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12:25 AM
It's 5:00 a.m. now and I haven't slept. Oh no! I'm turning into @Martin! HALLLPPPPPPP!
12:47 AM
@M.A.Ramezani Drink a couple beers. You'll be asleep in no time.
It's too late for me...They're already here...Go without me...
Dramatic much? lol
I wonder if there are more maps like that. ^
3 hours later…
3:39 AM
Q: Periodic Table In Sidebar?

DaleI think that Chemsitry.se could benefit from either a tiny periodic table or at least a link to a periodic table in the right hand navigation column.

4:34 AM
@M.A.Ramezani There is the the IPv4 space: xkcd.com/195, The original draft: xkcd.com/256 And the updated version: xkcd.com/802
@LordStryker An exploded beer can can certainly ruin a day/ night and/or week(end). It is almost a tragedy...
can can ... lol ... english ... what a funny language ...
3 hours later…
8:04 AM
huh...wow... just got back from dinner - a fellow I knew from high school, who used to bully me (very severely) tracked me down to apologise.... he had seen a news article abut the accident - I told him he had nothing to apologise for
2 hours later…
10:31 AM
@santiago Cool response.
Hullo @GBeau!
Welcome to The Periodic Table!
I have a question that is probably a little to simple to post
go on?
what is referred to when one talks about the half-life of DNA, (or any molecule)?
In physics the definition is clear and independent of environmental factors
@bon Hullo!
is molecular half-life defined at a set environment?
I understand how molecules can denature, I'm just curious what a set definition is that would allow somebody to give a single number for this
10:36 AM
hi @M.A.Ramezani
@GBeau What do you exactly mean?
Let me read your messages again...
i posted another answer too
@GBeau You mean, like... Is this half-life thing real real?
@santiago Link!
Hullo BTW!
I have read DNA has a half-life of ~500 years
A: Ground state electron configuration of chromium

santiagoWebElements page about chromium (and a number of resources) agree with the comment by @Philipp: The ground state electron configuration of ground state gaseous neutral chromium is $\ce{[Ar]}3d^54s^1$ Which can be written as $\ce{[Ar]}4s^13d^5$ According to the Royal Society of Chemistry...

10:38 AM
basically my question is: what do they mean by that
521 years.
'But a study published this week (October 10) in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B estimates that DNA from bone has a half-life of 521 years: after that amount of time, half of the nucleotide bonds that hold it together are broken, and after another 521 years, those bonds are cut in half again, and so on.'
since any physics measurement of half-life clearly does not apply to molecules
Hah! Kisses his memory
10:38 AM
bon: yes, this is ambiguous
I love you memory!
for example, I can break much more than half of the nucleotide bonds by simply a change in temperature
this is not true for nuclear decay
is molecular decay defined at a set temperature?
There's nothing such as molecular decay!
It's just that half of the DNAs in body degenerate or react after 521 years.
no but you can quote half lives under certain conditions as they are doing here
Wondering how Noah's DNAs were.
@bon Yes.
10:41 AM
lol, @M.A.Ramezani's DNA is quantum locked
Dang how did you...?!
does nucleotide bonds refer to the phosphate bonds?
i know ALL
(I'm just making up the term)
@GBeau Whaddya mean by refer to? o.0
10:43 AM
I do not know how I can reword the question
"What is a nucleotide bond" "what is the part of DNA that is the nucleotide bond"
so @M.A.Ramezani like my answer?
"what is the nucleotide bond referring to in the DNA molecule"
does that help?
@santiago Haven't read it yet.
@GBeau DNA structure...Gimme a moment.
10:44 AM
@GBeau I'm not sure. it could refer to any of the bonds within a nucleotide
they're connected at phosphate ions
the only other bonds are the hydrogen bonds in the center for the A/T/C/G nucleotides but those couldn't be permanently broken
obstructed, at best
They're phosphodiester bonds.
I heard @Dane say that some time.
the name is self explanatory
it's a phosphate connected by two esters
10:47 AM
the @M.A.Ramezani bond...
@santiago That's something EVEN you can't break.
the santiago bond - not even a car accident completely broke that one
The @santiago bond acts as a homeworkvampirephile.
SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM - chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/14925/…
10:56 AM
I hate plagiarism
A: Why is europium used in Euro bank notes?

