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1:37 AM
@SPArcheon there is (or was like a year or 2 ago) a mod that anime-fied the avatars
but kinda pointless when you got the expanded mod and have Sophia in it
2:08 AM
Q: Screenshot of the Week #79

Timmy JimHello and welcome to the 79th Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! Wondercricket's picture from xenoblade-chronicles-3 won with 9 upvotes! To submit a screenshot, simply post it as an answer to this question, but please take note of the f...

3:04 AM
Ok this is probably the best pokemon game I've played in a long time
Some weird performance things with background animations but stuff in the foreground is pretty smooth
And you get a motorcycle
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7:25 AM
Q: What is this RTS that seems to be based on the real world, with modern military units?

CKAI recently watched some videos by LazerPig on YouTube and in one of them he plays two strategy games that look interesting. One is Wargame: Red Dragon but I haven't been able to identify the second one. It seems to be based on the real world with modern(-ish) military units, It features fighter j...

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8:56 AM
@Unionhawk there is an option in the setting that improves performance a little. It is called "dynamic something"...
That said, sadly not every area has the same performance issues.
The area south of Artazon seems one of the worst.
oh, before I forget...
Setting the video output to 720p also helps, but the problem is that you can't do that just for this game, so you would have to switch back and forth.
Hopefully a patch could add an option for 720p inside the game.
- yep, sorry, got that switched with another game. The resolution setting is in the console setting, not in the game. Disregard my first message.
9 hours later…
5:50 PM
Q: Is it possible to mute the Allays?

Joe CabezasI love having them around me, but after 1 hour, their jiggling gets old very quick, and now I want to mute them, is this possible? Allay wiki

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