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12:00 AM
@Ave if I remember correctly, this is actually the window manager Kindles use
like not Kindle Fires, original Kindles
They don't use the tiling of course
the kindle touch used it apparently
Q: What can affect my GPS?

BenI have recently started experiencing some very severe "roaming" in my Pokémon Go, over the past couple of days. At work, I like to leave my app open, as the GPS likes to "wobble" a bit (my avatar will generally just wander around the block/across the street), so I can get some free k's in over th...

I think the only other tiling WM I ever tried other than i3 was Xmonad just for giggles
12:19 AM
I am very impressed with all of this so far
12:52 AM
So I decided to continue despite the squad wipe, and that first mission went, uh, wellish
Everyone except @Sterno was lightly wounded, but I did it
Most folks got promoted too
including @Chippies, so good on ya
That said I don't have enough soldiers to send on a mission now, so I need to do some more recruiting
@Wipqozn should be in This is Fine?
@Memor-X Fair
The top part was just the game. I couldn't resist adding the bottom.
1:06 AM
@Ash When he moves in give him a Canadian care package, consisting of maple syrup, a beaver stuffed animal, all dressed chips, and some poutine.
Is a beaver stuffed animal like a turducken?
I really need to recruit @TimStone into my squad
It is always nice to win, that's true
1:29 AM
@Wipqozn This sounds like a great plan :P
@Unionhawk hue
Q: Why can't I craft a chest?

Tim S.According to the Terraria Wiki I should be able to craft a chest with 8 wood, and 1 iron bar or 2 lead bars. I have more than 8 wood, and an iron bar. The wiki also states that a standard crafting station is sufficient, which I also have (and standing right on top of when I attempt) but a standar...

DELFIMEOW PLAZA 🌴 https://t.co/5wNHb5ZCAX
1:44 AM
I should really start streaming my xcom escapades
I'm sure you'll all get a great kick out of it
My daugher Nadia (she's 13) made this from scratch. I didn't help at all! NITW is one of our fave games and got her interested in game developing. Thank you @bombsfall @cleodee @InfiniteAmmoDev #bongocat #nitw #NightInTheWoods https://t.co/dwTda0mEiQ
2:17 AM
Time to buy the expansions for FF14
2:35 AM
@Ave Nice. Slightly weird that that your image is 1px off from 1920x1080 in both directions
Also you don't use Tree Style Tabs! You're missing out
Squeenix makes this way harder than it has to be.
1 hour later…
3:57 AM
@Yuuki watched this and a) his voice is so soothing as always and b) I wanna try making the scone he makes at the end
@PrivatePansy I use escrotum in area mode
when I select whole screen it is usually missing some rows etc, it's normal
I do not use tree style tabs, I am missing out
4:47 AM
bridge I'll work at an outright insecure part of city for the next two days :ok_hand_
5:18 AM
@Ave how is it an insecure part of the city?
as in everyone is insecure how who they are?
as in I shouldn't go there without a knife
also holy heck I ran up stairs so much
I can feel the doms already
@Ave ahhhh. well be careful when you're there and post as soon as you're out so we can stop worrying about you
5:55 AM
I'll probably live-share my location with trusted individuals
6:06 AM
6:30 AM
ah yes, caught a random old guy staring at my chest, amazing
@Ave in the plus side you have a chest that people want to stare at. on the minus side, you're going to attract creeps now
7:22 AM
Q: PS4 vs PS4 Pro.which one you choose?

RosellaI bit the bullet and am having a PS4 Pro delivered next week (Spiderman edition). Will I see a dramatic improvement from my day 1 PS4 from 2013 to PS4 Pro? I see a lot of videos on games and I can hardly tell the difference. Hoping it will end up being a wise choice.PS4 vs PS4 Pro.which one you c...

7:42 AM
@Memor-X they're very nice to have and that's great
but fuck creepos
7:55 AM
Q: Ring of Elysium lags so much on NVDIA GeForce 940 MX

SayakI have NVDIA Geforce 940 MX and I see videos on YouTube where it runs smoothly on people with the same graphic card. However it lags so much that it is unplayable on my laptop. Graphics Driver version : 391.01 Direct 3D API Version: 12 Direct 3D Feature Level: 11_0 CUDA Cores: 384 Graphics Clo...

