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12:03 AM
@Unionhawk okay this is cool
12:16 AM
> Nintendo Switch: The gaming platform for all your Dynasty Warriors crossover needs.
Q: Grand Theft Auto V won't start on Ubuntu 18.10 using Proton 3.16-9beta ERR_GFX_D3D_NOD3D1X_4

KBD99603I am not able to get Grand Theft Auto V working on my computer. I have searched the internet and tried everything I could find. So here's the details, hopefully someone can help... I have installed Grand Theft Auto V on Steam, have also verified integrity of game files for GTA V and Proton 3.16-...

1:22 AM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.14) Tagged item entity cannot be found

Nik3141I have a function in a datapack which is supposed to check for the presence of four stacks of flesh and four stacks of bones on four soul sand and four quartz blocks respectively. To do this, I've been giving the first flesh the tag "flesh1", the second "flesh2", and so one, and same with the bon...

Movie was good. I give it 5 @Ronan out of 4 @TimStone
I managed to take out the trash and recycling! I am very proud of that, it's the most I have been outside since Tuesday!
2:12 AM
@Wipqozn so in a normal numbered rating systems, how many out of five is 1 @Ronan and 1 @TimStone
@Memor-X 5/7, Perfect score
Q: Can I get Minecraft for android if I already have windows 10 edition?

A concerned gamerI have windows 10 edition of Minecraft and I was wondering if I could get it on android for free

My Smart Car has a bike rack now! :3
@Memor-X i ran the numbers and @Wipqozn rated it a 24 hour ban and 4 deownerings
@Yuuki now you've made me look up how many Dynasty Warriors crossovers there are
There's about 19, as it turns out
Depends on if you count the Mahjong one.
2:27 AM
There's a new Hat in Time DLC!
Apparently it provides support for 50 player multiplayer, which is a bit much
So it's a battle royale now?
Co-op, I think
> Friends: Play in groups of up to 50 players by entering a group name!
Public: Play with 3 other strangers who can see you, but cannot affect you!
@TrentHawkins this can't be canada, i don't see any snow
2:33 AM
@GodEmperorDune it is all hiding behind the Smart Car.
1 hour later…
3:52 AM
@PrivatePansy that seems overwhelming
Q: What would happen if you combine 2 doges in doge 2048?

user230677I'm playing doge2048, and I'm wondering what would happen if you combine 2 '2048' doges? I ask, because when I change the aspect to 4096 it simply disappears. I would like to have an answer that's not "you can't" or "it disappears".

4:20 AM
Q: Will Villagers maintain their Profession from 1.13?

BenSo I recently updated to 1.14, and returned to one of the villages that I had previously visited. For the most part, all the villagers did not have any professions (when I clicked on them they simply waggled their heads at me). However, there were two Librarians in the village. These were the on...

4:58 AM
Q: Can I play multiplayer on minecraft with one PlayStation?

NalaniIf you're playing minecraft on a PlayStation, and you want to play two different accounts on the same PlayStation during multiplayer, how would you do that? So same PlayStation, two different accounts, at the same time, during multiplayer. Does that make sense?

2 hours later…
7:11 AM
my fucking god
flat earthers applied for a patent for "flat earth" in turkey
7:27 AM
This is shameful.
Q: What are the Item restrictions during VS races?

QuijiboIn Mario Kart Wii, certain items have restrictions for when or under what condition they may be gotten. By this, I do not mean the items based on placement system. Some Items can be pulled only after a certain time limit. For example, the Shock can be used only once in 30 seconds. I know there a...

7:54 AM

Alan GuzmanGTA V Crash - Whenever I try to punch a random ped or some ped tries to punch me (only with hands or meele weapon) the game crashes :/ No problems when using guns, but yeah if someone in the game tries to use meele weapons like knife, baseball bat, etc it will crash... After game turns off by its...

8:19 AM
@Ave great
that means they're claiming exclusivity over the idea, so no one else can be a flat earther!
Morning chat!
@Kevin Morning
@Kevin er;lkawmerpiouwnmrpoewijmraew[opir
Q: How do I draw perfectly straight lines?

senpaiAs the title says -- I'm having issues drawing completely straight lines using my fingers in the stage builder. I'm trying to draw a hexagon, but obviously it's pretty difficult to make any shape that isn't a rectangle or a circle.

