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5:51 AM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 I don't think it answers my question
6:21 AM
Can I post this or does it get automatic space hammers and ban cannons?? : "In other thoughts, it occurs to me that "my paint damged cats vs keyed" is not an XOR. In other words, vengeful cats may have keyed the poster's car. Because of weak paws and the lack of opposing thumbs, the scratches would not be very deep... consistent with the OP's pictures. I will research further."
Give's new meaning to "Put on Hold". In other news, I'm gonna be super-rich once my LolCatz meme comes out with Kyute Kitenz Keying Kars! (4K) Meowz to yo Momz
7:03 AM
@SteveRacer Congratulations on your impending wealth. It's nice to know what the future holds. Yeah, those cats just running around with keys. Who arms these cats with the keys? It's our responsibility as domesticators of the cats to implement key control mechanisms. We can't blame the cats for being cats. We must look inward.
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12:36 PM
Q: How can I tell if I have bad cats?

ZaidNo, not that cat! Catalytic converters - or "cats" - have a nasty habit of failing with age. What are the symptoms associated with a cat that's gone bad? Are there any tests that could definitively confirm that a cat has gone bad?

@SteveRacer To aid your research
12:54 PM
@Zaid I'd upvote it, but I already have.
1:08 PM
@Zaid Since diesel engines seldom have O2 sensors I assume there I can only use the thermal method to estimate the cat state?
@Myself I am a total noob where diesels are concerned.
Although I imagine that O2 sensors are still useful for diesel fuel management
Since diesel engine always work lean you need those expensive broadband O2 sensors
Q: How to determine injector size for custom engine?

BartI've got an engine(2.5L) here for which I do not know the performance specs (yet), because it's customized. I need to select injectors for this build, but there seems to be only one equation on the interweb to get the injector size, and this takes the engine's power in account, which I don't have...

@anonymous2 thanks for the heads up
@Zaid I think it's one you'll like...
1:14 PM
@Zaid Afaik my diesel just uses the MAF for regulation (excluding filter regeneration)
1:26 PM
A: How to determine injector size for custom engine?

ZaidYour calculations are reasonable. I think you just missed dividing the value obtained by the number of cylinders. Usually 2.5 L engines have 4 cylinders and (subsequently) 4 injectors. So 0.25 * 1038 cc/min = 260 cc/min

1:45 PM
@anonymous2 that was fun :)
If it was, 12.05 + 1 (total value of the ratio) * .16 * 1 (proportion of gas) would be equal to .01226. — anonymous2 17 mins ago
@anonymous2 Bart did the right thing by considering the whole engine to be full of air. 14.7:1 is stoich by mass, not volume. If you looked at AFR by volume it would be something like 21000:1
(In other words the volume of fuel is negligible)
@Zaid Ah, okay, I've got you. My bad.
2 hours later…
4:13 PM
A: Extremely over tightened pinch bolt, how to remedy?

anonymous2Replace bolt and nut Likely, there's no damage to the control arm. 70 to 40 is a big jump, but not likely extremely damaging, in my opinion. However, I would definitely replace the bolt: putting that much strain on it risks reducing the bolt strength such that it could break while you're drivi...

