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2:15 AM
The Witcher in Studio Ghibli style by @c780162
3:15 AM
Q: Does a Pokemon's IVs affect its ability to be captured?

BenI've noticed that when capturing Pokemon, capture rates are all over the shop. Regardless of CP, sometimes Pokemon will simply refuse to be captured, though they'll stick around for you to try, try, try again, and waste all your balls and berries. Others will get in the ball the first time, on a ...

Q: How can i detect if a set of blocks is the same as another?

RamiI'm trying to make a minigame where a player has to place blocks in certain locations to win, but i need a way to detect if the blocks are in the correct positions. Does anyone know how this can be done?

4:05 AM
Q: Can you copy ps4 games onto another ps4 without the first one having issues?

Denzel BlackmanMy brother has the new spider-man game,(digital download) and I wanna know if there is a way to copy it onto my ps4. I read that you have to set his account as the primary on mine but will that make it so that he can't play it? or can we both play it? also, will I have to play on his account or c...

4:48 AM
@Ave, check your Steam inbox.
All Swedish words exist on a spectrum between "pretty much just English" and "c'mon dude that's made up. You're fucking with me. What's the real word"
Shield toad
@Unionhawk turtle = scold panda
5:23 AM
@Yuuki "you are part of the problem" hahaha
Brings up a good point though. Toadette + Super Shroom = Peachette clearly derives the “-ette” suffix from Toadette.
Bowsette would be Toadette becoming Bowser-esque.
> Nono, you see.... Here's the reason Bowsette is so huge a thing now:
We've wanted and needed this for 20+ years, except we haven't known it. Our collective subconscious has been screaming for it, but we couldnt' understand, so when somebody finally made it happen, the whole internet realised what our lives were missing.
This has grown bigger than just a meme.
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6:47 AM
i forget who was talking about accessibility the other day, but here is a list of things that the new tomb raider does
1 hour later…
8:03 AM
@quartata yes, literally. Assuming it's the same as dutch which is schildpad
Also, morning chat
8:33 AM
> Easy: Aim Assist Enabled
fuck no, make that a separate option, at least on PC
Like, everything else on the easy mode is fine, but I don't want aim assist by default
9:20 AM
How long have I been autofilling this wrong?! 🙀
@Ave UPS has the worst web stuff
Literally just a heap of flaming garbage
9:48 AM
also niiice my clients are conversing
and they just justified domestic abuse
and are talking about misogynist bs
10:03 AM
@Nzall New prank your co-worker idea: When you find your co-worker's laptops unlocked, instead of prank messaging or changing their wallpaper, edit their form autofill values
@Ave Sounds like a good third week or whatever
10:17 AM
@bwDraco alright
@Ave Meanwhile, at my last workplace the guy sitting two rows from me plays Dota 2 on his work laptop in the office
this isn't my work network
I'm working on field etc
I forgot how miserable hospital A&Es are
I mean I could bypass this...
You could tether your phone's 4G
10:23 AM
or I could bypass this
@Ave Use the Steam app if you have it?
where'd the fun in that
btw i bypassed it
10:44 AM
@PrivatePansy At my old company we set up a special slack room. If you got to someone's unlocked computer, you could post your name in a special room to score a point.
I heard that in certain places if you leave your pc unlocked, people are free to change your password
and they'll only change it back if you buy them a nice meal or smth
@GodEmperorDune I think it was @Unionhawk and I
@Ave what system allows people to change passwords without knowing the current password?
windows I think?
@GodEmperorDune That's actually amazing and makes me want to buy it just to support them
11:13 AM
@Ave definitely not
If you just logged in and need to change your password you can
Though... maybe if you're not on a domain?
@KevinvanderVelden You can change it from computer management apparently
Hmm, I'm going to assume for my own sanitys sake that that's only for local users
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, that's true
12:09 PM
Q: What is the difference between the two garage views?

MargaretIn Gran Turismo: Sport, unlocked cars can go to an inner or outer menu list, but I can’t see the logic. This video demonstrates the difference I am describing, the “inner” list is shown in the last few seconds: What is the distinction between these two categori...

