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4:23 AM
Q: What is the purple question mark square near Granny's cabin?

StevoisiakNear the start of Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, there is a purple square with a question mark on it close to Granny's house. Standing on the block has no effect. What is this purple question mark block for?

1 hour later…
5:50 AM
Q: How do I complete Use Daily Adventure Incense to help catch 10 Pokemon quest in An Intruiging Incense Part 2?

PianoCat98I used the Adventure Incense and caught Pokemon with the ring around them but the counter doesn't go up.

3 hours later…
8:43 AM
@Memor-X duality of man. This is one side of the coin, the Ultimate Defender Of Virtue Solar Justice Power Ranger BetterThanYou New Illuminati Order articles that call every single gamer (including those who didn't even have anything to do at all with the current issue) a deranged every time some rant about censorship/plot/whatever comes up aren't that better.
I am quite bored to see those clickbait IGN/Kotaku trash articles that go like "Gamers are [insert insult here] and the market (WHAT market?) would be better without them"
It is the old witch hunt "D&D players are perverted satanic cultists"

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