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12:26 AM
@John Done
12:59 AM
My cat is turning my leg into a pincushion. It's cute and painful at the same time.
@HalfEmpty the joke is that it blows out electrically charged leaves
1:22 AM
The Titan Network is in talks with NCSoft regarding a community-run City of Heroes server. Things are looking positive, so stay strong. We don't have a timeline right now, but we'll provide more updates as soon as we can. #SaveCoH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyn_YuMLSNc
Q: Did I do Pacifist correct? (I think I am missing something.)

TheEpicTemmieI got to Asgore with 0 EXP and then I did the fight. I had the worn knife on me that I found as well as the heart locket. I did the fight and spared Asgore and of course Flowey killed him and then I battled Omega Flowey and I had to attack him as well. I spared him. I did not do the date with Pap...

1:50 AM
Q: Extracting chunks from corrupt region files

SteveI recently made a boo-boo and lost my entire save file along with all backups. I was able to recover my save using a file recovery tool but the regions where all of my buildings are do not load either in game or in MCEdit and when I try to open the file with NBTExplorer it says "Not a valid regio...

Q: Unable to have people join my realm (1.14)

EarthToAccessI highly doubt there to be an answer here, but I've checked everywhere else and haven't found much, so I figured I would check prior to submitting a bug report. I run a Realm that works as a modified SMP (it's an SMP but with like, events, a shop, etc). It's one of two SMP Realms that my Discord...

Q: What's the point of the gifts from my friends?

AshThe more I make buns for my friends the more they give me gifts and things but I can't figure out if they're useful for anything. Are the gifts from my friends useful, or are they just decorative collection things?

2:22 AM
@Frank Nice little update.
We are moving Talent, Mail, and other internal services over now. /jobs and friends will be read-only for a bit.
Various parts of the Stack Exchange Network (including Stack Overflow) will be read-only and temporarily offline while we migrate their databases over sometime during the next half hour or so - we're starting our run now.
We are now in read-only move while we move applications over to the new cluster and failover our distributed availability groups. We expect to do so and bring Stack Overflow and friends back online in the next 10-15 minutes.
We're failing over the last database group (everything outside Stack Overflow on Q&A) now.
@StackStatus We are going read-write across the network now that failover has completed. There are a few errors to tidy, but that should be all the user-facing fun for tonight. Thanks for bearing with us!
@OKAY,PANIC. thanks for keeping us informed in an up to the minute fashion
useless feed lol
2:49 AM
Q: So I pre ordered a game on my friends home screen but on my Xbox, does that mean I don't get the game and I lost 60$?

Fresh ClayWhen I downloaded the game I forgot to switch off my friend's account, does that mean that he owns the game now and I don't? I bought it on my Xbox so I should keep it right?

6 hours later…
8:23 AM
Q: Nintendo64 game with bike racing

ThomasI have some memory of a game I played on the Nintendo64 that involved (motor) bike racing. Some details I know for sure: it had multiplayer there was some stunning level where the weather was exactly right for rainbows, as in cloudy but with a lot of sun there was some kind of desert / sand lik...

