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4:04 PM
......apparently yesterday was National Nutty Fudge day somewhere in the world
@AshleyNunn Every day should be National Nutty Fudge day.
...dammit, now I want chocolate.
@RavenDreamer have a subscribe btw
@fbueckert Oops. :( Sorry. :P
@badp yeah, I just got the email
@AshleyNunn Suuure you are. :P
4:06 PM
@fbueckert I am! Very! is not a chocolate enabler no sir no how
@AshleyNunn I have one of those metabolisms that just burns everything. So I go through an amazing amount of sugar. And I can't gain weight, no matter how hard I try.
So be a chocolate enabler. I love people like that.
@fbueckert You do realize I am now obligated to hate you.
Because I look at food and it appears on my hips
@AshleyNunn Hey, you're the one who brought up chocolate.
At any rate as soon as 3DS emulators and roms hit the internet I'm so frame advancing those damn things and bringing them to Youtube
4:09 PM
@fbueckert hates herself instead and drowns her sorrows in chocolate I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW
...on an ad-hoc Youtube account
@badp frame advancing?
All 6 games except Runner, where the beats actually are random so there's no actual music
@badp Beats are random in beat too
@AshleyNunn Basically slowing the game aribitrarily, which "removes" the skill requirements to perfect games. Well, at least Bit Trip ones.
4:10 PM
Just play the first 15 seconds a few times, and you can see that they change
@RavenDreamer Do they? I'll actually give it a shot but I really doubt it.
@AshleyNunn Aww. Here, have a nice, healthy granola bar.
@badp Interesting! :D
...I actually don't have to. I have youtube
@badp I did extensive research for Byteshark.
4:11 PM
@fbueckert yay granola bar :D
Aaaand home now and have found that my PC woke itself out of hibernation while I was gone, argh.
@IanPugsley I'm gonna die of nervousness :(
@spugsley Don't die! You are awesome.
4:14 PM
@spugsley If you die, who's going to abuse and toture all your kids!?
@spugsley it's a wedding you're doing for free for your mom's friend, nothing to stress over
@AshleyNunn I'm going to be much less awesome after I fuck up this wedding I'm about to photograph.
if you do poorly, there's no consequences whatsoever
@spugsley you will not fuck it up. :)
@IanPugsley Logic unfortunately does not work on panic too well
4:15 PM
well yeah, then I mode up and he doesn't
@badp Don't have the internet to run that, haha
@FAE amen
@AshleyNunn What she said.
@FAE :(
@fbueckert my kids? Oh nay nay. I think you mean everyone else's kids
4:15 PM
@IanPugsley Apply emergency anti-stress hugs, STAT!
@spugsley And while this is true, just... try to breathe.
@RavenDreamer He is at home and I am at work O-o
@spugsley Semantics, my dear girl.
@RavenDreamer Actually one video is a half beat off the other so the result is EXTRA TRIPPY
@RavenDreamer (what she said)
4:16 PM
@spugsley That would make it all the more impressive, no?
@IanPugsley :) You're the best
@spugsley you don't even like Hitchhiker's Guide though :(
@IanPugsley I know
Dexter Morgan, Batman, and The Rock. Not bad.
4:19 PM
@StrixVaria my eyes
River Tam, Link, and Vin Diesel.
I think I'm set.
(Assuming River doesn't go bonkers and murdelate me)
@StrixVaria Walter White, Snooki, and Batman. Snooki is a huge negative but Batman is the Goddamn Batman, so.
push that off the screen omg
@badp What's your issue?
4:19 PM
Jack Bauer, Jon Stewart, and the Incredible Hulk
@StrixVaria - Ari Gold, Link, and Nicki Minaj
@badp Uneven amount of periods to the names to make a straight column?
@StrixVaria *major malfunction
I think i wont survive long
4:20 PM
Q: Do all races in WoW have same strength maximums?