Ishaan Srivastava Europium(III) oxide, alongside other chemicals, is phosphorescent and is used in the anti-counterfeiting details in Euro banknotes. Europium (symbol Eu) is one of the rare earth elements and belongs to the class of “lanthanides”. Most of the trivalent rare earth elements are lumine...

I put this blurb in quotes, it is a blatant copy and paste
@santiago Plagiarism hates you.
@san already flagged it :D
@santiago Wait...You edited and added the reference?
10:59 AM
Dunno, maybe you shouldn't have done that.
The author plagiarizes, it's our duty to flag and comment, but not cover his mischief.
They'll plagiarize next time too!
not necessarily
In the end, who cares?
We'll either get someone who follows the rules, or we'll get another ADG and free flags.
exactly, the plagiarism is in the revision history
and bon has flagged them, I downvoted and the answer is a non-answer
11:03 AM
Crushed him...
angry homework vampires get it easy compared to plagiarists
No, you're NOT getting another 15 upvotes in meta!
meta post "How to slap the crap out of plagiarists"
I'm looking to answer that...Shhh.
11:06 AM
I am so tempted.....
for the win
is it really worth it though
it seems like a waste of space given that it is so trivial
@Bon yeah, it's not as useful as it sounds.
I agree - I think we train @M.A.Ramezani to memorise the Periodic Table, hardwire into the Chem.SE matrix and he can spit out elemental facts on demand
Hmmmm this sounds familiar — santiago 1 min ago
What are you getting at @san? Squinting
11:11 AM
You're getting at LOL?
Me? Lining up defense
same damned one
BOOM! Link and my flags will descend upon his head.
11:13 AM
chemistry.stackexchange.com/a/32787/15489 copied from Wikipedia word for word
BTW @santiago the reason I wrote that answer in meta that you commented in was something I remember from some time ago.
It was when the Hoyt Volker went mad
I mean Nah.
is it acceptable to quote an answer from a book (with reference of course) cos i have a book which talks about the europium banknotes question
sodium hydride?
11:16 AM
I remembered someone asked some stoichiometry homework question and one of our commentators told them:
yes, @bon, especially if you can paraphrase and even make it poetic to keep @M.A.Ramezani happy
ok i will get an answer up in a bit
@bon It's cool, but you need to link to the ISBN, DOI or whatever of that book.
> This is a very simple and stupid question. Go solve it yourself and don't waste our time...
I don't remember all of it.
@M.A.Ramezani where did that come from?
They were a good contributor though and they deleted their comment after I said @Dr.Who that wasn't nice.
11:19 AM
yeah ok what is the correct way to reference a book? title, author, ISBN?
@bon I think meta.Chem has something about it.
But yeah, ISBN, and author name and the book name should suffice.
hey, i got a revival badge!
Pfft...It's bronze.
Ping me when you get Reversal.
I am actually looking forward to @Bon's answer
its kinda boring. the short answer is the bank refuses to tell anyone why they chose it
11:26 AM
I'm looking forward to the horizon.
@bon That's, interesting!
Makes me wonder...@Santiago must have chosen it for them.
dang it, you found out
@bon should nominate
I'm waiting for the election.
We're gonna skip the second phase!
can anyone read dutch?
11:38 AM
Nope. Sorry.
Why do you ask?
nope fraid not
the paper about the europium bank notes is in dutch
Use Google translate...
can i get google to translate pdfs
it is times like thee we need a Nederland.SE
11:42 AM
@San While I was gone, were there any meta.Chem.SE Qs about migration paths?
not that I remember
12:20 PM
A: Why is europium used in Euro bank notes?

