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8:04 PM
@AshleyNunn Did you ever get around to trying Pushcat?
@fbueckert I said in. Because I doubt Charr would have much trouble eating civilians
@gnome yes. It is just as awesome as I wanted.
@AshleyNunn I love it. The music is so good.
Internet warning, it's storming outside.
Also, Bridge, important science question, would jello conduct electricity?
@OrigamiRobot It's more of a plunk than a ping
8:06 PM
This is science and I need to know it.
@Arperum I doubt civilians would be doing much living in a Charr
@AshleyNunn Probably
@saintwacko hell yeah science
I get curious about the oddest things.
is Young Guilo complaining on meta about bad answers getting downvoted?
He's allowed to
Doesn't mean he's correct, mind you
8:13 PM
I was just wondering if that was an accurate assesment of the situation
@Sconibulus Yes. Par for the course.
woops, ignore that last flag. I'm pretty sure that Steam ID answer's fine.
@sconibulus essentially, yes.
I'm the creator of VacBans.com. I poured my sweat and blood into this project. The developer page on the Valve site explains how to use Steam IDs to determine the age of accounts. It's no secret. It's common knowledge in the gaming community. People will judge people based on the length of their steam ID with or without my site. I just make that judgement more accurate. :) — user51895 Jul 20 at 19:20
That meets the definition of self-promotion in my book.
Oh, lovely.
Well, he did acknowledge it, so that changes it some, No? forgets the rules, her brain is full of econ and rainbows
8:18 PM
I don't have a problem with self promotion if your thing actually helps answer the question.
@AshleyNunn Five days after posting it. And only due to the downvotes.
acknowledging it in a comment seems insufficient, as comments are transient
acknowledging it in the body would probably work
@fbueckert fair enough.
I self promoted my hosted files in this answer, and although it's not quite the same I feel like if it answers the question, why downvote it?
A: How do I unlock the hidden/secret vehicles?

GnomeSliceThere are two vehicles which cannot be unlocked just by playing the game: Core Drone "Intimidator" Knight Cycle However, if you do some jiggering with the game files, you can enable them both for use in the game, and have them show up in the list of vehicles. If you'd like to do this...

@sconibulus yes, that is true, comments are much more prone to disappearing
8:20 PM
We have people recommend external services in answers all the time.
@GnomeSlice Self-promotion is biased.
It's inherently unobjective.
@AshleyNunn Yup!
@fbueckert Maybe, but that doesn't automatically make it a non-viable answer
@GnomeSlice It makes the answer instantly suspect.
Q: cannot reset ps3 video

NickWhen I plug in the component or composite video cables I hear the startup sound but there's no video. I've tried relentlessly to do the video reset where you put the system in standby, hold down the power button, then in 5 seconds you get a beep. However, when I hold down the button there's nev...

Q: Changing Depth of Field focus speed

RirishiI'm playing Skyrim on my PC with DoF enabled, but the speed at which my focus changes is annoyingly slow. Is there a way to make it a bit faster? Is there a parameter in the file(s) which changes that?

8:21 PM
Does the website not work?
@GnomeSlice It doesn't matter.
You said "I've taken it on myself to make a better set which also features in-game vehicle descriptions and thumbnail images.

My unlock files can be downloaded as a .zip directory Right Here."
In addition to having a long answer with explanations. Your self promotion is both acknowledged, and in the realm of additional information not required for the answer.
@fbueckert It does if you're going to vote on it.
It's self-promotion, with no disclosure.
You vote on how helpful the answer is, not whether or not the poster is recommending something he made.
8:22 PM
If all you did was provide your own link, and it came out that it was self-promotion, we'd likely downvote it
And the SE communities tend to frown on that immensely.
Actually this works pretty well
I'm gonna upvote it.
There are rules in place to govern against it.
Would that I could downvote it again to counterbalance your vote.
@fbueckert You're the one who always tells me that 'pity upvotes to counterbalance downvotes' are a bad thing.
That works both ways.
I find it helpful so I'm upvoting it.
I actually went and tried it.
@GnomeSlice Because pity upvotes have way more weight than downvotes.
8:25 PM
A: Limits for self-promotion in answers

Jeff AtwoodThanks to everyone who participated in this dicussion, particularly Ira. Based on what we've decided in this question, I have updated the /faq on all sites to make it policy: May I promote products I am affiliated with here? The community generally frowns on overt self-promotion and ten...

