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12:01 AM
I could see a couple other spots working but the important question is where will it be the first week of February
And how do I plan my daily route around it
Q: What are the progress bars in the creature cage

Tab AllemanIn the creature cage, when I'm giving treats to a familiar there's a progress bar under each of the attributes that can be affected. What do these progress bars indicate? And yes, it's Dec 2018 and I'm just now playing this game. Laugh it up.

12:23 AM
Pterosaurs just keep getting weirder. They beat birds at powered flight. Were they also a step ahead with feathers? http://bit.ly/2SRX0FR
Cc @ash
@GodEmperorDune oh this is neat, and weird
Like I love dinosaur stuff because like...we have no idea!
@Unionhawk for maximum taco?
@Ash but does it change the probable noise they made? that's the real question :p
asking you as an IPA expert
1 hour later…
1:38 AM
cc @ash @Yuuki @Wipqozn and @fredley @Ronan for brit slang
1:55 AM
Apparently, Kingdom Hearts 3 got leaked already.
@Frank i thought there were more than 3 games
in that series
did they renumber it?
@GodEmperorDune There are. This is #3 in the main series.
Not including prequels, interquels, sequels, etc., etc.
This is probably closer to game #10.
Q: What is an easy way to get money in Splatoon 2?

JibsI feel it takes me too long to grind up money in splatoon 2. I'm currently trying to get all weapons and gear. (Mainly weapons) I often use tickets and go to grizzco but is there something better? And yes I do have the octo expansion and try for money there.

ah, gotcha
But it's only supposed to come out in six weeks.
So someone broke street date hardcore.
2:03 AM
what kind of leak?
Someone's got 100 copies of the XBox version, and is selling them for $100.
@Frank sounds like a sting tbh
Who's gonna get arrested?
Someone who wants to buy a copy early?
@Frank yeah, supporting IP theft or w/e
It's a legit copy of the game.
Breaking street date isn't illegal.
2:13 AM
i'm not a copyright cop, you don't have to justify it to me
@Frank if those are actual retail copies it's breaking some sort of embargo
@GodEmperorDune Which is a contract dispute.
People are saying they came from Walmart.
@Frank unless the "seller" wasn't meant to have them
Which means Squeenix has a beef with them.
And Walmart has an issue with their employee that took them.
Q: When to use candies in let's go pikachu

beardedeagleI'm curious, does it matter when you use a species specific candy? Say, would it be best to wait till my pokemon is lvl 100 then use the 200 candies to achieve max stats? Or is there no penalty and you can use them whenever without consequence?

Q: How do you make everyone's gamertags in Minecraft invisible? (Windows 10 Edition - NOT Java)

MinecraftI am making a "Murder Mystery" mansion in Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition - NOT Java) and I want to turn of the gamertags. Does anybody know how to turn them off or make them invisible? 2018

What the employee did might be theft. But buying a game early from someone who makes it available isn't illegal, last I checked.
2:26 AM
@GodEmperorDune oh my gooood
@Frank I feel like if you know it's stolen, things can get weird, but IANAL, and all
receiving stolen property is often a crime
2:47 AM
Q: Name of the recipe for this type of wall?

FerparuWhat is the name of the recipe for the wall depicted in the photo below? I don't know what to call it so I can google/look myself and Fallout 76 just calls it "Wall" just like all the other walls.

3:43 AM
"Is it normal for developers to have time off over Christmas? That seemed a bit strange."
The Gamers
3:57 AM
@Unionhawk ffs
4:40 AM
Q: How is field salvage determined?

congusbongusIn the starsiege campaign, the mission debriefing often had a "FIELD SALVAGE" section: These were weapons, compnents, and (rarely) hercs that can be used in subsequent missions. I've noticed that the contents often vary, but I'm not sure how. Is it randomised? Is it based on the number of en...

5:08 AM
@Yuuki @Ash i told yall that crimbo started in kol, right?
so, the 91 is way worse than the 57 :( @god
@Dragonrage did everyone forget how to drive after a little rain?
no, they never knew how to drive to being with
like, a single lane (slow lane) had a stalled car in a spot where there were 6-7 lanes not including the fast trak lanes, and it made a traffic jam so bad that it took me 45 minutes to go 10 miles
5:19 AM
@Dragonrage jeez
5:57 AM
Q: What does it matter if Syndicate members are trusted or rivals with one another?

senpaiCan't tell if there's a difference between the two. Each member's reward outcome is already preset by the division of the Syndicate they're in, so what difference do trusted relationships and rivalries do for Syndicate members?