9:32 AM
Q: Despawning problem in minecraft

Fauzan MohammadWhy do my animals keep despawning? I went to chop down some trees, organise my storage system. And when i came to see my animals they were mostly gone. I don't know about villagers if this was the same or a zombie horde attacks them. It may be my low end tablet (I'm on pocket edition) my render ...

I mean, the sidebar with the labels is kind of necessary
oh, hamburger bar
Hmmm hamburger
don't tell me you, too, have been brainwashed by the five guys cult
I saw my first five guys place this weekend, I have not gone inside
they have good fries
generously served
not so much of a fan of their burgers. they're slippery and lack structural integrity
I hate messy burgers
9:59 AM
Five Guys is overpriced for what it is
It's fast food isn't it? Comes with the territory
Q: Gadget Upgrade in Batman Arkham City

Onkar SinghI am playing Batman Arkham City on Windows platform. Many a times while playing the game shows that a Gadget Upgrade is available but I don't know how to process it. Some Armor upgrades do come with a 'Tab' key but I guess gadgets have a different follow-path.

10:25 AM
@Lazers2.0 CV please, pirated game
10:39 AM
Always helpful when they volunteer that information!
10:57 AM
@GodEmperorDune Thanks for the accurate conversion.
11:09 AM
Q: I cant find my Minecraft Screenshots anywhere, i have looked at %appdata%/.minecraft Does anyone else know a way i can view them?

BenjiBeanI cant find my screenshots folder anywhere, its not in the app data folders, I am just wondering if there is any other way to view my screenshots or if I could somehow get my screenshots folder back to where its supposed to be. I have already tried to look in all my other folders on this computer...

