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12:14 AM
@InvaderSkoodge Eh? Only Gladiator is melee focused
Q: Minecraft objects folder empty

RyanI recently updated Minecraft to the latest snapshot (for 1.16), and now absolutely no sounds play. Not just music; clicking buttons, breaking blocks, nothing makes a sound. After scouring the internet for a hopeful solution, I came across one that said to check the 'objects' folder in the 'asse...

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3:22 AM
Q: Correct use of the 'spawn-actor' command?

ionisedSo I'm playing a game of Crusader Kings 2 at the moment and am trying to recreate the 'Vikings' TV show as much as possible. It's not exactly historically accurate, so I'm using the console commands a lot. Anyway, I can use pretty much every console command effectively apart from one: spawnacto...

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4:25 AM
Q: How do you feed a chicken in mine blocks

isabellaI don't know how and need help.

4:40 AM
Beat rogue singularitys main mode
Really hard to recommend because it's so damn buggy
I really like it though
5:26 AM
Q: In Minecraft can you use an array in a /fill command?

user244406So I was trying to replace any stone or air in a 2x6x1 square in-front of me. This is the command I am using. /Fill 64 13 87 67 16 90 coal_ore 0 replace {stone air} I am just getting into understanding some of the commands in minecraft. This is the first one I am experimenting with. My backgr...

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6:46 AM
Q: Can I put steam games in separate drives?

PingQueenI have an SSD on my laptop and it's not enough for several large games, so what I want to do is to buy a new external hard drive and install some of my games there, when I turn my computer on plug it in and access the games there. Is such a thing even possible? If possible how can I tell Steam...

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7:46 AM
son, of, a, bitch! i beat Jet Bahamut, see Lightning in Crystal Stasis and i get the Paradox Scope, BAM! game crashes again. not fighting the final battle again, i'm taking my previous victory as me having beaten Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PC
now going to download the videos for the DLC that never appeared, mainly Requiem of the Goddess which is the True Ending ready for Lightning Returns
8:07 AM
Q: When i press play my minecraft doesnt launch and it shows crash report help!

FuryWhen i press play my minecraft doesnt launch and it shows crash report help! Here crash report (https://i.stack.imgur.com/QjezO.png)

Q: Does the chanting at the beginning of "The Apex of the World" song have any meaning?

senpaiAt the 20 second mark of the track "The Apex of the World", there is some Japanese-sounding chanting in the background. It can be heard here: Since I do not know any Japanese, I am wondering if this is actually Japanese, and secondly if it holds any meaning at a...

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10:29 AM
Q: How do i set a drop command to a specific item

Timo 203I now have this /execute at @e[type=item,nbt={OnGround:1b}] run clone [pillar corner xyz] [pillar opposite corner xyz] ~ ~ ~ But I want to make if you drop a spruce_fencde it will go off Can anyone pls help me

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11:49 AM
Q: Command on dropped item?

Timo 203I want to make it so when you drop a specific item (a normal item not with a custom name) there will he an command execute, can someone pls help me with this :( I have already watched so many youtube video's but couldn't find anything.

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1:30 PM
Q: How do you store numbers in a Rec Room circuit?

EcholetaI'm trying to save data in various places in my circuit but it's not clear what my options are. How can I store numbers in my circuit?

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2:51 PM
Q: assassins creed syndicate how to fix ram issue?

Kieran Kennetti have just purchased assassins creed syndicate and i have the right graphics card installed correctly, but it will not let me use more than 2 gigabytes of the 16 gigabytes i have installed. is there a way to fix that? im using nvidia geforce 1050 16gb this is how much its letting me use

3:09 PM
FFS, Nvidia is defaulting me to the French version of their site and I can't figure out how to change it
holy shit, they don't even have a Dutch version for their Belgian site...
Q: My xbox is only showing its loading screen when its trying to load a dvd

XboxoMy xbox is only showing the loading screen from when you turn on any time i click play disk ive switched between tvs and HMNI cables and dvd but nothing has worked (and in case needed suddenly my loading to sign in has also suddenly gone longer] please if anyone can help. HELP

Q: Secret note #16-Stardew Valley

Vanessa M YoungSo I was wondering how I would obtain note #16 in Stardew Valley. I have used my hoe but it wont penetrate the ground where it says to dig up the chest loc

3:52 PM
Q: Minecraft java not lauching!