Note to WoW players who use the WeakAuras addon: There's a bug right now where you might log in only to find all your weakauras have been deleted. if this happens, DO NOT RELOAD OR LOG OUT! Alt-F4 out of the game and start the game again should fix it
as an aside: this is why you always keep backups of your UI.
8:24 AM
@Memor-X Is Bowsette a new character?
@fredley It's a fully fan-made character
@Nzall That Nintendo made?
Some guy made a comic in which Bowser puts on the Princess crown and turns into Bowsette, then starts dating Mario
The Super Crown's some spicy new Mario lore
@Nzall I see
Why is fanfiction affecting the share price tho?
people are drawing a lot of rule 34 involving bowsette
8:28 AM
Because Bowsette EXPLODED all over twitter, and not just in a sexual way. The entire gaming Twitterverse went apeshit over her
oh god that pun
not like this.
2 mins ago, by fredley
Why is fanfiction affecting the share price tho?
@fredley well it's driving attention to nintendo
Probably just hft bots incorporating twitter volume/sentiment about the brand tbh.
which I guess helps
also some cool stuff are coming soon like super mario party
which I assume will help
8:32 AM
@fredley Is this where I come in with SPANK ME DADDY?
see all of this reminds me of a particular piece of bowsette art
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
Q: Sub-tick loops in functions without recursions

ChlorieWe all know that adding the minecraft:tick tag to a function can make the function run once every tick, but this would create a really slow loop. The question is, how to complete a loop in a single tick, without using some sort of tail-recursion (because the call stack would be really deep thus l...

2 hours later…
12:10 PM
A change for Windows 10 in next week's update: Sound device properties have now been integrated into the Settings app.
I really hope this doesn't mean they got rid of the enhancement options, because I literally cannot use my PC without loudness equalization
Also I bought enemy within since it was on sale, so I'll probably do a few xcom 1 playthrough whenever I finish (my WOTC playthrough.
In other words none of you will ever be safe
12:27 PM
@Unionhawk Excellent
@Wipqozn apparently this is an again situation too lol
Q: How do you beat a Large 4-5 in Pokémon GO Raids??

BelieveMore428How do I beat.a Large Pokémon (that is 4-5 skulls of 31,000 CP) in a Pokémon GO Raid??

@Unionhawk Love blooms on the ice
Next up in the ongoing Belgium news-a-thon, Guild Wars 2 players can no longer buy virtual currency in Belgium https://www.greenmangaming.com/newsroom/2018/09/26/in-game-currency-removed-from-guild-wars-2-in-belgium/
12:40 PM
that's great
@Ave It's not so great for the players when you take into account that a number of things essentially require you to spend at least some gem shards, like keys to unlock chests that drop in the world
and the conversion of gold to gems is expensive
Q: What are the odds of getting a trade token in clan war?

EmaroAfter each participation in clan war with the war battle played, you get some rewards. What are the odds of getting any trade token?

@InvaderSkoodge at 1 megasecond we'll need to engage maximum overhype
Honestly you're excitement is making me more exciting. It's a good thing.
Seong Mi-Na, Astaroth, Cervantes, and Raphael won't be playable in this weekend's test.
All other revealed characters (16 of them) will be playable.
I'm really looking forward to playing Seong Mi-Na so that's a bit disappointing, but I also plan to try out every single character so there will still be plenty to do.
1:05 PM
Q: How to open Minecraft server jar

Lil_GoshWhenever I download the "minecraft_server.1.13.1.jar", it is renamed "server.jar" on my computer. I have downloaded Java 3 times now and it still never opens. Please help!