BaneSay I choose to be a gnome, the race with the least starting strength points... And say I want to be a warrior. Will I be able to max out the strength later on, so it matches the one of a Tauren? Or will Taurens always have more strength than me? Basically, I'm asking if the starting stats matt...

It isn't just for scoreboards
@AshleyNunn Shirtbuddies!
@badp don't forget the offset on the "/NoHope"
@RavenDreamer OOoooh
@AshleyNunn Dexter, Iron Man, and Steven Colbert...two out of three ain't bad.
4:21 PM
@fbueckert Yeah, Dexter is kinda the low man on the totem pole, there.
Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris, Bender
@OrigamiRobot That;s a pretty decent team
@RavenDreamer I dunno, he can chop bodies like a mofo.
@FAE I"M NOT STALKING YOU So you have a birthday coming up, I see. :3
@OrigamiRobot YOU SKANK!
4:22 PM
@RavenDreamer That... was... unprompted...
Spontaneity is my middle name.
@RavenDreamer sounds like a stripper's name
And yes, yes I do
@OrigamiRobot I just said that mine was yellow, because it is
4:25 PM
I pity anyone born on the 29th, ahah
@AshleyNunn yes but you don't want to flaunt your nudity like @origamirobot does
@spugsley And he always claims to be a gentleman
@spugsley Oh nay nay - I am very much covered by robe. No flaunting. I am a proper lady after all.
Why does it not surprise me that Jim Butcher does LARPing?
@StrixVaria I love that man
4:26 PM
@spugsley Indeed
Dresden has such snark.
@fbueckert I read that series more for the cast than Dresden himself
@spugsley I love that you love him, and I love him on the side.
@RavenDreamer oh my. It seems things are growing more complicated.
Also, you left your Billy Mays key down.
4:28 PM
@FAE I found every character other than Harry to be one-dimensional and blatantly stupid.
Although I've only read the first book.
looks at star list Oh, is @spugsley in love with @Mana now too?
@OrigamiRobot The robot doth protest too much, methinks.
So much love in the Bridge
@StrixVaria So. You haven't really met half the characters.
@FAE Harry is comedy gold. He threatens to send God a bill for his services.
4:28 PM
@StrixVaria Read more. The first book was written on a lark. The writing improves.
@FAE I plan to read more. I assumed the writing would improve. I read the background of the first book and I'm taking that into consideration.
@OrigamiRobot wait, what? O-o
@fbueckert That was in a short story, IIRC
@spugsley I can relate to this. I use an excel sheet to keep track of my relationship history.
@RavenDreamer I believe so. It makes an appropriate example, though.
4:29 PM
@StrixVaria Ah, woo, glad to hear. I was under the impression from your statement that you weren't planning on reading more.
@FAE The characters were really the only problem I had with the first book. I gave it 4 out of 5 on Goodreads.
@StrixVaria Read Codex Alera. It's incredible from start to finish.
@FAE Well... not everyone is blessed with your good lucks, ya show off!
@spugsley I'll get to it eventually. I have D3 and the whole Wheel of Time and other crap to finish before that.
@spugsley It's pretty obvious.
4:30 PM
@StrixVaria Gotcha
Right now I have to go shopping.
wow. This parent was just a huge dick to me. I hate people.
@spugsley This. THIS THIS THIS.
@fbueckert I much prefer it to Dresdan
@spugsley read "parent" as "present". Was very confused.
