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1:46 AM
Q: i have a question about clicker heroes saves

user261866Hey I was just wondering if you were able to transfer a clicker heroes save on pc to ps4? any answers? I have not tried yet but I am confused on how you would. if you didn't already know clicker heroes uses a word file for a save and I don't know how you would transfer that to a ps4.

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2:58 AM
@MBraedley Excellent. I might spend my 2021 spring bonus on a new computer. I was thinking of doing that with my Christmas one, but then I bought a TV instead.
Oh god
I'm getting a disorienting bug
When I type everything appears normal
When I long press to paste, chat appears to swap to this is fine
We'll see which room this pastes in oh god I'm scared
in This Is Fine, 1 min ago, by Wipqozn
Canadian Members of Parliament & US Members of Congress venting each other into space. What could go wrong?

I’m in @theJagmeetSingh!

See you tomorrow.
7pm EST 👾 🇺🇸🇨🇦
Now it looks normal
This also wouldn't be the first time among us caused an international incident twitter.com/Fobwashed/status/1318767592740253696?s=19
3:18 AM
Yeah I'll definitely need to check it out
At least the start
3:43 AM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
How'd y'all's days go?
Q: In need of help using /testfor command

aqualeon_I want to test if there is a sheep at location -155 7 14. Im a begginer and have little to no clue to what I'm doing. I dont know how to format anything in minecraft command blocks like when to use !,=,@,[,] etc. If there is no sheep there I want the code to detect it and thus carry on a differen...

Q: How to split an NBT string into two strings?

ExpertCoder14Story I am making a map where two players are given halves of a message, and then have to travel through their own separate courses to meet at a central point, where the message must be put together and submitted as a whole within a certain time limit to win the game. Problem In order to make thi...

Q: How to get an NBT string's length?

ExpertCoder14Story I am making a chatbot in Minecraft. Players "type" in their messages to the chatbot using a grid of buttons representing numbers, letters, and symbols. Each button press appends a new string to an NBT list. For example, the L button runs the following command: data modify storage chatbot:ma...

5:53 AM
@Memor-X wut!
@GnomeSlice yeh just going by the product page it's December 3, 2020 (not sure if it's adjusting to my timezone or not)
looks like it's the same on Steam but having that offline installer is a added + point to GOG since Creeper World 3 didn't need Steam to start up (so i wouldn't expect the same with this one)
Ah yeah same on steam
Ugh I should not be spending money on anything right now
6:25 AM
Ooof, Shenzhen.IO is hard even by Zachtronics standards
6:57 AM
TIL it is possible for a Sim to have Grilled Cheese as a life aspiration. To complete it you have to eat grilled cheese in spaaaaaaaace sims.fandom.com/wiki/Grilled_Cheese_(aspiration)
7:34 AM
Q: Animated item's .mcmeta file in resource pack not accepting detailed frame animation properties

fm_2030When I use this code, the item shows up with the pink error texture: { "animation": { "frametime": 5, "frames": [ { "index": 0, "time": 2000, }, { "index": 2, ...

8:02 AM
oh right, Thanksgiving, so no Late Show probably
8:24 AM
Q: Surviving Mars - Employment issue

GertDeWildeIs the game at the end unbalanced? At the "end", you can enhance your work places so that less people need to work there, while I got a big population, and now less jobs. Resulting in my people becoming depressed for being unemployed. So to make my people happy again, I removed this enhancement,...

9:14 AM
Q: Minecraft on mobile

Kassidy BerrySo to shorten this up mobs are despawning so much even if I name them. For an example earlier I got a horse and named it but when I came back it was gone. Mobs are also just freezing in air but its usually just sheep and chickens. Why is this?? V1.16.101

9:25 AM
@PrivatePansy truly a disciple of the great Sheogorath
10:13 AM
@fredley /meanwhile/during the 70s/
10:27 AM
TIL that you can pat the bunger
Q: Minecraft: Villager brought to deserted village ran away

elsniNear my base on a Minecraft java edition 1.16.4 realm is a deserted village which I want to repopulate. I brought a villager from another village there but he instantly runs away. The village where I took the villager from is away around 300 blocks south and 200 blocks west. There are at least 4 ...

I need this game already
11:18 AM
Q: How to factory reset PS4 without a dualshock controller?

AlanI have a PS5 and am looking to factory reset my PS4. However, I don't have a dualshock controller, only an @play wired controller. I booted the PS4 into safe mode and the controller worked there, but when I went to factory reset it and it says "Press PS button" it does not do anything. I also tri...

