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12:11 AM
Q: D.Va.Defence Matrix: How is the damage blocked stat calculated?

E. ReiMost of the time it's pretty obvious how damage blocked is calculated. It's the damage of the incoming attack. But how is that calculated for ultimates? If I eat a Hanzo's Dragonstrike, Mei's Blizzard or Zarya's grav, how much damage is that calculated as?

1:01 AM
Q: How do Critical Attacks work in Pokemon?

Banana97286I have been playing the Pokemon games for a very long time, and a question I have always had was What are Critical Attacks and how do they work? The only thing I know about them is that they deal extra damage to your opponent's pokemon. Does anyone know how they work?

Q: spawners cant spawn stuff with motion

lopknso i was trying to make a spawner minecart fountain for like 3 hours and couldnt find ANYTHING that helped me on google. with the summon command the minecart could spawn entities with passengers, entities with so many other nbt types but still cannot spawn with Motion:[0.0,1.0,0.0]... this was my...

1:52 AM
Q: What is the fastest way to get to enchanting 100?

AlmostObsoleteHow can I get to enchanting 100 while spending less than about 10k gold or so?

2:18 AM
Q: teleport someone to spawn based on team and position?

SchizNoFriendiaIm trying to make it so that when a specific player enters a region, anywhere between 730,0,110 and 760,256,137, gets teleported to spawn I managed to make it so whenever anyone entered the area it would teleport the target player to spawn, but my main goal is to make it so i can walk around free...

2:43 AM
Q: How to get NBT Data from a specific block on Bedrock/Windows 10

SkayoPlz help. I'm trying to recreate some "Custom NBT Data's", but I'm kind of dumb. I'm looking for something like:"Items:[0:{Slot:0b,id:"minecraft:sandstone",Count:1b,Damage:0s}"

The interact button is the same as the jump button in FF 15, and the game is pretty strict about it, so every time Noctis tries to pick up something, open a door or talk to an NPC he might start jumping up and down instead
It's charming in a Portal 2 sort of way the first few times then it gets increasingly annoying
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5:40 AM
Q: Minecraft: I fished out a rod in Bedrock edition minecraft and I am wondering the odds of this pull

Yeet I pulled this out with a unenchanted fishing rod. My friends didn’t believe me and the ones who did said it is about 1 in a hundred million. This fishing rod has un breaking 3 Luck of the sea3, mending, and Lure3. Note: This was before mending2 existed. I beleive that this is the best fishing ro...

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7:41 AM
There’s an anime this season that’s so bad, redditors are debating whether it was a money laundering scheme
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10:13 AM
@PrivatePansy i've been seeing the rounds about EX-ARM and god it's terrible and they even tried to shove a meme in it (at least i think that's what it was, it's the only thing that makes sense and isn't terrible)
good thing i still have a backlog, but next Season there's Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 (not really anime but collab with Goodsmile)
11:07 AM
Q: Strongest Hybrid in Impossible Creatures

Tranquil ChaosWhat are some of the strongest hybrid animals in Impossible Creatures?

11:18 AM
i was just looking up a video of Q from Star Trek, holy crap 1080p60 is so smooth compared to what was on SYFY
i am curious how they touched it up like that because they can't have reshot it
11:40 AM
Q: Are Jool's moons' orbits stable?

uhohThe fictitious Kerbol system includes ...five planets: Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna and Jool; and two dwarf planets: Dres and Eeloo; orbit around it. Kerbol contains 99.97 % of the mass in the Kerbol system. This is very similar to our sun which contains 99.86 % of the mass in the real world solar sy...

I doubt anyone here could answer that for you, really
11:58 AM
Q: Right branch of Development 1.0-RC3 : Missing sound

DanyloThere is a non-Forge 1.7.10 mod - Right Branch of development (i used 1.0-RC3 version of it). Many features work properly, but I hear no sounds. I tried to use texturepack custom_sounds (they are in mutual folder with mod) reloaded texturepack, it didn't work. I copied it to .minecraft\assets as ...

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1:13 PM
Q: Minecraft scoreboards: how do I track how many times a player kills another specific player?

PhlipsSo I'm trying to create a scoreboard that tracks the kills of players, but I only want it to increase when they kill a specific player, in this case just the player IGN would do. I was thinking it would be something like: /scoreboard objectives add (scoreboardName) minecraft.killed:(player) but I...

Q: Is there a way to fix the bug of the Unseen Visions quest?

