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12:01 AM
Because it's buggy and crashes
Hello Bridge!
On behalf of the bridge, hello @Fluttershy!
@spugsley I was going to say, we're all still alive, so it must not have gone too badly.
12:12 AM
@TimStone it was incredible :) I'm about to look at the shots now
@spugsley i wouldnt have expected that with the way you where talking about doing it earliger
oh my balls. I took 600 pictures O-o
@spugsley Yeah. That happens. I'm glad it went well.
12:17 AM
@skovacs1 I appreciate all your help earlier. It really succeeded in calming my nerves. I felt so confident and it was a blast
@Fluttershy Yes. Hello.
@spugsley No problem. I have a moderately-sized family and have worked on a number of weddings.
@spugsley Hurrah! I knew you could be awesomesauce.
@AshleyNunn thank you for believing it meeeeee
@OrigamiRobot O.o Really?
I will definitely show you guys a few of my best shots once I've got them sorted
12:19 AM
@Fluttershy Yes
@OrigamiRobot Isn't there some kind of online Catan thing?
@skovacs1 That's what I'm talking about.
It's a combination of boredom and the fact that it looks fun.
OMG it is awesomefun....least I think so
12:20 AM
@AshleyNunn Make an account! @Blem @Wipqozn @OrigamiRobot and I all have one. =P
@Fluttershy and me
@Fluttershy I made one I think
I keep listening to it.
Q: when I go to play grand theft auto 4 it signs me out of xbox live and I can't get back in why is this happening?

Max BarkleyI go to play GTA 4 and it signs me out when I play and can't get back in, any suggestions?

Q: How do you repair a vehicle?

WipqoznI've come across various parts saying they are used to repair broken vehicles, however whenever I come across vehicles it doesn't seem I'm able to repair them. Are only some vehicles able to be repaired, and if so, how can I tell if it can be repaired? How can I tell what parts a vehicle needs ...

12:24 AM
@OrigamiRobot Give me about an hour and i'll be up for a game.
@Fluttershy what's up with all these different game variants? (never played catan, but I've seen it played one and a half times)
@skovacs1 No idea. I only play the base game.
I would love to play but it is 2:30 am here so should go to bed
@skovacs1 as far as i know you play them seperat and they each add a new flaver to the game and there are also rules for combining them all in to a giant board
one of them have rules for 6 player
@Blem I was more wondering about each of them. There's only 3 of them so I was hoping the differences were minimal. Either way, @Fluttershy's answer made it clear that the others aren't worth worrying about (I mean if the cool kids aren't doing them, they can't be, right?)
Also just realized the limitations of the free account :P
12:33 AM
@skovacs1 precisely. that is good logic
I like Settlers but I am not good at it - I tend to give all my good stuff away because I get confused XD
i only played it once yestoday
@Blem That looks... difficult.
@Fluttershy it is all 3 games combined
@AshleyNunn From what I've seen, it helps to have a goal for how you want to win. I'm likewise noob so I suspect I shall be quite suck. Will see.
apparently my Java is too old. :sigh updating
12:36 AM
@skovacs1 It helps if you know you need wood to get started and don't place your 2 starting settlements away from any wood :/
but the game is pretty simple compared to other board games I have played
@Blem yeah, I can see how that might make things tricky
@AshleyNunn I still won even though i had a couple of hard rounds
@Blem very cool! :)
@AshleyNunn He only won because I went like 8 rounds without any resources.
@Fluttershy hey, however it works!
12:51 AM
Q: How many items can produce light?

JeffreyI was wondering, leaving the torch and the jack o' lantern apart, how many items and which can produce light?

