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5:11 PM
taking a long time to load seasonal events
oh wow
one silver trophy in seasonal event = 275,000 credits
@ThomasMcDonald can you help me for a second
5:21 PM
probably not
going for some food
will be back shortly
@badp What did you want?
275,000cr later, my Dodge Viper is ready
5:33 PM
and it looks awesome
oh wow
it's insane
Yay fast car!
seems to have a bit of a problem with understeer
Note to self: In StarCraft II Monobattles, take an unit that is able to kill terran buildings that are in the corner of the map.
5:53 PM
@Wipqozn do you know what regions are in LoL?
If so what region are we going to use?
I only made my NA account two days ago, so I can make another one wherever
Yeah, that sucks for them.
6:09 PM
Things like these make me hate that TF2 is free to play.
Speaking of, I should participate in the first Halloween event I know of.
Q: How can I buy a house?

fredleyThere are several housing lots around, but all the ones I visit seem to be occupied, with the residents shown as online or offline. There doesn't seem to be any indication of empty lots. How can I get my own?

Q: How does experience work in Dungeon Defenders?

deft_codeWhile playing Dungeon Defenders with friends, some of them aren't gaining as much experience as others. We started to worry Squires were kill stealing the Apprentices. But in the end we couldn't figure out how exactly our characters gain experience. So how do you gain experience: Is it by dam...

6:32 PM
Q: Why are my mods gone

ShipFreak117I used MCpatcher to run misas texture pack and all my mods except for toomanyitems were gone! why did this happen?? for the record,i saved them and i have reinstalled singleplayercommands and will reinstall clay soldiers

@ArdaXi Just join any of the Mann Manor 24/7s
I can never play TF2 for longer than like 15 minutes, unless it's with you guys.
I couldn't get the haunted metal to trigger
even though I melee the HHH man a couple a times
So then I stopped
is there a new batch of halloween crap for 2k11?
sometime next week, @NickT
6:43 PM
and who else is doing game on
@RavenDreamer Apparently if you die before the HHH does you're no longer eligible
League of Legends
I fishkilled him :D
(no it didn't show up in the kill feed)
@badp If you ever die while he's spawned?
@RavenDreamer no. If you melee and then die and the HHH doesn't, you must melee again
(if it's supposed to show up in the killfeed, well, I was batting him with it while it died.)
6:46 PM
Maybe I wasn't hitting him soon enough
or too late
does your melee strike time out?
no idea
unfortunately I can't try it again as you can only do this once per account
(= if you already have Gored!, you won't get another haunted scrap)
Yeah, I don't.
I'm missing 3 halloween achievements
the haunted metal achievement, the haunted gift, achievement, and the saxton hale mask.
I need 4 more pumpkin kills and 7 more masks
you can get last year's achievements this year? weak
@NickT You can get last year's achievements always.
It'd suck if you couldn't get 100% due to time issues.
6:50 PM
no, that would be life
I didn't get xmas stuff last year because I never had the time to log on and play or wahtever
No, that would be weak.
The golden wrench is weak.
The soldier's medals are weak.
The cheater's lament is weak.
Dunno what the christmas stuff was though
@NickT Then it shouldn't be achievements.
The winter crate?
and a free key ($2.50 value)
Did somebody say free key?
6:56 PM
@NickT eh. Too bad then!
@RavenDreamer For the medal, right before he dies, he stops, starts shivering, shouts, and then explodes. Melee him between when he starts shivering and explodes. Mind you, this is easiest as Demoman with a shield. :P
5/9 masks get
sure, I'm doing it wrong because I bought 4 out of 5 but
Game On time, only 2 people playing?
@NickT I don't play LoL
I'm reading that with a snooty accent
7:15 PM
leaked BlizzCon info: "we have Warcraft 4 in the works"
@ClarityForce Makes me wonder how'd they fit that into the story alongside WoW.
Q: How do you change between guitar types in Rocksmith?

NoctrineI have two different guitars I like to switch between every so often. These guitars have two different headstocks though. I set the game up originally for my 6-in-line guitar, but now I want to switch to a 3x3. How do I get back to this option, without restarting the game?

Come play LoL!
@NickT I do not partake in competition of the sort that is enjoyed during a leisurely game of "sodality of sagas".
Actually, that'd be a cool name. Sodality of Sagas.
7:58 PM
It'd probably take longer to install LoL that 2 hours.
Actually, I think my brother already plays it...
8:15 PM
@Fallen So you can make it?
The pot for the Github Dodgeball tournament now stands at $57k...
actually, Sequoia have a team, that explains it
8:31 PM
do we have any players here interested in a spot of LoL?

