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12:15 AM
Q: How do you hook multiple Triggerzones up to a single Respawn Pad in Rec Room?

EcholetaI have multiple elimination zones in my room that immediately teleport anyone that goes into them back to the start of the map. Things like spike beds, swinging blades, bottomless pits, and so on. Each one has a triggerzone but the Respawn Pad only has one pin. What are my options for connecting...

12:35 AM
Q: Gta 5 storymode question about trevor

nathan soitoam I able to store a car in trevors driveway in vesbucie beach with out it like disappearing and I don't ever get the car back

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1:36 AM
Q: How to register to Destination Wakfu 2?

AstariulThere is this big event coming this Friday on Wakfu, "Destination Wakfu 2". On the video introducing the event and on the official forum post, they mention you need to register to the event by sending a screenshot of your newly created character, to a specific Discord channel. But I can't find ...

Q: What is the moustache mode in Plants vs Zombies?

oliverthegreatI saw an achievement in Plants vs Zombies which requires you to enable moustache mode, but I have no clue what is it. Can somebody tell me how and what is exactly moustache mode?

2 hours later…
3:39 AM
Q: When Will Minecraft 1.16 Be Released on Pocket Edition

InfiniteEnternitisI'm playing Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.14.30 and saw the Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update and I can't wait. After the my Java Edition friend and some youtubers got it, I waited for some weeks now and still the update didn't showed up on my tablet. Can you tell me when the update will be released on P...

3 hours later…
6:44 AM
Q: Can I unlock any/all of the divine items corresponding to relics in my Beyond recipe?

murgatroid99Each relic has a corresponding divine item, and you can unlock each divine item by winning a Beyond run created using that relic. But I'm not sure that's the whole story. So far, I've unlocked 17 divine items by winning quite a few more Beyond runs, and I always use 3 different relics, assuming t...

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9:39 AM
Morning chat
Q: When Will The Minecraft Nether Update Get Released in PE?

InfiniteEnternitisCan you tell me when the The Minecraft Nether Update be out for Minecraft Pocket Edition? I can't wait!

Q: What is the easiest way to achieve a 200k minimum score in the Hollowed Lair Nightfall activity?

senpaiJust looking for an easy way to get a 200k minimum score in the Hollowed Lair Nightfall. I have read the drop chance of NF exclusive loot is dependent on the highest score achieved in that NF. Unfortunately, I haven't played much NF to know what Five of Cards modifiers to use, as well as wha...

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11:02 AM
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1:30 PM
Q: How does the initial 50% XP bonus work with the premium rocket pass?

user3306356How does the initial 50% XP bonus work with the premium rocket pass? If I'm on tier 50 of the rocket pass can I expect to get an immediate tier up? How big will it be?

@Memor-X morning
@Elva morning
Afternoon :)
1:46 PM
Good Afternoon
2:10 PM
Idk how to deal with this
1 hour later…
3:15 PM
Oh joy... We updated our report export library JasperReports from 2.something to 6.11 and now we have an extra column somewhere in our CSV exports
@Nzall Ooh, fun
1 hour later…
4:27 PM
@SaintWacko yeah, it's quite fun /s. I'm going to lobby with the scrum lead tomorrow to offload investigating that issue to an external employee who's more familiar with that.
4:41 PM
...How do I tell a former client's employee who is requesting support that they're not actually a client anymore?
@Yuuki was movie night a success?
@SaintWacko "I'm sorry, but it appears your support contract has expired."
It's not so much a support contract as their company has decided to stop using our learning system. Their last day was Friday
I mean, you still wouldn't be lying if you said that.
@MBraedley It was a small crowd and by "small crowd", I mean two people.
I suppose timing was really bad for people who work weekends.
Well, if I hadn't been going to a live sporting event (!), I would have joined in.
4:52 PM
Is that where a crowd of people watches middle-aged British men give compliments to people? "A jolly good show, sport!"
Q: Chances for rolling the "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" on a bow

WillI have a shaper influenced thicket bow base. I've used almost 2000 alts on it but I never gotten the "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" mod, which is a suffix of splintering. I'm pretty sure I've rolled into all other possible mods on the bow by now, so I'm wondering what the chances are rol...

Oh wow, that was close.
And went to overtime!
Work paid for the tickets, so I couldn't pass up the chance.
Yeah, turned out to be a really good game. Wasn't looking like it would be in the first half.
@MBraedley My office regularly provides tickets to basketball games, I should take advantage of that more often.
4:57 PM
And what the box score and scoring summary don't show are the 3 disallowed goals in OT
(and the disallowed goal late in the fourth for the Rush that would have ended it)
@MBraedley The first three quarters even! If I'm reading the timeline right, the score was 13-7 Saskatchewan going into the fourth.
Yes, you're correct
5:22 PM
And given that Saskatchewan made two goals in the fourth, Halifax had to more than double their score in one quarter to tie it up for overtime.
That's impressive.
2 hours later…
7:36 PM
This game is good
Q: Regionalisation diference between the American and European releases of Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 on PS4?

MorgothI would like to buy the physical release of Asterix & Obelix XXL 2. The game has different names in different regions, Roman Rumble In Las Vegum: Asterix & Obelix Xxl 2 in the USA, and Asterix and Obelix XXL2 in PAL regions. Do the differences extend beyond the name?

Even better than the first one I think
8:13 PM
You guys think anyone would notice if I topped these buns with black pepper instead of poppy seeds
Yeah, probably.
@GnomeSlice If they have an allergy, definitely
Depending on the person, it could pass the eye test if they're not paying attention, but you're going to be busted as soon as someone takes a bite.
wait can you be allergic to black pepper
I wouldn't be surprised.
8:16 PM
That sounds awful
I mean, it's a natural irritant so I'm sure there's overreactions.
> Because you enjoyed The Conquest of Bread:
Estado y revolución
by Vladimir Lenin
uh thanks goodreads but I'd rather read the english translation if anything?
8:35 PM
@Wipqozn Did Wolcen make you want to buy Grim Dawn or something? Saw you just got it today
@Sterno Yes
Exactly what happened
Me too
(except I already owned it, just never got past act 1)
Watching people play Stoneshard also make me want to play TOME4
Man, I haven't played that in so long
I've been wanting to get back into roguelikes again
9:18 PM
Q: Was my PS4 Hacked or Stolen?

NyaMy PS4 is at home, I have no way in getting in contact with it. I'm not sure if my PS4 was hacked or if someone stole it. Someone bought about $200 worth of stuff from my account and I don't know if it was a hack or not. Nobody has my login and even if someone did try to login, wont I see if some...

10:11 PM
@SaintWacko check out cogmind
10:25 PM
We can hunt together!
@Sterno I figured I could either buy wolcen for $45, or finally buy Grim Dawn with all dlc fur 35
10:38 PM
@Wrigglenite Doesn't look like there's an Iceborne-only option.
Oh huh, I guess not
So that's for new players only, I suppose
11:44 PM
Yep, cheetahs are the smallest big cat. They're built for sprinting not fighting and they share a habitat with lions and hyenas, both species that are very aggressive.
So they get anxious really easily.
I think DLC came out recently.
well, is it out?
I thought it's not out yet
either way, $3 for base game
> Release date: March 3, 2020
not entirely because of currency conversion, it has a lower discount in Australia
93% VS 83%

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