@GnomeSlice So did I. I downvoted it because it's a link.
A: How can I find my steam ID?

DrakeYou can easily get your ID with service like Steam ID Finder, just copy and paste your profile address. To get your profile address: Launch Steam Click your email address in the upper right to get to a drop-down menu From the drop-down menu select "View Profile" Once the profile loads, right c...

So is that.
It just also lists how to get to your steam profile.
@GnomeSlice Which actually has steps to try.
@fbueckert No, the steps just tell you how to get to your steam profile url. Anyone who uses steam often doesn't need those steps at all, but it's still nice to have them.
...You know what? Arguing with you is pointless.
8:26 PM
Add those exact same steps in and it's literally the exact same answer, wiith a different link.
> Post good, relevant answers, and if they happen to be about your product, so be it. However, you must disclose your affiliation with the product in your answers.
@OrigamiRobot Aha, that is more like it.
So yeah, he didn't do that.
It's been fixed though, so it's probably okay.
But since this was only in a comment, someone needs to tell that dude to put it in the answer if it isn't.
badp edited it in
@AshleyNunn badp put it in
8:29 PM
HI PEOPLES <3333333333333
@spugsley Afternoon!
@origami brain goes dumpster diving
@spugsley helllooooooooooo
@AshleyNunn Star, lady! Star it!
@AshleyNunn bhahahahah yesssss
> Is the ID only created if I buy a game?
Now that I look at this again, none of the answers on that page answer that part of the question.
8:32 PM
@fbueckert on mobile, needed someone else to star first
@AshleyNunn Figured. Helped you out with that.
I'm so famous today.
@OrigamiRobot emails
ok. Ian is playing Magic after work which means I can eat whatever I want for dinner...what should I eat?!??!
8:34 PM
@GnomeSlice I set up a filter to auto-delete anything from @fredley's email adress.
@OrigamiRobot lol
@spugsley Magic cards.
@spugsley Pizza
@spugsley order some pizza so you can spend your time on your dirty fanfiction
8:34 PM
@spugsley Artie
@OrigamiRobot :o
He's very meaty.
@Blem also I finished reading it >.> ALSO IT ISN'T DIRTY
NN people, time to get some sleep
@spugsley Your camera
8:36 PM
@spugsley Kitten waffles
Airplane pudding
If you really want to figure out what a Steam ID is from a profile ID.... (profileId % 2) is the auth server and middle part, (profileId - 76561197960265728 - authServer) / 2 is the right part. The left part is either STEAM_0 or STEAM_1 depending on the game.
youtube, y u no thumbnail
@spugsley Just feed him sloth and ketchup.
8:38 PM
@Powerlord wat
@fbueckert I like this idea.
We should lock @OrigamiRobot in a room with a sloth.
I would throw up.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, but someone was complaining about links, right?
8:39 PM
@spugsley fly to my house. I am making pie because today is a happy day so therefore pie
Yeah I guess. :P
I'm leaving Italy for six months the day after tomorrow and, as planned, I now don't want any of this
You should add that as an answer.
@OrigamiRobot Silly robot. waffles go with everything.
@AshleyNunn :D why happy?!?! Also, yes I will be there in x-number of hours/days!
8:39 PM
@AshleyNunn Isn't pie baking day always a happy day?
Pre-travel anguish is the worst
I just imagined a sloth crawling into my cubicle and got freaked out.
@OrigamiRobot are you sure it was just your imagination?
remember that glass you picked up at the abandoned nursing home?
@badp Why are you going there? School, or family?
8:40 PM
@spugsley That is so spugsley of you.
and put in that purse I had in my car?
@Wipqozn Internship
@spugsley Yea?
@OrigamiRobot IT HAD A SLOTH IN IT! dun dun duuun
Also, did Valve get rid of the permalink button on a Steam profile? You used to be able to use that to get the profile ID.
8:41 PM
The suspense is killing me