12:51 PM
Walking in crutches is a lot harder than it looks
Ugh. I hate this so much
@PrivatePansy and it already looks hard
Also, what happened? :o
Slipped and fell last Thursday. It was getting better, but the swelling wasn't going away. Went in for an X-ray, and turns out there's an avulsion fracture in my foot, which is a fancy way of saying a small part of the bone got chipped away
It's not very serious, in that I'm not in any pain, but they still put my entire foot in a cast
And gave me a pair of crutches
I thought I could at least make it to the bus stop and take the bus home. That's usually 5 minutes of walking. With crutches it took 15 minutes and I had to stop several times to catch my breathe
I think I need to lose some weight
Also showering while wearing a cast is really fucking hard
1:15 PM
@PrivatePansy Belgium has a system of social workers where the elderly and the disabled can get a government employee to help them with chores, hygiene, groceries,... Does Singapore(?) not have a similar system?
I still live with my parents, so getting in and out of the shower is fine. It's the showering itself that's awkward as hell
You have to keep the cast higher so water doesn't run into it. We don't have a chair taller than our toilet, so instead I have to sit on a stool and balance my cast on the toilet
Hmmm, yeah. Probably a good idea. I'm a bit worried the seal won't be waterproof enough though.
The rest of the bag I can already do with a supermarket plastic bag. It's the seal that's the problem.
Superglue is water-tight I think.
Just superglue the top all the way around your leg.
1:31 PM
Uh... huh
I hate this so much. I could at least walk (well, limp) into the A&E. Now I can't even walk.
@PrivatePansy Yeah, it takes a certain amount of practice to walk well with crutches
1:53 PM
The fact that we haven't solved the "don't get this wet" problem in any meaningful way for casts is so frustrating
2:18 PM
@Ash I mean, we have
Water-safe casts are very much a thing
Covering his legs in ductape, while entertaining, doesn't solve the issue
I didn't actually realize they still put on permanent casts that couldn't get wet
back when i had a cast, the problem wasn't the material getting wet as much as water getting trapped in between the cast and the skin and causing irritation/fungus/rash stuff
... what is this whole thing with moths and lamps going on right now?
2:41 PM
user image
Oh wow. I know he did an episode with Jon Favreau but still.
cc @Ash
Q: How many unique artifacts items have appeared in the Elder Scrolls series?

The Mattbat999Out of curiosity, I looked into the count of artifacts. Sadly, Google's results proved to only show Skyrim's artifacts. How many different artifacts (both Aedric and Daedric) have appeared in the series? By, different, I mean seperate items (e.g. Spellbreaker would only count only once, despite b...

@Lazers2.0 There's got to be a less aggressive way to word that comment.
I gave it a try.
3:00 PM
This seems like something you could answer with five minutes on uespwiki, sort, uniq, and wc
Sounds like you're the perfect person to answer it, then :)
If the question survives.
Not about to mod-close it, though.
@InvaderSkoodge We're going old school now
Anything to keep @fredley on his toes.
Invader Skoodge?
Is retrosaur back again?
I sure hope not.
3:11 PM
@KevinvanderVelden They must've leaked some new Pokemon.
Is @InvaderSkoodge before your time @KevinvanderVelden?
I don't think so, it looks like I used this name in '15-'16.
Don't remember it
Think you used it in '13
Oh actually, it was in '12, and I made an alt with this name for a joke that I used for like 2 seconds in '15 and '16.
3:13 PM
Wow that long ago :/
This has been my Steam name for like a decade, though.
Do I even have you on steam?
So I guess we're also not friends on Steam or you'd have probably seen it.
Seems like it
My location is almost 9 years out of date.
I will add you when I get back home
3:19 PM
Will I know who you are?
@GodEmperorDune yeah that's what I mean
(Aside from the fact that it will probably be my only friend request.)
@Yuuki daaaang that's cool I will have to check that out later
@InvaderSkoodge Yourdoom
And I'm in the arqade group and we presumably have several friends in common :p
@KevinvanderVelden Ah yes, I've played with this person in Overwatch :)
3:25 PM
Yes, we did! I thought I had played games with you previously
@InvaderSkoodge uwot m8
and I'm home
pretty early too
only 6:30PM
For some reason I thought you were another hour ahead, not just one
blame dst
That already happened for you?
Ooh you don't do DST?
3:30 PM
@Yuuki Uh oh
I'm spending a couple weekend in Kansas City next month
That makes sense
@SaintWacko Oh dear.
@SaintWacko best get some lube then
@SaintWacko stay safe
Right, and condoms
3:32 PM
@KevinvanderVelden we don't do it anymore, which is honestly the best thing about turkey
I'm going the first weekend for a symphony concert and the renaissance faire, and then the second weekend for my sister-in-law's wedding
Netflix’s Maniac is weird. It’s definitely got a huge Philip K. Dick influence
@PrivatePansy oh yeah,t hat thing
ads for that is all over the istanbul metro
they're so edgy too
"everyone's so happy" glitch "everyone's so maniac"
(turkish word for happy is mutlu, which sort of is close to maniac, I mean at least they start with m)
It’s a very weird show. Which kind of goes without saying for Philip K. Dick’s works
(I'm surprised that netflix deals with modyo tv btw)
(or that they advertise in turkey at all)
3:36 PM
Yeah, I saw their advertisements here too and were surprised. It can’t be a huge market for them, even if they have an office here
I saw a ton of people watching netflix in public transport
I guess it helps that there's a download feature
3:57 PM
I am finally able to spot hackers thanks to this guide from Durham Police
@JamesLiamCook Fortunately no, that’s not genuine guidance. It’s a satirical slide from an internal presentation that’s been taken out of context. Everyone knows the only real way to spot a hacker is to look for the guy with the hoodie and question mark face.
@Unionhawk Multiple email addresses? Oh dear.
@Ash Oh, okay.
Egads. I was going to say it was almost a word-for-word copy of that Adequacy.org article from 2002
That odd-sounding nickname part might have put me in the slammer.
"Yuuki" has 5 letters after all.
@Yuuki gasp
4:13 PM
@Ash this is also a good tip for how to spot a hacker
@Unionhawk I'm a hacker apparently
Really, their Internet connection slowing down is perhaps the funniest part.
That means everyone in the US is a hacker.
@Yuuki this is probably correct, just to be safe
Can't be too careful
everyone's a hacker until proven innocent
@Unionhawk checkmate, @Uni
4:29 PM
Q: How is the Cache of Uldir item level reward determined in World Of Warcraft?

