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12:14 AM
Q: How to detect the item that is being "grabbed" by a player in the GUI?

ExpertCoder14In the GUIs of chests, furnaces, anvils, etc., or just your own inventory, you click on an item to pick it up, and click again to put it into a slot of your inventory or the container block. What is the NBT tag that returns a copy of the data of the item currently selected and moving with the cu...

12:38 AM
Q: Canplaceon Named item

AceplanteI would like an answer asap, I'll be checking tomorrow. For some reason I can't seem to have a villager trade a named item with canplaceon tag. This is the command I'm using: /summon villager ~ ~1.5 ~ {VillagerData:{profession:nitwit,level:99,type:plains},CustomName:"\"Floor Keys\"",Offers:{Rec...

Q: Psychonauts(from twitch prime) won't work on my Windows 7 64-bit

John EgbortSo I got Psychonauts, and for some reason, it doesn't run on my PC, I've searched the internet for an answer, reinstalled Twitch, so does anyone have any idea what I can do? Whenever I open it, nothing happens, but Twitch says it's open, I've waited for 20 minutes for the game to open, and it doe...

Q: How to pass age verification on the US Playstation store? (I’m old enough, but how will I have to prove it?)

Robert SiemerI have a US-based “Playstation Network Account” on which I plan to buy a game via pre-paid PSN code “cards”. I’m reluctant to add the money to the account, because I’m not sure how Sony will do the age verification for the game.—As a foreigner I might not have the documentation they expect! I d...

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2:08 AM
woo chair shipped
@Unionhawk I feel personally attacked
@Unionhawk decent
2:27 AM
Oh man, the Golden Toilet recipe just straight up takes 6 gold nuggets. It's such a ridiculous waste of the rarest crafting ingredient that I kind of want to make one just to show off
3:26 AM
Q: What are the differences between MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse and Ordinary Mouse for gamers?

kellyxuMany people say that the quality of the game equipment will affect the experience in the game. Recently, I am preparing to choose some good gaming mice. My friend recommended this MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse to me, but I don’t know What is the difference between this and other ordinary mouse? I want ...

@RedRiderX @Niro @Wipqozn played the board game Cult tonight. A bit confusing at first but the game overall is very good. It was suuuper close at the end we had three people with win conditions on the final turn
It took us a long time
I also learned Orleans last night. THAT took a while
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5:29 AM
Q: display a scoreboard as an actionbar after it has been divided(minecraft java 1.14.4)

luven braven/title @a actionbar [{"score":{"name":"@p","objective":"Delay"}}] i want to display a scoreboard Delay as an actionbar after it has been divided by 10 /title @a actionbar [{"score":{"name":"@p","objective":"Delay / 10"}}] i tried this but it didnt work so if anyone could help thanks version 1...

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9:54 AM
@PrivatePansy I see your golden toilet and raise you a golden coffin for 8 gold nuggets
@Ronan That's where you go if you drink too much and then use your golden toilet
10:23 AM
Q: how to find a player at exact coordinates in minecraft 1.15?

michalskip98I tried to do that with /testfor but it got removed in 1.13 so I need /execute but i don't know how to use that command at all.

11:11 AM
Q: Was the Game Boy Color really called that in the UK?

K. PollreiszThe Japanese company Nintendo released a product world-wide in the late 1990s called "Game Boy Color". But in the UK, and elsewhere, "Color" is spelled "Colour". For a long time, I've been trying to figure out whether they really released it as "Game Boy Color" even in the UK. It seems unlikely,...

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1:36 PM
Q: Display graphic in window

KrystekI write my minecraf client, but I do not know how to display png graphic in the window, anyone knows how to do it?

2:00 PM
Q: How to give tagged people items

BushwakbillyIm making a mansion and as the main center piece i wanted it to be a fighting pit, i have it set up as there two teams one being red and the other blue. The way you are put on the team is through the tag command. I was wondering how to give a taged player a item, for example; one player may be di...

Q: What farmable items produces the most gems

user4951I want to make as much money as possible. Buying stuff and selling it takes time because I don't have vending machine. Time to harvest doesn't matter. I don't mind waiting.