@OrigamiRobot WELL. Today. It somehow got put back in my bag of stuff I tried to sell at Platos. I was taking the stuff that didn't sell to Goodwill and I checked the purses to make sure there was nothing in them before I donated them
I opened that one and I was like
Don't sell my glass.
It looks like drugs.
@BenBrocka It's so satisfying when you redo an okay day, and then do excellent. I only got two fruit in a day, but I knew if I restarted I could get 3. I ended up getting four.
8:42 PM
If you're a crazy person maybe.
@spugsley Buhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I caught a star!
@Wipqozn I'm not worried about fruit, but I reset to lose less pikmin and actually capture the stupid boss's corpse
@spugsley I never doubted you.
@BenBrocka I reset a few times because of those damn whiptongue bulborbs.
8:44 PM
@spugsley happy because my world is suddenly full of interesting possibility.
@AshleyNunn YAY! <3
@Wipqozn haven't found those yet, only on day 5
@AshleyNunn and at first I thought you were talking about my purse drugs and I was really confused
@spugsley Also, this made me think of:
I had to stop becuase I couldn't get to britanny in time and it was too late to try again
8:44 PM
@BenBrocka They're huge jerks.
@ShotgunNinja why? :o
@spugsley Because I bumped your post out of the way as someone was giving you a star, and they gave it to me instead by mistake ;P
@ShotgunNinja this
@ShotgunNinja That movie is the best.
8:47 PM
OH and if anyone here is interested in graphic novels, I'm selling this on Ebay: ebay.com/itm/…
it's brand new. I needed it for school, spent a ton of money on it, and then the stupid professor never fucking used it
Wow, what a dick
@ShotgunNinja yeah. Thank goodness I didn't open it. I can at least get some of my money back
@BenBrocka I finally actually got a chance to play.
The final boss of arcade mode is stupid.
Here's all these mechanics based around combos and blocking! Oh, also, here's a character with constant super armor who doesn't give a shit about the rest of the game mechanics.
Maybe it's not the final boss, but I'm done with arcade mode.
I guess I'll have to just get wrecked online or something.
@StrixVaria Marie?
@GnomeSlice Yeah.
8:51 PM
Final boss
She's stupid
Ok, well it's still stupid.
I managed to beat her on normal, but I'm done with that
@StrixVaria Yeah I hate Marie. You just block and spam your strongest attacks
Fighting game final bosses are almost always terrible though
@BenBrocka So far I like Filia and the doctor girl.
Valentine's great
8:55 PM
I need to actually go to training mode with her.
@BenBrocka Valentine's tits are great.
I picked her for arcade mode because I wanted to try someone new, and wound up doing well with her.
For practice I play arcade mode and just quick at the final boss because she's dumb
I can't figure out how to do much with her, I seem to only be able to spam weak attacks
@BenBrocka Not a bad idea.
8:56 PM
@StrixVaria Try Cerebella
@GnomeSlice her syringes are pretty sweet
@GnomeSlice No air dash = :(
you need to hit confirm to use them well though
@BenBrocka I end up changing the medicine like four times in a row buttonmashing
Cerebella also has an awful ground dash.
8:56 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah
Cere has a mid-air glide. She's great when you figure out how to use her
Jump after you do it
she also has a run on the ground that acts as a special, not a run
Cere has decent move options but you need to learn them or you'll have trouble getting close enough to grab
filia, valentine and Ms Fortune are simpler
I have only tried Cerebella, Valentine, and Parasoul.
8:58 PM
Parasoul sucks
@BenBrocka ooo!
That's amazing
So much for @GnomeSlice's good behavior
Parasoul is a zoner but you have to be smart about how you use her
she can't just spam bullshit like peacock can
@BenBrocka a what
@BenBrocka They should take peacock out
She's fucking unfair

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