4:31 PM
@RavenDreamer Poly is complicated, man!
@spugsley I've heard good stuff about Codex Alera, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I am a sucker for urban fantasy, which is why I enjoy the Dresden Files so much.
@spugsley I still like Dresden better, but Alera's pretty damn good, too.
@RavenDreamer He's screaming at me because I can't schedule a sick visit fucking four days in advance. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR KID WILL BE SICK IN FOUR DAYS!??!
@RavenDreamer You would read that.
@spugsley Maybe he's related to John Salk?
@spugsley Magic and wishful thinking?
4:35 PM
@spugsley Apparently, all parents can see the future.
Where's your motherly instinct dammit!
@badp Ummmm my motherly instinct involves punching. Which is a cure-all so...yay for me
in fact, it's a PANACEA
I love that word
pan a c a
I learned that word from Tales of Symphonia, actually
@RavenDreamer Ah, I enjoyed that game :)
@spugsley Quick, my babie's coughing on something! Moooother Punch!
4:39 PM
@fbueckert thankfully, my punching method also works on whining, yelling, and dirty diapers. It's revolutionary. It will change the way you parent
@spugsley That's a pretty cool technique. It's on Chuck Norris' level.
@spugsley I dont think I want to punch dirty diapers
@spugsley for mod on Parenting Stack Exchange!
that would just be.......messy
@YiJiang hahaha I lol'ed
alrighty, time to close up shop and photograph the fuck out of a wedding.
4:42 PM
Also, on my second playthrough of Bastion I found the Portal Gel secret technique. It spawns a Portal turrent :D
@YiJiang .... Wow.
I don't know how that got into Bastion, but for an Easter Egg it's pretty well done
@spugsley Kinky.
4:58 PM
@Mana only saw one who did not like SE
@Blem Yeah, I typed or not when I realized right after posting that a new comment had been posted saying no thank you, and had gotten voted to the top briefly
Gah. Warlock diplomacy leaves much to be desired. When someone demands something from you, your choices are: give in, or declare war.
Oh brilliant. Thunderstorm at 1am in the morning.
@YiJiang Awesome, I love thunderstorms at night.
<3 thunder
5:10 PM
@OrigamiRobot agreed <3
I like when it rains, not so much the thunder
the sudden loud makes me kinda twitchy
@FAE Except when you're trying to sleep, and instead is woken up by several thousand volts of electricity striking your apartment block
@YiJiang Okay, I gueeeeeeeess I can see why that maaaaaay be bothersome. I'd just use it as an excuse to have some fun though!
Keep your pants on @FAE
5:13 PM
@OrigamiRobot How do you know I'm even wearing any to keep on?
@FAE This is something I had not contemplated.....
@FAE I guess that is also likely. Pants are not a requirement for Internet.
@OrigamiRobot Indeed they are not
@StrixVaria nancy botwin, darth vader, and will smith
@FAE So you're wearing shorts?
@FAE Well, in case you are not wearing pants, put some on and keep them on.
5:17 PM
@Wipqozn A lot of times I'm just in my nightie, tbh
@YiJiang That's when you open your window and punch a cloud.
@FAE Kakow!
@OrigamiRobot I do not know what that is supposed to mean
I searched for cloud punch and found this. Seems legit
Yeah...I didn't consider that the cloud might punch back. Well played, internet.
@OrigamiRobot ...what is that?
@FAE Frisky Dingo
@OrigamiRobot O...kay...
