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12:37 AM
I don't understand the difference between partition and confederate partition
Is it just, in confederate if your top title is duke your player heir gets the dutchy and any de jure counties you have, vs regular another heir might get the county?
Q: What questions am I not allowed to ask

Bronson HunterI Really don´t want to get in trouble for asking a question on this web site that will get me temporarily banned so am I allowed to ask for reputations and am I allowed to ask if I can get people to give me some questions on my posts?

Q: Why are there no tags for Google Stadia or NBA 2K21?

RyanI tried to create tags "stadia" and "nba2k21" but don't have 300 reputation points so was blocked. Could someone please create them?

Q: What questions am I not allowed to ask

Bronson HunterI Really don´t want to get in trouble for asking a question on this web site that will get me temporarily banned so am I allowed to ask for reputations and am I allowed to ask if I can get people to give me some questions on my posts?

1:22 AM
@Unionhawk I'd need to boot it up and check. It might relate to just how much your primary heir can inherit?
I'm launching to try and figure it out again
let's see...
I know that high partition just guarantees your primary heir gets most of your titles
"Under Confederate Partition, your Titles will be divided equally between your children. New Titles may be created for younger Heirs" vs... "Under Partition Succession, your Titles will be divided equally between your children."
and "Younger children will have Titles created for them, if enough land is held"
so... on succession if you have enough for some titles they'll get created and granted to siblings?
Q: Controller configuration for NBA 2K21 on Stadia

RyanI just bought NBA 2K21 on Stadia and have played it but have these questions, and I wonder if you know the answer to any of them: How can I configure non-standard Stadia controller? (It’s confusing when the screen prompts me to press the Stadia button or the ☰ and I don’t know what the equivalen...

Q: Will the physical version of StarWars Squadrons have a real disc?

MillardI know that star wars squadrons will have a physical version. Will that be a disc or just a box with a code in it? Also, if it's a disc will it allow you to install the game from the disc without downloading the game? (I know that it will require you to download an update.)

2:02 AM
Q: How to get this quest?

user4951https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/The_Litany_of_Larceny#Larceny_trophies Is there a way to really get this quest? There is no such option when I talked to Delvin. However, if I do other quest and I see an item, I took it and I can sell it to Delvin. However, there is no quest that says, okay t...

2:27 AM
Q: 0 laguz transformation gauge in the beginning of battle (Path of Radiance)

Sirius AureusIn Fire Emblem, Path of Radiance, laguz units start the battle with some fill in their transformation gauge. Still, my Lethe, who's supposed to start with full gauge, actually has zero fill: Why?

If anyone here has Netflix, and you haven't already, you should watch High Score. It's a 6 episode docuseries about the history of video games, narrated by Charles Martinet.
2:52 AM
Q: Historic Game versions of Minecraft don't appear in installation

YangI recently reinstalled Minecraft and launched the game in the latest version(1.16.3). Everything works fine on that end but when I decided to play an older version of the game I noticed how all the previous versions of Minecraft don't show up. All I see is the current version when creating a new ...

4 hours later…
6:37 AM
I like that this speedrun actually feels like skill rather than random glitches
7:32 AM
They're getting so much air off of every jump
2 hours later…
9:03 AM
Q: How do I put a player's name in a /title command? in JE 1.12.2

orangeHow do I put a player's name in a /title command? in JE 1.12.2 I tried title @a title [{"text":"welcome","selector":"@p"}] printed only welcome title @a title [{"text":"@p welcome"}] printed @p welcome i want 'player's name welcome' title

9:28 AM
Q: What are unmarked quests?

user4951In How to get this quest? I asked why I don't get the quest. The answer is that the quest is unmarked. I tried to find some info on wiki about unmarked quests. But I found none. Are there other unmarked quests? How does unmarked quests work?

2 hours later…
11:52 AM
@murgatroid99 Yeah, it really makes me feel inadequate.
@Unionhawk Sounds like it. That's a really subtle difference though.
12:46 PM
Q: How to raid an End City?

i suck at minercaftI found an end city and tried to raid it, but the shulkers are levitating me up and making me take fall damage. So far I died six times and lost many precious resources. I am also bad at MLG water bucketing. What is the proper way to raid and loot an end city? Note: I have a set of full diamond a...

1:27 PM
@Batophobia I liked the "that was 6 months of your life there, Nicole" moment :P
1:38 PM
@Batophobia such a good video
3:23 PM
Brigador is a Very Good Game
anyone with a passing interest should play it
still half off
fast paced tactical shooter
TONS of weapon and vehicle combinations possible
real good graphics, writing, audio
3:47 PM
FUCK. I stepped on a gas station in my final district and blew myself up
4:29 PM
Q: How do you make slimes not spawn randomly

S.MoffatHow do you make slimes not spawn? They are very annoying especially in a superflat world. I want to make them not spawn randomly. In 1.16

2 hours later…
6:55 PM
@Wipqozn The only game to make an announcement that they'll be putting out a road map to their road map for development
@Sterno Star citizen had provided me so much entertainment over the years. And I haven't even purchased IT!
Also, apparently star citizen had a pyramid scheme fundraiser?
So that's a thing
@Wipqozn Wait what
7:58 PM
@Wipqozn How would that even operate? Is it just a referral thing?
8:11 PM
Q: I think I'm Stuck in Earthbound Zero

Just Some Random PersonI'm playing Earthbound Zero (MOTHER) on an emulator. I've reached Magicant and am trying to get through the Crystal Cavern (that's the way out, right?), but I keep dying, especially to the fish. After dying yet another time, I was, as usual, teleported to the Mysterious Mimicker's house. But s...

Q: Zombsroyale.io Video game on line

SHANE BROCKI have tried to make my controls faster on mac book air but when i switch guns their is a delay and I don't know why. How do I make them faster?

9:01 PM
Q: Who voiced Nuka-Girl?

WiZΔRDA quick Google search seemingly answered the question: Courtenay Taylor, right? Not quite. Clicking on the immediately listed link, the voice actress' Fandom page lists her as voicing the Sole Survivor. Investigating further, as VAs often voice multiple characters, I looked at her list of credits...

9:30 PM
@RedRiderX @Ash Yes.
The game isn't even out.
9:52 PM
Q: Malware on my mac

SHANE BROCKCertain apps are blocked but I had a freind show me how to get passed it but I cant remember. My school blocks a lot of stuff but how do I get passed malware apps is there a trick.

10:21 PM
@Lazers2.0 hue
11:15 PM
lol why is discourse notify_mods_when_user_silenced set to off by default
we apparently had someone in automatic silence for nearly 2 weeks and we didn't know until they asked in a meeting today
some of these defaults seem better for like, a larger and open forum
11:45 PM
fuck, i need to be checking my emails on weekends because this morning i saw a Steam Email saying Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists was on special and because i rarely check my emails on the weekend i missed this and missed out on the discount
@Lazers2.0 think someone is confusing Security for Malware

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