6:37 AM
@GodEmperorDune I believe so!
7:07 AM
Q: Add 'ssbu' tag synonym to 'super-smash-bros-ultimate`

senpaiI don't have 5 score in the category yet, but this seems pretty obvious. Smash Bros on the N64 is often just called smash 64 Smash Bros. Melee is often called ssbm or melee Smash Bros. Brawl is often called ssbb or brawl Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU is often called ssb4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimat...

1 hour later…
8:42 AM
Aaaah, that's not a real site
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Q: Minecraft ps4 buy(3rd time :(()

AntolinI bought Minecraft for the ps3 when it was first released, I had it in pc but I began playing console more, then th3 ps4 came out some time later and I bought it almost instantly at the discounted price from crossing over from ps3, that was around March 2017, here we are Dec 2018 I'm good going t...

9:39 AM
Morning @Kevin
9:55 AM
VS Code can't seem to handle files and directories with backslash characters in them
Heh nice
gotta love prod downtimes when I'm in middle of nowhere
I can't even fix from phone
bc of ssh key
oh wait I couldn't do that
thanks hetzner
just take down all of my stuff what could go wrong
btw I do NOT get emails about these
10:15 AM
@Ave Maybe it is because it is urgent they shut down their own mail servers too?
it's not urgent
they're randomly taking down helsinki machines for maintenence
i subbed to this just now, hopefully I'll be notified in the future
"Urgent Maintenance on Cloud Node 10401", isnt this the one you linked?
this is a massive compant
urgent maintenence doesn't mean much unless all of their dcs go down simultaneously
and backups go down too
1 hour later…
11:35 AM
this is unheard of
it NEVER happens
@Ave what's that?
@Memor-X legal hrt and legal blood tests
basically endgame for me lol
@Ave hooray!
@Ave the 2 sessions in a month or the referral?
@Memor-X two therapist sessions in total
which is seriously unheard of
11:54 AM
@Ave Congrats! You totally deserve it
with all the crap you have to put up with, karma has a way of making it up to you
12:06 PM
gotta love being bounced back and forth
psychiatry sent me to endocrinology, endo desk sent me to endo 3, endo 3 sent me to endo 5, endo 5 sent me to endo 3
now I'm at door of endo 3
@Ave Final boss time
i mean 3 will just send me to 5
That's bonus content
and 5 will likely say "come to trans clinic tomorrow" or "go to different place then get referral here"
got stuff scheduled
january 30
12:19 PM
god fuck they want so many tests
32 tests
also they lost their mind after hearing that I've been self injecting lol
"Who was tracking this?" "No one?" "WE GOTTA TRACK THIS"
To be fair, any medical person would be against self medicating
Yeaaaaah, what moacir said
@Ave Just a suggestion.. I know you are going thru a lot of things and all, but are you writing everything you are doing/trying? You could publish a "roadmap" for other people in the same situation as you, so they know what to do or how to do it.
@Moacir I'll self medicate no matter what hospital does
@Ave I cannot tell you what you should do, or if what you are doing is right or wrong, because I do not have a medical background or knowledge about the medications you are using. I can mostly do a blanket recommendation of "do what doctors tell" because at least here they are usually right.
But please, do not think I am against you or anything. It makes me happy that things are going the way you want.
12:30 PM
@Moacir see, if I let them handle my stuff, I'll either take spiro (which gets you all high and weird, I talked about it more before) or cypro (which gives you brain tumors on the long run)
and E tablets are just the worst
they don't give enough estrone, which gets your progress stuck
I trust you are more well versed on these things than I am. Just don't take unnecessary risks.
And by unnecessary I mean on your standards, not mine
you'd lose your mind if you found out how I acquired this
I'm pretty sure it involves "deep-web" and cryptocurrencies
it involves a ukranian lady who makes hrt at home and transferwise
(she gets the medical ingredients from big companies and just does proper sterilization and vial-ing things, it's not super risky, but it's not licensed)
:circle-a: :black-flag:
12:37 PM
cc @Yuuki who probably posted this three years ago
@badp Why did you want circles?
tis the season
I think it is an American thing?
He is not an american
12:43 PM
just badp things
also congratulations @Ave!
12:54 PM
ave: fuck corps let's inject hrt made by individuals
also ave: is in uber
also ave: ordered lasagna home from big corp whiel in her uber
@Ave was expecting you to order it through ubereats
@Memor-X Idk if ubereats is available here
we have a ripoff called scotty but I never used it
I hope the lasagna is good
nothing sadder than bad lasagna
@badp I can think of a few things
1:09 PM
death? death is inevitable. but bad lasagna is an entirely preventable tragedy
@badp it'll likely be bad
I'm setting up my kodi setup rn
soon it'll be even better
I have a whole laptop dedicated to it
even on 1080p it only uses 10% of resources lol
@Moacir you now have one guess as to where @badp is from now that you have eliminated america and have this lasagna knowledge
1:25 PM
@Unionhawk Italy would be my second guess
Based on the lasagna only
Either Italy or a Garfield comic
why not both
@Ash oh no :( it's not much but I hope it helps. You've been giving this community SO MUCH and I have absolutely no problem giving back. Let me know if you end up short
@Ave Congratulations!
@Unionhawk I'll cherish it forever
1:55 PM
Q: How to make particles around/at edge of block?

