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12:45 AM
Q: List of Bedrock NBT workarounds to be posted as separate questions

ExpertCoder14Visit this post to see my proposal on MCBE NBT question split. Here is a list of the changes that should be done if we approve of it: New questions If a question about BE NBT is possible using one of these, this should be its duplicate target. This includes all questions that would use NBT in Jav...

1:18 AM
@GnomeSlice I preferred Hero Realms. Very similar, but I liked it more
1:41 AM
downloaded this, it's crazy
2:28 AM
@Stormblessed this looks wild
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4:03 AM
Q: Who should post the workaround questions and answers for the Minecraft Bedrock NBT cleanup? [POLL OPEN, VOTE NOW]

ExpertCoder14CURRENT STATUS: The poll is open. Please upvote your choice below. Downvotes are not counted. On our quest for cleaning up the Minecraft Bedrock NBT questions, we've hit an important issue to address: If you haven't read the main proposal, we will be creating a different question for each workar...

4:27 AM
Q: Hiding team colors in usernames

aScorpiiI'm working on a minigame in Minecraft that is built upon not knowing what role other people are (kind of like a social deduction game). However, since teams are required for the game to function, a player can simply look in the tab menu and see the colors of every person, ruining the game. Is th...

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10:07 AM
> Currently on staycation or just looking for the next great adventure to embark on?

Why don’t we surprise you with The Witcher 1 giveaway then?? Grinning face with smiling eyes

Grab it for FREE within the next 12h!
10:23 AM
@Memor-X Look into QoS/SQM.
10:36 AM
@Ave i don't think my router has QoS on it, even then my mum would be against messing with it since it's "her internet", but something for me to look into when i get control of it for sure
The RS Archer saga continues
Latest update: the father, the Idiot Son, and 2 friends of the latter have been arrested by the French police. Apparently, one of the friends collects road signs and when the police inspected their camper, they found a dozen signs, including a Gendarmerie sign
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11:59 AM
I need to keep this handy
Also I think @Sterno is this guys biggest fan
1:06 PM
@MBraedley It will still take longer than the lifespan of our universe to complete it
1:58 PM
Q: Minecraft accounts linked

ElmoMy Son and Daughter have separate Minecraft accounts and each have their own iPads. However they started with both using a single iPad. They both have Xbox accounts and play in each others worlds as they are both on the same Wifi. However, my daughter just lost all her packs for the second time a...

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4:03 PM
Q: Is it possible to give effects to falling blocks?

fasterthanlightI want to build a "rocket" out of concrete powder. I have a command block that gives a levitation effect to entities within 5 blocks of the command block. This is how I have the rocket set up: Top layer: 2x2 square of concrete powder. Layer 0: 2x2 piston door that is sideways. On the press of a b...

Q: Some parts of my mod aren't loading

fasterthanlightI created a parts pack mod for Kerbal Space Program. When I loaded up KSP and went into the VAB, I found that most of my custom parts did not load. Only two decouplers loaded in the editor. The textures of the parts are all identical to KSP's original textures, but some parts don't seem to load. ...

4:52 PM
Q: What could I use to open minecraft's source code to make a mod that is similar to minecraft?

Drake Krewsonso I want to make a mod that has more mobs,items and blocks.I need to edit the code to do that.What app can I use to do that?

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6:07 PM
@Wipqozn @MBraedley
Well, at least outside of Halifax, where "Right next door" is reduced to a couple hundred meters.
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9:13 PM
Can anyone recommend a Pokemon game on Switch for like a 6 year old? Do they all require a ton of reading or take a while to get going? I remember playing Sun & Moon briefly on my Gameboy and it was super slow to start with you just walking all over and talking to people.
9:54 PM
Sun and Moon would be 3DS, no?
There would only be one Switch Pokemon main series game, Sword and Shield. There's also a few spinoff games, but I don't think those are suitable
And yeah, the newer Pokemon games are more hand holding, so more cutscenes and dialogue.
The other games on Switch would be Mystery Dungeon, which is a dungeon crawler.
Oh I forgot about Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.
That's a simpler game since the catching mechanic is simplified
It's not bad as a first Pokemon game
You should get Pokemon Cafe Mix and let them spend hundreds on acorns
10:12 PM
Spelunky 2 drops September 15 on PS4
@Sterno Pokémon Let's go! Is exactly what you want
@PrivatePansy that's the correct name
Q: If I don't have the Dawnguard DLC, can I still get Serana as a follower?

KatariahOkay so... I play on PS3, and want Serana as a follower, but my PS3 won't let me download the Dawnguard DLC. Is there anyway I can get her as a follower without it..? I've looked for the entrance to Dawnguard too, but it won't let me in. I hope there is some way I can get Serana without downloadi...

Q: Minecraft Reset Spawn

Sticky_KeysI recently messed up my world spawnpoint with the command /setworldspawn. Now, all my compasses are broken, pointing at that spot. I'd used them in various places to show direction, in accordance to where North is. After using the command, they all point at the spawn point, which messes things up...

10:33 PM
Wheeeeee giant Bell DSL outage (which we resell) means I get to make a really frustrating number of "yes, that message about the outage did refer to you, thanks for leaving a message anyhow" callbacks.
Oh well, it kills time at least :)
10:44 PM
@Ash Just tell them to read a book
And then brag about how many books you've read
You're currently sitting at 1000 books read this year, right?
Interesting thread about a new game:
Steam game where you play a woman suffering from Alzheimer's trying to piece her life together before its all gone
Sounds... interesting and yet probably a little too close to home for me right now, with a mother-in-law in that situation right now
11:13 PM
@Wipqozn hahaha not quite
11:42 PM
@Ash what eReader do you use?

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