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2:28 AM
@Loong thanks, i think i'm getting it.. So an atom is a chemical entity. . And two identical atoms are said to be of the same chenical species. So I suppose the term chemical species wouldn't really apply to a lattice, though neither would chemical entity. But the atoms of a lattice would be said to be of the same species. Would you agree?
@Loong err, correction.. atoms of an NaCl lattice of course wouldn't even be of the same species.
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9:05 AM
Q: Can a vacuum on a closed system really “pull” things out of it?

Jared CravensSo I’m learning gas discharge tube making (neon) and there’s a step where you cork one end of the tube and pull a vacuum on the other end to suck out all the impurities. The same thing was done when I was a mechanic working on an AC system that was opened up. Before you recharge it, you pull a va...

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1:32 PM
Q: Molar conductivity calculation in a titration curve

MäßigeAt an exam for analytical chemistry, I was asked to calculate the molar conductivity of a solution for an ongoing titration. I just solved it the way our professor showed it to us but I have some doubts if it even is correct like this. The question: A diluted solution of hydrobromic acid is titra...

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6:36 PM
I Suppose a diamond is a chemical species cos its all carbon?

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