GamingRedCZHow to make block have particles at edges to make it more visible? At all edges?

with those "specials" i would argue that they might not be in the wrong by discounting them on release as you see that with Steam Games sometimes. what matters is if they return to the crossed out full price and are available (because that "limited" label makes me think they wont be around for the entire discount time). if they can't be brought at the original price then yeh i think there's a case there for false advertising
but seriously, what the fuck has happened to Bethesda? it's one thing to release mod supported buggy games but this is a different level
start of next year we aren't going to learn that EA brought Bethesda? or one of their execs left EA and got hired by Bethesda
@Unionhawk oh no. i see youtube in that link. i'm not falling for Rebecca Black again
@Memor-X that is not it
Which, let's be honest, is rather surprising and a good thing we should support @Unionhawk in
2:23 PM
@Ave yaaaaaaaay
@badp anything helps! We are over halfway now, so I am feeling so much better about things. We will get there. Everyone has been so amazing!
@badp facedesj
Morning Ash
@Kevin good morning!
2:59 PM
@GodEmperorDune Yep. I am unfortunately in the middle of a Pokefamiliar run.
I probably should drop it but I also dun wanna.
3:26 PM
I'm playing Path of Exile again!
@Moacir Whereas bartenders deal in Absoluts.
@Yuuki You will be a great father someday
3:43 PM
Q: Minecraft map making particles

GamingRedCZI'm making a game where are challenge and in first challenge they must mine to get money and there are pickaxes with levels 1-3 and 1 can mine irons 2 can mine irons and golds 3 can mine irons, golds and diamonds and i want to make particles at edges of blocks they can mine i only want to know ho...

First question: Why isn't Visio included in Office 365? Second question: Why is it so damned expensive?
Tumblrs coding is so good that you can literally just inspect element the switch that marks your blog as explicit and remove the line that says disabled and flick the switch yourself
@MBraedley I feel like question #2 answers question #1.
Third question: What's a good alternative, specifically for making flow charts, state diagrams, and UML class diagrams?
I've used lucidchart and google drawings but idk if either could be classed as "good"
apparently there's an openoffice and libreoffice version too
3:55 PM
@Unionhawk I don't think Google Drawing works
I've used draw.io
There's also a Flash based one which works somewhat well, if you can tolerate Flash
What I dislike about Visio is that is being marketed when you open a new Excel in a really shady way.
You see this and you are like "Oh look, you can make it via Excel"
Then you open, its a tutorial on how to import from Visio
@Moacir that is kinda shady
@Yuuki yay! I will have to watch it.
@Ash Help me out. You work on an ISP right?
There is some kind of configuration where you bundle a bunch of clients under the same IP. I think that is called NAT?
@Moacir I do. Mostly fixed point wireless so I don't know how much help I can be but I will try.
4:06 PM
@MBraedley alternatively, if you can get an installer for Visio Standard 2019, I have 5 keys apparently
as part of my visual studio professional subscription
@Moacir NAT can be used for masquerading stuff like that yes
....damn it post gym shaking hands
@Unionhawk now that you say that, I think I have the same thing
Yeah, apparently pro gets visio keys
(I had enterprise but they downgraded me)
(because enterprise costs like $5,000 more for features I don't use)
@Ash There is a question that I am trying to troubleshoot (Via comments because I do not have a good answer to post) where the asker cannot connect to the host via hamachi, but they both share an ISP. Could it be that they are under the same NAT and that makes them not able to connect to themselves?
4:09 PM
@Moacir hamachi should handle that itself
@MBraedley It is weird, right?
@Moacir id be surprised if that was the case
I honestly suffered lots with this kind of things
Wanting to play with my friends but somehow I was the only one that could not connect or had shitty lag
BTW, you need to forward ports because of NAT
But then again I have seen weird issues with all sorts of stuff (like Ontario Lottery Gaming Commission casino site being really weird about deciding our Ontario registered IPs are... Elsewhere, even though we have had them literally for years and years)
4:13 PM
Also, just to be sure, technical issues is a thing in arqade, right?
Ok then
@Moacir Technical issues with games, not with the computer itself
@SaintWacko It is a technical issue with minecraft (where I think the problem is not minecraft per se, but ISP/Port forwarding related)
yeah it's a weird possible crossover with superuser idk
4:19 PM
Anyway, I posted a comment, where the user will probably answer only tomorrow, and I'll reply tomorrow where the user will answer only the day after
Q: I want to have my own MvM server to play with my friends. How?