ChildishforlifeFor certain weekly events, a quest appears that rewards upon completion a "Cache of Uldir". Two weeks ago, the item level reward was from Heroic. Under the item it shows different levels, such as raid finder, normal, heroic, and mythic. How is the item level reward determined for the Caches of ...

4:43 PM
@Lazers2.0 Why am I not getting rep for my answer?
@Nzall have you reached the daily cap?
@Nzall you are
At least your rep graph shows you are
Incredibly minor pet peeve: writers who use "smirk" when they really should use "smile". "Smirk" has certain connotations, imo, namely one of condescension.
@Yuuki I don't really get condescension from smirks; I usually interpret it more as mischievous of playful.
4:52 PM
the math doesn't check out...
@Chippies nice
> An uneven, often crooked smile that is insolent, self-satisfied or scornful.
That's closer to your definition.
5:05 PM
Now he's back to not even a Pokémon
I Remeber this one
I think you swapped to it when I first started making Omega jokes
@Wipqozn whatever you say, shield toad
First #Bowsette, now we got #Booette. Fan Art community, never change.
y'all i cannot keep up with these memes
@GodEmperorDune shouldn't she be Peach-a-boo?
or Peachoo?
@Chippies The Internet isn't that clever
@Wipqozn it has its ups and downs, I guess
5:17 PM
Q: Where can I find a full stat horse?

splattered bitsI just found a 4 strength, 4 speed, 5 stamina horse. an upgrade from my speed 3 horse. I can’t believe how much faster this horse is. Now I want to find a horse with speed 5. Where can I find one?

Q: How do I make a high-level dish?

splattered bitsWhat makes a dish grant a low, mid, or high level buff? I can only seem to make low-level cold/heat resistance dishes by cooking five of the same ingredient. I’d like to sneak around Hebra in my Sheika armor.

@Wipqozn Boaty McBoatface was exceedingly clever.
😴 zzzzZZZZZZZzzzzz.... Ready for naptime? This pile of subadult bears was. Unlike older bears, young bears will sometimes play, travel, and sleep in groups. See more of the Bear Cams at http://explore.org/bears https://t.co/lcrz20X5hd
cc @ash for this bear(s)
also subadult is a hilarious word to me. what happened to "juvenile"?
@GodEmperorDune hey, don’t kinkshame
What happened to "young"
@Yuuki see that was my first thought but i didn't know how to word the joke for it
5:22 PM
Do bears find it offensive?
@GodEmperorDune The problem with that kind of joke is that you need a set-up.
@Yuuki i think its more a frame of mind than physical gear
@JasonBerkan Very true
Pathfinder looks pretty slick
5:31 PM
@Sterno The video game?
I didn't even realize it was out
That's because you aren't a real gamer. #gatekeeping
I've been gatekeeped and it feels terrible
@Wipqozn #rektqozn
5:35 PM
My dog currently smells almost as bad as @Wipqozn's socks
So I saw that starred item and I didn't hover over the link
but I really hoped
and was so happy
@Chippies This is appropriately American
"Should we use metric units?"
"Naaah, let's just define our own shit in terms of metric units so we technically meet the obligation"
@TimStone I don't understand why they don't just go the Canadian route and do half imperial and half metric, with both measurements available for most consumer things
they will never be able to switch to metric if people don't ever get to see/use metric
laughs in exceptionalism
6:12 PM
Telltale hit with class-action lawsuit alleging violations of California and federal labor laws regarding mass layoffs https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/25/17901106/telltale-layoffs-lawsuit-warn-act?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
@Chippies According to Wikipedia, there's a vote scheduled for this November to decide whether to redefine the kilogram in terms of the Planck constant instead of those physical prototypical kilogram objects.
@murgatroid99 yeah, and it was mentioned in the video as well, towards the end
actually, I didn't know it was still up to debate
I thought it was already decided
@Unionhawk Good. I hope they get all of it.
Q: Is there a way to use steam market without delay if I don't have a mobile device?

