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1:00 AM
Aaaand finished with TotK's main storyline.
7 hours later…
8:13 AM
@Fredy31 the game is very disturbing no mater what.
and if TV Tropes has to be trusted, Drakengard localization changes are even more disturbing.
Basically, you get Nier Automata and somehow manage to survive the more disturbing themes (like what actually drives the androids in battle).
You find out that the game is tied to Nier so you think it may be worth playing that to get the events that caused Automata. You read something online and suddenly you are not that sure you want to play the game anymore.
Then you find out that Drakengard is a prequel to Nier.
you read about the Drakengard characters. And you decide to go back to another game.
8:58 AM
43 mins ago, by SPArcheon
and if TV Tropes has to be trusted, Drakengard localization changes are even more disturbing.
^ precisation: by this I mean that it is VERY disturbing that they had to censor such plot details. They shouldn't have been in the game in the first place.
CERO 15....
yep, more like "CERO: R'lyeh"
5 hours later…
1:44 PM
Disturbing? Yeah it has some good twists and turns, but I would not say disturbing.

Its more the kind of game that some philosophy major will make a 100 page paper on
@Fredy31 Well, you are killing kids, innocents, people asking you WHY for the whole game without understanding a single word. The original endings looks like a "good" ending until you decide to play more, and then it gets worse and worse until you go Wanderer on yourself
but yep, nothing really compares to Drakengard and that cursed "why you even added them" character that the localization desperately tried to make less horrible.
What is for sure is that the Nier universe is very confusing
Like you can tell shit is not random, there is a true line
but god is it very convoluted
And TBH, Emil has a great storyline, but it does feel sometimes that, especially for how he looks, they just wanted a mascot
@Fredy31 and then you have the eremite in Drakengard and you return the game.
1:59 PM
I've got to say that my experience with nier is Replicant and Automata, and I watched playthroughs, not played them myself
But pretty thorough playthroughs
@Fredy31 yep, like I said based on what wikipedia and TV tropes claim, Drakengard is a whole different level. But let's just drop the topic here, not really wanting to discuss it. The original point was that Nier changed the main character not because it was problematic but because they felt the western public didn't want to play as the "kid" protagonist.
and that is exactly why I am quite annoyed when FF16 or Tales go dark to follow this precise idea yet claim "that's not it! We didn't plan to appeal the GTA public! We just felt like doing something different! And actually it is not different, we were like this since NES"
See also them backtracking their decision as soon as they realized they could sell Replicant to the west too..
Why we got "NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139" and no "NieR Gestalt ver.1.22474487139" otherwise?
@Fredy31 atlas, I guess you already know as a mod, but if you don't... Meta.se is kinda a dumpster fire right now
Arguments and fights over that AI generated content policy.
Have a look if you wish, you probably are in a worst position than a regular user.
2:23 PM
I should go brush up on what is the official stance but AFAIK, there is now a flag for AI Generated answers
And well, its currently an arms race. We have tools that can detect GPT answers; but GPT gets better over time, so it bypasses the detection
@Fredy31 no, you don't know.
Company banned tools usage to detect AI generated content
Like I said, I should review, that conversation does move fast
you probably should ask other moderators that have the full picture.
from outside it looks like a mess and probably it is worse for mods
that said, probably better to know what is happening, at least for you.
Like I said, its a fast moving conversation, and from my last time I reviewed, blatant GPT answers are to be closed
yeah, been pretty loaded in work in the last month, so I'm less on top of my mod duties
A: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content?

PhilippeWe recently performed a set of analyses on the current approach to AI-generated content moderation. The conclusions of these analyses strongly indicate to us that AI-generated content is not being properly identified across the network, and that the potential for false-positives is very high. Thr...

read this.
And apparently there is further insight on the private moderators chat room
2:41 PM
Yeah thats pretty much what we got here; We've had a few flags raised, but i think most of them were deemed Not AI
Basically: the way SE wants to go would be no AI generated answers, but we have currently no way to test if an answer is or not AI
2:56 PM
@Fredy31 no wait, you didn't read all the post.
SE is posting a policy that does not allow mods to delete AI generated content based on a) detection tools or b) their own investigations.
I am not sure about the exact format since it was not shared with regular users.
You folk should have a "moderator only" chat room. Try to look there when you have time
the thing is already going to blow up (some mods are talking about organizing a strike) and I would hate to see someone becoming the scapegoat new "Monica" in all this.
Please be careful.
3:24 PM
@SPArcheon Wait, so AI generated content is not allowed but mods can't remove AI generated content? How does that work?
@SaintWacko Read the post above
I don't have the full picture but it indeed looks like a Catch 22 scenario
the only correction I would do is that apparently AI generated content is not disallowed, "low quality AI generated content" is but you are not allowed to use tools to help looking for it.
Huh, yeah. Sorry, should have read that first
@SaintWacko oh, no need for apologize, I didn't meant that way.
It is just that I am not 100% sure of having the full understanding and I don't have access to the actually policy mod have in the private "Teacher Lounge" (I think that is the name of the moderator only chat room)
I only saw VERY angry mods, a part of the policy that makes no sense posted on Meta by the staff and that's all.
You are better to refer to the source
4:27 PM
@SPArcheon Frankly what I understand of the whole thing is pretty much thus: We would prefer to not have any, but right now the tools that exist to detect GPT answers suck. They give a ton of false positives. So basing your delete on this will not work.
But really, its definitely a discussion in progress, and a very lively one.
So yeah, as of now, I will not stick my neck out on what is or isnt the law on AI content.

What I assume is when the tools will be good enough to be relied upon, AI content will be outlawed.

But right now, since it cannot tell with certainty its an AI or not, deleting answers only because the auto flag said its an AI post would lead to problems, like frustrated users that actually wrote their answers
4:43 PM
@Fredy31 Discussion? They posted a policy, someone answered with questions and feedback and those post were deleted.
Users (not the company) made a separate post to provide feedback that so far has got no post by the company. Mods are organizing a strike to have their voice heard.
I see no discussion imho, seems more of a "we are letting you know what we decided"

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