Bus just decided to skip so I guess I'm ubering
11:25 AM
Someone claimed they've found proof that Epic Games does really serious spyware. when I ask them if they can show their proof so others can verify them, though....
@realnzall @skippy0330 @SatisfactoryAF I'm not going to show my findings I urge everyone to make their own investigations about this topic. You will always find some fanboy going around claiming what you did was wrong trying to proof you wrong. Do your research learn something about your privacy don't rely on others.
Dude, that's not how science works
11:38 AM
The whole social storm around Epic Games is really interesting
People are scared that they might actually pull it off and break the steam monopoly
I think it could happen
11:50 AM
@Nzall yeh this is fear mongering. if you have proof, come out with it. if it's as good as you claim then no amount of work any fanboy does can change things
@HalfEmpty i wouldn't mind that so long as Epic had a decent store front and didn't do the exclusivity shit
@Memor-X Oh, but they'll stop if Steam gives devs a bigger cut!
I don't quite see what the problem is with exclusivity, if taken apart from the launcher not being very good. it's not like I have to decide between epic and steam.
@Frank will they? Epic isn't doing it to force Valve's hand. they're doing it because they have the money and they can
That's a thing they said they'd do
That makes no sense to me
"If our competition gets better, we'll stop forcing people to use our launcher"
12:03 PM
Oh I'm fairly sure it's just a marketing trick. They don't expect steam to do it
This is just an attempt at directing criticism away
@Kevin i'll believe it when i see it. don't forget that people lie, Bethesda, Hello Games, Bioware
1 min ago, by Kevin
Oh I'm fairly sure it's just a marketing trick. They don't expect steam to do it
With you there
Look at that Lumines Remastered Ultimate Edition
@Memor-X the exclusivity shit is part of how they're pulling it off, consoles have done that for ages
And yeah the storefront needs work but 15 years ago steam was gobshit too
In a decade epic could be the new King
Yeah but today isn't 15 years ago
@HalfEmpty however the difference with consoles is the architecture you program for back in the day before Unity
12:08 PM
@Kevin true.
I don't get why people think that's a valid argument. I don't expect it to be as polished as steam is, but I expect it to have most of the features at least
hell even now RPG Maker MV for the Switch is being delayed because of issues with it on the Switch which weren't there for PC and PS4
I also agree that challenge to steam is mostly blowing smoke, but steam is going to have to do... Something at least to answer Epic at some point
They can no longer just coast and keep teasing HL3
Maybe they'll have to actually make it now lol
Sure, a complex system like steam curators I don't expect epic to have. But wishlists and shopping carts? Those are basic features I expect
12:09 PM
@Kevin like a shopping cart (still 6+ months away)
(INB4 again! ;) )
@Kevin lol
Epics developers are all tied up in fortnite. Lol
I should hope that these are two completely unrelated teams
Bet they aren't, at least not yet
12:11 PM
The knowledge and skills required to be a good gamedev is basically unrelated to the knowledge and skills needed to make a good webshop + content delivery network
Fortnite blew up pretty quick, they already killed paragon to focus on fortnite
@Kevin probably explains why they don't have a good webshop yet, lol
I, for one, support Epic's decision to kill Paragon so they could buy exclusives for their storefront. /s
I bet they are really lacking in store/web developers right now
i did see a video on my feed about Epic doing crunch on Fortnite to keep it popular. haven't seen it yet but if it's true not a good thing to have the same team doing it
12:12 PM
Hmm... curious idea that is utterly unfounded on any evidence. Maybe they couldn't find many store/web-devs for the prices they're willing to pay, assuming they pay them the same as gamedevs
@Memor-X from what I've heard it's pretty bad yeah
@Kevin yeah I'm just speculating
@Memor-X Sterling's vid mentioned people who didn't work weekends being fired. Which blows my mind. I'm glad we don't have "at will" firing in the UK
They should unionize. Although game quality may drop
Still think they should
Spoken as a union worker
it's always been tough to get devs in any field to unionise
@MattE.Эллен might have been his video i saw on my feed. he is one of the youtubers i watch for new videos