GUYS!!!! #bowsette #supercrown #blooper #bloopette #pearl
@Yuuki You're a squid now, you're a kid now
1:56 PM
@Wipqozn I wonder if we'll be able to play each other during the free weekend, or if it'll all be random matchmaking.
@Wipqozn There's so many things wrong here.
So, Pathfinder: Kingmaker has very customizable difficulty. It's pretty awesome. And they have some preset difficulties. "Hard" is actually hard.
And Steam is full of babies raging about hard being too hard
Despite the fact they can literally customize the difficulty to almost anything they want
guess who gets to spend all morning setting up visual studio again
It's like their egos can't handle hard being hard so they complain that the game sucks because of it. It's really weird
And it makes me sad because I feel like game devs will see this and think "Yeah, guess we better just keep making our games super easy, calling a normal difficulty hard, and whatever we call 'impossible' will just be slightly harder than faceroll." Because otherwise they get bad reviews
And I'd get it if there are just like 3 presets or something. But you can customize whether or not they get stat bonuses, extra feats/abilities, damage multipliers, crit effects, etc
In other news, if you like Pillars of Eternity/Baldur's Gate type games, Pathfinder seems to be very good
(I'm only 3 hours in)
2:11 PM
dark theme restored
dear god that's so much better
I need to get used to windows 10 on 2 monitors again lol
@InvaderSkoodge I'll only be around Saturday most likely, as I leave for a multiday trip Saturday night
@Wipqozn I don't have plans Saturday, so ping me when you're free.
@InvaderSkoodge Sounds good
I'll be happy if I can play each character I'm interested for a few matches
Fortnite cross-platform play starts today in open beta. Full details: https://play.st/2OONYrv
sorry, was the wrong tweet
@Nzall Hopefully this extends to all games, and not just Fortnite because that was the squeaky wheel.
2:22 PM
Probably just Fortnite.
@InvaderSkoodge At first only fortnite, but they hope to extend it to other games later down the line
@Nzall "They" being Sony or gamers/developers?
Because I feel like this is a begrudging acceptance by Sony at best.
@InvaderSkoodge I think "hope" is actually the wrong word
They first want to see how it plays out with Fortnite and see if that works out according to expectations
I.e. "does this cost us money, gain us money, or have a negligible impact on money".
And if it's option 1, then Sony will go into its bomb shelter and ignore all the hate forever.
Now the question becomes whether they'll unlock existing accounts for cross-play.
Or if it's just a "going forward" sort of deal.
2:25 PM
That would be a bonus kick in the balls to anyone already negatively affected.
Like if they don't address that then they're just the biggest assholes in the industry.
It's bad news if you're looking at EA and saying "get ready to move over guys, we want your spot"
anyone getting the feeling that Sony is doing this because if they didn't they'd loose Elder Scrolls Legends and if they did only for TESL they'd take a larger PR hit?
I wonder if EA will implode if it's ever not the most hated (gaming) company?
Like they signed some kind of deal with the devil to make tons of money in return for being pure evil and if at some point they're not #1 on the most hated list, the bargain is broken?
@Yuuki no, no, if they drop from No. 1 they'd just come up with some other monetization scheme that makes FIFA and Battlefront 2 EA seem like charity in comparison
like a game which comes out with DLC which only works if you've gotten all previous DLC
2:44 PM
I should have said "hold my beer". Missed opportunity
@Wipqozn That's because I'm a boss
> EA: Hold my Beer
Person: this beer mug is just fill of money, and it's wet
EA: with the tears of broken dreams and families
user image
@Yuuki This is amazing
@Sterno True
@Wipqozn Thanks to you, I almost started XCOM 2 last night. Luckily, I came to my senses and went downstairs to build a model.
2:57 PM
@JasonBerkan so close! WOTC is definitely a must buy if you decide to redo it, since it greatly increases the games mission variety (aka less turn timers, and missions with turn timers are done much better)
