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12:01 AM
@RavenDreamer I mean just kill the nephew too and problem solved!
12:31 AM
@RavenDreamer @RedRiderX Befriend schemes are great. For starters, you sometimes get random little bonuses during them. I just got a "lose 66 stress" event. Second, there's perks in the diplo tree for each friend you have. Third, friends can't join schemes and factions against you.
12:56 AM
@Unionhawk Also I guess Demons Souls is also a launch title? So I guess I'm aiming to get one of these at launch now, although I have no desire to pre-order to guarantee that. Console pre-orders are always a fucking nightmare.
I'm just solving my ps5 problem by going with my original plan of not playing demon souls and being at peace with that
@Unionhawk pfft, what a lame decision.
You don't even piss away your money by doing that
Yeah but I'm allocating that money for a 3080 I think I've decided
Also I was never going to get a ps5
@Unionhawk Now that's quite the way to piss away some money
1:29 AM
There appears to be a new Amnesia game coming
@yuritsuki Not sure if it would be up your alley but King of Dragon Pass maybe
wait, wrong room
1:46 AM
@RavenDreamer @RedRiderX @SaintWacko reddit.com/r/CrusaderKings/comments/iu2sed/…
| when you come of age, and if you attended university, there is a 2% chance to become a drunkard
@RavenDreamer Amazing
Also, @RedRiderX can safely ignore that thread for now. but thought you'd find it handy eventually! Really the main take away is that you can change your childs education focus via their character page, and that you should match your child up with either a Genius or someone with a high stat value matching their education focus.
And okay time for bed
Also looks like my heir will be stewardship focused. First non diplo leader since the starting king, who was intrigue.
I made my son and heir marry a suspected witch because she was beautiful
No regrets.
Noooo, he died from his injuries in war
2:02 AM
Ok we're initializing the game
@Unionhawk oh no who could have foreseen that my actions would have consequences
@TimStone it was either that or get a 3070 but why be reasonable when you can be unreasonable for slightly more
I almost feel like I need to play this game on my bigger monitor holy heck
2:43 AM
I feel like I need to buy an even bigger monitor there is so much stuff to manage
3:16 AM
@Unionhawk Did you buy Crusader Kings, or is this something else?
3:49 AM
Q: Why does my new nether portal keeps rebuilding my old nether portal? And how to fix?

Psych 0tticMy early game portal is no longer essential so I built one closer to my base and destroyed old one, but new portal keeps rebuilding old one and spitting me out there. Both locations are 300 overworld blocks away from each other. Ps4 bedrock 1.16.2

1 hour later…
5:08 AM
@Wipqozn this is ck3 on game pass yeah
when I start a war but then die leaving my player heir to fight like 5 wars all of a sudden
@Unionhawk you're just leaving it to future you
who happens to be your heir
Yeah but everybody liked the last guy but then it changed hands and suddenly like 3 people were like "you know what I'm sick of you holding lands that are rightfully mine"
and now I'm in debt
Ok yeah I very much need to form the kingdom of ireland this generation some how hmmmm
5:28 AM
Q: Can play games on safe mode?

Sam KrugerCan i play AAA title games on the safe mode in windows 7 32 bits? like GTA 5, CAll of Duty kind of games ?

5:53 AM
dies again, daughter rises ok I'm good at intrigue so this should be fun heir is of the wrong dynasty! ...oh. This is a problem.
6:18 AM
Q: problem with growing plants in minecraft

Sam KrugerHow do you make a plants grow in minecraft ? They keep disappearing in my game. facing this problem from a long time.

6:42 AM
Q: Why is an area of my animal crossing new horizon island lagging?

fja3omegaI am currently collecting every single fish and bug in the game 3 at a time to have Flick and CJ make commissions. Here is part of my collection over 50 items which i managed to get a photo of: When the rain happened as seen in the image it started to lag in this area. It has been lagging there...

1 hour later…
7:43 AM
Dear Princess Cel.... Squaresoft.
When you start working on a game, please complete it BEFORE you start working on something else. We are pretty annoyed having to wait years for a sequel because you keep working on at least two Final Fantasy games at the same time.

Your faithful customer,

Twilight Sparkle
1 hour later…
8:49 AM
^ R A T S
Still broken.
9:43 AM
also, no more mention of the Fractured Mode in the latest trailers / press releases.
Not looking good, bare minimum porting effort intensifies.
@Derpy that is a concern. they couldn't continue to "support" XV while also working on Kingdom Hearts and VII Remake
even with the last two one was suffering since they were focusing on the other. from what i understand VII Remake only got decent progress because they were able to finish Kingdom Hearts
@Memor-X Online! Remake! XVI! Kingdom Hearts! Do everything at the same time!
And since we have time, also add Kingdom Hears Vocaloid Edition to the mix, just because no one asked for it.
(really? got time to waste on a Kingdom Heart rhythm game??????????)
also, easy escape route if they realize they put themselves in a pinch with the plot changes in the remake.
Fans getting angry? Use the lizard technique, ditch your tail and escape.
"Due to undisclosed problem, we can't continue to support the Remake project"
Q: When do merchants restock in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven?

l0b0What does not work: “Rest & Heal 8 Hours” Nipping into the competitor's shop Teleport away (for example, going to the Castle Ironfist arena and back) Load another area (such as Temple of Baa) and return Works, but is clunky and expensive at the start of the game: “Raise the flag and hoist the ...