bonAs already noted by the OP, many rare earths fluoresce under ultraviolet light and there seems to be no particular reason why Europium is a better choice than any other element, purely based on its fluorescent properties. The European Central Bank keeps the exact nature of the compounds used a s...

answer posted
Hey everyone
12:45 PM
Hullo @Lord!
What time is it there?
7:45 AM
Central Time, USA
17:15 here.
I've updated my answer to your question to address some of Martin's comments.
That's like 9 hours and half away.
5:15 you mean?
12:47 PM
So how goes it @M.A.Ramezani?
Fine, thanks!
I'm growing outta patience...3 days to election.
Your election hype is like my Avogadro 2 hype was.
Oh @Lord!
I think we just have another ADG.
Excuse me?
12:52 PM
What do you mean by excuse me? I'm trying to make my English work but I fail.
Its a polite way of asking what you mean.
Are you referring to your post alerting us to spam?
@LordStryker No no. A new user keeps plagiarizing stuff.
And VLQ answers.
At least no harsh comments.
They don't comment at all!
Interestingly, the spam answer you linked to is left by an account name that ADG went by before he was ADG.
12:54 PM
@LordStryker It's also used before an internet fight. ;]
That is a name I haven't heard in a very long time.
@LordStryker Yes...
@LordStryker Your funeral.
That's a sacred name.
My funeral? O.o
Shrodinger's cat is both dead and alive, right?
According to the thought experiment, before it is observed the cat is superpositioned between two states, yes.
If this is a new version of ADG then I must say this new version is much better!
Please take your time and take a look at some of his answers.
@santiago's hunting him down.
Like an F-22.
What do I get reminded of when I hear the number 412?
cracks knuckles Time to do some real chemistry.
Oh no...
I'm running the experiment now :)
1:08 PM
If anyone wants tons of reputation, write a good answer for chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/32784/…
@NicolauSakerNeto Raises hands I do I do!
@NicolauSakerNeto Hullo BTW!
That question is getting a lot of views but has pretty poor answers
@NicolauSakerNeto The large quote answer is pretty good at addressing the question.
Well I suppose it's not wrong, but it's just a direct quote from a single site
Agree with @Lord...That's suffice.
Oh it's @Jan!
1:11 PM
Or a second site now
I think I just made him a chat reg here.
@NicolauSakerNeto Well, a question lacking research like that will get big blockquotes as the answer...I wish some users did some research.
@NicolauSakerNeto I don't like large, quote answers for sure but perhaps if the original poster doesn't change it then you should write up your own.
Sometimes I wonder if people wanna farm rep.
@LordStryker BTW the other answer is the fourth (?) answer I flagged of that user because of plagiarism.
Hello @M.A.Ramezani Dunno about regular, just need to kill some time somehow while the polarimeter warms up xD
@M.A.Ramezani If the user puts it in a quoteblock and makes it clear that the information is not theirs, its not plaigarism.
1:14 PM
@Jan Well say no more...I present you... Drum roll ... @LORDSTRYKER!
@M.A.Ramezani Want to see my experimental setup?
Real chemistry happening every morning :)
@LordStryker Wut? I mean this answer:
This is copied verbatim from from Yahoo Answers. Stop plagiarising other people's work and start posting your own answers, otherwise they will be deleted. — bon 9 mins ago
OK that's a comment, but you get what I mean.
@LordStryker Hmmm...Mr.Coffee!
Copy/paste answers are generally VLQ anyway. But if they cite a source and make it clear that the information is not their own, its not plaigarism.
Just quoting and claiming the rep constitutes plagiarism imho.
Thats all I am trying to say.
1:15 PM
Now I'm wondering: What does a kicking horse Coffee do? I might ask it on chem.SE...