BonnitoI need suggestion. I want to create it, because I've made my own MvM wave and I want my friends to try it out. Please, I need a good, understandable and fine instruction from each of you. Thanks for reading.

Q: Does increasing a Heroes stars increase their HQ perks?

David YellSome of my heroes, such as Gaspar Donozo, has a perk which is active in the HQ. Does increasing a heroes star level up their hq parks? If not, how do I level the HQ perks? For example, my Gaspar is currently 2 stars, but his Scholar perk is still level 1 of 3.

4:52 PM
@badp it was a Bad Lasagna
That feeling when you know you're almost at the end of a Palace but you just can't fight anymore and you have to spend another day :(
I'm going to be grinding my day's worth of XP out of it, though.
I don't feel overleveled anymore, so that has to be fixed.
5:10 PM
@Ave nooo :(
5:25 PM
badp = bad pasta
6:03 PM
Q: Minecraft's problem with CTM 1.12.2

MrCloudLong story short: I am trying to use Chisel 2 in 1.12.2 but it all blocks (except for the laboratory right, left, console and vent blocks) have the classic black-purple chess design. So I've added the Connected Textures Mod v0.2.3.9 and then the game crashed. Here's the crash log. EDIT: I am not ...

@Yuuki Gotta love the beaverton :P
lmao, uh, Elite, what are you doing lol
(there's a screenshot in discord of a combat zone notification in the instance of a station)
(I have no idea what would happen if you declared for either side, let alone not the same side as the station)
(especially given that there's the SPEEDING indicator, clearly marking that they're in a no-fire zone)
also they changed how combat zone declaration works, before you picked a side in the internal (right side) panel. Now it's a notification in the comms (top) panel
6:19 PM
Q: Can anyone explain some unfamiliar terms in PS Vita for a beginner gamer like me?

Dean LeeSo, im a grown-ass adult. But I've never played much game before other than on my phone. Since i'm on a vacation and have a lot free time to spare. I'm looking to buy a ps vita for gaming. But I dun rlly know anything much bout that stuff. I know there are PS Vita and Vita Slim. But then I browse...

6:59 PM
@Yuuki this was great, i dunno why people were upset by it
@Yuuki crimbo kinda sucks so far so you're not missing much
@MBraedley my company uses the gliffy plugin on confluence but it's not cheap for an individual. it is a decent visio replacement though.
3 hours ago, by MBraedley
@Unionhawk now that you say that, I think I have the same thing
@MBraedley ah, rekt
I have a product key for Visio as a result of my Visual Studio license
lol pro gets visio but not anything else in office?
except office 95
Q: How does matchmaking in Gwent's Arena Mode work?

arghtypeI noticed that matches become harder after I have 3-4 wins in Arena Mode. Is it because I face only opponents who has same number of wins? Or maybe it's somehow affected by my regular MMR? I cannot find any explanation in my PS4 version, mb PC version have anything about it. I've also checked o...

