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3:55 AM
@Fredy31 good question, because i read the 2nd Harry Potter Book like 2 or so decades ago and i don't ever remember hearing about furries then
@SPArcheon nope
Cat Girl Hermione would be closer to a furry, except they still look a bit cartoony
here we go
somewhere around the level of "What if Beast from X-Men was in the cast of Cats"
4:09 AM
Q: Why does Moira insists on you getting a mine from Minefield?

DaveWhy can't I just give her a mine I found in the subway system and be done with it? Like, a mine is a mine bro...

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6:06 PM
Q: Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice

SlateSince 2010, Imgur has provided image hosting services to Stack Exchange, but that hosting contract with Imgur comes to an end this upcoming April 2024. This April will conclude a 13-year-long successful relationship between Imgur and Stack, for which the whole company has been deeply grateful. Ho...

6:44 PM
Almost advent of code time. I'm so excited.
4 hours later…
10:22 PM
I just realized the rune boots hard clues step is even dumber for me than I thought
Rune boots is 80 slayer, but mystic fire staff is either 1/512 from killerwatts, or common from alchemical Hydra (95 slayer)
Enjoy being on the floor, that hard clue step
Until 95 slayer that is

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