than SO search.
@SaintWacko Oh yeah.
@John We don't have separate game mode tags for TF2 or League of Legends; I just don't think it's big enough to need its own tag.
@RavenDreamer WHY NOT?!
@RavenDreamer In TF2, there is only one gamemode that is significantly different from the rest: Mann vs. Machine.
And that has its own tag:
Does everything about a question need to be covered by tags?
6:05 PM
There are a few in LoL that might be different enough to have a tag
Can't a guy just say in the question whether it's x mode or not, and that be enough?
Absolutely not
The body of the question should define it, tags should be there to give context and help search
The people interested in Dota 2, are likely interested in the new game mode for Dota 2. If the question doesn't have enough content to differentiate which is being asked about, it's a bad question.
@TZHX There's lots of people who couldn't care less about it.
Diretide is different from the core gamemode, but I don't think it's big enough that there's any use for a tag
And the gamemode is not new, it's just returning from last year
6:08 PM
@3ventic It's different this year though.
based on what I heard not by much
Roshan doesn't die now, candies don't matter to him in the third round, immunities have been reworked.
Not everything though.
It is the only gamemode I'm interested in the game, however..
As someone who has played uuh to many hundreds of hours of dota, I don't think it warrants a seperate tag. Title and/or body should be more than enough
I don't know how many question there would be about it, but most would be distinct from the main game.
Hero interactions stay the same, but strategies are really different, and Roshan's behavior is original.
It's probably about like Mann vs. Machine.
6:13 PM
Q: Why did I lose my field upgrade?

Zero StackI see this message across my screen from time to time stating (roughly): You have lost your service field upgrade. I know that field upgrades are given to squads from their commander, but why did I lose it? Did my commander demote our squad? Or do I have to accept the field upgrade as Squad Le...

@OrigamiRobot 6:14pm UTC!
@OrigamiRobot Pants removal time?
@Sterno I WISH
@OrigamiRobot It is now 1384798484 (UTC) in Unix time
6:15 PM
@boo Literally worse than Hitler
> Take off your pants for the naked dance (question 4!)
Which reminds me, You Don't Know Jack is on Steam now
@Powerlord It's been there for ages.
What the what for the what?
@TZHX Ideally, the tags specify entirely what the asker is asking about
not the problem itself, but its context.
@Sterno You don't know You Don't Know Jack?
6:20 PM
@LpSamuelm The new one has been, but now the original 6 You Don't Know Jack games are as well.
@Powerlord Oh ho ho!
@RedRiderX I have played it on the console. I don't remember pants removal and naked dancing
They really make Wasteland look good, there.
WTF are they charging $6 for Wasteland 1?
You Don't Know Jack is a fun party game, but doesn't seem terribly well suited to the typical PC setup
(I think 5 is Headrush, but I dunno)
6:22 PM
@Sterno If you find the nomads agreeable, read paragraph 581, otherwise read paragraph 6,591
@Sterno On the PC, it uses the Q, V, and P keys for players to buzz in, as I recall
I forget, it's been a while.
Q: Does "aim assist" in X-Rebirth work the same as it did in X3?

AxiomIn X3-TC and X3-AP, assisted aiming was something that you had to purchase (via ship software), activate in the UI, get the target's vector cue into the main reticle and then trigger using the left control key. In X-Rebirth, there is an "aim assist" option in the configuration menu but it's no...

