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1:16 AM
Remember that my fanmade Pokémon region is named Korey? I confirmed the starters:
Rock/Grass: A toad. Flying/Fire: A magpie. Fighting/Water: A water deer.
Though, I haven't decided whether to let the deer be bipedal... I mean, isn't that essentially a kangaroo?
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5:47 AM
Q: How to get a more powerful grav drive to jump at least 27 LY?

PeterCoFor a quest I have to jump 27 LY. My current grav drive is only made for 25 LY and there is no system closer then the requested 27 LY. All the ship technicians I asked can not offer a more powerful grav drive then the one I currently already have in my space ship. What exactly do I need to get mo...

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7:29 AM
Q: What are the differences between the normal Animal Husbandry Facility and the Commercial version?

PaulI can see that it is a bit larger, I assume it has a higher output, but I have no idea how much higher, or if there are any additional advantages it has over the normal version.

3 hours later…
10:16 AM
@DannyuNDos well if you make the 3rd one into a kangaroo, the toad one i suggest making the design to look as if it's been ran over so it more represents a Cane Toad
@Memor-X I intended the Moon Toad, a mystical creature tho.
Similarly, the magpie evolves into a phoenix.
Water deers are also known as "vampire" deers, btw.

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