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9:33 AM
Yay! (NOT)
Netflix is going to destroy Devil May Cry with an horrible anime series too!!!
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10:48 AM
@SPArcheon i canceled my netflix subscription. now have xbox pc game pass
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12:12 PM
@SPArcheon well dont think ive seen a lot of mad people about the castlevania one
and mostly heard good things of One Piece
12:25 PM
@Fredy31 loud hissing sounds
But yeah I've also been gone from netflix
@Fredy31 Yep, because many One Piece "fans" don't even read the manga in the first place.
Most even didn't watch the entire show.
@Fredy31 first considerations here...
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), Jul 28 at 13:06, by SPArcheon
August 6th, the pinnacle.
idk, like I said, most recent adaptations by netflix were well received
the one I can currently say really flopped was the Witcher, and that was after a couple of really good seasons
they just fucked it up hard
but i might be forgetting the true fuckups, because they usually will just cancel it and never talk of it again
@Fredy31 The first two season were pretty problematic as well, though they had some good moments
@MadScientist Well they stuck pretty close to the books
and the first 2 books are a bunch of short stories
12:32 PM
not in the second season as far as I understand. But I only read one of the short stories books, not more
they could have put it better because yeah, timeline was confusing
been so long since I read the books so it all a little bit blurs together, but if I remember right, the S2 was basically mostly stuff that is morceled through all books of what happens before cintra falls
@Fredy31 It is One Piece, it will sell. Everything is forgiven to One Piece.
Mind you, on average I like the One Piece anime, but I am not that blind to claim it doesn't have horrible issues
well, its those stories that never end (cant remember the term for it)
Oda saying that to draw a woman figure he draws an X and two OO above that is just one blatant example
those really suck after a while because its hard for an author to keep track of it all the bits and 'rules' you put down
and at some point, because for progression every villain must be worse than the one before it becomes stupid
Death Battle gives a lot of examples on that subject; stupid shit that a character does at some point because they are so OP on power creep
12:40 PM
@Fredy31 Well, at this point I am quite content with everything not Goku.
Watching Dragon Ball even once helps. Most other shows don't get even close to the idiocy in that.
DBZ is also a good example of stupid power creep
Even when the characters are stronger than Goku, they are made better than Goku.
Super Sayan was sold as 'only some may achieve it, and its the ULTIMATE THING' and then there is super sayan 2-3, blue, god, etc
@Fredy31 retconend immediatly, the legendary super sayan was Broly
doesn't fix anything but it works on paper I guess
1:05 PM
@Fredy31 That said, I am not that surprised about all the "this is my final form... until next one". It is the balancing that is totally off scale.
Goku VS Beerus in the movie, so powerful their fists clashing could destroy the universe.
Then they become stronger but that is no longer an issue.
Yeah, power creep
Then son who never trained comes and suddenly he is stronger too.
They are so strong they could destroy a universe by fighting, so when he beats that guy, who is next?
MTG at least has the cards ban to save themselves, the endless stories like DB dont
And thats also why marvel/dc resets every once in a while. The movies are close to there too
First you save the city. Then the world. Then the galaxy. Then the universe. Then the multiverse. Then... what?
And the MCU is starting their multiverse shit if I remember right
@Fredy31 Again, that is not the issue. The issue is that they already said when Vegeta first came to earth that if they shoot an energy wave down the planet would explode. Then they become thousand time stronger... and that does not happen anymore.
Until Frieza half dead already does that with one hand so that Vegeta can lose again and Goku gets to be the Mary Sue as usual in Revenge of F
it is not the scale, it is internal consistence that is completely gone
Yeah i can't speak to that front, but yeah, inconsistencies are also a problem. At some point there are so much shit that happened that its easy to do something that is illogical
Like a fight against somebody that is clearly below a previous opponent but loses this time
1:24 PM
and then it's just all saiyans all the time. poor yamcha
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2:27 PM
@Yuuki Yamcha was just a tool to show how strong the foe was and then he was forgot. Akira made Piccolo in the new Yamcha at first (Cell and Buu saga) then turned to Vegeta (who apparently he don't really like in the first place apparently)
he's just allergic to character development
@Yuuki fun part is that as a result Vegeta has far more development than Goku in super.
DB Super Goku is just a bad character that is nowhere close to the original kid Goku.
Vegeta turns from an evil guy to a tsundere
he becomes a family man
2:30 PM
I mean, he is the only one in universe 7 that had the idea to use the Super Dragon Ball to restore universe 6 (or maybe just the sayan in universe 6) before the end of the tournament.
Everyone else know it is Goku fault but they act like the other universes are bad for being mad at him
Remember that no one knew that Zeno was thinking to delete them anyway so the tournament actually was a lucky thing.
@SPArcheon What's a Tsundere again? I only know that term in the context of a love interest who is absolutely obsessed with the MC
> The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン) (adverb, 'morosely, aloofly, offputtingly')[1][2][3] and dere dere (でれでれ) (adverb, 'in a lovey-dovey or infatuated manner')
Usually used for girls, it is one of the "dere" archetypes.
A basic chart would be something like this.
Saying that Vegeta becomes a tsundere means that he continues to pretend to be mean, only to then have huge "I actually care" moments.
See him wanting to save Cabba because he reminds him of a young version of himself, yelling "What you did to MY BULMA" after Beerus hit her, caring for Trunks and going to the amusement park with him despite hating the place etc etc etc
Basically he pretends to still be the "old" Vegeta when he changed a lot
@Nzall ^ see this, forgot to reply directly
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4:19 PM
We Were Here has a new game that's free until 10/13 on Steam, Epic, and PlayStation
4:57 PM
@Batophobia I played "We were here together" a few months ago with my friend, was a great coop game
I'm sure it's a limitation of how the private area system works but I like that if you have the VIP pass on Rock the Cradle, all private areas including staff only just become public for you
since the system isn't as sophisticated as like Hitman
@Batophobia Thanks for the heads up. Those games are fun.
5:22 PM
Q: How to test if The Digital Deluxe Edition is active in Baldur's Gate 3?