TheMountainThatCodesFrom the googling I've done it seems that without a mobile device (so without the mobile authenticator) I can only buy items on the market immediately. Trading and selling seems to force a 15 day delay. Is this correct? Is there any way at all to circumvent this?

@Unionhawk Good. Fuck Telltale mistreating it's employees both during their stay and when they boot them out the door.
6:27 PM
Amen to that.
And like, now, as they seem more concerned with oh no walking dead the final season :(
good news we may have some investors to help get it done
@GodEmperorDune SLEEPY BEARS <3
what's that pay people severance no
@Unionhawk Yeah that's really frustrating. Yes it sucks for the fans they won't see the ending, but the employees getting their legally and morally entitled severance is more important by leaps and bounds.
Like it's not even in the same league
6:38 PM
Really depends on what Telltale's financials are like on whether they'll get anything or not.
Yeah, I suspect that it will come down to "we have no money to give you" which sucks.
@JasonBerkan They've got plenty of assets to sell, so there should be money. Hopefully this lawsuit ensures it goes to employees and not investors.
6:55 PM
Q: Minecraft Mods not showing

fungoiSo, Ive been playing on minecraft 1.8.9 for while,Its been modded heavily and has never had any issues with me. Recently I started playing on a server for 1.12.2. So, I worked out everything so I can be running 2 visions and have both modded. I first move 1.12.2 optfine in my mods folder and it w...

7:38 PM
oh man, someone got nearly the perfect run in super mario bros
the TAS is 4:54.030
@Unionhawk Wow
I'm trying to calculate how many frame rules this is but my head hurts (basically super mario bros can only be beaten by increments of x miliseconds since the game checks for end of level every y frames)
I think I saw that that may not apply to the last level
isn't frame rules every 12 frames
7:47 PM
@murgatroid99 probably, time is probably right when hitting the axe
And the frame rule is 0.35 seconds, or 21 frames
Yeah ballpark of maybe 4 or 5 frame rules that can be saved
and uh, the current strats are absurd lol
Because like, it's all stuff to save 21 frames at a time, which in any other game would not be a big time save, but here it's huge
8:24 PM
ooo, @TimStone there's apparently some exploration improvements on the way
I saw!
how's my cobra outfitted...
I want an asp explorer
but that's a lot
If I could buy you one, I could buy you one
really what I should do is set up my joystick and do an hour or so in a hazres
Q: Can video's and games downloaded on PS3 be accessed on PS4?

Dave BarrettI was wondering if movies and tv shows downloaded from Playstaion Store to PS3 be accessed on PS4?

