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12:44 AM
@SPArcheon plot wise or monitzation?
Kiseki Fans! we walk the trail though the Daybreak
so i'll likely not be playing much else for the next few years on PC lol
Chapter 4 of Cold Steel 1 now (~40 hours in). got 3 more Cold Steel games after that and then Reverie which i hear is massive
it look me about a year to go through the Trails in the Sky Trilogy. using that as a basis i'll be starting Reverie in 2025 and likely by the time i start Daybreak, Trails through Daybreak 2 - CRIMSON SiN will be out (suspecting some hints to it's localization next year)
2 hours later…
2:46 AM
@Unionhawk you've been playing Payday 3 right (on PC)? Have you had any game crashes? I just picked the game up and unfortunately its crashing non stop saying

Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - HUNG)
Its verrrrrry similar to the error I get (still) with God of War on PC that I posted here about once.
Difference is god of war doesn't use unreal engine
3:43 AM
@TimmyJim have you tried out any of these possible solutions?
doubt you'll be able to update Unreal Engine but i have seen the anti-virus solution posted elsewhere
@TimmyJim I haven't gotten any crashes
Just server issues today
I did see someone who had crash problems fix it by verifying game files but idk if it's that crash
4:32 AM
@Memor-X been seeing a bunch of the virus software stuff. Guess I can try.
Think my one friend said it could be a direct x 12 thing. Idk if there is an option to use DX11 instead
4:45 AM
Disabled windows defender and did two of the tutorials without issue... idk if its a fluke or its actually fixed. Can't do a heist because their servers are overloaded and dead, but maybe tomorrow I can try a heist again and see
the other thing I did was closed out msi after burner, which payday 2 once gave me trouble with similar software
5:39 AM
Q: Did they change the syntax of the potions with custom effects?

Keksdose223I tried this command: /give @p potion{display:{Name:'{"text":"Mystical Potion"}'},CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:8,Amplifier:2b,Duration:300,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:14,Amplifier:1b,Duration:200,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:28,Amplifier:1b,Duration:300,ShowParticles:0b}]} 1 This potion should give the player in...

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8:13 AM
@Memor-X I have discussed this in mine room quite a bit, so if you want you could look here. Just drop me a ping if you want write access, I have switched the room in gallery for some reason some time ago.
Alas, short version:
usually a gacha tries to force players into getting new characters / items by crafting new events in a way that makes the player experience miserable if they don't own the new character.
This can be made in many way: extreme powercreep (old characters "age out" fast and are too weak to handle the new content"), "boosted characters" systems (basically the same, new character are given some bonuses like more atk or faster skill CD so the old one are artificially disadvantaged), debuff lock-in (the boss uses a set of debuff that only the new character handles efficiently) and so on.
This work very well in turn based "card" gacha where there are thousands of characters and debuff.
Genshin has an action "Sword of Mana style" battle system, open 3d world and so on so those gymmiks don't really work (you could try powercreep but it would become very evident and damage the open world exploration too)
For that reason Genshin has to sell character via "Fanservice".
It has to make the character look "cool" or "adorable" when it is on sale.
Example: Yoimiya is on sale. At the same time release Yoimiya centered quest that ends with pure fanservice "ImaAdorable" scene.
Forget about her for the next month while she is not buyable, then as soon as she reruns drop part two, 20% more adorable.
This has a problem though: character are focused on only when on sale and "left out" when they are not because the game needs to fanservice someone else.
Therefore you only have the main character being universally present while everyone else is just a "background pony" that is at the center of the show only during their episode.
It requires a deliberate style of narration.
@Memor-X so, after this premise (that wasn't short as I wanted, forgive me please) my point simply is that the trailer for this new game almost look like a Persona game. The five character don't look just "background fillers" to a main one, it looks like the plot is centered around all five of them. And that would not work for a gacha.
First, you would need to give all 5 to the player because anything else would cause an huge dissonance. Second, you now have 5 character already taking up the story time and there is no space left for promoting the other gacha ones.
For comparison, the first story arc of Genshin gives out for free some of the core Knight of Favonius characters (Kaeya, Amber and Lisa) but they aren't the core of the story outside their specific subplots.
2 hours later…
10:24 AM
^ Did anyone want/need this?
Why waste time on something no one will play after a week?
Remembers me of the minigames in Seven Rings....
If that time was spent on improving the control scheme instead....
@Memor-X New Tales of game announced.
also, is that a new Lucario evolution?
(girl looks like your average Team [InsertName] member too)
Wait.... I was just joking...
But the trailer is even worse.
Nintendo will sue them to the end of earth.
a Latios...
That said... clothes???
What's next?? SKIRTS???
Think of all the reflective floors! We have to censor this madness!!!
Everyone gets just one ugly set of pants.
Individuality is EVIL!
2 hours later…
1:04 PM
@SPArcheon because the trailer is meant to sell the pre-registration
1:51 PM
@Memor-X but that is weird to. Pre-registration does not mention the gacha.
That too I mentioned in the other room
in Sugarcube Corner, yesterday, by SPArcheon
usual disclosed gacha game have a "pre-register now and get free something" advertisement scheme
for example
2:21 PM
@SPArcheon Whats the funniest about this, IMO, is that its such shit rewards. The food is not really anything of note, and the in total 6 fates is about... 5$ worth of currency? and you get those by the shovelload just naturally playing the game
Kinda sounds like the Raid shadow legends ads that say HEY YOU GET A 4 STAR HERO (the grading starts at 4 stars so its nothing) AND 100K CURRENCY (the very first quest gives 20k, so again, its nothing)
3:06 PM
@Fredy31 to be fair... the Aquainted fate are precious in an odd way since you don't really get them much nor you want to buy them.
But yep, that is why every adniversary players expect some big gift and then rant when they get 20 free pulls
yeah because they are the same price as their cousins and their cousins have all the new characters
See the Qiqi harald
I still love that picture.
2 hours later…
5:27 PM
Fucking hell job hunting is a nightmare.

McGill university looking for a webdev! Cool!

Schedule: 15hrs/week
So you fucking want a professional to work for you, but about the same amount of time as a highschooler working at mcdonalds? What the fuck.
Pisses me off so hard
especially since the job is paying 150% the usual salary i see, but taking it i would still be losing
Those jobs generally pay more because they don't have to give the same benefits that full-time employees get
4 hours later…
10:08 PM
Q: Where can I see what Piloting Skill level I need to fly a specific space ship?

PeterCoI have found this space ship: How can I see what "Piloting Skill" level I need to set this space ship as my new "Home Ship" (pressing H) and fly it? Currently I can not switch to it because of lacking "Fliegen-Skill". (I play the German version and I'm not sure, what skill exactly I need.) Could...


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