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9:33 AM
Q: Sync Sims 4 saves across multiple computers?

OastI play The Sims 4 on both my laptop and my computer, however my progress on either of these is not reflected on the other. Is there any easy way to do this within Windows or is there a way to enable cloud saving?

10:23 AM
These lanternfish sure are frisky
7 days? My word.
I hope I'll have time for this one today. See if I can whip it out before my plans.
Actually maybe I'll shower first, although not even sure if my plans are on yet.
It's a nice and simple one today, part 2 is just checking you did part 1 correctly
oh, if I can beat @fredley at advent of code, I might start
10:42 AM
@MattE.Эллен Do it. Let's show that porkchop who's boss!
@Ronan I did it a very lazy way, so I'm just going to let this run while I shower. Currently on day 132!
Haha, always an option
10:58 AM
Day 142!
Also my computer is dying haha
python is using almost 5GB of ram right now
That's a lot of memory
Also hai
Fucking lanternfish man
I might need to do this the non-lazy way, but I won't have time to do anymore coding before I leave probably.
day 143!
Okay I'll need to do this the proper way later.
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
@Wipqozn I realized immediately that using the brute force approach would break down for part 2.
So I took the data structures approach and it completed very fast.
1 hour later…
1:55 PM
Okay done in the non lazy way
Although still easy. Actually might've been less work haha. I just like making classes.
Half the length of my original solution
Wait, how did you manage any classes?
@Ronan I made a class to simulate each fish, and another to simulate the swarm of them: github.com/Wipqozn113/adventofcode/blob/main/2021/day6/p1.py
For part 2 I just dida whole new solution using dictionaries
That's a private repo
It is? haha whoops!
You made a class, for a single integer?
1:58 PM
Must be private by default
Should be able to view it now
It's very overengineered. Second solution is way simpler and faster.
I also should've just counted the new fish as I went. OH WELL.
My plans kind of get turned upside down so I was just trying to rush something out knowing that at any minute I might need to run out the door. Also I'm really lazy.
I like this kind of problem, there was one I remember using marbles that was going to take multiple hours to run but a refactor got it down to a few seconds
2:40 PM
@Wipqozn I know :( Too busy so far
Might try and catch up at some point
2:58 PM
Q: How do you divide the Muzzarella pizza into 7 parts?

problemofficer - n.f. MonicaThe current Google doodle in my region is about dividing pizzas into different numbers of slices. I am stuck at level 5 where you have a to divide a Muzzarella pizza into 7 slices using at most 3 cuts. How do I do that? I think I need to get to the state where I have 1+3 slices and then double t...

@fredley I certainly understand that feeling. I've only done so many days so far because I'm off work until January. It's pretty rad.
@Ronan The only class I've written so far is for the bingo cards
4:00 PM
Yeah I did a BingoBoard class and a MatrixExtensions
4:14 PM
@MBraedley Oh, that would have been a good place to use a class
I just had an array of numpy arrays
yes I stole GetRow and GetColumn from SO
but I did make it slightly different making them extension methods, signatures public static T[] GetRow<T>(this T[,] matrix, int rowNumber)
Also yes GetDiagonals is not only not necessary but in fact only works for a 5x5 matrix but I'm not fixing it
2 hours later…
5:53 PM
Q: How can I fire the SFAR-M GL granades?

MeanGreenI unlocked the SFAR-M GL rifle and I can choose between different grenade types in the customize menu. When equipped with this rifle, how can I use this grenade launcher?

2 hours later…
7:38 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, that's what I did for part 1 too lol
Just tracked how many fish of each age their were
3 hours later…
11:05 PM
Oh cool I got an incorrect part 1 answer in 29 seconds let's go
I kind of wonder how it would have done without Parallel.For lol
Oh I missed a key line huh
now 100ms
and 30 ms using a regular list and a regular for instead of a concurrent
I accidentally forgot to reset the numbers so it got more exponential than intended
but at least it wasn't infinite time
just very exponential
I'm going to leave my naive solution running for a few minutes but I don't expect it to complete
time started approx 2313Z
and there it is, System.OutOfMemoryException at 2314Z
Well, that was fast
That was where I expected it to fail I just expected it to survive a bit longer
> System.OverflowException' occurred in System.Linq.dll: 'Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
there we go int64 to the rescue as always

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