2:21 PM
I love to be pulled into a call that's supposed to take 5 minutes, takes a half hour, and cuts into a scheduled meeting
Anyone here use shell scripts often?
if [ -n "$RUN_MIGRATIONS" ]
I can't remember what the -n does in that line
@SaintWacko I've got powershell scripts set up to help automate some small things, but I'm probably not of much help.
Looks like it might be treat the variable as a number
Checks not null
> -n VAR - True if the length of VAR is greater than zero.
@Ronan is correct
As long as empty string counts at null I guess
2:34 PM
@Ronan Thank you!
@MBraedley Where did you find that?
It was a pain to find any kind of information
I was really struggling to find what to google lol
@Ronan Yeah, that was my problem. There just wasn't enough context to build a useful google search
For future reference, [ ... ] is an alias for the test command, so man test will help there
(if you're targeting bash or zsh you should use [[ ... ]] instead, which is a shell builtin, but if you need to support plain sh it's [ or bust, pretty much)
(hi I'm the one person on my team who actually enjoys writing shell scripts)
2:48 PM
Q: A script that toggles Vanguard on or off?

MillyGGI'm planning to install Valorant but there seems to be a big talk revolving around Riot's Anti-cheat software called Vanguard. I'm not a powershell geek but I've seen some scripts that let you somehow toggle Vanguard on or off by getting it uninstalled using a script then there's a need to reboo...

@Lazers2.0 funny, was talking to someone about this on discord today *check clock, after 12am* well yesterday
don't know why they can't stick the anti-cheat programs in the game so that they close with the game
Because these anti-cheat programs are functionally rootkits and need to install as kernel drivers or similar, at a guess
Should that question be closed? Sounds like it's asking how to disable anti-cheat functionality in a competitive multiplayer game
@Batophobia It's not about cheating, it's about disabling background software that came installed with a game, while not running the game.
3:40 PM
Q: Is there a naming convention for Minecraft scoreboard objectives?

ExpertCoder14In many programming languages, there are different naming conventions, specifying how to best name your objects, programs, and variables so that other coders can reference them. Is there a commonly followed naming convention for scoreboard objective names in Minecraft? For example, do people pr...

Q: To what extent is Tetris (on Game Boy) a game of luck?

MylonI've been playing the original Tetris port for the original Game Boy, on the very same original Game Boy, on and off, for the last 30 years. Lately, I've been playing daily, in the bathroom, and have started to come to a disturbing realization: The game, while insanely addictive and challenging ...

@Elva I feel like we're inferencing that from somewhere, because the question to me, knowing nothing about the software, reads as "I want to disable the thing that stops me from cheating"
Hmm, true, but it'd also be interfering that it's about cheating
Vanguard is a security risk that runs at the highest level of priveleges it can, it could easily be turned into a rootkit with just a single exploit
The question of "Having this security risk not run when I'm not playing the game" seems eminently reasonable to me
Yes, but again, we're all assuming stuff based on the words "Anti-Cheat" and stuff that's not in the question
as it stands, we don't help people with getting around cheating stuff, that's not our jam, so this feels like without some clarity of why, it's going to read badly.
3:48 PM
They're asking, literally "Can I turn this software off without needing to restart?"
I'm inferring "because it's a security risk, and slows my system down, and there's no reason for it to run", a lot of people seem to infer "So I can cheat"
Yes, because that's a common reason for people wanting to get around them...
I don't think we can really do much until the asker tells uis what they want
There, I asked the question =p
aaa now this meeting is going long and I have a 1pm
4:04 PM
Q: How do you use the Colored Night-vision in Splinter Cell Double Agent (PC)?

ng.newbieI have unlocked the night vision upgrade which gives you full color but how do you use it ? I am playing on the PC and pressing the normal night vision button just gives the plain old green night vision. How do I get the Colored nightvision like below ? Is this a bug that I can't use it ???