THere is a girl in here trying to tell us about hackers and her codez and stuff
she is being a giant rudeface
@AshleyNunn Heh
and a lot of her historical data is wrong
6:35 PM
Ask her what she thinks of ROT13 encryption
she is all like look at me I use github
and this is my code
look it is code
I am a smart
and i do open source
And tears
6:36 PM
@OrigamiRobot no, you are made of junk I threw way back...
Please don't open your source in here, thank you.
she keeps name dropping google stuff that isnt supported anymore (she has admitted to that) but she is all like LOOK I DO THE THING
@AshleyNunn Hey, look at my Github!
@AshleyNunn I hear that to the tune of Monster Mash
@AshleyNunn Tell her that you know people who work FOR google!
6:37 PM
I do all the googles.
(Sorry, had to do it)
@Arperum I wonder if her brain will explode if I say I am dating a Googler, because I am
@RedRiderX ooooh all of them u must be teh smartz
@AshleyNunn Oh, you should tell her that
And then tell us what she says
And also ask about ROT13 because ROT13 is amusing
I must be important because it says I contributed to ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games
6:39 PM
Yes every good coderz can implement 128 bit ROT13 encryption.
@Powerlord Hahaha yes you are important
Although 2ROT13 is even more impressive
It's just part of the job description.
am I mean if I wanna ask her if she can do Brainfuck
I am feeling like a total bitch face today
Tell her you wish her face was open source so you could contribute a mute function.
6:40 PM
I mean, if one level of encryption is good, two must be better, right?
@AshleyNunn That is a wonderful language and you should ask about it
@AshleyNunn I PREFER OOK!
Speaking of ROT13, the No More Zombies From Hell team apparently ROT13ed their CTX key in the game's source code. Not that it stopped people from locating it.
@SaintWacko SO tempted
> Ook! is a joke esoteric programming language created by David Morgan-Mar. It is identical to Brainfuck, except that the instructions are changed into Orangutan words. It represents the first, although unfortunately not the last, in a long line of trivial Brainfuck command substitutions.
this girl is basically buzzwording all over the place
@OrigamiRobot Love it
I assume that is what teh Discworld Librarian uses to program
6:41 PM
@AshleyNunn You are awesome
@OrigamiRobot totally normal they have to communicate too duh
@OrigamiRobot Thank you, I was trying to find him
Funny thing: The Visual Studio SDK sample for writing a new language parser uses Ook as the language being parsed (and C# as the language the parser is written in)
I am sitting here ignoring her, snarking, and then also teaching myself Python
6:43 PM
That page has the best esoteric languages
Look at Piet
Piet is awesome
I like Chef
@SaintWacko ooooooh, Mondrian
SHe told us we were too dumb to understand Turing-complete
@AshleyNunn Yeah. programs in that language are so cool
@AshleyNunn Uh...
I have decided she needs to be trebuchet-ed
@AshleyNunn I fully support this
If only I still had my trebuchet constructed
My one classmate offered to be my getaway driver if I trebuchet her
6:45 PM
I had a trebuchet that needed 30 feet of vertical clearance to fire
Well, technically my sister did, but I designed it and helped with construction and firing
@AshleyNunn So, why are you talking to this person?
After reading this paper
@Powerlord she is doing a presentation for my digital anthro class
I wanna hit her
Also, is anyone here familiar with the Jargon File?
she also said we would never understand LaTex or HTML or Python
@SaintWacko SOmewhat yes
6:48 PM
@AshleyNunn But of course, she does, right?
@SaintWacko Dude she knows all the languages
@AshleyNunn I love it. So much fascinating stuff
She is trying to explain open source and Creative Commons and proprietary software
@AshleyNunn lolwut
and somehow we are talking about spaghetti
6:49 PM
@AshleyNunn Print out a program in Piet and go up to her really humbly and say that you're having some trouble with a program, and you can't figure out what you're doing wrong and since she's so good at it maybe she can take a look at it and tell you what you're doing wrong
Nobody understands that crazy language LaTeX uses behind the scenes ;-), or at least I found it incomprehensible enough that I never bothered to try
Then when she says yes hand her the code image
I have 43k coins in PvZ2. The game designers would probably be weeping in my general direction
@SaintWacko I support this plan.
@badp You spend too much time playing it.
6:50 PM
@SaintWacko Oh that is lovely and terrible
@AshleyNunn I know :D
@badp I found PvZ2 too grindy, I pretty much stopped playing it near the end of world 2
@MadScientist star grinding is bad but the star grinding at the end of world 2 is the last star grind you have to do
@AshleyNunn spaghettis are long and tangle each other and that's good if they're actual pasta
6:51 PM
@AshleyNunn Ask her what the spaghetti smells like.
@RedRiderX I was just about to say they're a code smell.
So she may snarkily reply, "they smell like code you'd write"
@badp Oh snap
Yeah that could happen...
Ask her what a Von Neumann architecture is.
"It is often necessary to change data from one type to another type. Just as you can convert a sandwich from solid to liquid form by using a blender, you can change data from one type to another type using a typecast function."
I love this thing that I am using to learn Python
Q: How do I get the processor factory to transport their goods to the trading depot?

user61905On Sim City 5, I have two factories producing processors. I put a trading Depot right next to each one, but both factories say that they stopped production because they're full. I bought the maximum amount of trucks for both the factories and the depots. I also have three trading depots, with mul...

6:53 PM
@AshleyNunn O__O
@AshleyNunn O____O
@badp Can I hit her then
typecasts... in Python?
@badp ....apparently?
@AshleyNunn O______O
". You write the name of the desired new type in the same way as a function call, for example

x = float("3.4")
changes the string "3.4" to the float 3.4, and then prints out 2.4. Without the typecast, the program would crash, since it cannot subtract a number from a string."
(thats the next paragraph)
6:54 PM
@AshleyNunn O________O
@badp Python is strongly typed, which is odd for a dynamically typed language
That is not typecasting
I mostly jsut liked the bit about hte sandwiches in blenders
That is very much not typecasting
although I can see how they'd be confused
it teaches me what I need
6:54 PM
@badp this is creating a new object not typecasting o.o
@AshleyNunn You don't want to learn that that's typecasting
Can I remember the sandwich bit?
replaces typecasting with sandwiches
So long as you think that any time you want to have a liquid you'd use a blender
6:55 PM
(sandwich)bread + bacon
I have no strong feeling about liquid making
Whoops, did I just cast the bread to sandwich instead of the bread + bacon?
@Powerlord You can't add bread and bacon anywhere you silly thing.
@badp That would depend what the super class is and whether there's overload for +, wouldn't it? :P
6:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot My tears are pretty delicious.
What if I overloaded + to add Food + Food. :P
Overloading operators is fun
@AshleyNunn When you type in a "type" in the same way as a function call, what you get is a new instance of that "type." It so happens that the code that makes new float's, int's, etc. happens to convert things for you because you asked so nicely.
Especially when you don't tell anyone
As amusing as this conversation is, I need to leave for a few.
6:58 PM
@Powerlord I know the feeling
So float("3.4") gets you a float instance with a value of 3.4, but Sandwich(kitten) doesn't turn a kitten into a Sandwich.
So I'm going to take the opportunity to do the same
Likely, it gives you a kitten sandwich.
> Information hiding is a time honoured tradition of computer programmers, although sometimes it goes by its other name, "job security".
Oh god.
@badp Thank goodness
@Yuki Yesss
6:59 PM
@Yuki Bwahahaha

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