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12:11 AM
Q: How do I make a certain area of blocks unbreakable?

LilianaI want to make world where a certain area of blocks is unbreakable, but another area is. I want to have unbreakable trees around the perimeter of a large "try to survive here" area, but breakable trees on the inner section. I looked at the question, "How do I create unbreakable blocks?", but the ...

12:34 AM
Q: I hope someone buys and disbands Clash of Clans

user252823The game is trash. I hope someone buys Supercell and disbands the company. If I get rich enough, I will do it myself. I want to buy the Supercell company, fire everyone, pocket all the company funds, take down all the websites, take down all the games, and so on and the company will have been dis...

@Lazers2.0 considering how much money they make, I doubt that will happen anytime soon
1:21 AM
Q: Is it possible to become a vampire lord and still be in the dawnguard

VincentI am not a vampire lord anymore because I became regain my beast blood (werewolf blood) but the dawnguard keeps thinking I am a vampire how do you become part of the dawnguard again?

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2:26 AM
Royals is definitely my favourite board game at the moment
shines at all player counts too. Just played a 5p game
Q: Manually play note block in MCPE

fasterthanlightI am trying to play a Minecraft song using a few note blocks, but I am using an iPad and cannot manually play them. Every time I try and hit the note block, it changes pitch. Is there a way for me to play a note block without using redstone on MCPE?

Q: Terraria Housing No Longer valid

FlyntOkay so I have no idea why this is happening, and it’s getting really frustrating. On console for Xbox One, for some reason the housing in the house I’ve made for my NPCs are becoming not valid one by one. It can’t be corruption/crimson because it’s not even the first floor that’s affected, it’s ...

2 hours later…
4:54 AM
Q: How do I launch a "Ready to Start" game on an Xbox One S?

GraydaYesterday I bought an Xbox One S with a few games. I'm installing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and it's at the point where the home screen says "Ready to Start". I click on the tile, but I just get told "You need to install the game or app for this", which I'm already in the process o...

4 hours later…
9:01 AM
what the fuck is a global power growth bonus
2 hours later…
10:46 AM
Q: Can MCPE and MC Java Edition play together

TyyppiI've been seeing different articles. Granted some are years old. Is it possible when you are in the same internet connection to play together with mcpe and mc Java Edition and how? I was thinking mainly of using LAN

11:33 AM
Q: What are some super detailed city building games?

ElixerdudE1For example, cities skylines is a pretty insane game. But, I want to be able to customize each houses. Is there such game that could fulfill my insane wishes?

11:44 AM
So most of the time I don't want to channel, it's more of a thing to use temporarily to overcome big nodes. Channelling cuts growth on one node, so it's not good to leave it on.
channelling was not very useful for long
now that I have iced earth I can make progress on any node
I don't know why ice deals half damage to fire and not double but
Slogging out the last 4 nodes on level 11 now
2 fire nodes, ugh
12:06 PM
@badp Because there are more elements.
Just need to wait to get enough gold to level up the attack nodes
This stardust better be worth it
1:18 PM
@badp Bottom left
Progress at 99%, ETA now 2m. So close.
This is the last node on the level.
1:50 PM
What's the difference between "weakest" and "least defended"?
I...think least defended is lowest barrier power.
2:40 PM
Q: minecraft how does target selectors like @a, @p... work in multiplayer?

zombie1111im building on a custom map that should work for both singleplayer and multiplayer! but i wonder how @a @p... really works, i know @a is all players and @p for the nearest player but for example if i do /execute if entity @a[scores={kills=10..}] run say HI... does it mean all players must have...

@Frank I would assume the other way around? I don't know, I haven't found this useful so far.
@fredley Weakest is lowest barrier.
Iced Earth or Megatropolis first?
I'm completely guessing about least defended.
Iced Earth. Ignore spirit barrier for another element? Yes, please.
esp as my ice growth rate is 2x my fire rate atm
3:14 PM
Remember when this happened?
Oh to return to 2012... the good ol' days
The peak of civilisation was summer 2015, when everyone started playing Pokemon Go and spent a week or two exploring their local environment with child-like wonder. It's been solidly downhill since then.
@Wipqozn Dunno, 2011 had its highlights.
Question: Do we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Friday on Thrusday the 16th of September 2021, or on Friday the 17th?
@fredley whyNotBoth.gif?
2 hours later…
5:07 PM
@Frank is it just going to boost power?
because my only numbers that matter for now are fire and ice damage
so that's a lot of gold to sink down on numbers that mean nothing to me
@badp They will.
Power is your primary XP gain, even if it doesn't help with progress.
ah, that's a funny way of saying that power is useless
@badp It's not. It's just mostly useless right now.
You'll get a skill (soon?) that will add your power to a chosen element.
don't get me wrong my power is 898e12 vs fire at 550e12 and ice at 648e12
so that sounds good
but I'm not gonna put down 7e9 gold into a single flag of punishment when I only have 18e9
It stacks. Across maps.
5:11 PM
so do gold and science, and the stacking is... less than impressive
gold investment pays itself off
By itself, yes. It's a multiplier on top of any other power growth you get.
are you telling me I should stop boosting growth on my main slider...
probably I should huh
shove it into my mining sliders instead
eh I can channel though
No, definitely boost growth on your main slider.
It's still the most efficient method of progress.
6:11 PM
Q: Why does the /locate command in minecraft not work?

LilianaI am using Minecraft Java, 20w19a, a snapshot of the new 1.16 update. Whenever I type in /locate Pillager Outpost or /locate Mansion, nothing happens. No text appears anywhere, nothing about finding the structure.

2 hours later…
8:08 PM
Q: Lucas is late for his assassination

WolfI can't for the life of me get "Lucas" to spawn during the Assassination side missions. The guides say to wear the Decker gear but no matter which version I select (Decker Soldier/Decker Specialist), Lucas does not spawn near the Reactors safehouse (or anywhere else in Burns Hill). And it's getti...

Q: How to assassinate Andre

WolfI'm having trouble getting Andre to spawn in Espina during his Assassination sidequest. Since I'm in the late game, the Morningstar are gone, so even if I manage to find/kill the hos, I can't get the Morningstar star/threat level up. But if I manage to get the threat level up, then no pedestrians...

2 hours later…
9:42 PM
Q: I would like to know how to test how many players are on a current scoreboard

Dat guyI'm playing on bedrock and I'm making a UHC map. I have a scoreboard set up where it lists everyone still alive, and once people die they get taken off the scoreboard. I want a command to test when only one person is left on the scoreboard. This last survivor would be the winner and I would like ...

10:05 PM
Q: Moving a player's inventory to their enderchest with command blocks in 1.15

Crafter DaemonI've tried using data modify entity @p EnderItems set from entity @p Inventory but all i get is Unable to modify player data how do i use commands to transfer or copy a player's inventory to their enderchest?

Q: Please help I just want to play Minecraft

DiamondDef09I have been playing my moded survival in 1.7.10 for 1 month and I've done many more but When i log on and get on my world most of the chunks are broken and I can't drop stuff or even break anything please someone help I've tryed F3 + A logging out and logging in I've done a computer scan shut dow...

1 hour later…
11:39 PM
Q: Dual Monitors: Clicking out of game window to another browser freezes control for game window. How to use 2 windows simultaneousely?

GameGuestFor example say I'm playing game on monitor 1 with a controller, and then another person is surfing the web on monitor 2. This used to be possible without conflict. But now once clicking on monitor 2, control in game for monitor 1 is lost, until reclicking on game application. Any one know how to...


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