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5:17 AM
What is your most beloved weapon in Metal Slug series? Choose one from HRFSLCDIGZT.
3 hours later…
8:46 AM
@DannyuNDos "Thou shall have only a gun" (Gamer Book of Laws, 8:3.1)
3 hours later…
11:56 AM
BTW, noticed now that someone gave a star to my satirical comment on Pokemon.
Sep 22 at 10:36, by SPArcheon
Think of all the reflective floors! We have to censor this madness!!!
Just for added context, that was not just a random joke. The reason Scarlet / Violet have no skirt is pretty much recognize in the incident with Pokemon Diamon and the following censorship.
Pokemon Centers in the Diamond remake had reflective floors. And Dawn wore a skirt in the game. I think you can get the rest.
2 hours later…
1:39 PM
I'll always find funny the expoits to see a bit of maybe (virtual) panties.

Some people need to know about R34
Especially since, in most games, and I would bet hard that in Pokemon its the case, its not like anything is modeled there
And I can only say 'most' because of Beyond Two Souls, that if you unlocked the camera in a shower scene you could see a fully nude model that was very much too defined for a scene where usually you should not see below the shoulders
2:43 PM
Q: Is it possible to do a 100% playthrough with a single save file?

SaturnI was thinking of doing my next playthrough to complete 100% of the game (I sort of rushed my first time), on the highest difficulty. Do I need to have multiple saves for branching scenarios, or is it actually possible to take a branch and then do some DnD shenanigans to get the results of all br...

@Fredy31 Exploit?
Expolit: When you do something you are not supposed to in a video game to get an advantage
that doesnt actually break the code
Like I'd say most of what speedrunners do is exploits. You are not changing the code of the game, you are just exploiting a weakness in the code
Like squeezing the camera somewhere to see something you are not supposed to
@Fredy31 Sorry, I was unclear. I meant that it was not an exploit, just the effect of the 3d model having panties and the fact they made the floor reflective. See here
Also probably nothing really worth censoring, but since the internet is quite idiotic they had to after it went viral.
Oh, for some reason I tought that remake was like SW/SH or S/V, where the camera is free
Yeah good old internet and OMG POSSIBILITY OF PANTIES
like your screenshot, idk if I'm not looking close enough, but the reflexion is pretty much only a black blob of the shadow lol
@Fredy31 I think that on the TV you can see it is actually rendered and not just "missing polygons". But yep... thanks to that, only pants in Scarlet.
And girls player, you will have to wear pants too.
At least give the option for pants+skirt...
2:58 PM
Yeah, and all that probably just to not have even the possibility that CNN/FOX decides to make you the story of the day that OMG YOU CAN SEE PANTIES IN A POKÉMON GAME??? MORE AT 11
Because yeah, those who really want to see May's panties go on the internet, where the offering is probably pretty large
and not hard to come by
In the meantime, somewhere in Japan, DOA Extreme Vacation Fortune exists on Switch.
@Fredy31 Alas, I am not even arguing on the censorship. Usual issues related to character age, better to avoid them.
I am mad for the fact that the solution was to remove the clothes instead of... you know... REMOVING THE REFLECTIVE FLOOR
these are trash.
And the DLC... looks like it is more trash
Did they even fix the FPS issues?
But yeah, self censorship because of pearl clutchers is fucking annoying.
But yeah DOA nobody would see that game and thing its for their 7 year old. Pokemon tho...
And like I said, and thats what I realised this morning: Its not for young kids in their sexual awakening that would want to see a maybe panties that they do that censorship; its so some 24/7 news channel doesnt pick them as their story of the day when they got a slow one and have a head line like YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT YOU CAN DO IN A POKÉMON GAME???? (gone sexual)
3:16 PM
@Fredy31 As I said before, I am not against censorship by principle, nor I enjoy adult content in the first place (avoided BG3 because of that).. it just make me mad when they do STUPID censoring.
Like... An Italian friend told me that when they aired Detective Conan there they removed all references to drugs trade in some episodes, made blood black when they found a corpse and so on...
What. Did. They. Expect.
Did they just saw the kid main character and though it was Scooby Doo?
And what to say about those idiots at Netflix?
They censor Nami mental breakdown scene in Arlong ark by making the scene take place at night so that the blood is less visible, make it so like she "scratches" her tattoo instead of stabbing it....
And then they add a scene that was not in the anime that shows her chained as a kid while she screams while getting said tattoo.
@Fredy31 alas, I am quite curios to see what they will do with the "Pīchi no XXX" in the Mario Rpg remake. Will they keep the original translation "Found Toadstool's ???" or remove it?
or they will change it to something that is completely mild
Like found Peaches Crown!
@Fredy31 It was already mild and only meant to make the player think it was something bad
I would have to check, but I think there is a specific moment in the game when no one is there. And then you find out it is just a Flower Tab
4:13 PM
@Unionhawk November 15, 8 week league
@SPArcheon In China they censor blood in anime by painting it white. The consequence is that some scenes that are supposed to be violent murders appear more like the aftermath of an orgy
@Nzall ... white or black, same thing, different outcome due to unfortunate similarities (and forgive me for stopping at that, it is not something I want to think about)
Italy has a pretty bad story about censoring cultural references too.
My favorite still has to be them turning Madoka and Hikaru in Orange Road into "Sabrina" (common name there) and... "Tinetta" (which I am told isn't even a real name)
And how to forget dorayaki in Doraemon being called krapfen
4:31 PM
@SPArcheon Okay, I guess Tifabombing the Italian Senate was justified then
5:04 PM
@Nzall Another incident I think is better to forget. That said, just say one horrible effect of bad censorship, they probably have it.
The Sailor Neptune / Uranus "they are just sisters/cousin" being a clear example.
If you don't get it, ask @Memor-X... I guess that always make her quite angry.
2 hours later…
7:26 PM
placing a micro cam is an illegal action apparently
you will get instantly cuffed if you try to put one on a guard's face
The bots know how to mask up and uncuff you, so if you're in a solo and cuffed, you can middle click to call a bot to just take everyone in to loud
8:15 PM
@Unionhawk Once again... without context of the game its weird. But I guess you are talking about payday?
Or we need to go and pay your bailout money again, @Unionhawk ?
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
@Fredy31 the doge was sick then
"you wont believe who you can look up the skirt of in the new Pokemon game, that story later on in the program"

*after an hour*

"and finally our feature story, the latest pokemon game allows players to look up the skirt of Gardevoir using this very obscure and hard to do trick"

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