8:43 AM
@Moacir I almost died though! I've been on holiday in Ethiopia, I got very bad food poisoning and had to come home early.
9:35 AM
user image
9:50 AM
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is 66% off on Steam. An RTS/stealth game similar to the Commandos series that I highly recommend
@PrivatePansy I don't think cutting hours would be a quite effective cost measure, considering cutting 4 hours per week means you do your work 10% slower, so it takes 10% longer for everything to get done
Like, sure, you need to pay 10% less in personnel-related costs, but there are loads of costs that don't care how many people are at the office like rent and license costs, and you're going to get payment from customers about 10% slower since they need to wait 10% longer to get their products
10:33 AM
@Nzall Not necessarily, there's quite a bit of research that shows that you don't get more productivity from getting people to work longer
So if they work less time they don't always do less work
@Ronan I'm not sure how you're going to get 8 hours of work done in 4 hours
No, but doing the same work in 34 hours as compared to 38 over the course of a week is quite possible
Maybe across an entire week, so it's 40 hours of work in 36, but they're already calculating in that they're going to have 4 hours per week less
They might see an initial dip in progress, but I'm pretty confident it'd recover as people felt less stressed and less like they needed loads of breaks throughout the week
11:24 AM
@Ronan I'm not sure how you went from "working 4 hours less on Friday" to "having less breaks through the week"
11:48 AM
@Ronan That'd depend on the workload each person is given, I think.
I can see bosses heaping work on their subordinates, and when they complain they can't get it all done, all the boss says is, "No excuses, just get it done."
12:14 PM
@fredley Oh shit. Are you better? Sorry for the joke, it was insensitive
12:25 PM
@Moacir Lol it's fine. I'm getting better now. I lost 10% of my body weight in 5 days!
@Nzall People who aren't being worked as hard stay motivated longer?
banging on a table 30 hour weeks!
@Unionhawk They invented parttime work for that /s
broke: 996 (9am-9pm 6 days a week)
woke: 420 (4 hour days $20 minimum)
Like, I would love to have a 30 hour work week (work 4 days a week, choose your day off) for the same salary as a 38 hour week, but the reality is in such a situation I'd probably have to hand in about 25% of my paycheck
12:47 PM
besides who even does 8 hours of work in 8 hours anyway
@fredley I am glad though that you are still here.
1:13 PM
Q: I have given all the blue “eyes” but it will not give me the star. Why?

AlmaI have collected all the blue eyes and given them to the creature to grow proper eyes but it will not give me the star ring.

1:45 PM
@Ash I'm 90% here!
@fredley The important 90%?
@Ronan Hopefully!
I'm very happy that you're still here with us, @fredley
Q: My Minecraft World, Modded, has become corrupted, suddenly, MCEdit says Not an NBT File with TAG_Compound and wont repair

OmarI had been playing yesterday, everything as normal, and Today I see that the world wont show up, The world is corrupted. I then tried the Official Minecraft Wiki instructions and the world will still not show up. Please help me as I was very far into this world and cannot restart. MCEdit says:...

2:08 PM
Oh my, I can't say -1 anymore in a comment to explain my downvote because explaining why the only and accepted answer on a question is wrong apparently isn't allowed anymore
are you sure that it isn't just "they added '-1' to the list of filtered words in comments like 'lmgtfy' etc"?
idk just throwing out ideas
Q: How do cards with "X" work?

Andrey RubshteinI couldn't find any explanation inside the game. Maybe it's the number of the turns passed since the beginning of the current combat?

@Nzall you can still do that, but adding -1 to the start of the comment is not necessary and has been blocked for a while now. I personally prefer to not mention that I downvoted in those comments, I only post the criticism itself
@MadScientist The weird thing is, you can still edit a -1 into your comment
I wanted to see the error message that was shown after I already posted the comment, but apparently it wasn't stopped the second time
that sounds like (and I wonder if you can edit in lmgtfy)
(you probably can)
2:21 PM
-1 Jackson2HttpMessageConverter is a JSON converter and has nothing to do with the XML problem found here. This accepted answer does nothing to solve the actual question. — Nzall 15 mins ago
That's the comment I managed to make
I'm tempted to grab meta rep using that comment as a repro
lmao it's gone
Q: Is there something wrong with my game? (Read yesterday’s question to understand.)

TheEpicTemmie(Read My Last Question To Understated) I was trying to do the Pacifist run but I did not the dates with Papyrus or Alphys. So after Omega Flowey Flowey told me to get a better ending. I need to restart the game but I decided to do the date with Papyrus. Then after that I went to Undyne then for s...