12:23 PM
for some reason we're lead to believe software devs don't need unions because they get paid enough
also, unionising means being social... ;)
Don't make it about pay. Say something like "unionizing is like open-source software for employment".
Nice :D I wish was good at organising or leading...
Game Workers Unite has been setting some really good groundwork
agitating at GDC and stuff like that, having local meetings
they're a registered trade union in the UK I think
Does anyone actually say that? Because I was mostly joking about how devs love open-source.
@HalfEmpty Game quality will actually probably increase. Working more than 40 hours a week is a primary cause of lower quality output. Unionization helps solve that. It will also help in increasing the size of the QA department, whose job it is to find the issues as they happen.
12:36 PM
it might take longer to do like, from a timeline perspective
@MBraedley Hmm. Good point!
@Unionhawk Well, Anthem supposedly took 6 years but post-mortem seems to suggest that it was really just 18 months of development.
Much like Andromeda.
@Yuuki hmm Weird
@Yuuki 18 months of active development. There was a bunch of work being done before that, but by only a couple of people, and interspersed with other activities.
I wonder also if there is a possible development time and quality disadvantage to the industry practice of grabbing a bunch of contractors for crunch and then nonrenewing them on release idk
12:46 PM
@MBraedley well, there was also a lot of 'do things, then change direction and throw everything you did away'
(at least from what I've read =p)
1:06 PM
Q: Distortion on tv display

KelvinI have an intel core i5 with a nvidia 920m gpu with a laptop display of 1600x900 and I’m trying to connect it to my tv using a hdmi to play games but I notice a bit of distortion something like a line moving down the tv screen a bit every once in a while, I am currently running the two displays s...

@Lazers2.0 This seems like a SU question to me
1:25 PM
> The monolith Gesaffelstein stood in front of was covered in the very rare, very expensive Vantablack. This design erases all visible features on a 3D surface, making objects very disorienting for the brain. Then, to truly boggle the viewer, the monolith would split into two, revealing a lighted surface.
I still laugh when I think about the hubbub over that one guy being the only person allowed to use Vantablack for awhile. As if it was solely his decision.
Doesn't ring a bell for me. Huh.
When Vantablack was first revealed, the company that makes it contracted with an artist and he would be the only person the company allowed (for a time) to use Vantablack for artistic purposes.
And there was a whole Internet thing about how elitist and whatever it was for one guy to own a color.
As if Vantablack was just a color and the artist was the one making all the decisions.
Then another artist developed the "pinkest pink" or something like that and licensed to everyone BUT the Vantablack guy
The Vantablack guy however managed to get that pink thing and posted a picture with his middle finger dipped on the paint
Mostly drama for drama
There was also the glitteriest glitter
1:42 PM
To me, it was pretty weird/amusing how outraged people got despite how little they knew about the whole situation.
Vantablack is not a color, it's a substance. Kapoor doesn't own Vantablack, he was the only one licensed by the company that makes it. Vantablack is not just some special brand of paint. At the time, you had to literally grow it on the surface you wanted to "paint" with it. And it grew at temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius.
It was originally designed as a part of military research and thus is considered military tech. Therefore, it is subject to strict export controls.
@Yuuki not really. according to Fredley's article, the licensing happened AFTER they developed a much easier way to apply it using a spray
As the article also says though, it's not as easy as a spray can and the company can only produce so much at a time.
1 hour later…
3:10 PM
That guy who didn’t want to show his proof turns out to be an antivaxxer so I just blocked him
No sense debating morons
a mute is stronger than a block bc a block gives them the satisfaction of a screenshot. a screenshot is content. never give ur enemy content
3:40 PM
I had ribs and beer for lunch and they were good. Highly recommended on a Friday.
Q: Detect an Empty Hopper in MC 1.12.2

