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9:05 PM
@Wipqozn Basically, I found a winchester, but it feels like I'm always hip-firing it or something
RMB zooms in my view a bit but doesn't make me actually aim down the sight
Q: Is it worth it to repair before selling?

EBongoOften times I find loot that has a small amount of durability lost. I tend to "repair all" as my first action when I visit the blacksmith, where I usually sell my stuff. So when I sell stuff, I'm selling it at full durability. Does this get me a higher selling price, or should I just sell it w...

Q: A train 8 Maglev

mrminecraft3000Im playing A Train 8 and i want to build a maglev line. when i try to purchase a Maglev it says i need to build a Maglev line but i dont know how to build one. Can any on help me Also i need to make points but it keeps going in the wrong direction. How do i change the points direction. Also how ...

@Wipqozn If it makes you feel better, while laying down on a rooftop and alt-tabbing out to look something up here, I died from I don't even know what, and now I'm timing out when trying to create a new character
@RavenDreamer I'll buy yours if you buy mine. I will always sell mine for a higher price than yours, of course.
I am tempted to VTC this as a duplicate of this but I can't quite decide...
He seems to know TNT will destroy the resources.
9:22 PM
@Lazers this seems to be asking at least four questions.
@Wipqozn I figured it out. Tapping RMB aims. Holding RMB, which is what I had been doing, zooms without aiming
@TZHX Yea I asked him to split it up.
@OrigamiRobot I think he's probably the only person in the world to play this game... it doesn't seem to exist except on a dodgy-looking freeware site.
Q: Minecraft TNT Mining

mrminecraft3000I've got some TNT and a way to set it off, but I'm scared I might destroy precious minerals like diamonds, redstone or gold. Is there a way to set it off, but in a safe way? I know water stops it but then the TNT wouldn't do anything.

Q: Is there a reason so many MW3 questions have the call-of-duty tag?

kotekzotIt seems half the questions specific to MW3 are tagged with both the modern-warfare-3 tag and the call-of-duty series tag. Is there any reason we should not go to town on them?

Q: How can I find other people?

SternoIn the DayZ mod for Arma 2, sometimes when I spawn I get lucky and start near a town, where I can usually find zombies, supplies, and other players. This is fun! However, usually I seem to spawn in the middle of nowhere, and am left to wander aimlessly. Recently, I spawned and followed the coast...

@Lazers What have I done? @kotekzot Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
9:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot oh god frontpaaaaaaaage
I wasn't thinking!
@OrigamiRobot Look what you did!
Whyyyyyyyyy! All my apps are crashing.
9:55 PM
@FAE Sorry, was in Leiden all day, didn't see your message. And no, no idea.
@ArdaXi I feel like I need to investigate this further.
10:34 PM
@Sterno Ah I see.
@Sterno: How long did your first character last?
Mine lasted ~2 hours. I got killed by a bandit after fighting off a hoard of zombies.
do you need the operation arrowhead expansion for this mod you two are talking about, or just plain arma 2?
@TZHX You need both.
10:56 PM
holy snap the ladders in this game are terrible
I'm curious if t's Arma or DAyZ
11:06 PM
from what I remember of arma, I'd say it was arma.
11:18 PM
G'night Bridge
@FAE G'night :)
Goodnight moon.
@FAE Sweet dreams
11:51 PM

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