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5:38 AM
@Zhe Well, I gave everyone another chance... it's a bit curious that the Bounty Hunter didn't post that.
And what orthocresol said. It's there for the visibility, you picked a nice route, so why not reward it.
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10:01 AM
I reached 2k rep! 🎉
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11:08 AM
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1:14 PM
A: What happens when acetic acid is added after hydroboration of an alkene?

orthocresolAcetic acid effects protonolysis of the borane: If AcOD is used then RD (instead of RH) is formed.

well this is the most ridiculous 75 rep I've ever earned
@orthocresol \> 40 rep/h
how do you escape quoting in chat ?_?
1:36 PM
> 40 rep / h
tough one
> 40 rep/h
> 40 rep/h
it is > 40 rep/h
> 40 rep/h
>> 40 rep/h
> works on main site, but not in chat.
yes, html is not allowed in chat
2:05 PM
I want to do my first unmoderated edit, just to see how it feels, but there is nothing to edit for me, today...
2:17 PM
A: Is this compound aromatic?

Oscar LanziIt's a modified form of [10] annulene (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclodecapentaene) where internal bridges are used to hold the outer, conjugated ring in a planar geometry and thus with the $4n+2$ rule that outer ring is aromatic. You may be more familiar with the methylene bridged version o...

using Hückel's rules where they are clearly wrong :'(
@orthocresol can you write an answer, you seem to have access to the paper, and I don't D:
2:39 PM
can you explain roults law?
i have a condition where it breaks down
Well, if it's not an ideal solution, you shouldn't expect it to work perfectly
i have a closed container with equal amounts of solution a,b. 'a' is more volatile. so if i have a and b in same quantities in same closed container in some solution, partial pressure due to a must be more than that due to b. hence mole fraction of a dissolved in solution should be less
now aren't they inversely proportional rather than directly proportional
3:34 PM
My first edit without review. Oh, I don't get +2 for edits any more? I will stay at 2k forever, then.
3:48 PM
Q: Where does magnetic inequivalence come from?

ralk912As the question says, I'm having trouble understanding where does magnetic inequivalence in $\ce{^1H}$ NMR come from. All the sources I've found say that two protons are magnetically equivalent if all $J$ values to all other spins in the molecule are identical. So for example, in 1,2-dibromobenze...

4:32 PM
@quantised Why does volatility of a matter here?
The logic from that to partial pressure is not correct
4:59 PM
@mhchem You could get from tag wiki edits but there's no mathjax :( Also 1k from suggested edits is max; you can loose a bit of rep. if any post with your suggested edit is deleted.
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10:26 PM
@Mithoron @Mithoron Good to know that there is a 1k cap. I earned roughly 750 by suggested edits.

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