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7:43 AM
@Fredy31 Welcome to the magic world of "I don't give a [redacted] if I am answering a different question, you can't do anything and the staff will protect me because NAA means gibberish and anything else you can only pay to downvote" and the description "this post does not attempt to answer the question asked" is just FAKE.
8:02 AM
@Fredy31 See this one for example: asked why two "should do the same thing" api methods to change an ID gave different results and got a reply stating that that you should not change the ID.
And the answer even basically started with "I know this doesn't answer the question but I am posting it anyway".
And this is something explicitly permitted by the company, because we just have to downvote and spend OUR rep to do so.
Does it matter that it wastes time for everyone to read thru an irrelevant answer? NOPE.
Does it matter than the smart guy could have just asked a self answered question and post their irrelevant content there instead of hijacking mine? NOPE
Does it matter than now from the outside the question looks like it has a posted answer when it has none and other users may skip over it thinking it was already solved? NOPE.
Because the company says that "The butler did it" is a valid answer to "How can I perform a POST request to a SharePoint api with React" apparently
@Fredy31 skim thru this old post of mine. I have listed all the times people already tried to fight this windmill.
Q: Your answer is in another castle Part 2: can we stop the confusion about NAA flags and posts that tackle a different question from the one posted?

SPArcheonDISCLAIMER: This is not yet another post trying to discuss what NAA posts are and / or answers to different questions are NAA. What this post is trying to do is to find a way to stop people for having to discuss that in the first place. This post is meant to be a follow up on Shog9 original "Y...

And since this is hopeless because "We are right, you are wrong", I suggest you start doing what I did.
Whenever someone do this, post a comment saying just "無"
Maybe they will understand someday.
The Japanese and Korean term mu (Japanese: 無; Korean: 무) or Chinese wu (traditional Chinese: 無; simplified Chinese: 无), meaning "not have; without", is a key word in Buddhism, especially Zen traditions. It is a fourth grade kanji. == Etymology == The Old Chinese *ma (無) is cognate with the Proto-Tibeto-Burman *ma, meaning "not". This reconstructed root is widely represented in Tibeto-Burman languages; for instance, ma means "not" in both Written Tibetan and Written Burmese. == Pronunciations == The Standard Chinese pronunciation of wú (無, "not; nothing") historically derives from the c....
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11:26 AM
Q: Where can I sell large quantities of guns the easiest?

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1:41 PM
Q: It's ok to put a video of a bug in the question about it?

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6:59 PM
Q: Is 2 ranks in V.A.N.S. better than 2 ranks in Perception Training?

SchwernLet's say I wanted +2 Perception. I could... Put two points into Perception. Put two points into VANS; the second rank gives you +2 Perception. Seems like for 2 points I could have +2 Perception, or I could have +2 Perception and bonus VANS pathfinding. VANS pathfinding isn't the best perk, but...


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