Odd thing is that the free account description says "single-player games" when it only supports multiplayer games
OMG photo advice plox
how the fuck do I sort this shit? It's so overwhelming O_o
@spugsley First pass, remove anything that's too blurry or out of focus
@spugsley Try to also remove anything that is over-exposed.
okay. Good start
Yup, try removing the unsalvagable ones first
12:56 AM
@spugsley Once you've gotten rid of the lemons (discoloured shots are also a good consideration to remove if you can), go through an look for duplicate shots and pick the best of the duplicates.
@skovacs1 okay. That'll definitely keep me busy awhile
@spugsley Along the way, you'll probably find some shots that just didn't turn out. If you don't think anyone will want them, toss them.
@spugsley Yes. It will.
@spugsley When I was in Japan, I managed to keep myself down to 100 shots a day (deleting the lemons as I went) and by the end of the month, I had 3000 images. It took me like a week to go through them all.
@spugsley It helps to have a range at which to stop pruning. If you think 100 shots isn't too many, then that's a good place to stop and take them to post if needed before handing them off to the clients.
@skovacs1 that seems hard when I've got sooooo many images O-o
Well, think about what you want in the end
An album, of, say 100 photos?
Keep in mind how many you'd need to discard and set a standard (but of course you'd also want photos of every major moment in the event, so maybe that's more important)
@spugsley Keep only the pictures of me in my top hat.
1:06 AM
@spugsley Try to keep the endgame in mind. Are the clients going to want that many of the photos? From my experience 100 seems to be close to the limit of what most people find reasonable. Try to pick the pictures that the clients will most appreciate.
@spugsley Sometimes it helps to think of what to keep rather than what to discard. Assume all the pictures are being tossed and then go through, looking for ones worth keeping.
@skovacs1 okay :) makes sense.
@spugsley Take a break from that and play Catan!
@Fluttershy yeahhhh okay. Where do I sign up?
are you guys also on mumble?
@spugsley playcatan.com
And no. I will not be. But Nic might get on there.
@Fluttershy I signed up. I'm waiting on my confirmation email
1:16 AM
I will be on mumble
@OrigamiRobot @spugsley I think @AshleyNunn will be joining us. The password for the game will be gamingse
@Fluttershy I am so going to lose this gaaaaaame
@AshleyNunn I've never played before
Also, it isnt working for me
where do I go?
@spugsley Go to Games, click Play Base Game, it should open in a new window.
@OrigamiRobot Are you blocking popups?
1:21 AM
Also, this is 100% covered by this
Yay old dupes!
alrighty, I am getting on now
@spugsley you'll see a game with 'Fluttershy' in it. That's me. Join it and enter the password.
I'm in
@Fluttershy I am getting a blank window.
Which you did already.
@OrigamiRobot Are you blocking java?
1:23 AM
@Fluttershy I shouldn't be
@OrigamiRobot Are you on mumble with @spugsley? Maybe she can help?
@Fluttershy She is not on
pshhh I can't help
I don't know shit about computer shit
"nicht an 'Mein PlayCatan' angemeldet"
1:25 AM
@OrigamiRobot wat...
are we gonna play or wat?
@OrigamiRobot "Not logged into 'My PlayCatan'"
I knew spending hundreds of hours learning that language would come in handy one day.
@spugsley Waiting on @OrigamiRobot and @AshleyNunn
@StrixVaria "Logged in as: OrigamiRobot " :(
1:27 AM
Hey, I don't know the context; I just know what the words mean.
@OrigamiRobot you're the last one left. did you verify your stuff in the e-mail?
@Fluttershy Yes I never got the Java security thing :/
@OrigamiRobot Is your java up to date? Did you restart your browser?
@skovacs1 This. @OrigamiRobot
1:28 AM
@OrigamiRobot Only if you needed to update your Java I think.
I don't want to set the briiiiiiddddggeeee onnnnn fiiiiiiireeeee....
@OrigamiRobot Well, we can play without you if you really don't want to...
I just want to start... a lazer in your heart...
@Fluttershy Can I join in then?
@Fluttershy I DO WANT TO PLAY
1:29 AM
@OrigamiRobot Then hurry up. =P
Desperate troubleshooting measures....IE
@OrigamiRobot oh my glob
@spugsley Next time we won't start until we know he has it working...
@Fluttershy lol I got stuff to doooo
1:31 AM
It is working
He's in
@OrigamiRobot Join, password is gamingse and everyone click start
ugh this interface :(
@OrigamiRobot It loading for you?
Would one of you kind folks be so helpful as to kill me?
1:45 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz why would we kill you? O.O
@AshleyNunn because dying of exhaustion takes too goddamned long.
2:05 AM
> G.G. Allin: Cubed grilled hammerhead shark, KY jelly, chunky peanut butter, stale tortilla.
2:20 AM
Onebox, you disappoint.
@skovacs1 why would it onebox a random website?
I like the style of the promo video. The game looks interesting too.
@murgatroid99 I tried the steam link first - was hoping.
@skovacs1 oh. I guess that might be a good idea
@murgatroid99 If I could find the video on youtube, it wouldn't have been an issue, but I didn't. I don't like how the steam page will sometimes auto-mute the audio, but if it had oneboxed, I would have let it slide.
@skovacs1 the page you linked to has the youtube video
2:24 AM
@murgatroid99 I just caught that.
epic baby throwing adventure? @spugsley might like that
2:44 AM
@AshleyNunn Might like it? I'd be surprised if she wasn't consulted during development.
@AshleyNunn Yup, on sale on Steam too
@LessPop_MoreFizz you have a fair point there
Q: PES 2011 Control Problem

