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12:05 AM
@SPArcheon lol, you shouldn't
if it's on steam you should be more surprised if i haven't even wishlisted it
because i follow Hella Yuri so if i havn't it's either gone under the radar....or it just doesn't look good/interesting
12:18 AM
@Unionhawk someone really ticked him off
2 hours later…
1:58 AM
Q: How do I make my male character take off his bra?

StevoisiakMy Baldur's Gate 3 character was created as a male Dragonborn with body type 1. After starting the game and switching to camp clothes, I discovered that my character was wearing a bra. I tried switching underwear with male party members Will and Astarion, but a bra somehow appears when my charact...

2:28 AM
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
> Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Not Feature Chocobo Breeding; The Way Red XIII Rides on Chocobos was Nomura's Idea
we have to see this
or something close. just Red trying to walk on 2 legs while inside a SOLDIER outfit
4 hours later…
7:42 AM
@Fredy31 another Genshin style game announced
Quite weird, it looks even more "characters centered" than Genshin, and we already know how Genshin struggles with the fact that plot relevant characters may not be available at the player
This looks like plot is built around a five character party instead of a single traveler.
Can't really figure how it will work.
4 hours later…
11:53 AM
Q: Sunsetting Winter/Summer Bash: Rationale and Next Steps

RosieThis year, we made the difficult decision to sunset Winter/Summer Bash. Winter Bash has been an annual event on Stack Exchange each December for the past decade. What are the origin and goals of Winter Bash? Winter Bash, in its original conception, was an event that was there for fun at the end o...

tl;dr too much work for how little engagement it provides.
12:14 PM
@Wipqozn yeah... about that... remember my message some day ago?
2 days ago, by SPArcheon
@Wipqozn "Hats" as a subtle bash to a certain "cost reduction because AI gets all the investment" announcement?
That was the announcement I was talking about.
12:29 PM
Q: Does a bag carried out to the escape count as a secured bag?

UnionhawkIf I carry a bag out to the escape, rather than securing it in a helicopter or what have you (depending on the heist), does that bag count as a bag stolen at the end? Or do I need to throw the loot into the van or helicopter before escaping to get credit for it?

7 hours later…
7:54 PM
Dam, rip 70 rep (someone serial voted me lol)
Number go down no dude
Also: have a bounty up on "why did negotiations end" if anyone has more details than what I have
+100 on the line
8:36 PM
It's time tograb my PS2 out. I want to play shadow hearts again.
9:11 PM
nope no controller for that.

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