AndrewI'd like to use a command block to detect when the first slot of a hopper has no items in it in 1.12.2 (Or alternatively, if no slots have items in them). I already know how to search for a specific item in the first slot: /testforblock ~a ~b ~c hopper -1 {Items:[{id:"minecraft:dirt",Count:1b...

4:00 PM
Here's something fun
I don't know why, but I keep underestimating the volume of food a box/bowl can hold
Google is getting in on the #AvengersEndgame fun. To play along: 1. Go to Google 2. Search "Thanos" 3. Click on the Infinity Gauntlet 4. Whoops ....
@Nzall Not sure I want to do that while at work.
I bought a box of bread pudding, and thought I could finish it. I stopped at 1/3 because I'm completely stuffed
@MBraedley It's entirely SFW
4:02 PM
@MBraedley The effect is really cool, and as a web developer I can just tell my boss I'm trying to figure out how they did it
Seriously, how did they do it? The particles have the same color as the text, so it's not hard coded
It's probably an animation effect
Well duh, I mean how they rendered the particles on a page full of text
Got it, they used html2canvas to convert the elements into a canvas
@PrivatePansy Weird, I'd have used a CSS animation
Won't be possible
Each of those tiny dots would be their own element, which will just murder performance
Also you need to line up the dots with the text, which is really hard unless you're in canvas
In canvas you can just query each pixel position to figure out the color
actually, I thought more like a CSS transition to display-none with a custom effect
though I'm not sure you can put custom effects on transitions
4:05 PM
You cannot
No, you can't. Transition only applies to existing CSS properties
So usually you'd use transform or opacity
Maybe the paintAPI lets you, but that's not out yet
Yeah, that'd be cool, but it'll probably be just as much if not more work than this
Also you're still coding it in JS
Yeah it's basically just a more performant canvas
Which you can control with css
Avengers Endgame Trailer – Developer version [No Spoiler] http://www.commitstrip.com/2019/04/26/avengers-endgame-trailer-developer-edition-no-spoilers/
I thought bread pudding would be like bread, but it's more like pudding
It's like an egg tart, but with the tart pastry replaced with bread
@PrivatePansy Yeah, it's a pastry, and a really heavy pastry at that
nothing like a cake
Yeah, I guess that's why I underestimated how filling it'll be. I thought it'll be mostly air
I find it kinda bizarre that people older than I am use abbreviations in text chat more than I do.
@Yuuki People who were more used to T9 texting?
Or paying for telegrams by the letter
4:21 PM
We used lots of abbreviations back on USENET.
Like in Slack or Skype at work, everyone is using "plz" and "ur" and stuff and I'm kinda weirded out because that's more something I expect from someone my age.
@Yuuki They're not as good as typing on glass so they abbreviate
Though "ur" sends me into an incoherent rage.
"yr" or get into the sea
@Yuuki hey, we were your age at one time
4:31 PM
@Yuuki older managers and shit from every retail store I've worked in always email and text like this. They're not good at typing I guess and it's fewer characters
or rather, "hey we were ur age at 1 time"
@MBraedley ಠ_ಠ
Also the other day I was raiding the company pantry and found a granola bar. The packaging said 190 calories for two bars, which at 90 per bar I thought was reasonable, so I cracked it open and found that each packet contained two bars
Nutrition facts do usually tell you how many servings there are per container.
Warning for anyone who cares: the Hot Network Questions list appears to contain Avengers: Endgame spoilers. You can hide HNQ here
@murgatroid99 You should be able to disable HNQ in your user preferences.
4:36 PM
@PrivatePansy For a few days I was having packets of trail mix for breakfast at work, until I decided to look at the nutrition information. They weren't big packets, maybe 6oz or so. The back said there were 140 calories per serving, so not bad. Except that there were 3.5 servers per container -.-
@Yuuki I just did, because of that. I thought others might want to know in case they want to do the same
@SaintWacko Yeah, always pay attention to the "Servings Per Container" label.
That's where food companies get you.
@Yuuki This one said one serving is two bar, but not that there were two bars in the packet. It would be a bit odd to have a single serving spread between two packets, but I didn't think about that
@Yuuki which you can access directly without navigating to a page that may contain hnq with gaming.stackexchange.com/users/preferences
@murgatroid99 A) Does SFF not have a tag for spoilers, and B) why not filter those out of HNQ?
4:42 PM
@MBraedley I don't think so, and I don't moderate SFF
Also, the spoilers I saw were from Movies & TV
@murgatroid99 Hmm... if you could mod edit the user profile link into this message, it'd be a good candidate for pinning.
@murgatroid99 Thanks. I have been avoiding that and Facebook as much as I can, even some whatsapp groups
However I have had no problems on reddit until now, but I should also avoid
@Moacir yeah, same
I'm going to need to be spoiled in order to even consider watching the movie. I really did not like the last one.
@JasonBerkan The last one you mean Infinity War or Captain Marvel?
4:57 PM
Sorry. Infinity War. The last Avengers movie.
i saw captain marvel the other day and avengers end game today
@user7237069 Nice. I will see end game tomorrow
i will not say anything about what happened
captain marvel is good
I liked captain marvel too
@user7237069 I was about to mention that I've never tested out the banhammer.
Or have I?
I need to check the transcript.
5:01 PM
Q: In werewolv.es, can a Graverobber be recruited into the Inquisition and, if so, can the Graverobber become a Witchcraft user?

