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1:40 AM
Q: Does Echo's "random Boon from the previous night" include Boons from the Pitch Black Stone?

StevoisiakThe description for Echo's "Boon Boon Boon" gift says "Gain a random Boon from the previous night". Does "previous night" include attempts made with the Chaos Trials in the Pitch Black Stone? Some of the Trials come with extremely rare and powerful boons. However, since you can't replay trials on...

Q: Does Last Gasp count Death Defiances used before getting the Boon?

StevoisiakThe Last Gasp Boon has the description "Deal more damage for each spent Death Defiance." Do Death Defiances spent before obtaining this Boon count towards the damage bonus?

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3:46 PM
Q: Help Wanted 2 tag

Elements In SpaceI was trying to post a question about the game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2. The tag for the preceding game is five-nights-at-freddys-help-wanted, so I expected that adding -2 to the end would be the right tag: five-nights-at-freddys-help-wanted-2. But I got two errors: The tag 'five-...

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