Actually I'm drinking coffee from KoffeeKult
But I grind and store in the Kicking Horse can.
Hi two-legged! :D
@LordStryker, better drink MILK! =^.^=
So, the real question is... What does keeping coffee in a Kicking horse with 454 HP can do?
Does it make you smarter?
@Bon I flagged that response for the mods.
@Lord which one?
1:18 PM
@Wildcat I drink coffee in the morning, tea for lunch, beer in the afternoon, and milk with my dinner :)
@bon The super-glue one that you commented on.
Does it make it easier for you to write Kickass chemistry software with file extension awesome?
@LordStryker Cool.
@LordStryker O.0 Do you eat cereals for dinner?
@M.A.Ramezani Only when its working. When its not working I give it a .f-this-sht extension.
I haven't eaten cereal in over 10 years (minus a few instances of course).
Finally gained the enthusiast badge. Can now relax and don't need to visit Chem.SX every day \o/
I'm usually made to drink milk.
Now imagine a cyclohexane drinking milk.
I would imagine the milk flowing through the hole in cyclohexane's ring.
1:22 PM
@NicolauSakerNeto Okay I bit. I left an answer to the glue question...
Random xkcd came up:
Kinda relevant though.
Music suggestions anyone?
I've been listening to Dan Reed Network all morning and I need to change it up.
Depends. I listen to movie soundtracks.
Do you?
Everything from the bottom and left halves of the periodic table is good \m/
1:27 PM
Or game soundtracks.
I'll listen to anything if even for a while.
Oh, common!
@LordStryker I suggest Adrenaline from The call of duty: Black Ops 2 soundtrack
461,649 scrobbles on Last.fm :D
Converge, you, stupid geometry opt! :-(
1:28 PM
@Wildcat Chemcraft??
@LordStryker, yep.
God I love Chemcraft :)
@Wildcat hates stuff one at a time.
And I love the dev. He built in QChem support when I asked nicely a few years back.
It's Chemcraft's turn.
1:29 PM
Among other things
Should we close this as a personal medical question?
@LordStryker "..." Oh my! Are you thinking what i'm thinking?
I'm skeptical about what it sounds like he's trying to do
@bon I think that would be a stretch to call it a personal medical question.
1:31 PM
His question ends up in him asking if they react.
And by a stretch I mean, a stretch with a million e's
That's chem on-topic alright.
@Wildcat Have you tried IOP(1/8=1)?
ok no worries. just me being over cautious
@M.A.Ramezani, that is not a Chemcraft fault.
1:32 PM
Whose fault is it?
@LordStryker, my guess is that estimated hessian is bad, thus changing the step size would not help. Need a better hessian... But the molecule is big...
@M.A.Ramezani, Nature's fault. :D
Oh, so an earthquake it is.
Guess Hessian gets bad after about 20-30 steps. You see jumps within the first 10...
1:34 PM
@LordStryker, in some cases it just too bad from the beginning. :D
@Wildcat Check out mine
mother of god!
Too bad they can't all be like this...
^CCSD(T)/aug-cc-pVTZ optimization in CFOUR
1:38 PM
Life isn't a pony yard.
Anyway, the polarimeter should be warmed up now ^^
(゚ヮ゚) So much chemistry happening today.
That's Macgyver!
@Wildcat What sort of calc are you running?
Chemistry calc.
PBE1PBE geometry optimization
that's the next try
1:51 PM
I need a music suggestion. If anyone has one, hit me. (serious suggestions pls)
@LordStryker, Stuttgart/Dresden ECPs.
@Wildcat Are you my boss? He loves PBE0
@LordStryker, genre?
@LordStryker, everyone loves it. Quite robust functional. Very little surprises. :D
Lets go with rock/country/indie/metal generes
@Wildcat I don't like any DFT :(
I was raised with coupled-cluster :\
Actually since I started my post-doc, I've done almost everything with PBE0 and I like it.
@LordStryker, the latest Muse album.
1:59 PM
Cool beans. Bringing it up on Spotify now.

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