xiiAccording to the H2P for the Inquisition Leader: The Inquisition Leader is not able to recruit any player who already has a night-faction (Familiar, Coven member, Undead member, Mason, Illuminati Member) or any user of Witchcraft but will not be killed if they try. This failed recruit does no...

I don't believe so but it also doesn't leave an audit message in transcript
I think it does a notification at the top to owners and mods
@Unionhawk Yeah, but I would've mentioned that it was my first time banning someone.
and like 50 people would have been like "what the fuck why did you press that button"
so, fair
nice, our boy on the official cities skylines channel (also his videos are good you should watch them)
Checking in on our bracket and everyone has been extremely owned except this one person who might have a perfect brain
@Unionhawk I told my wife yesterday that I would've done better by picking absolutely randomly.
5:06 PM
This is usually the case
the guy with the best bracket in ncaa history this past year did
he had it perfect to like the sweet 16 or some shit
picking based on like "I knew a guy who went to auburn"
IIRC, the person who did the best at Worlds Pick'Ems (League of Legends) last year did their picks based entirely on what team logos they liked the most.
Or was that year before last?
At my previous job, they held an annual NHL player pool - you picked a team of players and got points based on how they did. The regular winner was one of the project managers and she always picked her players based on a theme - one from each zodiac symbol, every one born in a different state/province, etc.
Always did better than the people picking based on perceived performance.
@Yuuki There was a DOTA in game pool like that, that was free, and of everyone, just one person predicted everything perfectly
Well, trying to debug that issue was a colossal waste of time. Someone made a bad commit.
5:31 PM
Wasn't there this squid in Portugal who predicted a bunch of sports events?
Paul the Octopus (26 January 2008 – 26 October 2010) was a common octopus used to predict the results of association football matches. Accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup brought him worldwide attention as an animal oracle. During divinations, Paul's keepers would present him with two boxes containing food. The boxes were identical except that they were decorated with the different team flags of the competitors in an upcoming football match. Whichever box Paul ate from first was considered his prediction for which team would win the match. His keepers at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen...
Turns out he was in Germany
Are there any Minecraft mods that show how a block is getting redstone power?
@GodEmperorDune thank you.
5:49 PM
I managed a 40 min walk in the park today! I saw the swans and ducks and geese. It was good.
@Ash I remember on my third day in San Francisco I wanted to find a park to walk around, and found a park in the middle of the city. Turned out the park is basically a really steep hill, and the reviews about the park being "good for hiking" were not exaggerating
The views at the top turned out pretty good though
@PrivatePansy well, that's good lol! I haven't been up for much this week so it was nice to get outside. My park has always had just one swan and he never wanted a mate except this year he did! So now there are two swans.
@badp that, looks expensive lol
6:02 PM
@PrivatePansy oh that is a nice view
I keep making the mistake of not checking terrain when looking at Google Maps in San Francisco. Roads that are perfectly straight on the map turns out to have 22 degree incline
And I'll be completely out of breathe just walking two or three blocks
Yikes lol
I wouldn't think to check that either
I think it's just complete hubris that the city planner laid out a grid on top of the terrain and just drove completely straight roads up these ridiculous hills
Either that or they just didn't properly survey the place
walking or cycling directions in maps should give you elevation profiles I think (it does on desktop but my phone is busy so I can't check)
@Unionhawk Cycling does, but not walking
6:11 PM
@PrivatePansy Interesting, idk why desktop is different then
Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California that is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Stretching from The Presidio east to The Embarcadero (with a gap on Telegraph Hill), most of the street's western segment is a major thoroughfare designated as part of U.S. Route 101. The famous one-block section, claimed to be "the crookedest street in the world", is located along the eastern segment in the Russian Hill neighborhood. It is a major tourist attraction, receiving around two million visitors per year and up to 17,000 per day on busy summer weekends...
@Unionhawk Oh, I just noticed "all routes are mostly flat" at the bottom of the directions
I guess Google Maps has a different idea of what flat means from me
@PrivatePansy desktop allows me to click that and find out what it thinks flat means
@MBraedley Yeah, I walked up that the other day. It was pretty fun
Q: Minecraft Commands - Detecting an item on the ground with a custom tag

RoqubotI want to detect an item on the ground with a custom tag (e.g. "spark:1b"). I run this command: /give @p blaze_rod{spark:1b} 1 Then I throw it on the ground and run this command: /execute as @e[type=item,nbt={spark:1b}] run say hi But nothing happens. How do I detect items (on the ground) wit...