Also, @OrigamiRobot, I think I have to send my precision bass back to Madcatz :(
@FAE Too much funk?
@FAE I think picturing you has fried some of his circuits.
5:25 PM
@OrigamiRobot It's been a little dodgy since we bought it, but we just haven't had the time to send it back. I think there's a short circuit somewhere.
@RavenDreamer @FAE fried my circuits a long time ago ;)
bow chika wow wow?
@OrigamiRobot ...omai
I always get so sad when Reader has nothing for me to read (not even in the recommendation sections).. :(
My word @FAE. First @RavenDreamer, and now @OrigamiRobot?
5:28 PM
@Wipqozn I think you're just jealous you don't make innuendo on the internet.
@RavenDreamer No, I mean because she uses a different voltage/frequency over there.
@OrigamiRobot This I had not considered
@RavenDreamer It was a very problematic time.
@RavenDreamer Oh snap.
@Wipqozn I have done nothing!
5:30 PM
@RavenDreamer @Wipqozn only innuendos himself.
@FAE Right. Pure and innocent as the freshly fallen snow.
@FAE Chat does have a search feature you know.
@OrigamiRobot Can you think of anyone who would be a better partner for me than me?
@OrigamiRobot I never claimed to be an angel!
@FAE A likely story.
5:33 PM
Did it not hurt when you didn't fall from heaven?
@FAE ....it was in your name!!
@AshleyNunn See, everyone had prior warning.
@FAE I play MtG. Angels are just as scandalous.
@AshleyNunn She's just the eyes, so it's OK.
@OrigamiRobot That's why you use Killing Wave.
5:34 PM
@AshleyNunn Onlyher eyes.
@TimStone This is true - I had not considered that
@AshleyNunn I thought her name just meant an angel's eyes had fallen out.
@OrigamiRobot That is disturbing
@AshleyNunn From the unbounded glory of seeing @FAE in her nightie, of course.
5:35 PM
@OrigamiRobot oh, well, that I can understand ;)
@RavenDreamer hahaha
Can we please stop trying to picture what other bridge members may or may not be wearing?
@RavenDreamer I can take a picture of myself and post it. That would remove the need for people to to fantasize about it.
@RavenDreamer So your saying we should use pictures instead? That takes out the "trying".
@Wipqozn high-five
5:37 PM
I think this is cute
until I realize everyone's eyes are just...empty
then I get creeped out
@OrigamiRobot high-five
@AshleyNunn I want this game so bad
5:38 PM
@RavenDreamer Also, she told use what she was and was not wearing. It's not our fault.
@FAE Oh man me too. I have high hopes for its awesomeness
@AshleyNunn I do not yet own a 3DS though...
@FAE You should get the midnight purple one when it releases!
I am a young robot. My data is unfragmented. What do you want from me?
@AshleyNunn I am holding out hope for that Kingdom Heards 3D one being released here
It is so utterly perfect
5:40 PM
@FAE It is so lovely. I kinda want it (although I do like my red one)
@AshleyNunn Why is that demon dressed up as The King of All Cosmos?
@AshleyNunn I want it so badly!
Its design is amazing.
@OrigamiRobot .....I just noticed that
All my handhelds are black so it would match perfectly and I love the subtle pattern it has.
@FAE It is a thing of beauty. I want them to also release the box set of games (so re:coded, 358/2 days, and KH3D) because that would be cool
5:42 PM
@AshleyNunn Yessssssssssss
@FAE oh, then it would really fit in nicely
Q: Help! Colors not working on Draw Something!

