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1:24 AM
As an engineer, this video makes me cringe. Torque is not a force. Horsepower is not work. There's more to why diesels make more torque than just compression ratio. Horsepower is not a rate of force. Smh
3 hours later…
4:18 AM
Seriously. We have better explanations on this site!
8 hours later…
12:29 PM
Even this casual discussion is better:
Q: Engine power specification at different rpm?

user3041058Car companies advertise the power of an engine at different rpms. Car 1: 80 PS at 6000 rpm Car 2: 85 PS at 6500 rpm What does the power at different rpm mean? Does it mean Car 1 has better power than Car 2 because it's at lower rpm? Or does the rpm not affect the power comparison?

6 hours later…
6:14 PM
Q: Should Tire Sidewall Damage Questions be considered "Opinion" based?

Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2Over the past several years we have had a LOT of questions concerning sidewall damage. There is even a tag for it: sidewall-damage ... The thing about sidewall damage is, it depends on who you ask as to what kind of answer you'll get. Depending on who posts, the answers do not follow a logical co...

We need some input on this ... anyone got anything?
6:25 PM
@Zaid - I can see why you say it is cringe worthy ... besides the first comment on YouTube saying the guy must have done too much cocaine, there's a lot of things he not only glossed over, but simplified too much for it to make sense. Pretty poorly done.
The 5252 explanation was probably the best part of the video, but even that had an unnecessary multiply-then-divide dance in it
3 hours later…
9:40 PM
@Zaid - Yes, seemed to go around and around to get to the point.

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