2:38 PM
Minecraft 1.14 is out... And it already has a full modding API, a complete magic mod, and a small modpack
@moonheart08 thaumcraft?
No, not thaumcraft. Thaumcraft's stuck on 1.12 still (Plus Thaumcraft 6 is slow and boring)
it's a brand new mod, i forget the name
@moonheart08 dang. i like thaumcraft for the whole research thing but i'm still using whatever version it is for 1.7.10
ofcause any newer version and i think C.C's going to struggle
@Memor-X Thaumcraft 6's research is RNG. You won't like it.
it's not even a minigame
just RNG and a small handful of fetch quests
that you have to do over and over again
@moonheart08 so they dumped the old system where you had to map aspects?
2:45 PM
@moonheart08 shit
wands were dumped
and the eldritch tab has literally only 4 researches now
a lot of stuff has become pretty useless
i sorta want now the Thaumcraft i use to work in the new versions of Minecraft. sure i wont get aspects from new blocks but atleast i can use it in the new world gens
1.7.10 thaumcraft is the best
so my new Mice and Mousepads came in (one Black Rock Shooter featuring Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master in a loving embrace and a reprint of my Sono Hanabira one to raise my mouse at work). got one plugged into C.C now and getting used to the new shape
as much as i loved my R.A.T 9 since i can't get an upgrade or even replacement batteries (as i am swapping my home one like every ~3 hours) getting usedto the new shape and weight is just something i have to deal with
but i do like how i can set the corsair logo to be the tempiture of my video card which i learned playing Train Valley brings it up to close to 60 C (assuming the data sent to it is correct)
2:57 PM
Q: Why do I still get shocked by these broken headphones even after applying electrical tape?

Nzall As you can see, the right ear is missing after an unfortunate tumble off a meter high desk. I wrapped the exposed end with some electrical tape, but I still sometimes feel a shock when picking it up. Did I use too little tape or is there a different problem

In case any of you can help
would be interesting to see what colour it gets too with other older games and weather the seemingly random shutdown is a temperature issue due to the video card being old
@Nzall Are you getting an actual shock, or are you just feeling a bit of a buzz?
@Nzall is that end fully taped?
@MBraedley a small shock, like the kind you'd get from static
@Memor-X I think so.
3:02 PM
Also, I wouldn't leave the wires as an open circuit. Shorting them might cause damage to whatever is driving them, but a small resistor (anything less than 100 ohms) should be fine.
I'm editing in a close up of the tape.
Q: Can two players play Mortal Kombat 11 using single pair of joycons?

lentinantA lot of games for Nintendo Switch are supporting hotseat for two players using single joycon each. Now that MK11 is released on Nintendo Switch, I wonder if game supports hotseat in this manner, or if it actually needs two gamepads with full keys layout.

@Nzall i'd take 2 pieces and have it fold over the end perpendicular like and the wrap the end again so it's sealed at the end as opposed to squeezed like that
3:42 PM
@fredley well that's a good perce tage
I am...somewhat here? Concussions are stupid, guys. Do not recommend.
@Ash Oh no, did you hit your head?
@fredley yep on Monday, off of a metal chair support. Earned myself a week off work and many naps (today is so far a lot of really trippy dreams). Apparently though my cyborgness helps? The shunt helps drain off any extra fluid that my brain makes so I don't increase the pressure in my head as I heal, as long as it doesn't decide to stop working (and if it does it is right back to the hospital for meeeee)
@Ash Nice, brain augmentation for the win
@Ash Oh nice, I was wondering yesterday how your cyborgness interacted with the concussion
Basically it's either hella helpful, or it's super not if it decides to not do its job. So far we are sitting in the helpful end apparently.
3:52 PM
Is Ash some kind of mad scientist who modified his brain or something? (aka Pls explain, i have no context for this)
* their brain
@moonheart08 there are no mad scientists here
@MadScientist There's plenty. I imagine there are at least a dozen !!FUN!! scientists, which are the more insane subset of mad scientists
(I have a condition called hydrocephalus and a VP shunt (technically two)). That should give you enough info to find context. (I also currently have a concussion so I shouldn't stare at screens too much so that's why you mostly get "go research" breadcrumbs)
@Ash are you at least allowed to stare at books?
3:55 PM
The Cyborgs Who Stare At Books
@MadScientist moreso than screens yes but so far I haven't really wanted to, I nap mostly and have been listening to this really long but really good audio presentation thing from a a Baha'i scholar (and have discovered that Google Play Music is really bad at showing "you have listened to this but not this" so sometimes if I pause for naps it's hard to know where I was, if anyone knows a way to fix that or something better I can use on my phone to manage the files...
I would super appreciate it
@Ash is a hug-gun wielding cyborg
@SaintWacko also this.
@Ash The browser version on my work laptop holds my pause position, as long as the tab isn't reloaded.
New Australian pet store identity design is great underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/…
4:04 PM
@MBraedley it doesn't seem to do that well on my phone and it also doesn't help if I finished a portion and didn't start the next file to know where I was
@Ash It may be that the app is being unloaded when you pause. Maybe try and keep it in the foreground?
I recently installed a new file manager and VLC player to watch some things on my phone and it seems to be working well so far. Maintains my pause position days later. May or may not work for audio
It lets me watch things off a network share though, which is really nice
Q: How to get minecraft with commands at school

