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4:14 PM
@Vikas No, but it is more and more common, especially in larger bikes. And on large bikes, cut-off on fall-over is common
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5:30 PM
I got a new bike last year 3 months ago. It's 110 cc Honda bike. It didn't have any side stand indicator or engine cut off sensor.

Now, in 2022, Honda updated all their entry level bikes in India and added this engine cut off feature. When you try to put gear and side stand is still down, it will shut down.

The bike model I have also got this new update this year. Now I'm feeling bad that I should have waited 2-3 months so I would have got this feature too.

When I asked others, they said yes it's very useful feature and most bikes have it. So I'm feeling even more bad now.
@Vikas that's a pretty small bike. I don't have any bikes smaller than 400cc with a side-stand cut off
It is entirely unnecessary, so don't worry about it - it's a luxury item, really
Yeah it's entry level bike used only for commuting. But I felt surprised that Honda added this feature in their each and every bike this month. I mean I don't blame Honda... it's good feature but you know, I feel I'm left behind others
You should always check it's in neutral anyway, both using the dashboard neutral light, if your bike has one, and by slowly releasing the clutch while the brake is on to see if it tries to move the bike
Yeah a friend also suggested same that just make a checklist before you ride and then start bike.
@Vikas never compare with others - that doesn't do anything other than make you feel you need to catch up. And that goes for anything in life - what others have is irrelevant to your happiness
@Vikas that checklist is part of getting your licence here - if you don't do all the checks you will fail your test
5:34 PM
@RoryAlsop Oh. You mean the ride test you do when before you get license?
I hate authorities here. They are not strict. Getting license is very easy here.
@Vikas Here in the UK it is much more than that - there are multiple parts. Theory, risk assessment, specific tests in the compound, then tests on the road, and that is just to get your basic licence, which you then need to sit another test within the next 24 months if you want to have a bike lecence.
And that only lets you ride up to 125cc - you need another course and tests for a big bike licence
Which does help make sure that riders here have a reasonable set of skills
@RoryAlsop Yes, that's why I sometimes like western countries more than my own country.
@RoryAlsop we have same license for all type of motorcycles.
For 50cc they have different. But that law is outdated. 50cc hardly exist now. Authorities don't update laws
@Vikas I was lucky that I grew up on a place where there were no real roads, so no real laws on motorcycles - so I learned to ride at a very young age. But very glad of the training I had to sit back in UK to get my first 750cc bike, and now I have a 1900cc bike that would be scary had I not had some of the emergency training.
May I know why you mentioned it btw? Yes I have "N" indicator in instrument panel. But suppose if bike like mine don't have side stand sensor/engine cut off and I forget to up the side stand before riding, I might meet accident?

Did I misunderstood something?
@Vikas That is unlikely to be something that would ever happen, and in fact that isn't what the sensor is for - it's so you don't put the side stand down while the engine is in 1st, and let go the clutch by mistake, letting the bike zap forwards, or starting the engine while in 1st, with the same result
5:41 PM
@RoryAlsop Yes riding bigger bikes I guess is not easy. I saw a video where they say at slow speeds heavy bikes turning requires efforts.
@Vikas it requires practice - not necessarily effort once you learn how to do it, and trust the lean
@RoryAlsop I will see that when I can afford it (10 years later maybe) :D
I mean my biggest bike weighs over 500kg when loaded with luggage - so I do take care when really slow...
Don't want to drop it
It's very hard to lift it back up!
Mine has only 116 Kg weight. And I was overthinking before buying it that it might be too heavy for me.
I have this in case you wanna see picture: images.carandbike.com/bike-images/large/honda/livo/…
5:44 PM
No way
@Vikas That's a great bike - will get over anything
@RoryAlsop ?
your Honda - great bike!
@RoryAlsop yes, but it's only for commute
@Vikas heh - I commute on my Harley - it's perfect for the windy roads here
5:45 PM
And since I'm new rider, it's good enough for me I think
@RoryAlsop I get it now
I have one of these for adventure riding - but it's very old now
And one of these for the rest of the family to learn on until they get their full licences (very like yours)
I quite don't get it. What I understood it is for is this: You sit on bike and forget to fold/up the side stand in it's default position. Then you start engine and as soon as you put the 1st gear, engine will stop! So basically it's alerting you to up the side stand before you ride so you don't meet any accident.

