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1:20 AM
Q: How does multiplayer work?

McKayI want to do LAN play with my family. How many people need to own the game? Do Android users not need to pay?

1:41 AM
> ResetEra, one of the largest video game forums, is enacting "a total ban on threads for promotional media" from the new Harry Potter game in the wake of JK Rowling's transphobic views and the recent discovery that one of the game's lead designers is a pro-Gamergate YouTuber t.co/D5Wpoi4WpM
Q: how to change name back within 30 days on minecraft java

kalebRecently my minecraft account was hacked. I was lucky and got an email from mojang asking to confirm if it was me who logged in and changed my name. I changed that password and kicked out any logged in people. When i logged back on I noticed that my username and skin was changed. I changed my ski...

Q: If Norah Everhart is descended from the Naacal then why is she mortal?

kkahlIn Call of the Sea, Chapter 5, one of the ichor pools shows a vision that clearly states that all Naacal have now achieved eternal life. The Norahnomicon viewable in Chapter 4 (and the rest of the storyline) seems to make it clear that Norah is descended from the Naacal. She should, therefore, po...

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4:10 AM
Q: I was never able to play disc music this whole time

Mark Giraffe Java Edition: Minecraft Music never plays During my entire time playing Minecraft from a TelePad (tablet which is connected with a telephone) from my history of phones, I always had one complaint that I got irritated of. I was never able to listen to the music in discs. Unlike Java, there is on...

are Likes in Death Stranding used for anything other than getting 5 Stars for a location and building up your skills?
already on Miscellaneous Level 40 and 5 Stared Capital Knot City, the Relay Point, Distribution Center, Wind Farm and Ludens Fan, just wondering if when i push on further if i should just ignore any delivery or lost cargo to them now
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8:13 AM
@Wrigglenite meh, I categorically refuse to even look at the dropdown menu for moderation queues. I'm still firmly in the belief that you should not delegate moderation to more active users
8:37 AM
Q: Stuck in third person on PS4 Minecraft Please help!

Pierra HatzisMy son is stuck in third person on Minecraft on the PS4.....we have tried looking online and pressing down on the left stick etc but it isn’t working. He would like to get it back to first person..... Please help!

9:25 AM
Q: How do I turn off sneak toggle into holding the sneak button?

Ba Anh TruongHow do I turn off toggle sneak, because I want to hold the sneak but it just turns on and off whenever I press it. I like bridging and with this toggle sneak, I cant speedbridge. So please. If anyone has an explanation please help me. I am using version 1.8.9.

Q: Give enchanted item which does not give xp

VinceKajI'm trying to create a joke item (a book with quick charge 32k). This item should be completely useless. I know a way of making the book "too expensive" to apply in an anvil in survival mode, but I do not want players to use it in a grindstone, which would yield 200+ levels. Is there a way of usi...

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3:06 PM
Q: What Version Of Street Fighter Is THis?

TheycallmetoadSo I just purchased a SNES mini, with the intent of going back and playing the old street fighter 2 game. I tried googling tips on how to play my character, and I quickly realized there was a lot more street fighter 2's than the one I bought. Which version of Street Fighter was released on the SN...

3:30 PM
Q: Does mirage go invisible if reviving himself?

amoornyI was once playing with a mirage teammate and we were in a fight with another squad and i got downed, and when mirage killed them he came and i noticed that when he was reviving me he got invisible, but i never saw what would happen if a mirage had a golden knockdown shield and revived himself, d...

Q: What Operating System is the PS5 Based Off Of?

OKprogrammerI've been trying to learn a bit more about how consoles run and what software they run, and I've been wondering what the PlayStation Five's operating system is based off of. Did Sony design the PS5 system software using some open-source projects, such as Linux or FreeBSD, or did they make their o...

3:54 PM
Q: Which of the prequels are canon to Persona 5 - Strikers?