j lay jjgoosebumpsI have downloaded a few different ones, but I cannot get commands. How can I do this?

@Wipqozn Thanks! :D
@PrivatePansy I like this.
4:13 PM
@John I am beyond tempted to fill in "Open source software is open, closed source software is closed".
Alternately just "s/open/closed".
@Yuuki Hehe, not sure how useful of an answer that is, but I can't stop you :p
@Yuuki Mmmm that reminds me I need to go find something to eat
@Yuuki Oh man, that looks amazing
It tastes great too. And it wasn't hard to make!
The only labor I did was dice some peppers and an onion.
Q: What is the condition to get a rampage in dota 2

RagnaRockIn Dota 2 we need to kill 5 enemy heroes in a short time. But what is the exact time? or we need to kill each hero within 10 seconds from the previous one? I dont find any official documentation on that

4:32 PM
@Yuuki yes please
(I am currently trying to figure out what is a lunch today. It's not going well)
@Ash So they added animal plushies to Warframe.
I love everything about this.
@Ash Sushi
@Wipqozn Hahaha I am pretty sure my tummy says no.
One day I'll get a sushi boat
4:56 PM
Eeeergh super no today
5:25 PM
Q: Minecraft 1.14 Is it possible to summon villagers with custom trades?

Nathaniel BrownI already know how to make normal trading villagers and most of their nbt tags, but there is one thing that I can't quite seem to be able to figure out. Is there a way to require a certain villager level before a specific trade can be offered? If there is a parameter that'll allow me to do this...