MołotI bought The Digital Deluxe Edition with the game. Then, I refunded the game, but not The Digital Deluxe Edition - it was my silent protest against it not working properly on SteamDeck despite its "✔️Verified" status. Now I re-bought the game, I have it installed with the "The Digital Deluxe Edition

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6:37 PM
Are question about the PS5 blu-ray player capabilites on topic?
It is a console, but the topic is not its gaming related features
lol @SPArcheon you are gonna get a kick out of this lostgamer.io/singleplayer/genshin-impact
geo-finder on Genshin???
Seemed already stupid when watching people playing that on GTA on youtube
lol its new to me but yeah, theres also gta
RDR too
store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198011699696/… I'm looking to buy myself some games for my 33rd birthday next Tuesday. I'm planning on buying up to 3 non-discounted games off my Steam wish list, totaling at most 80 EUR (the price of the most expensive full game). store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198011699696/… Advice is welcome
@Fredy31 I am scared... I am getting 44meters distance on average.
Maybe the hint the one in my avatar gave wasn't just a meme
6:46 PM
lol forspoken still 90 bucks
that game came out and was swiftly forgotten
also we have very different tases because most of your list i never heard of
Weird considering like half my list is high-profile releases
Alas, any idea about my question above?
16 mins ago, by SPArcheon
Are question about the PS5 blu-ray player capabilites on topic?
@Nzall Ive heard a lot of good things about Outerwilds. Age of Wonders is quite fun if you enjoy that type of game. Hogwarts Legacy is quite fun, but tedious if you are trying to 100% it.
Q: Non-gaming gaming console questions -- allowed?

EarlzShould non-game related gaming console questions be allowed? Some question might be "Does Blu-Ray work for XBox 360"? Should these be allowed because they are a gaming console or are they better suited for the electronic gadget proposal? (or even super user)

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8:06 PM
@Nzall i've been enjoying cassette beasts if you're into the monster taming genre
8:30 PM
@Nzall Stray is good, but I would wait for it to go on sale
@Batophobia yeah, I thought as much. I think I'm gonna go back to my original plan, which is to buy AC Mirage, which releases the day after my birthday
The viewfinder demo was great, can't speak for the full game though
@Batophobia I read the PC Gamer review, it was absolutely glowing and the only negative remark the reviewer could come up with was that they considered the time with each newly introduced gameplay mechanic too short.
As in they wanted to see more of most gameplay mechanics, but never really got the chance to do so
Can't wait for Tuesday though. As someone in EU, I watched Stephen Colbert's YouTube monologue every day it was on (which was the next morning for me), and since he returns on Monday, I'll get to see his first post-strike show on my birthday
8:47 PM
tuesday is when housing lottery opens back up and i start attempt #3 at getting a plot
@Yuuki For a moment I was confused about what kind of hellscape you live in that you need to play the lottery for your house, and then I remembered you were talking abut FFXIV
@Nzall to be fair, even if a housing lottery sounds like a hellscape, at least housing prices are fixed in ff14
theoretically, that makes it more accessible to low-income individuals than price-bidding
1 hour later…
@Sterno i almost clicked. then i saw who posted it and remembered what day it was.
have a star anyways though. maybe fredley will click on it on monday
I don’t know what you mean.
@Sterno also, pretty sure he cant get dumber. didnt he suggest charging people to buy bullets when they were at EA?
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that just when you think someone is at their dumbest, they’ll go ahead and surprise you.
1 hour later…
11:55 PM
@Sterno that's not a very nice thing to say about people who clicked that
What the heck

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