@anonymous2 I'm wondering if this bolt really needs replacing. This isn't a head bolt
But then again I wouldn't know
Assuming it is a M10 bolt (could also be a M12 bolt) with grade 8.8 (automotive normally is above 8.8) the standard preload would be 50-55 Nm.
@Myself what about yield point?
Hmmm, difficult. I do not think that it already went into the plastic deformation range, but that is just assuming
@Zaid I am not sure if I get you?
@Myself That's a fairly existential statement... :)
Hello all :)
@Myself I had to.. lol
4:28 PM
@Zaid How are you my friend? :) As usual you have sent me scurrying to Google to figure out something cool that you have brought to the table.. in this case, the definition of yield point for a bolt..
@Zaid I will admit, it doesn't seem extremely critical, but honestly, how much does a bolt cost? A dollar? To avoid the risk of future problems, I would definitely replace.
But, like you said, there is a judgement call to be made.
@anonymous2 is it the cost, or the question of getting the right one? Can you buy them as a part from Rockauto, or the dealer?
@cdunn Can't say. I honestly haven't researched that.
The problem is that the strut could be damaged because of an assumed fatigue on the "pinch"
So just to be sure I'm reading this right.. Yield point is the place in the stress-strain curve where beyond this yield point deformation is plastic, not elastic. And that the transition region is not always a sharp point. Is that right?
Could the strut itself really be pushed to this point by over torquing to the degree the OP did?
4:34 PM
It could be. It depends what metal the strut is made of.
I suppose no, but that is a fairly relevant part
A break there on full speed and ...
It's a strut, so it's going to have to handle sheer forces, torsion stress, tension forces, I would think it would be fairly hard, but not so hard as to be brittle
A thought: The "pinch/clamp" surrounds the cylinder of the ball joint. When tightened, the clamp has still a gap of several mm. So it could be that either: 1. the cylinder is not as thick as the original one or 2. the clamp got severely deformed?
4:50 PM
gotta go
Bye, @Myself. See you around. BTW, thanks for your input!
5:11 PM
@cdunn hey there! Long time
@Myself you preempted my question :)
5:35 PM
@cdunn that's right
@cdunn if we're talking about the pinch gap getting compressed then this should not be a concern. If that gap were stretched then permanent deformation is a distinct possibility (Google "stress concentration", "stress risers ")
Note that there could be other damage
@cdunn hello - is that a new avatar? I like it.
@RoryAlsop He's had it for a bit now, I think.
@anonymous2 (I spend a lot of time on mobile devices with avatars off)
@RoryAlsop Sure. I could be wrong there, too. Of course, I haven't been around long, either. :)
Member for 52 days and standing for moderator...
I hope people have started to get to know me quick.
Well, I have been around stackexchange a bit longer than that, too, though...
6:01 PM
@anonymous2 6 months on Ubuntu :-)
6:28 PM
@RoryAlsop Yes, that's the oldest. I did have an account with AskUbuntu ahd StackOverflow with an old e-mail account, so I was familiar with the concept before, but I didn't go far. I think I might have reached 100, but I don't even remember.
2 hours later…
8:03 PM
First test drive of the Aprilia in 3 months. Pulled heads, swapped head gasket, cleaned combustion chambers, lapped the valves, adjusted valves, disassembled fuel system, cleaned injectors, throttle body, etc, new carbon fiber exhaust, new tires, new chain and sprockets, ohlins stearing dampener to replace the stock one, evacuated old brake fluid. Runs like a champ. It's a good day.
I'm glad that one is behind me. Now I have to clean and reassemble my CB900 project and then the same for an '81 Suzuki Katana
Trying to get it all done before I start working at full steam.
Right... You have my best hopes for you!
TY Sir!
I have really good forward momentum right now. I also have a painting project.....sooooooo much work on those. It's all about the prep.
Yes... I know the feeling.
3 hours later…
11:05 PM
@DucatiKiller all in one day? Wow!
11:19 PM
No one on mechanics.SE has the Tenacious Badge, lol. I wonder why not. :)
I guess that's actually a good sign of a healthy site.
@anonymous2 even on my biggest site, only 5 people have it
and none on the others at all
I have the Tenacious badge on AU.
hi @anonymous2, wont be here for long. Just checking some things
Hi, @Myself. I won't be here long, either, just checking some things too. :)
@anonymous2 SO is it's own weird beast. I don't think I would enjoy being a mod there
11:27 PM
@RoryAlsop Oh, I agree. Apart from the fact that it's probably a bit looser in the sense that you could leave for a few weeks and no one notice... :)
But SO these days feels like stagnant water.
hi @RoryAlsop
AU is about one or two notches better.
@Myself morning!
which means it's about bedtime for me - long day tomorrow before a bit of international travel :-)
@RoryAlsop same for me, I am in a similar TZ
On SO: Currently a total of 8 answers on the 50 most recent posts, total vote count on all the questions combined is... Exactly 0. -6 on the questions and +6 on the answers.
@RoryAlsop More international?
11:31 PM
still in Europe this time - just for a few days
Neat. Enjoy your trip.
Good night all. @RoryAlsop have fun
night all
Good night, @Myself, @RoryAlsop.
Heh - good night @Myself just looks ... odd
11:33 PM
Yesterday I said something like, "And the same to @Myself..." or something like that.
11:44 PM
Nov 20 '11 at 8:26, by Torben Gundtofte-Bruun
"The last message was posted 61 days ago" -- ??!!? Oookay, I thought I could go here to check if my question would be on-topic before posting, but I don't think I'll get an answer... I'll go ahead and post it.
Things have changed a bit.
@RoryAlsop No, I tinkered for a couple of months and then spent the last 2.5 days digging deep and getting it done. I ordered parts and once they arrived I just let it sat. Until now. The rebirth.
@BobCross How would that make you feel now? ;)

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