6:19 PM
The funny thing is that Singapore is mostly flat, so districts like River Valley are exaggerating when they call themselves Valleys
In San Francisco on the other hand, Valleys and Hills are actually that
League of Legends just added a cat champion.
A cat with a magical book, no less. I approve.
One of her abilities is basically her jumping on her ally's head.
She attaches to an ally and becomes untargetable. Her ally gets buffs and her spells originate from the attached ally.
Hahaha Awsome
@Yuuki That sounds like a good way to get out of the line of fire.
Just attach for a second, force a retarget, and detach.
6:35 PM
I was joking that she's basically the opposite of another support champion, Tahm Kench.
Hilariously enough, he's a giant catfish.
His signature ability is swallowing a target (usually an ally champion) and carrying them to safety.
Why is it so far to find printed button down shirts online
@Yuuki I like this.
I found like one but it's short sleeve
I want baked goods how hard can that be
Umamiwear has some donut ones but they're like $50
@HalfEmpty Mostly because the typical use case for print shirts and the typical use case for buttoned shirts are completely divergent.
Seafood manager at my last store had a ton of nice fish shirts I should have asked him where he got them
@Yuuki buttoned shirts often have a pattern on them though
6:44 PM
Yeah but like a business casual, workplace-safe pattern.
Like I can search for anchor or whatever and there's hits for that
But nothing baked
And those patterns are usually woven, not printed
I wanna know where he got the fish
@MBraedley ah right. Well I don't know what to search for then
I want like bread and stuff how hard can that be
I work in a bakery in a retail environment
I've been searching for like half an hour
Best I think I'm gonna find but I don't really like white
6:53 PM
@Ash 49 euros is a lot...
Well yes that is true as well
I am just amused it is a toast shirt
That's neat yeah
I almost unilaterally wear black pants so black would be ideal
I wish that donut one on Amazon came long sleeve..
Short sleeve is a deal-breaker for me. I only wear long
It's getting too hot to continue to wear my sweater so I guess I'll just go back to a plain black long sleeve t for now..
Fashion is so much more difficult as a man 😩
I mean I'm leery of buying clothes online anyway
But I don't think I'm ever gonna see anything at the mall so
If you were a person who wore "ladies" style shirts I could find you so many with baked goods on them. It's silly how gendered they are making baked goods.
@Ash just fashion in general in my experience
Although yeah there's lots of fishing and golf stuff. Lol.
For Men Of Business I guess
I may order one from umamiwear and see how it is
7:04 PM
@HalfEmpty lol yes because manly men who do business wear such things or something like that
Or they do golf and fishing
I will resume the search later
@Nzall Any TLDW version?
@Ash How different are buttoned shirts between "men's" and "ladies'"?
If I could find one that fit properly, I wouldn't mind wearing a "ladies" shirt myself.
@Yuuki The "fit properly" is the deal. They usually dont. My SO was frustrated that she found so many Marvel shirts for me but couldn't find a single one that looked ok on her
@Yuuki Most also have the buttons on the left side instead of the right side as is the typical case for men's.
7:20 PM
@Yuuki buttons and fitted for the expectation of breasts if it is a proper fitted ladies shirt, like darts up the front or whatever
But that varies a lot with shirt size and shape and Dear God fitted shirts are hard
@Ash See, I know what you mean, but now I'm picturing lawn/bar darts.
(there is a reason all my flannel is mens that I just wear open with a tshirt or whatever under)
Like "firing all missiles!"
@Yuuki that would be extremely uncomfortable
@Yuuki hahahaha oh that would get dangerous real fast
7:22 PM
@Moacir Epic says that if Steam were to increase the dev split to 88%, they would stop doing the whole Exclusive thing and maybe even release on Steam
@Nzall I do not believe that, but lets see
It has probably already been discussed, I mainly just copy-pasted the URL because I wanted to be sure that my clipboard didn't have anything weird in it
@Moacir it doesn't matter because steam won't do that
I'm buying my iPad mini tomorrow
@Nzall That's basically extortion "We'll stop attacking you with anticompetitive practices if you give up some money"
7:33 PM
isn't extortion where one is seeking money specifically for themselves
I suppose they figure that with Fortnite, they have higher profit margins than Steam and therefore they can last longer with an 88% split or something? I mean, there's a point to be made that you can only thrive on predatory practices, then maybe you shouldn't be in business.
But I don't know enough about the market to know whether Steam's split is a predatory practice or not.
@Unionhawk they directly benefit from steam making less profit
@Yuuki A 30% split is industry standard for stores AFAIK
bc then steam, y'know, earns much less
Like, most stores have a 30% cut
7:36 PM
@Nzall Well, the question is whether or not the standard is a problematic practice, isn't it?
and lose a lot of financial power
@Ave but that doesn't like, translate to them earning more
@Unionhawk I dunno the nazi number seems like an extremely gamer move
@Yuuki my issue with steam's split is that they just give AAAs more money
once you get like $50m sales or something you get the better split
@TimStone 88% is just the split EPIC already has
7:38 PM
I know
@Unionhawk Swap it around, maybe? You get a better split unless your game sells like hotcakes?
(Or just don't have a breakpoint)
Honestly, I just want Valve to call this bluff (if this is a bluff) for more drama.
Yeah, like it makes sense from some business perspective but ultimately it just ends up hurting indie devs
which is why itch is cool since it's set your own up to and including 100%
Has Valve even made any response to Epic's storefront outside of telling previously-on-Steam games that are going exclusive that that's not cool, dude?
I want valve to call this bluff so that they give indie devs more of their money
I haven't really been paying much attention to this thing so as far as I can tell, Valve's mostly been ignoring Epic.
@Unionhawk Yeah sure, but I like drama more than being a good person right now.
7:44 PM
I also want valve to give me some of their money
but that's unrelated
7:55 PM
I just want that Steam Black Card
reminder that developers on itch.io have a literal slider where they can set how much of a cut the service gets
so this whole thing about cuts is just ridiculous
I wonder how much the average split on itch.io is. Because Humble Bundle does that and I usually give Humble the smallest cut out of the three (Humble, game devs, charity).
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