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4:11 AM
@DannyuNDos Team Combo Attacks in Tales of Arise featuring Law and either Rinwell or Shionne?
while Dohalim also uses Astral Artes, his combo attack with Law doesn't use any Astral Arte as as it's just the 2 of them kicking their opponent
That seems cool. Though, I was thinking of those without weapons.
The motivation of my question was this:
Q: How to safely pose this Mary Sue character?

Dannyu NDosI'm writing a science fantasy, and I'm afraid that the protagonist has too many superpowers. Here's the concept: The protagonist is Berta Newton, an isekai counterpart of Issac Newton. She is the first angel to be born on the earth, and teaching Classical Mechanics to humans is her mission. She h...

I cannot let my character break physics. So I confiscated most of her magics. As a result, the character is a (magical) martial artist.
Avatar is about the only other thing that comes to mind and that did have same games released of it
Being just ridiculously powerful won't break physics, right?
all the other examples i think of it's not known if the martial artist is using magic or not
It's quite funny that I wasted so much time resolving this problem, and found a solution only yesterday.
I mean, applying force remotely breaks the entire physics, but fire-breathing doesn't break chemistry at all. The difference is just hilarious.
you could put a strain on the body. even mages when pushed into grueling fights will get fatigued and their magic weaken either because they can't focus as well or just stamina being linked to their magic capacity
I don't think my character would run out of "mana". As far as my worldbuilding has gone, she's a deity.
then maybe just say that overuse of her divine powers causes an imbalance in nature
Don't worry, there are other deities who would prevent that.
The character in question is indestructible in mechanical means, but there are bunch of other hazards that can harm her, including electrocution, extreme heat/cold, strong acid/base, radioactivity, and biohazards.
4:38 AM
@DannyuNDos how do you mean "indestructible in mechanical means"
is it just that the world she is in doesn't have the technology yet to do her arm?
I mean, the followings cannot harm her: 1. Blunt weapons, 2. Blades, 3. Bullets, 4. Being crushed/ripped, 5. Fall damage, and 6. Extreme pressure/vacuum.
ok, so why does Acid work but not a sword or being crushed?
Dunno? Maybe her body, in microscopic level, determines that. Of course, magic can explain anything.
Your question may sit well in Worldbuilding SE, but I don't wanna go there.
4:55 AM
yeh just thinking if you can think why acid works but not swords or crushing, you might might find a way to narrow down what makes her so strong
like take Accelerator from the Railgun/Index series. he has the power to reverse the vector of anything that approaches him which would make him invincible (before remembering that Imagine Breaker exists) but it has it's own weaknesses
> The barrier for his redirection is not an absolute defense, as Kihara Amata has demonstrated. Since it only reverses the vectors that are coming towards him, any vector that comes towards his barrier and pulls away at the exact moment before hitting its field will go towards Accelerator.

Furthermore, attacks that are built upon laws or vectors unknown to him can penetrate his defense, such as what Kakine Teitoku did with the light passing through his white wings or the attacks that Aiwass made on him that cut him down.
Interesting. I should gather motivations from existing pieces of works more.
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6:20 AM
Q: Can Archaic Seal apply to items obtained from Fateful Twist?

StevoisiakThe description of Archaic Seal says "Your next Well of Charon item with a duration will instead expire after 2 Guardian(s)." When you have this item, the Seal icon will appear below any Well of Charon items it can apply to. However, I noticed it doesn't appear below Fateful Twist which says "Gai...

Q: What counts as a strike for Zeus's Static Shock Boon?

StevoisiakZeus's Static Shock boon has the description "After you enter a Location, Prime 50 Magick to make your strikes emit chain-lightning." I can't tell if this meant the boon would buff lightning strikes from other Zeus Boons, which I had none of a the time, or if it would cause chain-lightning any ti...

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3:10 PM
@Batophobia its been 7 years since this red first announced
Indeed, and now it's got a 2025 date and looks pretty good
I'm excited
New 2D Zelda game too
Very good direct
I suspect the SO will be wanting that Zelda-themed Switch lite
3:29 PM
@Wipqozn this buries the lede that it is a Zelda game more specifically
I am extremely here for necromancer zelda
3:59 PM
Q: Is there any way to play Runescape singleplayer?

Dr-BracketMy friend works for the military and wants to play Runescape while deployed overseas. He currently plays OSRS on the Steam Deck via Bolt Launcher. Is there a way for him to play the game offline at all?

4:29 PM
@Batophobia havn't seen it yet but saw someone mention it looks way too good for it to be in current switch hardware
Given that it's 2025 it is probably a Switch and Switch 2 title
I doubt that the footage today is Switch 2 though

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