I need to get XCOM 2
@SaintWacko You really do. Think of all the friends you can send to their death.
@Wipqozn Not sure I have the cash money to buy a 500 million dollar company.
3:33 PM
cc @Ash
oh what
it gets a little hat on your birthday or something?
Apparently today is its birthday.
Check out chrome://dino.
Yeah it's got a little cake
3:50 PM
@Yuuki not today specifically but it's a 10 year thing afaik, I think we even have a question about it. It makes me so happy.
@quartata Given the privacy invasion tactics in Chrome 69, wouldn't be surprised
Well I mean
You get a Google Doodle on your birthday...
Twitter goes apeshit on your birthday
I don't know, birthday easter eggs I guess are kinda common
@quartata On a site where you're logged in. And now, in a browser where you're logged in!
Chrome 69 does not clear Google cookies when you click the 'clear all cookies' button
4:06 PM
Well yeah, that's because Chrome itself is logged in to it
Is that new? I wouldn't think it would do that
@quartata The difference is that used to be a separate thing you could choose not to do. Now, if you sign into any Google website, Chrome will treat that as a browser login and log you in.
@fredley nice
@fredley Ahh....
So now your Chrome autoupdates, you log into Gmail and bam, Chrome logs in and uploads, sorry 'syncs', all your browsing data and cookies to Google.
...if, and only if, you turn sync on, which is a completely different setting
4:11 PM
@ToxicFrog I thought sync was on by default
@fredley IIRC, if you haven't logged in before, the first time you do it'll generate a little popup saying "hey, want to turn sync on? [yes] [no] [access detailed sync settings]" or something to that effect
Hang on and I'll double check!
@ToxicFrog Hmm I checked and apparently it does not turn sync on by default
For me I get "You've signed in and turned on Sync [ok] [turn it off] [settings]", which I suspect is because I've turned sync on everywhere else so it assumes I want it turned on for new logins as well; I don't have a completely sync-less account handy to test it on
But it has been super frustrating watching the internet melt down over this based, as far as I can tell, 100% on an incorrect belief that "signed in to chrome" === "sync is on" === "google harvests all your browsing history, cookies, and passwords and uses them for ad targeting"
@ToxicFrog It's still a step in the wrong direction IMO, but yeah, it's not as bad as some people are making out
tfw you run chrome in the terminal and the log output includes at least two ¯\_(ツ)_/¯s
I agree that it's a step in the wrong direction but not, I suspect, for the same reasons you do
(and I sympathize with chrome-team's motivation for this change, which was at least in part "people keep getting confused about the difference between browser login and google website login and then filing angry bugs at us about it")
4:23 PM
@ToxicFrog But now a different group of people are angry!
*rabble rabble*
Yeah, I'm honestly not sure what the balance is here. Which is worse: people being angry about a mostly harmless but confusing behaviour that it has, or people being angry about a harmful behaviour that it doesn't have but that they think it does?
Who cares, as long as we can be angry about something!
Of course, #2 could have been avoided via clearer and more proactive messaging around the change, or predicted via better canarying/betaing to real-world users, so this is yet another self-inflicted injury caused by Google being really bad at PR and documentation even when they're actually doing the right (or at least, not the wrong) thing.
@ToxicFrog I'll give you that they're doing a right thing
I definitely know the feeling of making what seems like an innocuous or benign change and then having it blow up in your face
4:31 PM
Yup. "I made things better, why can't y'all see that!??!??!"
4:45 PM
Irrespective of your political views, religious beliefs or philosophy on life, surely we can all agree that this emu running from a water sprinkler is incredibly important. https://t.co/Gq7t8BavQS
1 hour later…
6:11 PM
Q: Is possible to research all the normal technologies in Surviving Mars?