11:45 AM
@Ave it's free for the PS5 if you have a Playstation+ Subscription
i already got it, just now need a PS5
I don't have a PS5
or PS+
@Ave i don't think anyone's getting one for a while unless they reward scalpers
Sony came out the other day and said they are totally out of stock so have to wait until they manufacture more, meanwhile Scalpers clearly have no shame in the fact they have brought up 3500 PS5s
might just keep an eye on the game, grab it when it's on Special and wait until the PS5's are back
it's what i'm going to do for Final Fantasy XVI, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon: Forbidden West
12:14 PM
@Memor-X I think that was one group that has 3500 of them
(one group of two people even...)
@Elva yeh, the ones that are now strait out lying that they didn't use bots and are trying to legitimize what they did by using a COVID sob story
12:47 PM
@Memor-X yeah, sure, they bought 3500 PS5s within minutes without aid of bots
1:07 PM
CC @fredley
1:22 PM
Q: Help me identify a WW2 game

Panda PajamaA long time ago I played a PC game set in WW2, which I don't remember its name. Can you help me identify it? The game was from the late 90s, or early 2000s. I'm almost completely certain it was for Windows, not DOS. It was a top down (maybe isometric) third person mission based game set in WW2. I...

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3:27 PM
Q: Magic Arena - Certain deck formats not listed when creating new deck

DreamTeKWhen I create a new deck this is the entire selection of options I get to choose from for deck formats. As you can see there is no options for either Historic Brawl or Historic Pauper AVAILABLE DECK TYPES I simply assumed that these where not options in the game at present until one day I open...

3:39 PM
@PrivatePansy that's amazing.
4:15 PM
4:25 PM
Seeing 6 flags come in at once makes you wonder what the hell happened
4:40 PM
@Nzall Seeing 6 already cleared flags makes you wonder what drama you missed.
@MBraedley oh right, they were already cleared
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5:56 PM
Q: Any Undyne the Undying tips?

ALIEI've been trying to beat her for nearly a month, and I still can't. I have the torn notebook and I have the ballet slippers in a chest along with a LOT of dog salads. I have Abandoned quiche, 1 Spider Cider, 1 spider donut, 3 dog salads( in my inventory) 1 crab apple and 1 sea tea. I'm on a switc...

6:21 PM
Q: Is it possible to remove Gwent mods without starting a new game?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftI've added a Gwent mod (specifically, Gwent Redux) but after playing with it for a while, I decided I don't like it. However, when I remove the mod, I lose all my cards. Is there any way to get original Gwent back, without restarting the game? I tried adding the original cards with console comm...

Trying to do some office chair research
I wish I had this as a screenshot and can't replicate it but one time a search for "office chair" on google shopping got me this:
May 8 at 14:17, by Unionhawk
user image
7:00 PM
@Unionhawk wtf
7:43 PM
@Unionhawk holy shit I need this
7:56 PM
@fredley Lol wtf
Also, I just bought a Hyken chair from Staples
It's comfy, but, counter to the website description, the armrests actually only go up and down
Q: In Crusader Kings 3, is there a way to determine the special building options?

Rapida I have a few different counties with special buildings, but I don't know how to tell what is available to build there. Is there an in game way of telling what options are available and how to unlock them?

oh man, how dumb do you have to be to randomly open links people send to you as a streamer while on stream, especially in such a way that they'll end up live on screen?
8:26 PM
Q: How do I avoid getting wedged between an outer water layer and the edge of the map?

EezaciIn Map maker I like to involve vast areas of water surrounding my showdown map but when I play Darrel and role out into the open areas of water I seem to get wedged between the water and the edge of the map, is there a way to avoid this? I can not place a wall on the outside because it involves a...

9:24 PM
I'm playing Fallout 4 again, and I keep trying to call Caps Echoes
10:06 PM
Q: Enabling simultaneous turns in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HotA

Jamie HutberI would love to be able to play this game in single player and simultaneous turns! :D Is it possible?

10:29 PM
Cartridge Defense is very good
Q: Looking for hexagon energy battle game from early 2000's

computercarguyI'm looking for a game that I played on PC in the early 2000's. It was a RTS with 2 players. It might have had more player options, though. It was also a single player against computer. I normally played it alone, but it had an online option to play others remotely. It wasn't massively popular, s...

10:56 PM
Q: How do you give a name, lore, and enchantments in Minecraft using a single Command Block? (Bedrock Edition 1.16)

djatsoris26Here's a quick backstory as to why I'm making this post. If you don't want to read it, skip to the bold. I've just recently picked up Minecraft after a couple years and started playing around with it. After I got comfortable messing around with it, I noticed that they implemented command blocks i...

11:21 PM
Q: How to stop spinning rocket in space

Samuel JosephI have been playing KSP for a long time now but I haven't encountered this problem before. I have a rocket I sent to Duna and back, but after timewarping outside of Kerbin's sphere of influence, the rocket was spinning. It won't stop spinning, even with stability assist and rcs. I have plenty of ...

11:41 PM
@Nzall oh the "CEO of the company" (because that's how they present themselves) already admitted they has bots ready and used which guaranteed 100% 1 PS5 per bot
which unless the bots could pretend to be multiple people, that's a limitation from the store frons as at the very least EB Games was limiting 1 PS5 per customer
Honestly fuck the stores as much as the scalpers.
The majority of shops are doing nothing to prevent it. And yeah to them, a sale is a sale...but fuck'em.
I'm going aim for costco probbaly. They limit 1 per member every 2 days.

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