LeandroI'm playing PES 2011 since end of the 2010 on PC, with keyboard. My settings configuration are: (for attack) D: shoot S: small pass A: long ball W: through ball Q: change player E: run I had any problems in the past playing two days on the week since 2010, but now everytime I shoot, the control...

3:12 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz you. @Wipqozn you @RavenDreamer you @mana you
take my plaaaaace
@TimStone you
@agent86 you
ALL the pings
@spugsley I'll play if you'll have me
3:14 AM
has been summoned
sweet, then I can curl up in a corner and sneeze my brains out and die in peace XD
sign up
I hate colds
join our game
3:15 AM
Q: Is Red Eye Orb only usable while in Darkwraith covenant?

Marcelo de AssisIs Red Eye Orb only usable while in Darkwraith covenant?

@spugsley I don't see your game
I just made it
password is gamingse
we are waiting on @Fluttershy who is taking a 5 min break
no worries.
3:18 AM
@skovacs1 do you know how to play?
if not, get on mumble and me and @OrigamiRobot can halp :)
@spugsley Yes. I know how, but I've only played tutorials
@skovacs1 cool cool. I'm sure it'll be fine
Get on mumble anyway
@OrigamiRobot Installing it now.
@spugsley I am back
3:20 AM
join our new game
done and done. clicked start
@MichelAyres ?
Someone remove a comment I have made in this question http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65932/i-lost-my-follower-in-skyrim and I guess was @JuanManuel ...

I wish to know why, if possible =X
btw, Hi guys =) good night xD~
I mean, in the comment I also comment about the search, where the user could use in future reference, besides the comment about the duplicated question.
@MichelAyres If your comment contains a link to a duplicate question and the question is closed as dupe of that question, the comment is automatically removed
3:32 AM
Even with extra information!?!?!?
This is why you don't see the "possible duplicate..." comments under already closed dupes
Yeah, that's how the site works
@YiJiang let me get this strat.

If the question is closed, and I comment a link to the closed question reference, my comment is deleted.

Before the question is closed, I link a question that is possible be duplicated, my comment is deleted.

Is that right?
@MichelAyres Yes. Also note that when a 3k user cast a close as duplicate vote the system automatically posts a comment noting the possible duplicate
That comment is also deleted when the question is closed
@YiJiang Understood =)

I didn't knew about it. =D
Q: Where are all the treasures in Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit?

RosemaryI'm trying to get a gold laurel wreath, but I don't know where the others treasures are! Please help!!

Q: How do I view other people's screenshots on Steam?

AdamI can view my own screenshots just fine from my steam homepage, but I can't find other people's screenshots on their profile pages. Please help!

3:43 AM
Since when have Halls had little inspiring messages on the labels?
Need 2 up-vote (if possible) in this comment =)
going for http://gaming.stackexchange.com/badges/94/pundit
4:10 AM
Q: PES 2011 - Fans and tickets on Master League

LeandroThere is a relation between the mount of fans (I've already 165.000+ on 11 years on Master League), the size of the stadium and the money that you get solding tickets? Because I'm getting only 640.000 on local matchs, with a big stadium and 165.000 fans. Maybe I must change the stadium?