Ender LookIn Surviving Mars technologies are sorted randomly on each game, my question is if you can always research all of them or you only have a random number of them. Note that I'm not talking about breakthrough technologies, I know that they are limited per game. Also, if I install mods which add ne...

Never thought checking the sugar level of 400 different kinds of biscuits could be so tiresome
Summary: yes, my local supermarket DOES have an assortment of sugar-low or sugar-free biscuit
and over 80% of them are from the same creator: céréal
6:50 PM
> I read a theory once that Cursed Child is a stage play WITHIN the Wizarding World. Like someone at the Prophet wrote an exaggerated story based on Harry Potter's life and put it on stage to make money. Perhaps someone with a flair for tall tales and over-the-top plots. Maybe someone who had tangled with the trio in the past and wanted to make their personal lives a little more juicy.
Hmm... I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
7:09 PM
@Yuuki Hang on... Rita Skeeter wrote CC?
This is someone's headcanon.
But it kinda does make sense, I suppose?
so close to base 70 melee stats \o/
2500 exp to go on defense
or as they say in the UK and therefore the game, defence
8:04 PM
We need to standardize some terms because I need to figure out whether Sony's announcement is for cross-play, cross-platform, or both.
8:19 PM
Given that it's fortnite, I assume it means ps4 users being able to play with xbox/pc/switch users
I have read almost all of this WoW novel and I still can't figure out whose side I am supposed to be on...
"Cross-play" being Xbox users playing with PS4 users and so on, "cross-platform" being the ability to use the same Epic account on Xbox/PS4/PC/Switch/etc.
@Ash Which one?
@Yuuki Illidan
8:21 PM
@Ash IIRC, that's the point of the novel.
@Ash The protagonist's.
@JasonBerkan There's two, they're on opposite sides!
The cuter one.
@Yuuki I suspected so, but I am just like "someone tell me if he's a monster"
Up until Illidan (the novel), Illidan has been portrayed as power-hungry person with a chip on his shoulder regarding his brother, Malfurion.
8:22 PM
Like I tried reading other lore and it's not helpful!
@Yuuki Oh, yeah, I gathered that bit
@Ash Mostly because the lore leading up to Illidan and the Legion expansion hasn't portrayed this viewpoint at all.
The novel is kind of an "oh by the way, you're wrong"/retcon info dump, IIRC.
Yeah, it feels very....info dump in a bad way
I mean I know it's all Legion stuff which I've not touched at all but you'd think someone would have clarified this somewhere
Basically, Illidan has been portrayed as a pretty bad antagonist up until the Legion expansion so they had to work to counteract their previous lore.
Yeah, it feels like he's 90% bad dude but also maybe not a bad dude? Like maybe he's trying to help save everyone?
Essentially, the Illidan novel is one huge retcon of Illidan's motivations for what he does
8:25 PM
@Ash It's much easier to grasp when you realize that WoW lore doesn't have an overarching design. What is true now was not true two months ago.
They're basically building the bridge while cruising down it at full speed.
part of it also gets explained in a questchain in Legion
@Yuuki I know that
Yeah, they're laying the tracks as they're riding the train
All I want to know, I guess, is like...
what "side" is he on now?
Is he actually helpful with his army of murder monsters
(Which I also don't understand but I assume that's the demon hunter class ?)
In the War of the Ancients (which is the backdrop of Illidan), I would argue that he's definitely not on the side of the night elf rebels (the good guys).
But he's also not really fully on the side of Azshara and the Burning Legion either.
He's more of a... third party, I guess.
8:28 PM
I suspect in the next 12 pages Maiev is going to murderize him or somesuch
I dunno, this is confusing and it frustrates me because all the other books weren't this bad
To be fair, Illidan was basically made out to be fantasy Hitler in The Burning Crusade expansion and you have to jump through a lot of hoops and contrivances to become the good guy after that.
Yeah, he still kinda seems that way
Blizzard has this tendency of making all their bad guys fantasy Hitler, now that I think about it. Garrosh is another example.
And I am like "I can't tell if this is your like...reclamation of good arc or what"
like I honestly read the entire book, Maiev killed him, and I am just like "oh okay"
like I don't feel anything and it felt so pointless.
Yeah, it's pretty much an info dump to attempt to somewhat prepare you for the "well, Illidan is a good guy... (kinda)" arc in Legion.
By the way, I completed that questline exactly once and I have refused to talk to that self-righteous windchime on all of my other characters.
8:37 PM
Noted :P
They really messed with Illidan's characterization in The Burning Legion. He was never really a leader of armies or people, mostly because he's bit of an arrogant ass. He leads his faction by virtue of brokering alliances with other desperate leaders (naga have their own thing going on, the blood elves are in a desperate way post-Scourge and post-Sunwell, and the Broken are literally broken).
And while he was definitely power-hungry in WCIII, his decisions always seemed to be bad decisions for him but not necessarily anyone else.
Like consuming the Skull of Gul'dan corrupted him but it's not like he murdered his own friends to do it (cough cough Arthas cough).
I mean.. the guy is blind, give him a break
He probably thought it was his morning sandwich or something
So come The Burning Crusade, the idea that he's oppressing and enslaving various populations is somewhat out of character.
@Yuuki Actually, in his story in the War of the Ancients, I'm fairly sure he HAS actually killed people, especially once the war was over and others confronted him about the vials he stole from the Well of Eternity
Side note, I always figured the Well of Eternity was much larger than it's been depicted in-game.
8:45 PM
Essentially, Illidan betrayed the Night Elves in the War of the Ancients, but less as a "I want to choose the winning side" and more of a "I want to undermine the Legion from within". He was thrown into a cell and called "The Betrayer" through it
Like, this is not a "lake".
yeah, in the lore it's A LOT bigger
but ingame, everything is scaled down significantly
I suppose it's also a lot of wasted space to have a central body of water that's the size of Vol'dun.
Q: What is the highest item level gear you can receive from a world quest?