1 hour later…
6:38 PM
anyone here?
we ded
oh ok- hey wait
We're just figments of your imagination. Don't mind us.
we exist in a superposition of being online while being at work
6:46 PM
@ErrorTheWolf You should indeed not mind us
Correction, a superposition of being online while micromanaging a Decay run in Trimps
I am a figment of my own imagination, however that works
@Moacir lets not try and solve that problem. It gets a bit loopy
Error: Maximum recursion limit reached. Aborting.
The only reason recursion does not work is because of recursion.
7:02 PM
@SaintWacko Have you considered tail call optimizations.
If you're clever, any function can be tail call optimized
(Tail call optimization just rewrites the target function as a loop instead, essentially)
I'm neither online nor being shit at league of legends
at least one of those things is false
that is the joke yes
I knew Joke Detective Dr. U.J. Hawk would quickly be on the case
I'd ask if you want to play LoL sometime but you're almost definitely not on NA servers.
And the CoH server binaries are out. Anybody can host their own server, as long as they don't mind not being able to change it.
7:15 PM
@Frank exact opposite of the situation MC1.14 had. The modding toolkit was usable and functional before the full release was even made
already a 59 mod modpack for 1.14
Is 1.14 even out yet?
@SaintWacko Yes, it released yesterday
@Yuuki I am not, no
@MBraedley Oh, nice. It looks like it has some nice changes
I'm just playing Sky Factory 4 right now
7:22 PM
I need to get a new pair(s) of glasses.
our adc's internets just dropped on river in front of their adc and support
> Headline: Rest of Canada relieved they no longer have to cheer for Boston
> Headline: Habs fans releived they no longer have to cheer for Toronto
@badp adc is the farming carry, right? that's an unfortunate scenario
@MBraedley laughs
7:36 PM
go blue jackets
My son will be cheering for whatever team is playing San Jose. Out of spite.
@John like the physical attack dude
Right, yeah
however we kinda steamrolled so I guess that went well
how to sona
1. press buttons around teammates
2. kill steal
7:42 PM
how to vel'koz
1. press buttons behind teammates
2. kill steal
I had a situation yesterday where my mid ended up affected by a 4 second stun in a 1v5 situation and I happened to be a hero that could dispel stuns
I was this close to leaving him for dead but I hit my button and he killed 4 of them
didn't die
It was glorious
7:43 PM
he was that fed, huh
when your pick gets banned and
(a hero that is usually not chosen for bottom)
(ooooh i was confused)
(too many sets of words for the same things)
(this is very true)
(standardize moba terms)
7:53 PM
@badp Huh. There are non-standard botlaners and then there's ADC Xin.
I've played botlane carry Karthus more than a couple times and it definitely works.
Especially against immobile ADCs.
going vs tristana
lol okay
Then again, I've played with and against dumb Tristanas that save their ults to try to execute.
No, you idiot, that ult is for you to self-peel.
"But I saw it on LCS"
You don't get paid to play in front of audiences.
I dunno if velkoz support is making things better or worse
they have morgana
I mean, there's not much you can do there to support a Xin against Tristana and Morgana.
Tristana can self-peel and Morgana can stuff any engage.
And both of them push lane super hard.
I wouldn't say it's hard or impossible to win this game but it's not going to be through botlane advantage.
Or at least not on the 2v2 matchup.
Q: How can I find Dogmeat after I've made him stay in Fallout 4?

PastryyPuffI told Dogmeat to stay outside this raider building because even though he has armor I don't want him to die. After I came out I searched the area and I couldn't find him. I think if he's told to stay somewhere he won't show up when you fast travel and I tried one post that said to hit ~ and then...

8:00 PM
if I hadn't been picked off twice it'd have definitely been a better time :(
What's the rest of team comp(s)?
^the play I was describing
You can see me on the minimap a short distance away, I blink (flash?) in, cast 1 spell and turn around like good luck you're on your own
@badp That's an interesting comp on both sides...
Annie has a much lower range than most mages.
I think you guys could win this if you play to your comp's strengths.
You have much better teamfighting and pick potential.
8:09 PM
look in the corner
they're rolling it in
and I was the only no in the surrender vote
First build BotRK on Xin?
I'm not too familiar with his non-jungle build but it's definitely not BotRK first.
keep in mind this is solid Iron 5 gameplay
what was that website that grades you and tells you who you're playing against etc.
not the paid one
I feel inspired to attempt to queue solo ranked right about now
There's a couple of them.
Yeah I know the Dota ones but not the LoL ones
and I don't think any of the ones I know do both games
8:16 PM
@John I always tell myself I'm going to give it a try but I never do.
I was thinking op.gg
@Yuuki Honestly party queue is just so much more fun
I guess I got put as support vs an iron 1 support in the game before last
If my googling is correct, Iron 1 is as low as it goes?
@John If I could just get my friends to stop playing ARAM.
8:17 PM
wouldn't iron 3-5 be lower?
I also got roflstomped by a bronze 2 in mid
@Yuuki Googles All random all mid? That sounds fun like, twice
and then that's about it
then again I'm a disaster as ADC and the game placed me vs bronze 4
ARAM is okay
@badp oh I assumed higher number was higher because that's how Dota does it
you can mitigate the randomness in ARAM to some extent
you get rerolls and you can do swaps
I think single draft is a nice middle ground between AP and AR
8:19 PM
but yes if you get a melee champion you're not gonna have a good time
Each player gets a choice of 1 random str hero, 1 random agi hero, and 1 random int hero
so you can still coordinate a reasonably good draft, without having to mindlessly pick the meta
they also recently did a version of ARAM where you get to do bans
@badp Depends on the melee champ and your comp.
Hard engage works really well.
Dammit, I forgot to charge my headphones. I don't think there's enough battery for them to last my commute.
8:23 PM
@Yuuki one of those annoying pulling supports?
@MBraedley nooooo :(
Or Alistar.
I got Fiora thrice in a row last week
I love playing Alistar on ARAM.
Alright I'm doing it. Fingers crossed my team doesn't consist of 2 people who wanna mid and another 2 who wanna adc
8:24 PM
I mean if that happens just dodge?
Can't dodge
Past the point of everyone having loaded, leaving incurs a penalty
and even before that you get a penalty, but in that case it's just a short queue ban
@Ash a 10 second charge might have been enough.
(super micro-intensive hero, random implies they can't play it)
@MBraedley that's even worse, that you didn't need much
Q: How to Have Minecraft Command Blocks output comparator signal in 1.13

