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12:21 AM
Q: Minecraft server

AfonsoarfgIf i am playing in a minecraft server like this with my friends and want to download some mods. Do i just install forge and run it? Because my friends had already played and built houses.I wanted to add some mods without losing our world.

12:47 AM
@badp Yes it does. That's netrunner 101 lol
Wait, no, I'm dumb
Man, I miss Netrunner
12:58 AM
In light of COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the on-site portion of #SGDQ2020 and instead proceed with an online-only event, Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online.

For more information, including submissions and volunteer information: https://t.co/umiMSaefOZ https://t.co/vLKIKNNAqO
1:32 AM
Q: I can't connect to other people, but other people can connect to me while using Hamachi with Minecraft and other games

KaaarmI've used Hamachi with multiple different friends and I noticed that I am never able to connect to them while they can easily connect to me. I have no idea what may be causing this, as I haven't modified any settings within Hamachi and neither have they. We're also unable to ping each other throu...

2:20 AM
@Unionhawk Types Of Gaming Chairs t.co/30KZ89WpqK
I'm too mobile to just link the image
@Ash Good book was good. Now for the most difficult question of all: What to read next?
2:35 AM
Maybe Sailing to Sarantium
Q: About LOL(League of Legends) Garena 'CLIENT INSTALLER' Singapore Server

ShuvoI want to install Garena LOL on Singapore Server. And I want to install the 'client installer' manually. But in the website https://lol.garena.com/download there is no 'client installer' link. There is a 'client installer' link in Garena Philippine https://lol.garena.ph/download website. Now my ...

2:52 AM
@Wipqozn that's always the hardest question!
3:07 AM
Q: Exit from Creepy Crypt

Diriector_DocAt the end of Creepy Crypt, the door won't open no matter what I try. Pressing A seems like it should do something, but nothing happens. The progress arrow shows that I need to go through the door, but there is seemingly no way to do this. Backtracking isn't an option either; the gate blocks you ...

3:31 AM
Q: How do games with variable iframes deal with variable framerates?

arsenicalamariI was wondering something about invincibility frames in games that don't have a locked framerate. Invincibility frames in a game like Smash Bros. makes intuitive sense to have, since the framerate is locked. However, in a game like Overwatch that offers invincibility frames for things like Sombra...

4:00 AM
@TimStone To be clear, they're making me post a thing to get an extra 2 years on my warranty and I didn't feel like setting up a better shot lol
lol I will accept this then
I would have happily settled with the just box + hard drive post
Also I have way too many pairs of sunglasses on my desk
I have random shit on my desk so I was going to let that slide
I do need to reconfigure the whole left side
aka, get rid of this stupid lamp
and then idk there's a whole monitor there though
also I should throw away the "does this dent count as excess wear and tear" card vw sent me since that car is already turned back in and I'm expecting a bill
I'm mad that I'm expecting a bill but nevertheless
4:20 AM
Q: How would I produce a BodyGiro in Roblox to make sure the part is upright?

user252778I don't know the numbers. I am bad with CFrames. What I need is to know how to make a BodyGiro that would make sure that the bottom face of a part is always facing down. I know the MaxTorque would be Vector3.new(math.huge, 0, math.huge). But what would the CFrame be?

1 hour later…
5:31 AM
Q: Minecraft - recovered level.dat doesn't work

Max WilliamsI'm playing Minecraft v1.7.5 on Vista (i know!). Mine and my son's creative mode game disappeared from the menu - i think it might have been accidentally deleted. The folder was still there in <user>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Arlo's World, but there was no level.dat or level.dat_old in i...

Q: Minecraft Server Problems

Xavier GomezSo I tried starting my own minecraft server, followed along to this video from "The Breakdown", but his router settings is different then mine (i use century link), so i decide to look up how to port forward using century but nothing comes up, so I instead put in what I thought was correct, such ...

5 hours later…
10:17 AM
Q: How can I get worm food in terraria?

Terraria BegginerThe worm food spawns in the boss- Eater Of Worlds, I don’t know how to get worm food which spawns it in, I know that you can break 3 Shadow orbs or Crimson hearts, But i can’t find any more, I need to get worm food as it is an easier way to spawn in this boss, I appreciate it if you reply.

1 hour later…
11:29 AM
Q: How do I port forward and why do I get connection refused when I test it

Lord BarreltonIve pretty much done everything I could and filled every IP,Port and blanks needed My WIFI is pldt fibr and I'm having trouble port forwarding. Cant play online with my friends on terraria, when I host a server my friends get connection "timeout" When I go to sites like canyouseeme, every por...

12:15 PM
@Frank @fredley If you close the tab altogether, and then load it later, then you get decent offline progress. If you leave the tab open and suspend your computer, then when you come back you get barely any progress.
Q: Build a flush 1x2 piston door in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

fasterthanlightI am trying to build a flush piston door in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I have two sticky pistons stacked on top of each other that are facing right, two more sticky pistons facing toward the player that are connected to the right-facing pistons. A block of choice is placed in front of the front-f...

12:52 PM
I really hope that @Frank doesn't get so caught up in this incremental that he forgets to feed Franklin Jr.
@Wipqozn Funny you should mention that...
He's on my lap, guzzling a bottle.
Adult eating: MEH Baby Eating: Cute
Toddler eating: Messy
Oh, he's messy.
But now he's full and falling asleep on my chest.
@InvaderSkoodge That's a bit shit. I idled overnight thought and I'm now on Level 10, making good progress so far
1:28 PM
Q: MCPE Crashing Out of no where

MatthewOn My iPad, in MCPE for some reason, there is this one world that keeps crashing, I’m in it, but when I start moving I lag then crash Minecraft. I do not know what to do, no YouTube video helps cause either they are for computer, or to solve the whole game crashing immediately, nothing actually s...

