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7:03 PM
@pH13 Now that's interesting, I'll need to think about it, don't have time right now...thanks for that.
@user36790 a boundary between two different phases
1st is between solid anode and liquid electrolyte
2nd is between solid cathode and liquid electrolyte
2 phase boundaries
each for each part of galvanic cell
plus a double boundary inbetween anode and cathode parts
due to salt bridge
@IͶΔ in my eyes this would mean, that over time more and more users see the sites and therefor more and more users will be there. a rough sketch based on quantcast data tells me you could be right.
7:18 PM
@pH13 I could be?
those are the first 1414 days for all *.se sites
the are quite the same, except for math which is a little bit higher
Chem is getting more and more QPD.
Questions Per Day.
Qs Per Day
7:20 PM
This itself is growing.
Questions Per Day
sure ... with more viewers, more questions come in
So we're getting more and more questions everyday more and morely.
So we'll grow.
7:21 PM
I don't see any anomaly.
into something...
We'll EVOLVE! Like Pokemons!
No, like chemists.
had pokemons been banned in iran? do you know them? :O
I would've known them only if they were banned? :P
7:24 PM
the other way around oô
@Wildcat Hmmm
It didn't ping me ;/
Yes it did
@user36790 test
@Wildcat successful
7:25 PM
@IͶΔ feel kannad-eyes-ed
@Wildcat But it showed loong pinged me ;/
And I think we made a new verb.
@Wildcat Thanks.
7:28 PM
@IͶΔ congrats! XD
I do not have the power to install pork chat at work and I don't want to search for those eyes every time ... so :P
where is my star-rain for it???? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
7:32 PM
@pH13 Pork chat??
google it, porkchat for chrome
@pH13 I didn't star it because
@pH13 Damn
@IͶΔ cannot install stuff and need to use firefox
I have porkchat installed on Chrome.
7:36 PM
Pork adult chat forums
yeah no ... "Porkchat chrome"
sry for that
@pH13 Oh! Now got it!
I now have an actual question. What does things in the brackets mean:

CH4(g) + 2O2(g)
→ CO2(g) + 2H2O(l)
the 'g' and 'I'
7:43 PM
g means gas
And what does 'I' means?
and s is solid
@FISOCPP I means me.
Also are they standard and what is their use? Can't that be deduced by the chemical formula?
sth like XYZ(aq) means XYZ that is solved in water
7:47 PM
Hello can somebody answer me? About my previous post.
they are standard and their use is to tell the reader about it's state of matter ... obviously.
Aha - so it can't be deduced by the chemical formula?
by knowing what your formula means, yes. by the formula itself, no.
so ... C6H12O is most probably solid as it is most probably glucose. N2 is most probably gaseous as it is nitrogen. but N2 can be liquefied at low temperatures so it can also be N2(l).
I mean because some elements are called gases and other solids. But maybe I have miss understood.
So it's the current state they are in, right?
7:54 PM
Ah yeas I was it - some elements are called for example gases.
Like He.
yes oô
But that doesn't have anything to do with their current state.
In the reaction.
It's only their category.
I'm not sure what you are asking.
please be more specific
Nothing. I got it. Thanks for the info.
$\ce{H_2O_2, H^+}| \ce{O_2}|\ce{Pt}$
8:00 PM
^ What should be the reaction?
also - we are all here to talk and of course to help others. but we are not here to answer questions and it is not nice from you to post sth like "Hello can somebody answer me?" because we are not your personal dictionary or whatever. if you ask a question, someone will answer it or not.
@pH13 me?
but in general ... the chat is also no homework completion service
@user36790 what do you think?
@pH13 I think all the guys in the before O should be in the left side of the equation while O would be on the right side...
why do you think that?
8:05 PM
$$\ce{H_2O2} + \ce{H^+} \rightarrow \ce{O_2}$$
Need some balancing ....
@pH13 Fe2+ | Fe3+
and the hydrogen atoms disappear to nowhere
What should you write?
Taking the same sense, I concluded that.
8:07 PM
@user36790 what should I write? I don't get that question :)
@pH13 Yes, so does that mean H^+ appear at the right?
@pH13 I mean from it I concluded left of the vertical line appears in the left part of the reaction.
what you are describing is the electrolysis of hydrogen peroxide with platinum electrodes, right?
@pH13 it's just a part of the reaction. The complete reaction contains NADH
so you know the reaction?
8:17 PM
@pH13 No. Just the cell diagram.
What is this 'ROOR'?
opposed to 2 RO
@FISOCPP It's organic.
@FISOCPP why should it be 2RO
@pH13: 've to go to bed. Bye.
8:23 PM
Yeah I see now.
But what is R?
some >R<est
@FISOCPP Alkyl group
R is something
a placeholder
Is it standard?
8:24 PM
And why in the case it's Alkyl group?
pretty standard notation, yes
if it is ROOR, both R are equal. ROOR' means R and R' are not the same
if it is not defined, it can be a lot of stuff
I can read ... I just told you that if you read ROOR' sometimes what this would mean
So why in the case it is the Alkyl group as user36790 mentioned?
Or maybe this is the whole thing?
The whole ROOR
8:27 PM
we have told you more than twice that is does not need to be an alkyl group
Calm down.
You haven't told me that.
Before now.
R is some part of a molecule which is irrelevant to the reaction in question.
5 mins ago, by FISOCPP
But what is R?
It is kept untouched during the reaction.
5 mins ago, by pH13
some >R<est
5 mins ago, by Wildcat
R is something
5 mins ago, by Wildcat
a placeholder
4 mins ago, by pH13
if it is not defined, it can be a lot of stuff
8:31 PM
Whatever. I understand now. Thanks for the info.
8:44 PM
@Wildcat do you know more about my question on two electron integrals? you always seem to know such stuff =_=
@pH13 sadly no, I don't know much about it :(
martin put it on math.se ... maybe someone will know ^^
3 hours later…
11:39 PM
Anyone else going to the ACS meeting in San Diego? It would be cool to see some of the work that (comes out of/might be affected by/comes from the folks of) Chem.SE. I'll be there... undergrad poster. :)
How do I make this notice go away? ^^
nm, there was a hidden "go away" box. :P
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