8:42 PM
@Unionhawk What game are you talking about?
elite dangerous
they're making some changes to make exploration more interesting
@Wipqozn I assume that every single jump, delay, glitch and skip in that video has been calculated to be the optimal route?
@Nzall I think in some parts it doesn't matter whether you jump or not, as long as you're moving forward at running speed
like, that weird glitch at the end of 8-1 or 8-2 or whatever, where he waited for a split second for that Bullet Bill to spawn, that was part of the plan?
bullet bill glitch is a Whole Thing
I think it saves like 2 frame rules
8:45 PM
And you can afford to slow down a little bit here and there because of frame rules
so the TAS is the absolute best,with no room for improvement whatsoever?
Most likely
Barring new discoveries
TAS is as fast as possible with current knowledge
@Unionhawk This, but that's not actually the TAS @Nzall
That's the newest WR
The TAS is about a second faster
Although I think a new 4-2 route was discovered to save a frame just today, so we'll likely see anew TAS shortly if we already haven't
8:49 PM
Also, the TAS is a Tool-assisted speedrun, right? where a machine plays using millisecond accurate timing according to VERY carefully planned route made by a human?
Right, in a TAS you basically just decide the exact inputs on every frame, and then let it play out
what I'm wondering is whether you might be able to brute-force a slightly better path using the latest buzzword of Machine learning
as in, start from the current TAS record and then the the machine press random buttons at the right time to try and get a better path
First, machine learning isn't really brute force, and second, the search space is just too big for that to be practical
And for the most part, run changes that actually improve times are significant deviations from the existing best run
9:04 PM
you could argue that it involves brute forcing
at least certain forms of ml
In a sense, but with a very aggressively pruned decision tree
A pure brute force would include "What if we press left on every frame for 5 minutes?" and "What if we only press A and B?" and everything in between
You need the human who knows that the fastest way to reach the first pipe in 1-1 is to hold right and B continuously and jump over certain things, and then you can search within that space to find the fastest way to get there
@murgatroid99 At which point it's not really brute force anymore
@Wipqozn exactly
So yeah TIL you can't evac out of blacksite missions
I was going to just to get @Ronan to grab the bleeding @Niro and bolt, but then I couldn't evac, and then @Ronan was right next to the aliens. Welp.
So yeah probably a restart
Also, I'll admit that I don't know a lot of the details about how people produce TAS runs, but I haven't heard anything about people using any kind of machine learning to make them
9:13 PM
I might be able to continue
@murgatroid99 Yeah I'd be shocked if anyone was
There is that one SethBling video about teaching a neural net to play Mario, but it was barely able to finish the first level
Not anyone can just go "yeah, I'm going to write a program to calculate the most efficient TAS runs via machine learning!"
So these are the soldiers remaining. I could probably keep going. Coudl be interesting.
Also I think I lost a free characters in the pool somehow
If I'm not there what's even the point of carrying on?
9:16 PM
@Wipqozn RIP @Yuuki (Date of Recruitment - 5 minutes later)
@Ronan That's my thinking
oh nope
Looks like the game is just doing it's thing fo still generating soldiers from the random pool
it's probably because of when it generates characters for certain tasks
@Yuuki I could buy you for 25 supplies
@Wipqozn That sounds pretty sketchy.
Am I going to have dark-suited people show up on my doorstep to kidnap me to Halifax now?
Don't follow any trails of brothers pepperoni, Wipqozn will be at the end with a baseball bat and a giant leather sack
@Yuuki Yes. Also I'm training you to be a ranger.
So you'll be right close to the enemy. Good luck!
@Wipqozn Wait, I'm Asian and you're making me use a katana? I'm feeling pigeonholed here.
9:23 PM
@Yuuki but they're folded a 1000 times
@Wipqozn You should go back to playing Minecraft.
You've demonstrated that you're particularly good at digging yourself a bigger hole (/s).
Also @RedRiderX will also be a ranger
He wears a bloody hockey mask
So it'll be his hockey stick
@Wipqozn I feel especially insulted by this considering you know my first name.
@Yuuki haha true
Also you have an eyepatch
9:30 PM
It may have taken 18.5 weeks BUT we have the background check now
ahem nothing to see here, nothing to see
@Ash ... "nothing". :P
@Ash Congrats on WE escaping the hellhole that is this country (mostly /s, but yeeaaaaah).
@Catija laughs just a small explosion of delight, yknow
@Yuuki grins well, that's still to come but eventually hopefully yes
@Ash Which way?
I had not noticed the badges in here are yellow. Seems like an interesting choice.
9:33 PM
@InvaderSkoodge US -> Canada
@Ash And well worth it. Congrats to you both. I'm so very happy that you get to move on to the next step!
@Ash Nice, that is the direction I would also choose.
@Catija Aww, thanks, friend <3
@InvaderSkoodge My medical stuff precludes the other direction being logical
@Yuuki snorts
9:34 PM
Ah yes, that whole debacle over here.
> Nintendo Will Let You Recover Cloud Saves Up to 6 Months After Your Switch Online Subscription Lapses
Okay good, they fixed that horrific mess.
@Ash yassssssssssssssssssssssss
so bridge meetup at the new place when?
9:50 PM
giggles I'll keep you posted ;)
@Ash good luck!
in hindsight that might not be the best thing to say
10:56 PM
So my ssd had a corruption and I reinstalled archlinux on it, and moved to awesome wm in the process
@KevinvanderVelden IIRC you were interested in tiling wms
this is my first ever tiling wm experience and uh
I h*cking love it.
I know right? It's fricking amazing
it makes so much sense
(Right, no swearing here! :p)
10:58 PM
Anyways I also got my ssd working on my work pc, which is even hecking better
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