ChelleI have several color palettes along with the original colors that come with the app, however when it's my turn to draw, I can't click on any of them. I can only draw in black! I can scroll through the colors and see them but when I try to select a color such as orange, nothing happens. I can stil...

Q: Where are Vita saves stored?

JohnoBoyI want to borrow some Vita games off a friend, I was wondering if I might need to overwrite his own saves. With PS3/PSP games I know saves are stored on the device itself (since the game media is read only), but since Vita has its games on memory cards, is the saves on the game media itself? (Li...

Q: "Recover" broken games on Xbox?

DailyDoggyMy Xbox 360 lagged, i gave it a little slap which brought the disc out. Now the game, which happens to be fifa 12 is scratched and unplayable. I tried repairing it but failed and made things worse for myself. Is there a way i can download it from the xbox marketplace without paying again? I can ...

@Lazers why would you hit your xbox? that doesnt strike me as a good idea ever.
It's the principle of percussive maintenance.
@AshleyNunn Yes, it is perfect. <3
5:47 PM
@FAE so you think GW2 is only going to have 5 character slots?
@RavenDreamer On release? Mebbe.
I don't think they offered any more with any of the editions. You'll be able to buy more in the store.
how will I be able to see all 6 possible origins for each race then! :(
@FAE wut. Really?
@RavenDreamer Yeah, that's how it worked in GW1 as well.
GW1 store had stuff like character slots, storage panes, costumes, etc.
5:54 PM
in SE Game On!, 12 secs ago, by Ronan Forman
Today's Game on!: League of Legends
@RonanForman Oh hey, really?
@FAE Yeah.
I might be able to play if we play vs. bots
I'm on weekend support, but there's a decent chance I won't get a call all weekend
I wouldn't feel too bad if I had to leave mid-match vs. bots (PVP I would)
@IanPugsley You'd still end up with a leave penalty, but as long as you don't make a habit of it, you should be fine
@FAE could I just idle?
5:57 PM
@IanPugsley It'd be better if you left, probably, because then it wouldn't be 5 v. 4, one of the bots would leave. Though shouldn't be a huge prob, depending on which bots.
@FAE gotcha
it probably won't be an issue - like I said, I probably won't get a call all weekend, much less in the next hour or so
@IanPugsley Also you'd idle timeout
perhaps I shall join, as I do not feel like eating dinner yet
@RavenDreamer @OrigamiRobot You up for it?
@RonanForman Already in
Not mumble.
6:05 PM
@Fluttershy Hop into LoL!
@Fluttershy LoL!
All the pings!
we need one
user image
A banana in a banana hat
Although I think it needs a face
6:07 PM
@AshleyNunn Use banana seeds for eyes!
@FAE oooh
XD Banana face
6:13 PM
@OrigamiRobot It's like Mario Kart.
@GnomeSlice Needs moar Blue Shells
@OrigamiRobot No! Not the puppies! Blue shells go boom. Puppies do not need to go boom.
@AshleyNunn Whoa, so creative.
6:24 PM
Nose Goes (also known as The Nose Game or Nose Goes) is a popular selection method most commonly used when deciding which of several persons is assigned an unwanted task. Especially among children, this method is commonly used to select who is "it" in tag or the seeker in hide-and-seek. Rules Nose Goes is a predominantly American social phenomenon or game that serves as a simple technique by which a group of people can quickly determine which member will have to perform a necessary but undesirable task. However, the "Nose Second Goes" Game means that the person who touches their nose seco...
@Raven You're ingame, are you intending on joining?
7:27 PM
Time for some Avengers!
@OrigamiRobot Why are you suddenly interested in Corgis?
@Blem Ooh fun
@Wipqozn You around? I've followed the instructions you posted for the DayZ mod but am still having a problem when I try to connect to a server
@Sterno "Waiting for response from server", righT?
7:37 PM
ah, okay. Because the central character servers have been done most of the day anyways.
It says its "dependent on downloaded content that has been deleted"
and then lists some of the mod files
which I've triple-checked are in the right directory
.....Chantelise, you are odd. A girl, and her older sister is some sort of flying fairy thing? I mean I have been playing for all of five min, but this is odd
make sure the extracted files are inside of the top-level of the addons folder. They can't be located inside of another folder inside of the addons folder.
I think I might like this game
7:39 PM
@Sterno Yes. Iw as getting the same error until I moved the files into the top-level of the addons folder.
Where as before they were located inside of another folder.
Do I have a typo or something that I'm not seeing?
@AshleyNunn I tried this game, but oh the terrible controls
I hear it's not so bad with a gamepad though
@Sterno I don't see anything wrong :/
anybody heard anything about "endless space" - looks like a 4x master of orion/civ type game
@agent86 I have a xbox controller - I might see if that works with it
7:40 PM
I need to head out though, but I'll be back later.
@Wipqozn thanks anyway
of course, also got Civ5 expansion on the horizon, so...
Q: In DDR Hottest Party 3 can you play hotseat multiplayer on one dance pad?