7:10 PM
@GodEmperorDune To be fair, they've endlessly satirized how much people expect out of Crimbo to the point where I think this year they're doing a parody of how much they complain about people complaining about Crimbo.
@GodEmperorDune One thing that I didn't really realize was a point of cultural difference was the scene where the mom cooks a whole bunch of traditional food.
According to a comment I read, there's this whole thing about languages of emotion and how Eastern culture tends to eschew verbal expressions of love completely in favor of acts/works of love like a giant feast.
@Yuuki ahh I didn’t quite get the traditions vs new stuff layer, that makes it richer
@Yuuki I mean the pink box of pastry as affection was pretty easy to figure out
Yeah, but that's a cultural thing that I've never really noticed. My parents don't ever say "I love you" or anything like that.
I literally can't remember the last time I heard a verbal expression of affection from my family.
My family didn’t do that much either, I thought it was a generational thing
We are changing that with our daughter
People talking about how the dad isn't really a part of the short but missing that he was the one who gave the son a push at the end.
@Yuuki that I noticed. Good at the big gestures, bad at the small ones
7:37 PM
Q: Launcher works but it wont open the game

user223978alright, the newer launcher looks great and all but when i hit play, it opens the Mojang logo window and doesn't open the Minecraft game. it was working yesterday but suddenly stopped. please help me.

tfw you're chinese and the inca have a unique terrace farm improvement
Jeez, that's a lot of food bonuses.
Is this my Mvembe alternative?
Are there any Wii fitness games that incorporate heart rate monitoring?
I don't know of any Wii peripherals that do heart rate monitoring.
I don't know of any console that incorporates heart rate monitoring.
Wii Vitality Sensor ?
7:45 PM
Though there was that one prototype for...Wii?
The closest thing I can find is some horror game kickstarter that gets harder as you get more scared
ah nintendo cancelled their vitality sensor
@barlop It was apparently cancelled yeah
announced 2009 confirmed dead 2013
there is the xbox one kinect apparently
creepy, but likely better than Nintendo's idea in implementation lol
I don't think their concept of a finger clip sensor would work for extended periods of time from a "is there still blood flowing to your fingertip" standpoint
8:10 PM
@Unionhawk If they do it similar to the fingertip one hospitals use that would work, no?
I just can't see using that for more than 5 minutes
Hospitals do
Good point
My immediate thought was the instant read thing my doctor's office uses for one-time reads
@Unionhawk oh, yeah, not that, I'm thinking the long term one that I had on my finger for a while when I was all brain-surgery-ed up
8:22 PM
oh hey, the best sonic game is in the humble bundle
Q: How to deal with intense flaming from team members inside game

Aditya GuptaIn a recent match of Dota 2, my team members flamed me throughout the match for not playing up to their expectations. Constant hate messages spoiled the whole match for others as well. It happens a lot of times that imminent loss makes people start blaming others for the team loss. I usually a...

@Unionhawk Sonic 06?
Sonic Adventure 2
also no 06 is not there
(the alternative joke there would have been "sonic all stars racing transformed collection" if someone guessed adventure 2)
Speaking of, I should set up my smash stage songs to play the good sonic songs frequently
@Wipqozn That's great.
Especially the really fine glitter
8:47 PM
Q: May I ask game identifcation questions on meta?

MawgI know that I mayn't ask on the main site, as per the tag definition of game-identification. If I can remember some description of a game, may I ask it here. If not, does anyone a non S.E site where it would be on-topic?