 Gaming Dutch Meetup

When? Where?
I'm home! Is LoL still going on :D?
nick t and I just started a game :(
Yay! And shit!
What are your names so I can add you to my flist at least?
Adversity is me
and Doripenem
8:37 PM
@RonanForman As long as it's on Saturday, yes
@Brant Thanks, added you both, my name is the same as this one :)
sigh I have to fill out a notarized document listing all the fraudulent charges made under my credit card number.
Good thing they gave me the list, as they don't appear on my statement
For that matter, I'm supposed to put my credit card number on the form. The card they took from me on Monday when I got my new one.
@Powerlord ugh
@Powerlord Your CC got stolen? D:
@FallenAngelEyes I was still in physical possession of it, but the number apparently got swiped.
First I heard of it was when Visa called me last Sunday.
@Powerlord Uuuugh that sucks. :( I hope you can get stuff cleared up soon. :/
8:45 PM
Well, luckily the people who used it did so in another country on a different continent, which made Visa immediately flag it.
That's good at least
as good as can be expected in this situation, I guess?
Considering they called me at home that same day
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah.
It's weird, because when I talked to Visa, they mentioned a $110ish charge, but this list doesn't show one for that amount.
@Powerlord They probably denied it.
Maybe it's outstanding still?
So... Blizzard DOTA is using famous Blizzard characters as its heroes?
9:01 PM
I think you'll really enjoy this @FallenAngelEyes:
@Wipqozn ahahaha
waits patiently for Brant's and Nick's game to be over <_<
@FallenAngelEyes Maybe it will never finish.
How many people could play a game of SoS together anyway?
@ArdaXi SoS?
@ArdaXi Depends on the map. Up to 6 or 10, if you were doing PvP against each other.
If you split into teams to play against bots, then 3 and 5
9:06 PM
@Wipqozn Sodality of Sagas.
er, strike that, just 5, as Twisted Treeline isn't available for AI games
It's my posh way of saying League of Legends.
@ArdaXi ah damn, for a second I thought you meant LoL but made a typo, which would lead me to ask if you were typing on a Dvorak keyboard
You would have earned +10 000 respect points from me
That's not the kind of respect points I'd be proud of earning.
@Wipqozn Wouldn't it have to be SLS then, rather than SoS?
9:08 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Naw, it should stay a little consistent.
And I like what SoS implies.
@ArdaXi SoS makes think of something from Guild Wars before anything else
I'm talking, like. ...---...
@FallenAngelEyes No. The "L" and "S" keys are next to each other on a Dvorak keyboard, so I assumed he made a typo.
Twice in a row?
9:11 PM
@ArdaXi The "O" key is on the opposite end of the keyboard, so the finger you would have pressed "S" with as a typo, would still be positioned there
@Wipqozn How do you know where my finger is positioned?
@ArdaXi I'm assuming you wouldn't use the same finger for the "O" as the "S/L", seeing as how they are positioned one opposite ends of a Dvorak keyboard
Plus I have cameras in your room
Nice shirt btw
@Wipqozn You don't want to know where it really was... lets just say you don't want to shake hands with him.
@Wipqozn What's it say?
@ArdaXi "I am better than all of you."
9:13 PM
Hm. Actually it says StackOverflow. Same difference.
Neat. What does mine say?
@Powerlord Sorry, I only have cameras in @ArdaXi's room.
@Powerlord Why would he want to look at you if he can look at me?
@ArdaXi Exactly.
@ArdaXi I'd rather not know why he wants to look at you either. Don't ask, don't tell and all that. :P
9:14 PM
I mean, come on now, look at Arda in that suit of his.
@Wipqozn Uuuuh, no thanks?
@Powerlord Got repealed. So now you can ask and tell all you want.
@FallenAngelEyes god dammit lol
@ArdaXi It did? Finally, took the USA long enough.
@Wipqozn Sigmund wants to see you.
@Wipqozn I saw the typo, ha!
9:15 PM
@ArdaXi check the the history :P
@FallenAngelEyes @NickT up for another game?
@Brant I am totally up for a game
Never mind.
I will forever be haunted by that typo.
9:16 PM
@Wipqozn You?
Though you guys need to accept my friend invite first
I haven't recieved anything yet.
we doing a bot game or PvP?
Really? :(
Okay I'm really scared of @Wipqozn now.
lemme try again
9:17 PM
Oh... are you on US or EU?
oh wait
I'm Rahskala
Adversity (my usual) was taken.
revokes friend invite
9:19 PM
I think it's just the two of us right now.
I only started playing less than 48 hours ago so I'm not exactly brave enough to face real people
but if you want to do another bot match I'd be game
@Brant No prob, I've only been playing a few weeks
@Nick's not gonna play another round? :(
also is there any sort of voice chat option?
Skype maybe?
NickT had to go.
Uh, sure, but I don't live alone, so you may end up overhearing me talk to my b/f or hearing him watching tv/youtube vids and stuff, as our PC setup is in the living room.
9:21 PM
heh, that's fine
@ArdaXi I'm a scary guy.
plays starcraft II
That's so sad.
(via @badp)
9:36 PM
Q: How do I deal with this graphics bug in Spore?