1:47 PM
Includes some really good games: Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, Minit, Cook, Serve Delicious 2,...
+1 science per second, so fast!
2:06 PM
@Nzall bleed and bleed 2 are in here. Awesome games
2:20 PM
lol no wrong warp is down to 20 minutes
@Nzall A lot of interesting Tabletop RPGs as well.
I've heard good things about Trokia! and For the Honor.
2:40 PM
Q: How can I get my old villager back (I want them to remember me)? - Animal Crossing New Leaf

L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox ŴøłfæI want to get Camofrog back and I've heard about the 16 villager cycle. However I don't know where he moved to... so my initial question is... can I get him back if he randomly appears in my campsite? After cycling out 16 villagers, is there a chance he could appear in my campsite again, and if s...

2:59 PM
Level 10 stars complete, now onto boss nodes...
3:14 PM
I got half an hour to complete my current boss nodes. Hopefully these are the last of them.
10 mins for me, then I think I can ascend to 11
And you'll get another slider. There's always one after a boss map.
Q: building bridges while walking forwards

Peter GreenSometimes in minecraft one wants/needs to bridge across a gap, so-far the only way I have found to do this is to crouch, walk backwards so you are overhanging the edge and then aim for the really thin visible surface on the block. This works but it's slow and painful. But I watch videos on Youtu...

3:35 PM
Lol ascend just made more boss nodes, thanks ascend.
@Nzall Overland's in that bundle, I always meant to pick it up
@fredley It did that to me, too.
Took out four boss nodes, ascend, it gave me four more.
Okay. Do those. Ascend. Get another dozen. sigh.
3:51 PM
Q: If the data in Pokémon gen 1 games is tightly packed due to storage limitations, how come gen 2 games are twice the size?

Revetahw says Reinstate MonicaThe code of the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow games is notoriously fragile to exploits and glitches. Apparently part of the reason for this is that developers had tight storage limitations and lots of data to cram in there, so they had to get creative. If that is so, how come the Gold, Silver an...

Q: What counts as a Forest?

Memor-XI'm trying to make homes for my NPCs to make them happy, but my merchant and Zoologist both keep saying they want to be in a forest Bellow is their current houses I'm quite sure i'm in a forest Biome and there's trees outside of their places and bellow them. So what do i need to do to make t...

Level 11
4:11 PM
Next slider mechanic shows up once you get #3.
2 hours later…
5:45 PM
ooo runelite added ctrl+v pasting to the login screen
6:14 PM
Q: PS Plus online in different accounts

LagaggioI bought a 3 month ps plus subscription in my american account, then I tested to see if I could play online in my portuguese account and it worked. Would it work(play online in the american one) if I used the ps plus card in my portuguese account?

6:24 PM
@Unionhawk Meanwhile, Blizzard removed it from their ingame store while keeping it around in pretty much every other password field
6:38 PM
Q: What does the maximum hero power mean?

David YellI have got a hero up to level 10 now, and have items which push the hero power to 132. I noticed in the difficulty menu that Recruit difficulty is capped at 100 hero power. What does the maximum hero power mean in the difficulty menu? Is this for item drops or capping players power in the diffic...

@Nzall diablo 3 also lacks it I think
on login
7:02 PM
7:18 PM
@Ave no, the login page has it. The desktop client has it. I think even the chat channel password field has paste support
@Nzall I meant the login page in the game itself if you launch it without bnet
I remember having issues with that. May have changed since then
or I may simply be misremembering.
8:38 PM
Finally an objective movie review
8:54 PM
I just bought Steam Wallet funds using DirectEbanking.com for the first time
never used it before, but apparently it's exactly the same as any other card reader payment method
9:22 PM
most annoying part of buying a 730 bundle on itch.io is that GOG Galaxy 2.0 doesn't support it yet
oh, and probably also adding all those games to my account one by one
Q: How do I pre-generate a Minecraft bedrock world

Gaming TimeDoes anyone know how to easily without losing some much more hair. How to preload a minecraft bedrock world. I trying to reduce lag on a server. I am Looking for a easy script that can tp me across my minecraft bedrock world. So I can preload it. Please make sure it works for the bedrock edition.

@Wipqozn endless 2016's endless decempenta
1 hour later…
10:45 PM
In other news my pet spider molted two days ago and has become a much more aggressive feeder.
Q: Is there any way to find out who wants to move to Colony 6 in-game?

lentinantI'm working on gathering NPCs for Colony 6 in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. I know that I can look up NPCs that can be moved to Colony 6 in various guides, but I'm wondering if there is any way to find out what NPCs want to move, fully in-game, similar to how you can find out where to ...

11:00 PM
@Dragonrage You have a pet spider? remind me to never visit you in RL.
I'll wake up encased in a web with it feasting on my heart.
@Wipqozn yes, spirders are cool
@Wipqozn that implies you have one :P
@Dragonrage I did, until the spiders ate it.
i used to have quite a number of pet spiders when i was a kid. found this one in my house and decided to keep it as a pet since i have nothing better to do in this lockdown
fun fact, the species of spider i have as a pet has venom that is about 15 times worse than a rattlesnake
11:17 PM
yeah, you'll never see me in RL
Spiders be spooky
@Wipqozn if it makes you feel better, i mainly fed my spiders wasps when i was a kid
@Dragonrage "mainly"... Was the other stuff you fed him your enemies?
@Wipqozn moths, beetles, and other insects i found
black widows are the only spider ive found with strong enough web, and aggressive enough to eat these beetles
New osrs quest boss is VERY powerful
Honestly probably one of the hardest master level quest bosses
11:33 PM
@Dragonrage My respect for your courage has grown, but my fear of you has also increased.

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