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12:23 AM
Q: Lost access to my own references in an answer, where is the error?

Oscar LanziI am having a difficulty with this answer. I tried adding another reference to it, but then when I clicked on the link I suddenly started getting security errors even though it is supposed to be a trusted site. Rolling back did not help, neither did restarting my device, and I cannot find anythin...

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4:47 AM
Q: Lewis Structure of the Guanidinium Ion

Johnny SmithIn a problem, I was asked to find the Lewis structure of the guanidinium ion $\ce{C(NH2)3}^{+1}$. I followed the following steps which led me to an incorrect structure and I was hoping someone could help me find my mistake. The total number of valence electrons is given by $4+3(5+2(1)) +1 = 26.$...

4:58 AM
@MetalStorm If my memory serves me right (I'd otherwise have to crack open my QM books and they are not handy): because the ground state has the lowest energy of any state of the system, minimizing E using the variational method guarantees that you have under the circumstances (ie basis set limitations) the best approximation to the ground state of the found solutions. I would not expect such guarantees for other properties, unless these also happen to be minimized and correlate with E.
@orthocresol A meta post is imminent. It'd be good to get your feedback on what is discussed there given your experience.
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11:10 AM
@BuckThorn I have to admit, I miss getting a notification when there's a new meta post. :)

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