9:30 PM
@Unionhawk I also considered Sonic Boom
@Wipqozn That's the best sonic TV show
@Unionhawk I forgot there was a TV show too. Thanks.
Excuse me while I hunt down memes
Ya know, Amy wearing clothes just makes the other characters not wearing clothe seem really weird
@Wipqozn Have they not mentioned this in the show?
I should actually watch this
but also maybe not because I suspect these are the good parts
@Yuuki Maybe, I haven't watched it
idk where you can find it these days
CN cancelled it
9:39 PM
@Unionhawk netflix
at least the Canadian kind
So I might actually be playing some Link when I get Ultimate
looks like he's vastly improved in Ultimate
I like playing toon link but yeah link is quite good
So I'll probably be rocking Marth, Olimar and Link
I might play Lucinia a bit too, since I know her and MArth are similar, but Marth is my boy.
I've been having fun with all links and richter
Lucina is marth without the tip of the sword zone (damage is the same throughout)
@Unionhawk yeah that's what I've heard
9:47 PM
I've mostly been playing Marth but I might actually switch to Lucina because I'm not very good at the spacing for that tip of the sword thing
So switching may make sense, but I just love me some Marth.
Yeah, Marth has been my main since Melee
Plus I've always been good at the spacing with Marth, but I've played him a bunch, so that makes sense
so I probably would do more damage with my boy Marth
I've been playing a lot of Inkling and Olimar.
I mostly played Ganondorf and Jigglypuff in Melee.
Hey everyone
@Yuuki ganondorf is the worst bomb
10:02 PM
He actually uses his sword in Ultimate.
It's weird.
10:21 PM
I didn't even know he had a sword
Oh wait you can taunt with it in brawl
It's he not just a cap clone in the new one?
Okay I need to shower before I procrastinate being an adult even longer
@BunsGlazing He's less of a Captain Falcon clone, but his specials are still the same, I think.
Q: Unable to redeem some "Games with Gold" titles with an active subscription

user598527I recently purchased an Xbox One and haven't been able to redeem the backwards compatible Xbox 360 (Dragon Age II) and original Xbox games (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction). Participating Xbox One games have games have been added to my account so far, but the legacy games display a price. ...

10:41 PM
@Yuuki Oh snap
also you're the worst
One of the best shorts they've ever made, but also THE FEEEEEEEEEEEEELS
Q: How do I launch marines in X4?

AxiomI understand how to personally capture ships in X4 (and X3, if it's relevant) but I'd really like to be able to send the marine that I've been carrying around to go get the newly abandoned Falcon out there. I know how to task another ship to launch their marine and I see the neat little boarding ...

Q: Is there a default behavior that I can set to to tell my ships to cease fire when an enemy abandons their ship?

AxiomI was just battling a pirate that had attacked one of my freighters. Happily, the pirate decided that they'd had enough and abandoned their lovely fighter. While I was sidling up to capture their ship, my freighter started shooting again. Fortunately, I was able to manually cancel all orders on t...

Xfinity X1 customers, unlock a special #AssassinsCreedOdyssey in-game currency boost for your Spartan Hero. Just say "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" into your X1 Voice Remote to get your free code today. https://t.co/bus9jSQnud
That game is a mess
@TimStone uhhhhh
ubi has always been quick for product placement
@TimStone nooooo thank you
11:00 PM
> its just a booster you can get in game for free
@GodEmperorDune even better
That classic meaning of special, something you can easily get otherwise
tbh i don't know why an assassin's creed game would need a currency boost
Because they made this one more grindy
the main currency has always been extremely easy to farm
11:05 PM
In order to sell currency and exp boosts
@GodEmperorDune since when? i thought all the boosters were micro-transactions
@Wrigglenite oh were they going for microtransactions
@Memor-X since the replies on the thread
congrats ubi, that was silly of you
i mean they've sold some weird dlc microtransactions before
i guess this is really taking the plunge
on a full price game that already has dlc and all the triple diamond platinum collectors edition stuff too
you want to throw microtransactions into an otherwise free mobile game? sure
anyway i will angrily curse ubi and then wait for the next game in the series to go on sale and enjoy it, so nothing will really change
11:28 PM
Q: Clearing just one item in a specific hotbar slot?

SpiceWeaselI'm making a little thing for my friends that when you swap a redstone dust to your offhand hotbar you get an effect for 10 seconds, but if you swap 2 at the same time you get 20 seconds, and so on. However, if I want to achieve this, I'll have to clear them one by one, which replaceitem doesn't ...

11:41 PM
Glitter - that bitch of a thing that gets everywhere and you're never rid of it even after you think you've cleaned it up
Ex-NASA engineer builds glitter bomb for revenge on package thieves http://hill.cm/G2VvQm3
^ the perfect use for it
*inhales* OMGOMG 😱 We get another 1-hour special, Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind on January 21 at 7p! 💎💖 #StevenUniverse
I've realized I am really bad at keeping up with cartoons. (Well, TV in general, but cartoons especially).
@Ash yeah I’m on like episode 6 or 7 of SU
Of season 1
I watched a whole lot but it's been....eons
(mind you even stuff I do keep up with, like Mrs. Maisel, I watch like..20 min here 10 min here all disjointed like)
11:59 PM
hey, whatever works

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