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12:24 AM
Q: How do modified mob's knockback in minecraft?

jackboom16i really mant to play minecraft with mobs that has 1.000.000 knockbacks, it sounds cool and fun. so how do i can change mob's knockback? need third party app to mod the world or just use commands block? and is it possible to stay on survival while the knockback has changed?, thanks.

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7:34 AM
Q: How to bind several weapons to one key in Quake?

user598527The options menu doesn't support rebinding weapons (beyond "next"/"previous", 1-9 keys by default), but console can be used for remapping, following the syntax: bind <key> "impulse <#>" 1 - axe 2 - shotgun 3 - super shotgun 4 - nailgun 5 - super nailgun 6 - grenade launcher 7 - rocket launcher 8...

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12:38 PM
Q: Can run 4k60fps but not 1080p 60fps

lociproI started one of my games and noticed it was a bit choppy.. the game looked a bit too good to be true so I checked the settings and it was running in 4k. I run all my games in 1080p because 4k on max settings usually gets around 35-40fps. I noticed my desktop resolution was also set to 4k. I went...

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3:36 PM
Q: Can a juggernaut be killed without the melee finishing move?

StoopI’ve got a bounty mission to kill a juggernaut with a rifle. I’ve killed two with a rifle without getting mission complete. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I’m using the right weapon type: D-BAR 7.62mm with the classification “Ranged Weapon: Rifle”. It takes about 30 rounds to the head from my ri...

4:01 PM
Q: i tried loading a live2d model to facerig but after trying to load its just crashed

TomerGamerTVi tried loading a live2d model to facerig but after trying to load its just crashed and gave me a log or something like that.. E:\Program Files (x86)\Holotech Studios\FaceRig Pro\Bin\FaceRig_stack_2021-04-11_18-49-06.dmp EXCEPTION: Access violation while 'reading from' address 0xc at address 0xa...

4:52 PM
Q: Ways to get gender equality

o0'.Is there any other way to obtain gender equality, other thank creating your own faith? Something similar to the gender laws in CKII basically (I couldn't find anything like that, but there are many things that are well hidden)

5:43 PM
Q: Emergency countdown missing

Uli GerhardtWhen one is the target of an emergency there was a countdown telling you how you're doing. Im missing this info after playing the first time after some weeks. Did it get removed by an update? Can I find it at a different place?

Q: In Minecraft the remote player can't move

deltarayI'm trying to have a friend join my Minecraft server. For some reason, when he joins the server, his avatar just stays in one place and then after about 15 seconds he is kicked off the server. The weird thing is, he is able to move around on his end for a little bit but all I see on my end is him...

6:08 PM
Q: How do you rotate armor stand limbs specific degrees

Someguy SomewereI'm trying to rotate the armor stand's limbs by certain degrees but I can't figure out how. Example of intended result: being able to make the arms spin in circles

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7:23 PM
Comment on an answer from the person that asked the question (Me):
Do you mind adding the unlock conditions for each of the endings to your answer, since the [linked] wiki page completely spoils what happens in the endings.

Comment from the person that answered the question:
You can find that all on the wiki page, which I have provided the link for.
Seriously people, if you want some easy reputation, you still have the chance.
7:49 PM
Q: Minecraft title screen

FoodPunsI was looking for ways to create a custom menu screen when you first load up the game and I found a lot of tutorials on how to do it, but I want to have a still picture instead of a panorama and I have no idea how to get it. May someone please enlighten me on how to get a still Minecraft menu bac...

8:40 PM
Q: How to hide functions from the autofill menu in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

MarkI'm creating several functions in a behavior pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and I'd like to be able to hide some of them from the autofill/autocomplete menu that lists functions when you first type /function. I know that having any incorrect syntax will just invalidate the .mcfunction file c...

Q: Teeworlds - Asian fonts aren't displaying

Dr-BracketIn Teeworlds on Linux, Korean/Chinese/Japanese fonts just display as a bunch of []s. This is true both in-game and in the settings: This is true whether I install from my package repository, the Teeworlds Downloads page, or from Flathub. Note: It was NOT the case when I downloaded the modded DDN...

9:31 PM
Q: Minecraft: determine where a filled map is located (cord range) without having to go there

candied_orangeF3+H turns on tooltips and lets you see zoom level when you hover over the map but I can't find anything that tells where a filled map* is located. I'm trying to understand how this information is structured. *item.minecraft.filled_map I thought it might have something to do with the map number b...

9:56 PM
Q: Do I have to buy Minecraft on the ps4 if I have it on xbox

Anonymous DuckI bought Minecraft on my xbox and wondered if i can use my account to play on my PlayStation.

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11:12 PM
Q: How to make chrome download multiple files

The BisonI am playing Minecraft Java with mods and recently I've run into a problem where I can't download all of my mods because of the chrome safe browsing, I could sit down and download them all but I'm wondering if there is a better way of doing it, because I'm bad at this here is a screenshot of what...

11:52 PM
TIL there's a pac-man 99, so a pac-man battle royale
@Ronan oh, how's cozy grove so far?

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