4:36 AM
That was fun. =3
It was. Not bad for my first actual game. Thanks all
@MarkTrapp I just want to thank you again for posting that bounty... It's drawn attention to it as well.
don't mention it
4:55 AM
@Fluttershy You all are tough opponents. I was so outmatched on road and city building that it was almost laughable. If not for the lucky draws from the development cards, I was going to lose quite soon. You and Origami were at like 7 points, right?
@skovacs1 Aye. I started off poorly, having ignored wood and wool completely at the start... But I managed to get over there, and really start making a push for victory.
@Fluttershy Did you have like 15 resources at the end?
@Lazers Easiest rep and badge ever :P
@skovacs1 Possibly more than that.
@MichelAyres I don't find that kind of action entirely conscionable. I just don't know if I agree with your comment and upvoting for the sake of some badge feels wrong. I'm not sure if you're suggestion is what the OP actually wants and your speculation is exactly that.
@MichelAyres I'm sure if you give it time and are an active user, you'll get that badge naturally
5:07 AM
Q: How can I tell what my partner's health is at?

animusonI can easily see my health in the red at the top of the screen, and for the entire length of Chapter 1 I thought the blue was my partner's health. Turns out that's my mana (oops). So is there any way I can see my partner's health at the time, so I know if he's about to die or not? Would be good t...

5:21 AM
@Lazers Easiest rep ever!
Assuming it gets upvotes... <.<
@Fluttershy Wow! That was an easy one.
@Fluttershy Aren't there public/private settings to worry about?
5:45 AM
@OrigamiRobot Fixed
@Fluttershy You are welcome
Sorry, dearest @spugsley. Have been looking at computer parts all day.
On the plus side, I think I've picked out a GPU, CPU, and case!
And Avengers tomorrow morning!
@RavenDreamer Good movie, that.
It's too late, though. I've already been spoilered. Someone told me... the hulk smashes things! Can you imagine? Man, what an anti-climactic let-down.
@RavenDreamer Oh I hope you're joking.
5:56 AM
@RavenDreamer Go ask Joss Whedon for a refund
@YiJiang It's too late. Fox already cancelled The Avengers.
@RavenDreamer That actaully could be a major spoiler....
@OrigamiRobot SHUT UP
I just remember from the previews...
5:57 AM
@Fluttershy I'm not saying any more!
"Dr. Banner? I'm a huge fan of your work. Also the part where you get very angry and smash things."
@RavenDreamer It's "Especially the part where you lose control and turn into a giant... green... rage-monster."
Misquoting things bothers me. x_x
@Fluttershy Oh really?
@Fluttershy Weel, it has been several months since I saw the preview.
I'm sure you've seen Troll Quotes?
5:59 AM
@Fluttershy "I pledge allegiance, to Queen Frag, and her mighty state of hysteria"
@OrigamiRobot Like "You're a wizard, Harry." -Gandalf?
@Fluttershy You mind your commas, son!
@RavenDreamer What is wrong with my comma?
6:01 AM
@RavenDreamer Wait... You edit that comma in? O.o I thought I put it there to begin with...
Q: Hosting dota on garena using hostbot

roronoa zorroCan anyone Please guide me on how to host dota on garena using hostbot along with the settings to reduce lag/delay...Is there another way to host?

Q: Can you Mule-click on a mechanical to repair it?

ripper234When you do a mule drop in order to repair a mech, can you click on the mechanical unit itself while doing the drop, or do you have to wait for the mule to appear, and then order it to repair?

@Fluttershy I'm a ninja grammar shark on an abusive mod power trip.
It's rather simple, really
@RavenDreamer Well I appreciate it. I really did think I put a comma before Harry.
I wonder what the prizes for Jin's diablo 3 contest will be
@RavenDreamer Jin is holding his own contest? I thought he just meant he was doing like... a site graphic or something.
Also... The game releases on Tuesday. If e-mails go out on Monday determining Grant recipients... that leaves 1 day. Gonna be odd.
6:05 AM
On the otherhand, the game releases at 3 AM, so I'm not staying up for a "midnight" release.
@RavenDreamer Servers won't go live til PST?
That's awesome!
We need more PC game companies in raleigh.
I don't know how many times in WA I was all like... "WHAT!? These guys are playing Battlefield 3 already? I still have THREE HOURS until it releases!!!"
6:07 AM
Oh, I'm gonna miss an N7 operations weekend if I don't set up my computer tomorrow. XD
@Lazers this question is why fonts are helpful...
6:20 AM
@Fluttershy ?
@AshleyNunn I read it as "Can you Mule-dick blahblah" becase a lower case c and a lowercase L side by side look like a d
@Fluttershy Kerning
haha I thought that was what you meant....glad I wasnt the only one who saw that
Okay. Sleeping, take two. G'night, Bridge.
Q: starcraft2: where can I upload replay to ask question about my mistakes?