10:59 AM
> End of production confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz, eShop will continue to operate
11:19 AM
@Unionhawk Classic CK3
@Memor-X I'm surprised this wasn't already the case. That console sure was popular.
11:40 AM
Q: What does it mean by enchanting depends on base use in skyrim?

user4951 If you are mass enchanting your items, weapons offer a greater profit per soul gem used. Weapon enchantment prices are calculated by base uses; the fewer base uses an enchantment has, the more expensive the enchantment will be. The Banish enchantment is by far the most profitable weapon enchantm...

1 hour later…
12:53 PM
@Wipqozn I have no idea how to solve this problem but I can probably figure it out
murder may be the answer
also I learned yesterday that it's probably not a good idea to be rivals with the pope
"fuck this sinful pope" "what do you mean I have been excommunicated, for what"
1:43 PM
@Unionhawk If you're playing as your daughter now, then the answer would be to kill your husband, disinherit any children, and then remarry with a Matrilineal marriage.
For a Matrilineal marraige you'll need to look for some third son or unimportant courtier basicaly.
Otherwise the AI won't agree to it, for reasons you just discovered haha
and if you're not playing as your daughter, then you can basically do the same thing as above, or just disinherit your daughter.
Yeah, my last job before I became petty queen of some southern irish counties was spymaster so this should be fine
What could go wrong
Try to recruit agents to increase your murder plot chances. Hooks can really help in forcing people to help you murder.
Intrigue like 19 or something
If you're intrigue then you can fabricate hooks with the right skill
how would that even work, just, making up a rumor about somebody and then them being like "ah fuck, that isn't true but if she tells everyone they'll believe it"
1:51 PM
@Unionhawk I guess haha? It's considered a "hostile" scheme.
You probably bribe members of their court to support your bullshit?
I did get a bunch of gold out of our righteous and holy crusade
or maybe you try to trick them into doing something hookable? hah
hooks are a bit of an abstract concept anyway. They represent blackmail and secrets, but also favours.
and your children are born owing you an initial hook too
so perhaps just "hey you owe me" "I don't remember that but I guess I do"
@Unionhawk iirc fabricating a hook results in an opinion penalty too? It's been like 20 hours now since I've done it so I can't remeber.
but they obviously know you're full of bullshit with this hook haha
Probably, would be similar to fabricate claim
2:04 PM
@Unionhawk Fabricating claims is honestly hilarious, and also historically accurate, I assume. You need a reason to declare war, but you can also just make one up.
"The bishop said so" is a reason
Also! Monster Hunter Direct is happening today apparently (after the direct mini partner showcase)
How easy is CK3 to get into for someone with little to no experience with grand strategy games? (Warhammer TW2 is probably the only thing I've played and that's somewhat different afaik)
wait wtf
did they just say "later avialable today?!?"
this isn't fall
2:11 PM
I guess it's 1.0 now
No wonder they said cross aves woudn't be available at alaunc hahahaha
@Jutschge They have an actual tutorial and functional AI now, so not tooooo bad.
The thing is you can play while barely know what';s going on
while slowly learning stuff
Just do what I did and have a war going on fastest
Then have a billion things happen, pause, and go "WAIT HOLD ON WHAT IS ANY OF THIS"
Is this anime stardew valley
It's rune factory
so yes
@Unionhawk yeeeah that's kinda what happened when I tried out stellaris and that was super intimidating imo lol
Honestly CK3 feels more like an RPG lol
You're not the kingdom of ireland, you're this person
2:15 PM
@Jutschge As far as grand strategy is concerned, the only other title I really got into was Europa (80ish hours?), and crusadger kings is quite a bit different... but I'm getting along fine now.
I mean I still have plenty of "what should I even do", but I'm past that initial "Wtf learnng curve"
@Unionhawk yeah it very much so is
lol "let's start this direct with the trailer we just showed you 15 minutes ago"
Honestly the movement they've shown looks sick
Hm Yeah as I said the only one I've invested a lot of time into was Total War. And I feel like there you have a bigger focus on the Realtime-Strategy aspect with all the units etc...
I'm here for early spiderman type "you grapple upwards. Onto what? Shut up."
@Jutschge It's not much of anything like Total war imo
Since yeaj, total war is all about those combats.
Crusadger Kings is more about sleeping with your sister and then murdering your brother.
@Wipqozn that's pretty much the reason why I wanna play it
Aaaand now I'm probably on some list
2:19 PM
@Jutschge lolol yes
2:38 PM
Rise hype!
And CK3 hype!
(I like it better than Stellaris)
Path of Exile Heist League tomorrow hype!
3:11 PM
@Wipqozn I mean, aren't games always about doing things you can't do IRL?
3:44 PM
@RavenDreamer since it's on switch, are monster hunter saturdays coming back?
4:06 PM
@Yuuki yes
@Yuuki yes
@Yuuki :(
4:38 PM
Q: How to make lore for items in mcpe 1.16?