Enderthe question is the title. If I have only one dance pad, can my wife and I take turns playing 'multiplayer' or do we just have to play single player and share? (so we can record our high scores seperatly for example)

and the diabloz in the near term
@GnomeSlice Well the last one isn't a Corgi
7:49 PM
@agent86 much much better with a gamepad
@agent86 4x game with co-op, I'm looking forward to it
@OrigamiRobot Didn't actually look.
@FAE Yeah, I jsut started using my xbox360 controller. SO much better. Fun game :D
@AshleyNunn Yus, muchly so.
Devious puzzles
Ok afk for food
@FAE I look forward to them. :D I haven't been playing long. :P
@GnomeSlice You can see in the onebox
7:51 PM
@OrigamiRobot Didn't actually look. 'Dog'.
Post comment.
Well, see how that worked out?
crashes through ponies
@Fredy31 There is a distinct lack of ponies today.
Corgies would have worked
8:08 PM
Q: What do the chances stand for in the overview tab when using the XVM mod

XenoxIn world of tanks when using the XVM mod the overview screen shows two chances listed. "m" and "k" What do these numbers signify?

Q: Fez: In the room down underneath the lighthouse

Danny FisherIn the room that appears under the bridge in the lighthouse area, that has appeared now that I have lowered all of the water, when I go I don't know how to uncover the secret.

this might be a dumb question
but my computer just blue screened
and now it wants to run "Startup Repair"
does that mean it is going to wipe clean?
@Sterno Did you buy Arma 2, or are you just running the expansion?
8:20 PM
@AshleyNunn no, it just checks operating system files are present
it should leave your other files alone.
@AshleyNunn No, startup repair shouldn't delete anything.
@TZHX Okay. So I should just let it run?
well, it shouldn't cause any problems
so yes
but blue screens nowadays are more often hardware problems, so if it'll fix the issue is doubtful.
@TZHX Oh lovely :( This is so not awesome
So basically, I am looking at getting a new desktop?
8:23 PM
well, see what happens
@AshleyNunn My current PC has been bluescreening since soon after I built it.
It still runs. I just has a crash-happy graphics card
the most common cause of bluescreening I've seen is faulty RAM
@Wipqozn I had Arma 2. I had to buy the expansion
@RavenDreamer Mine is apparently not running - it has BS'd 4 times in a row, and startup repair has been running for 10 minutes now....nothing is really happening
@wipqozn I'm still a little unclear on your answer. It seemed like you're saying the files should go in arma 2 operation arrowhead\@DayZ\Addons
8:25 PM
@TZHX What causes that? This machine has been running fine for quite a while - it has only really started doing this since I moved.
I'd suggest getting a live linux cd, which should let you check whether the basic hardware is going.
If it's since you moved, I'd suggest it got bumped while moving
If all that matters is the final destination, and the final destination is actually arma 2/Addons, I'd make that clearer and remove the bit about @Dayz/Addons. Who cares where I dump the .rars?
@TZHX I was afraid of that. :(
@RavenDreamer I've got an old GPU I can sell you for a hefty sum.
8:29 PM
@TZHX Not your fault. I am just irritated because I do not want to have to go buy a new machine and set it up and stuff
am glad I keep most of my important documents and the like in various online places
Hm. Tentative hope here. This might be okay.
Q: MW3 - Do You Show Up On The Radar When Shooting While

Reil8..You have assasin but no silencer on your gun? For example, if you are using the ACR with no silencer, but you do have assasin on. Does assasin then allow you to not show up on the radar apart from when you are shooting. Thanks!

@Lazers why is there only half a title?
@Sterno Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.
@Sterno Oh, okay. I see what you mean. You needed to put them in Arma 2.
I had to put them in the expansion folder.
8:51 PM
Yeah, not sure why it's different.
Man, I have no idea what I'm doing in this game
Found a rifle and can't figure out how to actually aim with it
@Sterno what do you mean?
You just need to press the right mouse button
that sort of zooms in the view but it doesn't aim down the rifle or anything
...wait, you mean as in move it around?
you just move the mouse
Also, you managed to get in? Lucky duck. I still can't get on. No response from server.
@OrigamiRobot I'm selling these video cards for a hefty sum.

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