EalascIn Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition I'm doing the vampire DLC. Now I have to attract seven moths in the Ancestor Gland for the quest Unseen Visions. Unfortunately, the moths are not being collected after I've taken the canticle bark from the tree. I've tried to fix the bug by installing the "

1:55 PM
@Memor-X TNG was shot on film. They've remastered the entire series, and it looks good, but also doesn't hide any of the crimes that SD playback would. Unfortunately, Voyager was shot on video tape so it'll be incredibly difficult to remaster that in 1080p.
I think Voyager was shot on film buuuut edited and everything on tape
This is about that exact topic ^^
Oh, you might be right. I've watched that video.
I think the film originals were destroyed then.
From the video, it was edited and effects were done on tape
So even if you have the film originals... you'd have to redo all the editing and effects aanyywayyy
2:18 PM
Right, yes, now I remember. It's the fact that Voyager was edited on tape that is causing the remastering issues.
2:29 PM
Q: Minecraft - Why am I not catching any Treasure Items?

Mate de VitaI followed the instructions on the MC wiki, namely: In order to catch items in the treasure category, the bobber must be in open water. This is technically defined as the 5×4×5 vicinity around the bobber (2 blocks away horizontally, 2 blocks above the water surface, and 2 blocks deep). Each hori...

2:54 PM
Q: Can I transfer my old minecraft world from my old account to my new account on PS4

TylerI’m trying to get my old mine craft worlds onto my mew PS4 account as I had many hours on this one world and don’t want to loose it

3:12 PM
@Elva Heyy, I see the technology connections font
Just coincidence, I definitly haven't watched everything he's made...
@Elva It's a good channel, go watch some other stuff of his.
@Elva Same here, I would never consume everything by him on his main and alt channel
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4:35 PM
Q: What does in mean when i hear giant gates and chains when mining?

Donovan WI was just doing some strip mining and i heard what sounded like a giant gate being closed and some chains moving. I thought nothing of it until i heard it a second time.

5:26 PM
Q: How do you kill Undyne the Undying in Undertale?

KrisI've been doing a genocide run (obiviously) on a nintendo switch and I've been stuck on Undyne the Undying for a total of 183 fights.... I can't beat her. Anyone got tips? What armor do you use? (cause I have a powerful armor but i still keep dying) What is the best weapon? (cause I'm using the ...

5:50 PM
Ahhh I keep remembering that I finally scored a 3070 and I'm so excited
It should be here Friday
Q: Has the bottom port of the Wii U Gamepad been used for something?

LemonThe Wii U has a port between the two charge terminals on the bottom of the controller. Has this port been ever used for something? (like official or 3rd party accessories or modifications)

6:16 PM
@SaintWacko My word
lucky you
20 hours ago, by MBraedley
Look at these plebs, still waiting for their 3000 series GPUs.
Yeah imagine not rolling into micro center at noon on release day and there 1) not being a line and 2) being choices for which 3070 I wanted
@Unionhawk PLEBS
6:35 PM
@Unionhawk Grumble grumble grumble
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7:57 PM
Q: Can’t find my car in my facility garage

GonnabeRACEING7I can’t find my car in free mode of gta but I can in a race, I have been searching how to fix it but I can’t find anything on google, Car is a Sultan RS

Q: how to summon something with velocity in minecraft?

someonehelpmewithcmdsHow to summon something with velocity in minecraft? I tried searching it on google and click the links I can find. When I tried them, it didnt work. how to do it?

@Wipqozn Dammit, that belongs in TIF!
@SaintWacko congratulations
Q: Sector capitals not showing up as part of a sector

K00lmanI was playing some Stellaris and I noticed that one of my sectors had nothing in it. Turns out that most of my sector capitals had been identified as not being in one. I don't know if this is just visual, or is actually affected their bonuses, but is there any way to fix this? Note: This is not ...

Q: How to make a redstone clock that we can turn off/on with only a lever?

rats101010I wanna create a Redstone clock but I don't wanna place and break a Redstone torch fast.

8:47 PM
Q: What is the best veichle for highway?

user265159long distances between gas, my record is race car 4412.

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10:03 PM
Q: How many versions of GTA San Andreas exist?

LemonBetween the Hot Coffee controversy in 2005 and the removal of songs in 2014, we know that there have been a couple of revisions and re-releases. How many versions of GTA San Andreas exist between the different platforms?


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