Alex MyersSo far in Battle for Azeroth, the highest base item level I have seen on world quest gear is 330. The highest item level I have received from a world quest is a titanforged 350. Is 350 currently the highest item level you can receive from a world quest? Also, will the world quest item levels inc...

9:08 PM
Q: Is it possible to get locked out of certain pantheons in Godmaster DLC by doing certain choices?

lentinantSo, in Hollow Knight, there are several branching decisions, where you can basically nullify your possibility to fight certain bosses, e.g. or Now, Godmaster adds pantheons, where you can fight bosses in "boss rush" manner. But to unlock pantheon, you need to defeat all bosses from this pan...

9:24 PM
Q: Defense Grid Awakening Scoring

MARK t STEPHENSHow is the interest and kill scoring calculated? Examples, does it affect kill scoring if the alien is killed closer to the starting point? Does if affect interest calculation if the game is played in fast mode?

9:44 PM
Before you ask it was just some random no name
I needed to deactive some overwatch, so it was his job! Twice!
He did his job well
His name was Lawrence something
or was Lawrence his last name...
ah well doesn't matter now
Meatshield Lawrence is close enough
Who designed it so that you get to make the epitaphs
Flagrant abuse
@quartata The game makes suggestion, but I'm allowed to alter it
When do we get to overthrow your regime
No more shall meatshields die at the hands of the Wipqozn State
9:59 PM
@quartata There were a few rumblings of rebellion but I took care of that
10:16 PM
Woo! PSU arrived! Time to start the onerous process of building a new computer for the wife.
@Frank Nice
Onerous? isn't it just "line things up and stick them together, power it up and hope it doesn't go boom"? (That's how I approach it anyhow, so far I've luckily never had it go boom!)
(Maybe my approach is bad :P)
@Ash I just assumed his wife wants him to construct it in the shape of a gundam
It's not the building that's onerous, right.
@Wipqozn that would add untold layers of complexity :P
10:23 PM
It's the waiting on Windows to install.
@Frank oh, yeah, that part is the less fun bit
Since she prefers Windows 8 over 10.
@Yuuki just made his first shot ever. 87% hit chance, 67% crit chance. He missed. You're off to a bad start sir.
I miss @"
I miss @Niro
@Chippies died, and @RebbecaBlack is sad
@Wipqozn noooo
wait, do I get my life insurance now?
This is just to say I haven't answered your email from my inbox and which I know is time sensitive Forgive me there are just so many others and they are all time sensitive and so old
Cc @ash on some plum meme
10:37 PM
@Yuuki is dead
@Chippies Yes. I'll be the one collecting it.
Time cut my losses and retreat
The problem was that @Robotnik pulled that extra pod :(
Jun 22 at 20:13, by Wipqozn
I claim suspicious circumstances.
And now the avatar project countdown has started. might be time for a restart, because this is going downhill.
Naturally I blame all of you for this
@Yuuki That's taken out of context
11:15 PM
@GodEmperorDune laughs this is an excellent plum meme
Unrelated, but man, dealing with forums makes me value the clean flow of SE's Q&A
(I am asking questions in an immigration forum as I get this stuff together and it's just so annoying sifting through forum replies)
(Although there are lots of helpful people there, which I am appreciating, it's just so...noisy.)
@Ash yeah forums were a mistake
I appreciate the help, but it's just....crazy stuff
Welp, computer assembled. But monitor won't output.
Screw it. Gotta wait for more RAM to call it, anyways, so that's enough for now.
@GodEmperorDune forums are like an intermediate evolutionary form that led to SE
@murgatroid99 I mean I am glad these people are helpful but sorting out the actual help from "oh look I too can type in this textbox" is more mental work than I expected
11:30 PM
@murgatroid99 yeah i was being facetious
creates all the threads, figures out how to track replies Now I remember how hard learning a thing is :/
Oof. It's been so long since I've played FF14.

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