MEEESTER SoupCanI want to have command blocks behave as if they were executing the old /testfor command, whereas if what it's testing for is true, it allows comparators to output a signal. Or, is there a more efficient way of doing this?

8:46 PM
@John careful with "they don't know how to play this hero" statements. It might sound counterintuitively, but a lot of games of all types (not just videogames) sometimes have surprising victories of lower ranked players over higher ranked players because the higher ranked players get caught off guard by ahem creative play from the lower ranked player they don't know how to deal with
HB just released a "software bundle" for "Full stack web dev", but it seems that they are actually courses and not software per se
I dont know how to feel
Never heard of Zenva academy
Me neither
@Nzall Well yeah, obviously there's a chance he does know how to micro
when I say "how to play the hero" i'm referring to micro
there is NO WAY to play this hero that doesn't rely on heavy micro
at least, no way to play him effectively
and I was right: he didn't know how to play the hero
I mean, you just dont get the skill that creates extra meepos
8:51 PM
he ran down mid and intentionally fed around 10 times
then one of his teammates abandoned
@Moacir yeah, that's what I meant by no way to play him effectively xd
you can do that, you just won't win ever
unless you get carried so hard that it didn't matter what you do at all
Also, I knew I saw your name somewhere before @John
You are the guy that makes sad faces become stars, right?
@Moacir LOL yes, that's me
Been a long time since that was a thing
Yea, I did a star count some time ago
I have the sheet here, you have like, 348 stars with messages that contains ":("
Haha that's considerably more than I was expecting
926 total stars
8:59 PM
@John :(
@Yuuki I thought about tacking one of those onto the end, but it felt too much like bait
Anytime @John is sad, he posts :( here so we can cheer him up with stars
9:18 PM
Q: My Minecraft CRACKED Launcher keeps crashing when launching Hacked Client

Administratior-Z---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't be sad, have a hug! <3 Time: 04/24/19 04:08 PM Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Method) at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.choose...