JezIn Spore, sometimes when I'm in the space stage, I will get something like this: As you can see, the "system under attack" symbol with the big downward-pointing arrow appears over each system, but it's only supposed to appear when that system is actually under attack! It's just that sometimes...

@badp is this you?
9:50 PM
@ArdaXi he looks really depressed
10:08 PM
Woo, we lost!
I got banned on the server I've been playing King Arthur's Gold on.
Hate you Ryze Bot. I hate you so. Freaking. Much.
@GnomeSlice Why was this?
@Wipqozn He's clearly h4cking!
@Powerlord Probably the only way he could win.
So is that what you were doing when we all played xonotic for Game On! today @GnomeSlice?
10:20 PM
Hmm, the Phoenix Wright 10th anniversary is in January.
Perhaps Capcom Japan can... pressure... Capcom USA into actually translating the second Ace Attorney Investigations game for it.
Q: racing game with split screen

RichardDo you guys have a recommendation on offline multiplayer racing game. It would be better if it has splitscreen mode (vertically partitioned) on two monitors on the PC. Any suggestion appreciated.

Q: Is it possible to permanently miss items?

lunboksIn Bastion, some levels have items lying on the ground. Some of them merely provide NPC dialog, others are weapon upgrade materials, all of them give a small XP bonus. The levels I've already cleared are marked with a red star on the map, and I can't revisit them. If I clear a level without pic...

Q: Why is my piston powered cobblestone generator crashing minecraft?

DMA57361I was trying to build an automatic cobblestone generator using pistons, and while I think the machine should work, it instead causes the Universe to implode game to crash. The stone is created from water and lava mixing next to a "top" piston, this then uses a repeater to transfer power through ...

@Powerlord That would be a smart business move though. Very unlike Capcom.
Also, @GnomeSlice, you might like this. For some reason I'm under the impression you are a fan of dub steps:
Layton vs. Ace Attorney sounds like it could get interesting. In the courtroom part, the demo shown last week has you talking to several witnesses at once on the top screen, and you have to watch them for clues that one of them is nervous on the bottom screen (presumably you touch them to interrogate them further)
@Lazers Come now wonderful people, we need just two more close votes.
@Wipqozn Only one more now.
10:33 PM
the build is green
for the first time in yonks
one test slipped through
10:45 PM
@Wipqozn I have no idea. =[
@Wipqozn What? I thought it was LoL...
@Wipqozn Yes, but this isn't very good dubstep.
@Powerlord What about it?
Oh. I get it.
That was your way of saying trololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol‌​ololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo‌​lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol‌​ololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo‌​lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol at my failure.
@ArdaXi (via Reddit)
@GnomeSlice Well, no, it was me pointing out that @Wipqozn was trolling you. :D
@ThomasMcDonald I don't know, I got it via badp.
10:49 PM
@Powerlord Oh, it WAS LoL?
@GnomeSlice You didn't see the people talking earlier about who was playing or not? I know NickT was asking around.
@Powerlord I wasn't here, I played KaG most of the day when I wasn't doing homework.
Also, clips from that Trolololo song are used in the custom TF2 map koth_lolcano
@Powerlord ...Why.
btw, koth_lolcano with everyone playing the same class and with low gravity is hilarious.
We were doing Scout melee-only with low gravity, keeping in mind that on lolcano, the lava sometimes rises to cover 2/3 the map.
Hmm, I can't find the fan translation thread on court records forum. :/
10:52 PM
I'll take your word for it.
@GnomeSlice Scout has double jump, so you can jump over it if you time it right, but Scout's various melee weapons are... different, to say the least.
@Powerlord In my defense, trolling @GnomeSlice is a lot of fun.
One causes players hit with it to bleed... or you to bleed if you miss. Another fires a baseball that can stun other players but you start with lower health. One does really low damage but causes every hit after that to be a critical hit. One is a fish, but is otherwise identical to the standard one. One causes enemies to drop health kits on death but you take extra explosive damage.
New Airmech build was like 5 days ago.
The Xonotic servers are almost completely dead all of the time.
@GnomeSlice I'd play with you, but your ping would probably be horrible.
10:57 PM
@GnomeSlice On the bright side, we won't need to worry about hosting our own server.
@ArdaXi Particularly since you're in Europe.
@GnomeSlice and I'd play with you, but I'm a dick.
I'm really upset about being banned from that KaG server.
It was a 10v10 server, so never too full, and I had made a bunch of friends who play there often.
@GnomeSlice No idea why?
@GnomeSlice Why'd you get banned? Did they know you were @GnomeSlice here?
10:59 PM
@Wipqozn None. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it autobanned me because of my connection.
But my ping was <100 on that server.
It was the fastest connection for me.
Many servers are set-up to do that.
But I've been playing on it for a while.
Have you considered getting a better internet connection?
@Wipqozn ...
10:59 PM
The only other option is maybe they're doing maintenance.

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