Zachary LayIm making a map where you can get custom swords by using custom crafting recipes, but, i need to make a wooden sword with lore and i've already tried this: /give @p wooden_sword 1 0{display:{Lore:[This is just a stick encased in wood! It does barley any damage!]}}, Can anyone help?

if y'all want some good news, check out my recent edits :)
Well that's an easter egg hunt isn't it
You've...fixed some typos in pokemon names?
Not on main
Well now that's just giving it away
5:30 PM
@Lazers2.0 dupe
@Dragonrage sweet
@MBraedley :)
Yeah it's now officially Soon rather than At Some Point I think
I think it's more At Some Point instead of Maybe
Working out some details still but
You know who needs details
I have been informed that the mod team including myself does actually
5:47 PM
We'll just let @Robotnik do all the work while we sleep
Can Steam really not go a single week without one of their pages breaking? Now my Wishlist won't load
@Wipqozn isn’t that what we normally do? 😜
Epic's free games this week seem good
@Batophobia Watch Dogs 2 is the better one of the 2
Stick it to the Man has a nice art style
5:58 PM
(Referring to the Watch Dogs franchise here, not the Epic games)
6:42 PM
Q: Summon TNT at arrow after hitting object

fasterthanlightI am creating a custom PVP map, where all arrows explode after they hit something. For example, if an arrow hits a block or a non-TNT entity, a TNT is summoned at that location. Here is the command I tried: Repeating command block, always active: /execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ summon tnt ~ ~ ~ Ho...

@Dragonrage Yes
@Lazers2.0 I'm sure this is a dupe of a combination of 2 or 3 different questions.
7:04 PM
I am in sql heck
I think it's good but I'm not touching the live data script approve email list until I get additional sign off here
SQL is your friend
Your large, structured friend
I mean this script isn't terrible, but cleaning up data that the system messed up is
Also it looks like robots bought every 3080
Within about 70 ms
7:25 PM
there, now people can buy them
I have a micro center nearby so I might get lucky but I guess I need to grab one as soon as in stock rather than as soon as I can reasonably start building
Well by I might get lucky I mean on first round restocks assuming they get any in-store-only stock
I think I'm going to wait for 3070s to come out, I can't afford $1000CAD for just a GPU. I'm looking for a ~$1500-2000 new PC and one component taking up a third to a half of that budget just isn't reasonable.
8:05 PM
Yeah, I'm excited about the 3070
A two generation upgrade will be nice
I'm going from a 970, so it'll be quite the bump
I'm going from a 960m it's going to be great
8:46 PM
Wow, yeah
She is badass. Great casting imo
Oh hey, congrats Switch owners on finally getting to play the Ori sequel! :D
For those who didn't play it on PC already, that is.
9:11 PM
Q: Title command not working 1.16.3

TobyDog603I'm working on a small minecraft pvp game for my friends and I, but as I was going through the finishing touches, the Title command miraculously stopped working. I had a title, subtitle, and action bar command, and both the title and subtitle stopped working while the actionbar was fine. Can some...

I have not played either of the Ori games
Somewhat surprisingly..
there was a piece of media, maybe an episode or something, about a guy/dude/some character wearing leggins and suddenly going "I feel suddenly confident... powerful"
I can't remember what it is at all though
can you help me with this brain worm
maybe futurama?
It was a subplot for an entire episode
in the final episode
Q: How do I /kill a color block in bedrock edition

Jf OvalleHow Do I /kill a colored block that is thrown on the ground. So if I drop a green wool on the ground a repeated command block will /kill it and the block will be deleted.

devil daggers is insane
9:52 PM
I haven't even gotten close to that far but
@GnomeSlice Is this game all about surviving as long as possible?
In a small area
It's mad cool though. amazing audio
I can't even get over 100k
@Ave we have discovered that :a_catvore: is too big of a file to just be downloaded and put on another server somehow lol
By about 100 kB
no I didn't put it on the Arqade server nor did I try to
10:13 PM
er, make that 100*

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