9:32 PM
I don't know why you refused to help me. I think you have no moral or values at all; defending law over people that needs help? Honestly hope you and the entire Law Enforcement go to hell. — Administratior-Z 15 mins ago
However, I guess you're going to report me to LE for pirating? C'mon. Anyways, thank you. — Administratior-Z 15 mins ago
Game cops
I think it's funny how refusing to engage in illegal content is having "no moral or values at all"
and then he immediately says we're defending law
so defending law means having no moral or values at all?
noted police officer, the resident anarchist who voted to close and delete lol
Not to mention "hope you go to hell" and then "anyways thank you" literally 1 minute apart
@Unionhawk You have to face the fact that you're a narc now
I don't make the rules, you do, because you're a cop
9:37 PM
Are you a game cop? You gotta tell me if you're a game cop
9:56 PM
@John wouldn't our lack of support for piracy indicate moral value?
@Ash Yeah that's what I was saying; the comments make no sense to me
Who's deleting my fucking comments? — Administratior-Z 2 mins ago
Oh my
Dealt with.
I got to the end of season 1 of Discovery finally
@Ash Tilly is the best I agree
Yesssss. Good.
Tilly is my absolute favorite
Apparently I'm entirely predictable that she'd be my favourite too
10:03 PM
My husband says he sees a lot of me in her so I am not shocked she's my fave
Yeah I remember you tweeting about it
yeah, she's great
Oh yeah, when I got mad, I am less mad now but they wobbled hard for a bit of S2. I think they got better at it tho.
Oh that's good, she was good in S2E1
Yeah, it wobbles midway through but by the end I was satisfied with her character. (I have other major issues with how S2 played out but that's mostly because I find Burnham kinda boring)
10:06 PM
Discovery as in Star Trek?
I see
@Ronan they went a bit too far with her in the middle of season 2, but it was much better later on. Probably not as good as the mirror universe in season 1 though
Yeah that bit was really good
I always wonder if I shouldnt delete stuff if a mod cleaned up comments, but didnt burn the question
10:09 PM
@MadScientist agreed with all of that, I suspect the "went too far" bits you mention are the things that made me yell about bad representation
Though I rather dislike the entire ending of season 2, there was just too many holes and not enough plot in the end
then i delete it anyways because it offends me to have terrible questions like that minecraft one on our site
@Dragonrage if it needs to be gone, make it so :) we are only human after all.
@MadScientist nod
I get that they had to do it to get to where they want to be for S3 but yeah, it was very rushed
I'm curious if they'll dare to continue with what they set up at the end, or if they'll go with a Pike/Enterprise sequel
@Ash this is true. i guess deletion of bad questions can and should be dealt with by 20k users. no need to bother mods with it
in most cases it, we can handle it just fine
10:12 PM
@MadScientist afaik they are going with what they set, there is no plans for more pike stuff atm
@Dragonrage yep, if you have the tools, use them :)
the unexploded torpedo sequence was exceedingly stupid, even for Star Trek standards
@Dragonrage I see this as the mod deferring to community opinion. A worthy stance, as far as I'm concerned.
I don't think mods generally intend to imply anything by a lack of certain actions in specific scenarios
@John probably accurate. i dont see anything wrong with. also dont think there is a problem with me double checking myself to see if should actually delete something
In this case, I am tired and taking as few actions as possible to save mental spoons, but in general, if you have tools and think they should be applied, well, that's why the site trusted you with the tools :)
@Dragonrage closed negatively scored questions will most likely be deleted anyway (especially illegal content which won't reopen). It's just a question of by whom and when (20k immediately, 10k in a few days, or Community in like a week or whatever)
10:33 PM
@Dragonrage Yeah, didn't mean to imply there was
11:00 PM
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theft#/media/File:Act_of_theft.jpg is quite possibly the best image on wikipedia
11:29 PM
Man I'm on a ROLL in slay the spire. Just unlocked Ascension 9 with Ironclad. I think that's 4 wins in a row. As in, I think I beat ascensions 5-8 on my first attempt. I think... it's all a blur now.
Slay the Spire has definitely crawled it's way into the spire... of my heart!
Which is to say it's most certainly one of my all time favourite games. I played it some in early access, but not too much. It's around launch that I really started to dig my teeth into it.
and tbh I keep hoping for that switch date to be announced. Honestly the most eager I've been to have a game I'm already playing to get a second release. Being able to play it on the go would be mint.
ah no nvm. thank zeus for run history.
It took several tries to get ascen 5, but 6, 7 and 8 were all just one attempt for success.
I mean still a 4 win streak.
So I'm satisfied
Howdy yall!
11:48 PM
Hello there, welcome to chat
Let’s-a go! Let your imagination run wild as you make and play the Super Mario courses of your dreams when #SuperMarioMaker2 launches for #NintendoSwitch on 6/28! http://supermariomaker.nintendo.com
Super Mario Maker is late june
I felt like we already knew this, but maybe we only knew "summer".
Anybody here playing MC 1.14?

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