Fredy31I just watched a review of Persona 5 The Strikers and learned that its not a redo like The Royale, but a sequel. But you have kind of 2 versions of the story before. Persona 5 and Persona 5: The Royale. The differences are small, but still, which one of the two is the canon? Do I have to play The...

4:19 PM
Q: Is this a real existing game? What is its name?

ShrekMenSo, I was playing on my cellphone and an advertising appears about Heroe Wars but the advertising has nothing to o with the real game. Is there any existing game like this? Game Ad: https://fb.watch/3Sb-ooOiEY/

Q: Articles On Ken In Street Fighter 2 Turbo Fighting?

TheycallmetoadI'm not sure if this is an ok question or not, a mod can delete this part if it's fine. I have been scouring the internet, and I can't find any Ken guides for Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting guides for Ken. Combos, play style, anything. I couldn't find any however, and I wanted to know if a...

5:07 PM
Q: Why won’t my Minecraft world sync on different devices?

EllaSo I’ve always played Minecraft on PC (java edition), and recently downloaded PE on my phone so that I could play together with my brother. After a month or so, I downloaded it on my iPad as well and everything seemed fine. I had all of my worlds, and logged into the same account, but when I made...

Q: Minecraft Java edition commands in Bedrock questions

PenguinNow, recently Minecraft bedrock and Java edition have grown very similar in most gameplay aspects, so in most gameplay questions I don't think it's a big deal if you are answering from a Java experience in a bedrock question (except for bugs obviously). However, they are extremely different in re...

5:44 PM
CP77 Patch 1.2 delayed until the second half of March due to the CDPR cyberattack twitter.com/CyberpunkGame/status/1364607741680115717
Oh yeah, that game came out
6:44 PM
Q: Civilization VI - Why is "Capitalism" a civic and "Communism" a Government?

JKHAFor a start, I want to tell you I chose not to continue History and Economic courses in my education very early because I prefer mathematics so I am close to zero on those first field of study. I don't think I could tell much about Capitalism and Communism except from the banalities we can hear t...

6:54 PM
Alright, I got almost 2000 pages read on my Kindle before it ran out of power
7:33 PM
Q: How to remap hotkeys in the Retroarch's desktop view?

user598527The version 1.9.0 at least still relies on the "dual-window" view since the desktop-optimized interface hasn't been finalized. I don't appear to be able to remap any action (to keyboard keys at least, nothing happens when pressing during the 'timeout'). Is there any built-in way to clear (note th...

@Nzall I would qualify that as "effectively dead"
7:57 PM
Q: How to record my party chat on Xbox?

LeBiscuitI was wondering if there was any way that I could record my party chat on Xbox without a PC. Also, if it does require a PC tell me how to do it anyway.

8:22 PM
Q: How do I fully/truly move Minecraft Java Edition over to my 2ed Hard drive, with little to nothing left on the old drive?

JocWiilI am trying to move Minecraft Java over to my SSD (S:) from my HDD (C:), but the issue I am having is that Minecraft is not fully moved over to the (S:) drive. After moving the launcher and the directory file over to the (S:) drive and launching the game, a new directory is made in the place of t...

8:46 PM
Q: Is there anyway to make mobs not attack you while playing in survival mode in minecraft edu?

A Random FanderMe and my friend are building some type of a RPG game in Minecraft: Education Edition and we were trying to figure out how to make mobs nonhostile while in survival and in normal mode. I searched up commands and stuff like that but nothing worked. I had tried the /scoreboard teams command as well...

Q: Can you re-recruit Dorn Il-Khan after dismissing him?

YasskierIn the Baldurs Gate 2 EE each of the party members can be dismissed after which they usually return to the same place where you've met them for the first time (or to a place significant for them for other reasons). Usually, when dismissing you can also ask them to stay and wait wherever you are a...

9:12 PM
@Dragonrage at least he didn't offer too much resistance to punishment
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11:16 PM
he is survived by his (hopefully) 10 kids

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