BuddaI would like to upload my replays to some StarCraft2 replay portal in order to ask questions about my mistakes. sc2replayed - doesn't upload replays anymore (in automatic mode it just put them into queue, in manual - I was not able to uploaad, gosugamers - not for "non-gosu" replays, I've found ...

Q: How do sniper rifles compare?

Some guySome sniper rifles seem to be upgrades of another. For instance I have a level 10 mantis and level 1 Widow. They both have the same reload time and close damage, when does the Widow surpass the Mantis? The Black Widow also seems to be the next progression of the Valiant; at what level does the Bl...

6:30 AM
@Lazers I wanna say this is a dupe....
1 hour later…
7:39 AM
@RavenDreamer or, you could move to Europe and play on the earlier EU release
that's always an option
7:49 AM
Anyone interested in a game of Super Melee or Gain Ground?
8:40 AM
9:16 AM
Q: How to build a tunnel on A train 8

mrminecraft3000How do you make a tunnel on A train 8. Ive got the tunnels lined up and at the same elevation but the train refuses to go through.

2 hours later…
10:46 AM
Good morning
i am wondering if the winners of D3 promotional grant have already been notified, because if so I'd order the game myself instead
anyone have any news about that?
I think they have been, but I'm not 100% certain.
@Wipqozn Someone asked the other day in chat if anyone had received any notifications and people had responded no
The presumption was that people would hear after the weekend
Problem is that D3 releases tuesday :)
10:59 AM
Monday is after the weekend and before Tuesday!
I should get my CE monday
@FAE that's what I assume too
(or hope!)
(although I don't really buy in the "looking through a table of entries takes a long time" theory :P)
in SE Game On!, 37 secs ago, by Ronan Forman
Remember: On the 27th we will be playing on mine.stackgaming.com (our survival server). So be sure to get your gear ready before hand.
11:12 AM
@FAE odd, I thought I heard someone got their email.
I ordered a fucking sausage sandiwch, and they gave me a bagel?
for fuck sake
11:35 AM
There we go. Got my sandwich. First world crisis over.
11:58 AM
@RavenDreamer Really? That means it must have been a good movie then.
Happy Mothers Day @IanPugsley!
@Wipqozn If I ever become a mother, I'll appreciate this sentiment
Q: How can I scan and destroy a T3 booster?

FabianThere are some people that don't undock without having at least one, preferably more than one T3 booster in the system. Fighting them is annoying, you can't engage them alone as the bonuses they get are just far to large. Instead of fighting the boosted main account, I'd like to kill their T3 shi...

Q: Is there a tool that checks for cheats and hacks in a given replay?

ayckosterStarcraft and Warcraft 3 had both sophisticated tools to check if someone cheated during a game (BWChart and W3Chart). They checked for strange behavior and impossible clicks, like selecting opponents units which are disguised by fog of war. Does such a tool exist for Starcraft 2?

Q: In Skyrim, how do I know which soul gems I've filled?

DavidWhen I am recharging weapons, how am I supposed to know the soul gems that have souls I've trapped in them? Also, where can I find the spell "Soul Trap"?

12:31 PM
Q: Legend of zelda NES; bombs won't break walls

Casper BroerenI recently picked up a copy of Legend of Zelda for the NES and I have huge difficulty with breaking the walls that hide secret locations for items. First I thought I was doing it in the wrong area's but now with a video walkthrough I can't seem to find the right spot to break the wall. I'm doing ...