Q: How to unlock all hats in Sushi Party?

asprinThere's a game browser game that I've been playing for a while. It's called Sushi Party There are certain hats that seem unlockable no matter what I do. The hats I'm referring to are as follows: No matter how many pokimon-type balls I gather, the result of opening them is the following: ...

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5:17 PM
Q: How to detect if a specific mob is dead in 1.15

FirestrykeSo I am trying to be able to detect if a specific mob is dead and then execute a command. I have already tagged the mob "boss1" and I know that you need a tag to detect the entity but I don't know the commands to actually detect it.

5:41 PM
Q: Canplaceon incompatible with Customname?

AceplanteI have the following working commands: /summon villager ~ ~1.5 ~ {VillagerData:{profession:nitwit,level:99,type:plains},CustomName:"\"Floor Keys\"",Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:totem_of_undying,Count:1},buyB:{id:totem_of_undying,Count:1},sell:{id:end_portal_frame,Count:1,tag:{CanPlaceOn:["minecraft...

6:29 PM
Q: Emulators for Windows 98

SamWhich systems (consoles or old home computers) could be emulated with fairly decent accuracy and high performance on a 2000 era PC running Windows 98 SE? It has a 900MHz Athlon Thunderbird, 256MB RAM, GeForce2 GTS, Voodoo3 2000 and SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold. (I do have a slightly more modern system...

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8:28 PM
Q: how to replace multiple blocks with /fill

FBI Surveillance VanI am trying to remove all the water from around an ocean monument. Instead of manually scooping it up, i am using the command /fill. There are a lot of waterlogged blocks such as kelp and seagrass that i also want to remove. My command looks like this: /fill ~10 ~-1 ~10 ~-10 ~-21 ~10 minecraft:g...

Q: playing bedrock on local user for windows 10

BrtrndI am looking to purchase minecraft bedrock edition and it seems like microsoft server CALs are easier to understand. My kids account is a local account, not tied to a microsoft account. Can I buy the bedrock edition and play it the same way as we use the java version; logging in with an email or ...

Q: My sister and I keep switching skins in minecraft!

kittynautgirlMy sister and I play minecraft(bedrock edition, version 1.14.60) together using LAN(local are network). but whenever we join each other's worlds, we swap skins! We are both using the custom skin, where we both make our own skins, but we always show up with each other's skins. What do I do? Can th...

8:52 PM
Q: Minecraft history: How did the Java/Bedrock split come to pass?

IDDQDIt's been a very long time since I've last touched Minecraft. Recently my interest was sparked again and to my surprise I've learned that now there are 2 dominant Minecraft versions: Java and Bedrock. As a result I've been trying to get the history behind the split of Minecraft into Java/Bedrock ...

9:40 PM
Q: Why does my minecraft keep freezing?

kittynautgirlEvery single time I load into a game, whenever I go into my inventory or use a furnace, crafting table, smoker, etc. or even pause my game my whole game FREEZES!!! It lets me into the game and it lets me walk around, but in every single world I enter, my minecraft just freezes when I do one of th...

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11:16 PM
Q: IDEA: Why does Fortnite not standardize ping for all players?

RageI hear pros that have 20-50 ping complain that they cannot perform as well as pros with 0 ping due to wall taking, etc. Why does Fortnite (and all games) not standardize a lobby's ping to the current maximum player's ping at any given moment? Obviously in competitive Fortnite the worst ping a pr...

Q: Im trying to get a lucario in pokemon shield

Tasha M Insuamy rioulu is level 32 with 4 hearts and i dont know where to buy vitimans for her. If you can help me i will be appretiated in sword or shield

11:35 PM
@Ronan The coffin at least makes sense because it looks like it's modeled after Egyptian sarcophagus. The only reference for the golden toilet I can think of is Trump International
Or maybe this
America is a sculpture by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. An example of satirical participatory art, it is a fully functioning toilet made of 18-karat solid gold. It was stolen in 2019 from Blenheim Palace, where it was exhibited on loan from the permanent collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. == Exhibitions == === Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum === Cattelan created the toilet in 2016 for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. It was made in a foundry in Florence, cast in several parts that were welded together. Made to look like the museum's other Kohler toil...

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