Did you mean something different?
@Vikas That's really not what it is used for, no
@RoryAlsop Wait I'll verify :D
It's to stop you doing something when the bike is on its stand
5:48 PM
@RoryAlsop I like this because it's of my type
@RoryAlsop It's for city riding I guess?
Putting your side stand up is pretty much automatic - as soon as you come off the stand (ie put the bike upright) it will retract. All bikes have a spring loaded side stand
The thing you don't want is to have the bike on its stand and have the engine running when not in Neutral
A side-stand cutoff stops you doing that
I read the brochure of some 125cc Honda bike and it says:


Adds to the safety of the rider,
it cuts off the ignition if the
vehicle is put in gear when
the side stand is engaged.
@Vikas exactly - that's what I am saying
Now I'll try to understand what you said
The only time that is a risk is when you have either stopped, and put the stand down, but try to get off while the engine is running; or you start the bike when it is in gear on the stand
5:53 PM
6 mins ago, by Vikas
I quite don't get it. What I understood it is for is this: You sit on bike and forget to fold/up the side stand in it's default position. Then you start engine and as soon as you put the 1st gear, engine will stop! So basically it's alerting you to up the side stand before you ride so you don't meet any accident.

Did you mean something different?
But honestly, the best check when stopping is to hold the brake and slowly release the clutch to confirm neutral
I think I did a typo there
Or when starting the bike, start with clutch in
@RoryAlsop I'll rephrase: What I understood it is for is this: You sit on bike and forget to fold/up the side stand in it's still down (that is bike can still stand if you are not holding it). Then you start engine and as soon as you put the 1st gear, engine will stop! So basically it's alerting you to up the side stand before you ride so you don't meet any accident.
Did I state correctly now?
But that isn't something that happens
5:55 PM
@RoryAlsop Like we don't forget side stand folding up? I think it happens here. We don't have automatic "go up" side stands
We have to push it upside with foot then only it goes up
I think we got confused/misunderstanding there
Yes it has a spring but you have to give it some input
Okay, but that still is not an issue - if it was down and you are riding, if it touches the ground it will be pushed up
not a real risk
@RoryAlsop Cool. So the next bad thing can happen is engine is in 1st gear and then you lower the side stand or it goes down automatically by some jerk/speed breaker, that's when the sensor will cut off engine?
Yes - again, a side stand should not be able to go down fully (the sensor is unlikely to trigger until the stand is all the way down)
@RoryAlsop LOL how is it different from what I had explained 🤣
@Vikas Because that is not a risk
In fact cutoff during riding is likely to be more dangerous - thankfully it wouldn't happen as you cannot get your side stand down fully while riding accidentally
The risk here, as I have stated twice, is not while riding - it's when starting the bike up, or getting off it while the engine is running
@Vikas it's 100% different
6:01 PM
@RoryAlsop To save the petrol and engine running in vain?
@Vikas no
to stop it moving forwards
@RoryAlsop Cool. What happens if it moves forwards?
Bike on side stand - moves forwards - falls over or crashes into something: damage
not good
6:02 PM
@RoryAlsop I totally get it
@RoryAlsop And that's the purpose of the sensor? Right?
@RoryAlsop I think I get your point now. There's slight difference what I stated and what you're trying to convey
@Vikas erm...100% difference. You are worrying about a risk while riding. The sensor is to stop you having an engaged gear while the bike is "parked"
You are worrying about the wrong thing
Should I ask a question on main site about this?
I'm not sure it would be on topic or not
@Vikas You probably could, but I don't think it's on topic, and we have covered it to death already
I'm not sure what you find difficult about it
Maybe you should just think through what would happen in each case, as I have described, and think about what ones would actually need to be protected with a sensor
@RoryAlsop I guess I mean same
Riding and having your stand come down during your ride is not going to be helped by a sensor at all
Being stationary and thinking your bike is in neutral, either when getting on or off, is a bad thing
6:12 PM
Well the same example you gave comes to my mind:

You wake up. You got to your bike. You sit on it. It's in neutral. You start bike engine. The stand is still down. You put 1st gear and release clutch! That's when the sensor will work to save you?
Note that bike isn't riding at this moment.
@RoryAlsop Makes sense
@RoryAlsop True. That's what I didn't mean
I will assume I understood your point ;)
It's not gonna save me while the bike is riding.
It's gonna alert me before I start the ride
But the other thing you said that side stand goes up automatically when you make bike straight - I think it's not true for all bikes.
@Vikas that's fine - you need to kick it back a bit on your bike? Then the spring holds it up
@RoryAlsop Exactly
On mine I need to do something slightly the same - that first inch is done by me, then it is pulled up by the spring
@Vikas not an issue
I will do research about it :P And come back later: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/60231742#60231742
6:27 PM
@Vikas you don't need to
No research required - this is just how things work
No I'm not saying you're wrong
Stop worrying about things that are irrelevant - especially as your bike doesn't have the cutoff switch - just get used to using checklists -much more useful than anything else
It's just that I can't digest it very well still. I mean not understood fully. I will try to imagine some scenarios.
@Vikas borrow a friend's bike
one with a cutoff
see what happens
Or just try riding without the side stand up
@RoryAlsop Yeah not worrying now since you said it's like a luxury. It's just that I want to go into details now :D
6:28 PM
You'll know instantly
It will retract with a bang as soon as you hit any stone, or try a left turn :-)
@RoryAlsop it will stop!!!!!! For sure!
could be exciting
it won't stop you
Engine will stop?
bike is stopped. I mean engine will stop
no, because you don';t have an engine cutoff
I mean the other bikes that have this feature
6:30 PM
I said "or just try riding without the side stand up" and meant on your bike
@RoryAlsop yeah - So in that case there are risks that my stand will touch the ground.
Isn't it?
I'd be very surprised if you could do it, but it will be fun - give it a shot
I can not imagine anyone riding away with the side stand down
@RoryAlsop Wait
I think you are just trying to overthink everything again
@RoryAlsop quora.com/… (Just give a quick glance over the answers)
@RoryAlsop No. I have facts :D
6:33 PM
@Vikas read M. F. Fanelli's answer
says it all really
@Vikas I don't think so
@RoryAlsop It (the side stand) will touch the ground when I cross the speed breaker. You don't think that's possible?
@Vikas what does that mean? What is a speed breaker?
Dan's answer on that post is also about stationary bikes
@RoryAlsop You don't know it?
@Vikas Anything is possible - but it's not a real risk.
@Vikas We have a language difficulty - I understand you are not a native english speaker so I'm trying to understand what you mean by a speed breaker
We have a lot of speed breakers on roads. So I meant that my stand can touch the uneven ground or most likely the speed breakers
6:36 PM
@Vikas honestly, I wouldn't want to ride or drive any vehicle over them, as I would expect them to damage it
@RoryAlsop Yeah maybe the risk is very low. That's what you want to say.
@Vikas that is what I have been saying from the very start
@RoryAlsop lol, you will find them everywhere in India. Even in streets we have big speed breakers so that someone doesn't enter near houses
@RoryAlsop Yeah got it. But I will still study the main aspect of the sensor that you explained. Like how and when is it supposed to work.
@Vikas We have speed humps (also called sleeping policemen) in the UK, but they have much gentler sides, and are much lower than those - and if they are installed too big, folks usually remove them or sue the local council for damages to their vehicles
@RoryAlsop If you wouldn't ride, you won't reach anywhere here.
6:39 PM
@Vikas I'd probably get a much bigger adventure bike - maybe a 1200GS, or an Africa Twin - something with decent shock absorbers
@RoryAlsop We also have those too.
@RoryAlsop Just to ride on those speed breakers? 🤣
@Vikas Cerainly wouldn't take my Harley there - and I've had it in the air over humpback bridges, scraping metal through tight corners etc
@RoryAlsop Imagine riding here: thelogicalindian.com/h-upload/2020/01/27/…
@Vikas I've seen too many videos on motomadness to want to ride there. Even when I have had to work in India I have always had a driver, as the chaotic nature of the traffic there is too much for me
Riding is not easy here.
If a foreigner comes here and try to follow all rules, he is more likely to meet an accident :P
Riding is not easy here (comparatively).
Anyway thanks we had a nice discussion

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