12:45 PM
@PeterGrace You scared Grace and badp away.
1:02 PM
Today is an existential crisis day.
1:12 PM
@FAE That's not good .
@RonanForman Server just go away?
@FAE What if... this is all a dream?
@fredley It does that occasionally.
@fredley Back.
@RonanForman Still can't reach, I'll keep trying...
@Wipqozn Just having one of those "I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing or if I should even bother continuing to try" days.
1:15 PM
@FAE ah, I see. yeah, those days are terrible.
@YiJiang or even worse: what if its not?
@Wipqozn Yeah, pretty much.
Hey guys :)
@spugsley How'd your photography go?
@FAE it was incredible. I had so much fun and stayed up way too late editing photos
1:30 PM
@spugsley I'm glad you had a good time!
I should take more photos, I haven't in a long time.
@FAE this was the first time I've done anything so involved. I got some really good pictures but looking back through them last night, there were definitely ways I can improve which is good
@spugsley Learning is always awesome!
If you'd ever like feedback on shots, feel free to poke me, as I've been told I have a decent eye for critique.
@FAE I will absolutely take you up on that. I was trying to get @IanPugsley to help me last night but he just made grumpy, "I don't know" noises lol
@spugsley Hahaha. Do you have Steam or something?
@spugsley I can tell you what looks good or bad if it's obvious, but if you're asking me whether or not I like the slightly more green version or the slightly less green version I am going to say I dunno (because they are the same)
1:36 PM
Can poke me there when I'm about and that way you won't have to flood chat or whatnot.
@IanPugsley (they're not the same :P)
@FAE I do. I'm not at home right now and I can't remember my name O-o Hey @IanPugsley what is my steam name???
@FAE thank god. I love you
@spugsley why should I tell you? :P
@IanPugsley so that @FAE can help me instead of you having to put up with me :p
@spugsley clever girl...
@FAE it's sammy0415
@spugsley It depends on your intended tone, what kind of feel you want in the photo, if it goes along with the rest of the set... other factors I don't feel like typing
1:39 PM
@FAE bahaha yeah. I was messing with color filter last night and sometimes I just couldn't decide which direction I wanted to take the picture. And I also don't want to overdo it. So complicated
Steam's sticking on "Fetching Results"...
and "This feature is not available at this time" wtf steam
Are you friended with her, @Ian? Can I just go through your friendslist?
@FAE yarp
@IanPugsley What's her display name, as I don't see anyone with that particular name on your list. Or avatar.
@FAE hmmm, weird, I can't bring up her community profile either
1:42 PM
Wait, I think I see her listed
though yeah, it says she hasn't set up her steam community profile
Successfully sent friend invite
I'm on steam all the time O-o
@FAE yay
yawns Ugh, is it Sunday already? Meh.
1:47 PM
@TimStone Ever closer to D3.
Hmm, good point.
@StrixVaria you have a problem. A good problem but a problem nonetheless
@TimStone It's almost Monday here :(
That must suck even more. :(
Living in the future has its downsides
1:50 PM
I was finally making good comments adding <secret feature> to Data Explorer, but then I realised I was committing formception, and I'm not sure the best way to rejigger the templates to prevent that.
Also the HTML in general makes children who haven't been punched yet cry, so uh...if you ever get bored and want to help me fix that one day...
@TimStone this HTML and I should be friends.
we'd have so much in common
Argh. Cannot focus on anything today.
I just feel like calling the day a wash and going back to bed but it's only 4pm.
Q: What are the requirements for crowns in Fotonica?

Joe WreschnigWhat are the requirements to get crowns for each level in Fotonica? Is it ball-based or entirely score-based?

@spugsley It hangs out with a real sketchy crowd, I'm not sure that's a good idea
@FAE I had that problem yesterday, hoping it doesn't keep up today...so much to do, argh.
Oh balls....there are about 8 baby geese outside the door to my work. They want to come in. They really want to come in
1:55 PM
The fact that I'm awake before 10:00 isn't a bad sign, at least.
Do they have an appointment?
omg they are looking at me through the door
I can't stand it O-o
@spugsley Are they cute?
@FAE oh fuck yes.
@spugsley There's a bunch of baby geese here in my street as well
with their waddling. And their little eyes. O_O I WANT TO LET THEM IN
1:56 PM
@spugsley Just remember how shitty adult geese are and that should help.
@StrixVaria haha so true
These will become shitty adult geese.
@StrixVaria yes...there are two standing guard by the babies.
bahahah maybe kids will stop fucking coming in today.
YES! I have attack geese! Brilliant!
they will lure the children with the cute babies and then FUCK THEIR SHIT UP
I'm not entirely sure where you work, but somehow I get the impression that they forgot to put "Do you have a reputation for punching babies?" in their interview questions.
@StrixVaria Yeah, I would've been more concerned with their parents today rather than their future self tomorrow
1:59 PM
@TimStone I work for a pediactric doctor's office. I know, funny
@TimStone Depending on the work that could be a bonus. Think SE Community Manager.

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