FurySo i m using Minecraft release 1.15.2 When i click on play in minecraft launcher it show me white screen then a dialog come at launcher crash report. Here is the crash report : ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Oops. Time: २१/२/२० ९:१७ अपराह्न Description: Initializing game r: Non [a-z0-9/._-...

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5:13 PM
Q: technic launcher says it is offline and I cannot download modpacks

SputterSizzletechnic launcher says it is offline and I cannot download modpacks. I tried downloading it again and my firewall is off. Please help.

Q: Summon Falling Block always shows sand

SuamereI have a 2x3 area that I want to be Magenta Carpet on Minecraft Realms (1.15.2/vanilla) Java 1.8.0_51. My goal is to have a fake floor that somebody falls through. /summon minecraft:falling_block -261 39 -2426 {Block:"minecraft:magenta_carpet", NoGravity:1} /summon minecraft:falling_block -261 ...

6:06 PM
I love teaching robotics merit badge
This class has gone quick too so we're pretty much already completely done, just one more session to continue playing with and debugging our "robot car that follows a wall, and occasionally looks ahead to make sure it's not going to hit the wall ahead"
Or to try out the line following or ir sensors
6:43 PM
Petcurean is having a contest for cats having trouble getting adopted. The winner gets their adoption fees waved, and their shelter gets food for a year petcurean.com/underdog
Grand Prize for Each Category Winner

3-year supply of Petcurean cat food
Adoption fee paid for by Petcurean, if adopted before end of 2020 (to a max of $500)
Donation of 2,000 meals of Petcurean pet food to the winning cat’s shelter/ rescue group

All Finalists

1-year supply of Petcurean cat food
Adoption fee paid for by Petcurean for any finalist, if adopted before the end of 2020 (to a max of $500)
Donation of 2,000 meals of Petcurean pet food to the winning cat’s shelter/ rescue group
Anyone here have a Switch with joycon drifting issues? If you sent it in for repair was it free? Or did you have to pay to get it fixed?
@yuritsuki I believe it's free but @Ave probably knows more
7:10 PM
@yuritsuki I got mine repaired for free, but that might depend on how long ago you bought it etc
Also @Yuuki fixed his himself
From what I'm seeing there's apparently some internal Nintendo memo to have joycon drift repairs done for free regardless of warranty, and to furthermore refund previously paid repairs
That might just be Nintendo of America idk
I'm fairly sure if your Switch is older than 2 years, they're not gonna give you free repairs at all, because EU warranty stops at 2
Like I said, at least in America from what I understand the drift issue is getting fixed for free regardless of your warranty, but I don't know if the same applies to Nintendo of Europe
Unrelatedly: oh god this beer is a little too much (it's a french toast barleywine, and honestly it's way too sweet)
(but it is a secret tap (the tap numbers on menu go up to 26, a sign on the door said to ask for tap 27 to get this) so legally I was required to try it)
8:37 PM
Damnit, I'll have to watch Netflix from Edge from now on because Firefox doesn't support 1080P Netflix
9:15 PM
Q: I need some help with these two mobs

How do i....What is the height for a cat to take fall damage? And why are iron golems spawning inside my fences of my iron farm, i placed them to stop them from jumping off the edge and instead go through the water and into the lava.

9:35 PM
@Unionhawk sadly no, I never used N's repair service.
speaking of N... Apparently we/I made it to a LTT video.
there's an entire video on android on switch, and...
The Division 2 is $4 on psn all week
$2 USD I guess
10:15 PM
Dang blaster Master Zero 2 is pretty great
10:27 PM
@PrivatePansy Okay, so apparently Firefox tab containers do not do anything about the history that shows up in your address bar. And apparently clearing your history in Firefox doesn't actually clear your history
oh scratch that last one, apparently it defaults to only clearing the last hour
Q: What happens to my 5970 Pokemon after I stop paying?

hammythepigPokemon Home is out, and the free version allows me to store 30 Pokemon in it. With Pokemon Bank currently free, I was thinking of storing my Bank Pokemon into Home. To do that I need to subscribe to the Home Premium plan, allowing me to store 6000 rather than 30 Pokemon. I was wondering, what...

1 hour later…
11:42 PM
@GnomeSlice 3$ usd pretty sure. Same price on ubi store on PC

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