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3:05 AM
Q: What are the safest non-toxic elements I can own?

Mister SirCodeAs in a recent question, I mentioned I collect elements. My collection already has quite a few elements and a rare alloy (I have silicon, molybdenum, tungsten, gold, platinum, silver, copper, aluminum, chromium, cobalt, and magnesium, and a rare gold alloy (1 part gold, 2 parts aluminum) that ha...

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3:16 PM
Q: Pressure dependence of the equilibrium constant

AntonThe equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction can be calculated if the $\Delta_\mathrm rG^\circ$ is known which is a function of only temperature. So if a reaction happens inside a container subjected to external pressure $p$, varying $p$ would have no effect on the equilibrium constant. I was ...

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6:10 PM
They are doing that stupid hats thing again.

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